All Love

Hey readers and writers of the aca-world! Hopefully this makes sense, I have been creating it ever since I have seen Pitch Perfect 2! All reviews are welcome, hope you enjoy!

"Babe?" Chloe asked tentatively to her girlfriend of two years, who was sitting on their master bed with the redhead, using her free time to mix some new songs. Beca peeked her eyes up briefly to acknowledge she heard her girlfriend, but was instantly distracted by her work. As always.

"Beca...can you take off your headphones? This is important." Chloe tried again, this time pulling one side of the headset away from the DJ's ear and her tone set with a firmness. Beca looked up at her quickly, and while she slowly paused her work and took off the headset, she quirked her eyebrow questionably at the woman next to her. What was this about? She immediately thought of everything her girlfriend would be mad about. Though she didn't sound angry, maybe a little irritated now, but she almost looked...nervous.

"What's up Chlo?"

The blue eyed beauty wringed her hands nervously now, her eyes focused on the comforter. This was strange, Beca thought. Chloe wasn't the nervous or awkward one in the relationship, she was quite opposite. A little impulsive in her actions one might say, though it wasn't always bad.

"I have been thinking about this for awhile, I just wanted there to be a good moment for it but…" Chloe tried again, but again stumbled over what she wanted to ask. What if Beca freaked out? What if she rejected it and would never consider it ever again?

But like always, Beca was obvlious, and only grew more confused. This must be bigger than the younger girl thought.

"You aren't proposing are you babe? Because the bed is a strange place to do so." Beca questioned with a little laugh, but was only met with a grimace of a smile from the redhead.

"No Becs...I know how you feel about marriage." Chloe answered a little sadly. She did indeed know what Beca thought about marriage. Ever since her parents had divorced, it was hard for the DJ to love anyone. After years of dropping the brunette hints about her true feelings for the girl, and even telling her she wished to experiment more in college while looking right at her, Beca was oblivious. The moment the bubbly redhead with the dazzling blue eyes spotted the small alt girl at the Activities Fair, it clicked. The more she got to know Beca, the more the feelings grew. Even when she started dating Jesse, Chloe was just glad to be friends with her. It wasn't until years after the Worlds that the girls reunited that Beca realized she was in love with Chloe. Months after The World's, Chloe had gotten tangled up with wanna be rocker, Michael James, and got knocked up, and had her son Leo. Of course they got married, and of course the asshole broke her heart by cheating on her. With a broken heart, Chloe fled to L.A. with her then four-year old, to the one person who wouldn't tell her "I told you so." The one person who could hold her and not say a word, and instantly cheer her up. All it took for the newly single Beca, to cuddle up to her after years of not seeing each other, to realize the unaddressed feelings she had for the older girl. Despite the undying love the introvert had for Chloe, marriage was still a sore topic for her to commit to. Marriage was just a piece of paper in her mind. They already acted like they were married, so why did it matter?

"Okay...then what is it?" Beca asked again, her nerves starting to get the best of her. Maybe Chloe had come to her senses and decided she didn't want a moody music producer anymore. Maybe she wanted to try men again. Maybe…

"I wanna have a baby." Chloe finally blurted out, her full focus on the brunette now.

"What?" Beca asked, her eyebrows arched at full height limit, as she shifted her body towards the redhead. Did she hear her right?

"I want to have a baby...with you."

"Chloe...that's not physically possible."

Chloe smirked and playfully punched the girl in the arm. Beca always threw in jokes when things were awkward. It was her go- to strategy.

"Beca Mitchell, you know what I mean."

"Don't you think blondie is enough?" Beca joked about Leo. The boy got most of his looks from his dad, from the blonde hair that Chloe refused to cut, to the green hazel eyes. He was a bit of a handful, since he apparently needed to be entertained every second of the day. But that was typical of a six-year old boy, Chloe had said. But he was a good kid. Beca liked to play video games with him and stuff, and he molded into her life just like Chloe had.

"You know I have always wanted more kids. I love Leo to death, but don't you think having another little one running around the house would be nice? Leo would have a playmate and…"

"Sounds like you want a puppy, Clo."

Chloe frowned, letting her forehead wrinkle. Beca sighed, realizing Chloe was serious and her jokes were not appreciated at the moment. But the whole thing was nerve wracking. A baby? That was a big commitment, and the two weren't even married. Sure she parented Leo, but it would be different. That baby would be just as much hers, as it was Chloe, depending on the route they took to have this said baby. Besides, babies made Beca nervous. She had no siblings and she had no idea what to do with an infant. It was just a tiny human, unable to do a lot of things.

"What made this come up?" Beca decided to ask quietly.

"Like I said, I have always wanted more children. And the thought of having a child together would just...make everything more surreal." Chloe looked at her sadly.

"You have wanted this for awhile?"

Chloe nodded slowly, but she forced a smile on her face. "Look Becs, if you don't want to, just tell me. I am not going anywhere, and if you don't want to, it won't make me love you any less. It just… would be nice. But I want it to be something we both want. Not just me."

Beca chewed her lip nervously. She had never thought of having kids with Chloe. She was content on the life she had. But Beca hated to see Chloe this upset, and Beca always worried if Chloe would leave her. Not that that should be a reason to yes for a big commitment like having a baby, but the more she thought about it, the more she could see it. A daughter perhaps, hoping she would have all the good qualities her girlfriend had. And maybe enjoy music like Beca. Beca grabbed her girlfriend's hand. "If we did have this baby, how would we do it? Would you wanna carry it?"

Chloe smiled questionably, a little shocked at Beca not shooting it down right away like she had when they discussed marriage.

"Probably not. You know how sick I got with Leo, and how I was bedridden almost a month. That put me and Leo in danger. I don't want that for this...maybe baby."

"I don't think I would want to carry it either. The thought of a tiny human inside of me freaks me out." Chloe laughed and rolled her eyes at the tiny brunette.

"Okay, you need to stop with the tiny human. It's a baby."

"Same difference."

"No it's not! It is a baby! Say it!" Chloe playfully threatened, as she pounced on her girlfriend, holding her arms down. Beca shook her head in shocked disbelief on the unexpected pounce. When Beca shook her head, too stubborn to admit defeat, Chloe pressed up against the girl, using her free hands to tickle her. Beca tried to squirm, but it was no use and couldn't help but laugh and squeal under the power of Chloe's tickles.

"Okay, baby! Baby!" Beca finally said in defeat, and Chloe stopped but still laid on top of the girl.

"You know you have no concept of personal space." Beca commented, but couldn't keep the smile off of her face.

"And that's why you love me." Chloe said gleefully as she pecked the younger girl's lips. " you wanna do this? Maybe adoption?"

"That can take a long time Chlo. Years even. You wouldn't mind if the kid didn't have either of our blood?"

"We have time. And it doesn't matter to me, I would love that baby no matter what." Chloe answered with another kiss.

"Are you going to seduce me until I say yes?"

"If it is working." Chloe winked, before her eyes melted into a more serious shade. "But seriously Becs, I am in if you are. Only if you are."

Beca paused a moment. She was still nervous about the concept of being an actual mother, where the baby would call her mommy unlike Leo. Their lives would change a lot, but maybe for the better.

"Are you sure you don't want a puppy first?" Beca said, and again Chloe rolled her eyes but didn't reply. She just looked at Beca, awaiting her final answer.

"If our kid is anything like you, we will be in trouble." Beca commented with a smile, while Chloe grew her own and she hurled herself around Beca, wrapping her arms around the brunette's neck. Chloe squealed silently, and Beca swore she saw some tears glistening in her eyes.

"We are going to have a baby!"