Samantha Grady watched Alan Grant's back as he left the restaurant, still too shocked and numb to speak. Unconsciously, her hand went to her belly, either in a protective gesture, or to seek comfort, she wasn't sure.

Alan Grant had just called off their relationship. Their longtime courtship.

Because. Because Alan Grant didn't want to be a father.

Ironically, he chose to do it the very day that Samantha's pee strip turned blue. He was going to be a father whether he wanted it or not.

He just didn't know it.

Samantha tried to tell him, but when she'd tried to bring it up, Alan had stopped her. He'd assumed she was bringing up the children argument again, and with good reason. That had been the major rock in their relationship for the past half year. Samantha wanted children. And of course Alan didn't. She thought that she could change his mind, or that after he found out he was having one he would be more accepting of the idea, but he hadn't even let Samantha tell him the news. Instead, he'd called things off between them, and Samantha had been too shocked to stop him and tell him what she'd meant to.

Samantha wondered if she should run after him and demand that he listen. But she wondered if it would make any difference? Grant had told her in no uncertain terms that he didn't and would never want children. She couldn't be sure how he would react. Suppose he tried to make her get rid of it?
Anger flared up in Samantha and her nails dug into her shirt, over her stomach. Suddenly she didn't want to tell Grant anymore. Who the hell was he to walk away from her? She didn't need him. Her child didn't need a father who didn't want him. Samantha would raise this baby on her own. She would love it enough for the both of them.

And she hoped, that one day, down the road, after he put on a few years and grew the hell up, that Alan Grant would change his mind about wanting kids. Because when that day came, then, and only then, would she tell him that he had a child. And by then it would be too late for him. Her child wouldn't need Alan anymore than she did.