it has been way too long not to have finished this, I'm sorry guys...I usually can only stay on a story so long before my brain moves on...I am snowed in and found the story and was determined to finish it. It's pretty short but I hope you guys like it! Thank you so much for reading!

All Love

Today was the day life would change for the Beale-Mitchell family.

Not necessarily their routines wouldn't be different or their family of four would change, but title's would be different for the mothers. Not only was Chloe more than willing to take Beca's last name as her wife, but Molly would also be getting her last name changed to Mitchell as well, as a final process of her adoption.

Through Beca's job, she had access to a beach house in L.A where the wedding was to be held. After months of planning and planning and planning, the day had finally come. Of course all the Bellas' were invited with their families, as well as both mothers' families. The Swanson and soon to be Mitchell family had flown down early to relax and prepare ahead of time with the wedding planner for quick last to do items. Though Leo still wanted to keep his dad's last name, he was beyond excited for not only his mom, but for his baby sister to be "official" in the family.

The day before the wedding, Beca and Chloe lazed in some lawn chairs on the back porch that overlooked the ocean as well as their kids, who were racing to see who could build the best sandcastle before the sun went down. Of course Jesse being practically a kid himself, was out there with them, helping both kids with their individual sandcastles.

"You guys' ready to be married tomorrow?" Aubrey said, as she walked out to join the mothers', baby Jayden on her hip. Beca stiffened initially, the word marriage still made her cringe and worried. There was no regrets to purpose or to marry her love and best friend, but just the label and the never ending fear of divorce still haunted her. But Chloe just smiled and squeezed the brunette's hand.

"I guess. I mean, we practically are already married, but the ceremony is just a piece of paper." Beca quirked a smile before kissing the redhead's cheek. Beca and Aubrey already knew Chloe was beyond excited to celebrate and to dress up for something most girls dream about, but she always knew how to make everyone else feel better.

"I'm excited to call you my wifey." Beca whispered, still a bit embarrassed to be too cheesy and intimate with other people watching. Chloe wrinkled her nose, before snuggling close to Beca's chest.

"Wifey. I could get used to you calling me that."

The next day started off completely hectic and very early to Beca's liking. Due to all the Bella's being there that day, had Aubrey pulling Chloe out of bed and Fat Amy pulling Beca, and separating the two.

"I let it slide yesterday for you two to be with each other, but it's bad luck to see your partner before the wedding." Chloe just smiled and agreed, while Beca of course just muttered about stupid traditions and waking up so early to prepare for this thing. Half the guests split up, though the Bellas would walk between rooms to help both brides get ready. Leo wanted to get dressed with Jesse and his grandpas' of course, but Molly, with the help of Aubrey and Cynthia Rose, got dressed in her white flower girl dress with a yellow ribbon around the waist. They left her long gorgeous curls, but added a pink and yellow flower crown on her head. Since she seemed to be in and out of both rooms wanting to visit both of her moms, the soon to be wives passed back and forth notes to each other.

"Who knew Beca was such a softie?" Fat Amy teased, while she went to go noogie Beca's hair.

"Oh no, this hair dresser just spent three fricking hours on this hair and this face, don't touch it!" Beca scowled, so Amy decided to just pinch the shorty instead.

"Mommy mommy!" Molly said, bounding back into the room with another note, before sitting on the music producer's lap.

"You look beu-ti-ful." Molly strained to say, before delicately touching her mommy's fresh face. "Mama looks it too."

"I bet she does. But thanks kiddo, you look gorgeous yourself. She wanted to give the toddler a kiss, but went against it to avoid smudging her lipstick. She went for a tickle instead. "Have you checked on brother yet?" Molly's eyes went wide at the mention of her brother, and shot off Beca's lap, in search of her best friend and partner in crime.

"Knock first, Molly! Jeez, she is going to walk in on a bunch of rowdy and half-dressed men." Beca stressed but the other girls just laughed and continued talking. It was almost time.

The reception was held on the beach of course, the arch facing away from the ocean and sunlight, a little too cliched for Beca's initial reaction, but it was stunning. Much like Molly's dress, the color scheme was pink, yellow, and blue, matching the chairs and the flowers. All the guests were seated, before the number of shared bridesmaids took their place up front; meaning all of the original Bellas. Next was Leo and Molly, being the respected Ring Bearer and Flower Girl. The came side by side, Molly smiling shyly at the audience and tossing her flowers out of her white basket while Leo smiled cheekily and proudly. They both took their spots on the build on stage, and sat down on the steps until one of the brides was to enter. Beca decided to go first, her father holding her steady as they paced down the aisle. Despite her best efforts to dress in her best slacks for her wedding, Beca was convinced to wear a wedding dress. While looking for Chloe's dress, and everyone had gone home, Chloe noticed Beca's glances at a particular dress. Of course the redhead insisted that her fiance tried it on immediately. It was a bit more old fashioned looking; lace that covered the shoulder sleeved dress from head to toe. It captured the brunettes curves wonderfully and to Beca's happiness, it was oddly comfortable. Spending a little more money they bargained for, the couple bought both dresses, keeping Beca's dress a secret from everyone.

Beca blushed madly with an added eyeroll as she made her way down the aisle at all the oohs and ahhs, and some giggles from Fat Amy. Not at the dress, but the scowl on the DJ's face. When Beca was released on the stage, Molly immediately wanted to be held, and pulled on Beca's wedding dress. A laugh came from the audience as Beca relented and picked up her little girl. Both brunettes then anxiously awaited for Chloe.

The guests had sat down again and waited a minute before the music started up again for Chloe's entrance. Music played and an outline of red hair could be seen. It was pulled up elegantly into a bun, a matching flower crown to her daughter, on her head. A sleeveless simple ball gown snugged perfectly on Chloe, a jeweled belt around her waist. Again a wave of oohs and aahs drifted through the audience and a random cheer from Fat Amy of course. Leo ran from his spot to grab his mother's other hand while Chloe's father walked her down the aisle in the other. Both Leo and Chloe's father kissed her cheek before passing her onto Beca, who couldn't stop gasping about how beautiful her soon-to-be wife was. Chloe smiled back, thinking the same thing, and kissed Molly's nose, noticing she was going to be apart of the ceremony most likely. That's what happens when you have kids before marriage both mothers thought.

While both Beca and Chloe initially thought having Amy wed them would be funny and unforgettable, they eventually decided they wanted Aubrey to. Being Chloe's best friend and Beca's eventual greatest coach to push her into acappella that she thought was super lame in the beginning, but had changed her life and brought her to Chloe.

"Molly, can you go sit by your brother so your mommies can hold hands?" Aubrey asked once she took her place in the center. Molly initially pouted, but nodded a looked at Beca and Chloe.

"You ready?" Beca laughed and kissed the toddler's forehead, a wave of love overpowering her. Without Chloe, she wouldn't have had kids. She wouldn't have the rockstar Leo, or her sweet and loving Molly.

"Totally ready, kiddo."