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Ch. 1

Amelia sat in an easy chair in Harry's room reading over reports from her Aurors. It had been over two months since Harry had gone into his coma and nothing had changed. Each day that passed made Amelia more and more worried about her ward and only the healer's constant admonitions that he would wake up kept her sane. Letting out a tired sigh she tried to focus on the report of illegal potions ingredients trafficking that one of her Aurors was investigating.

This had been the routine for her ever since Harry had gone into his coma. She had spent as little time as she could in the office and tried to stay by Harry's side as much as possible wanting to be there when he woke up. When she had to go to the office, she left either Puck or Sirius in her place with orders to inform her immediately if Harry woke up.

Amelia looked up when she heard a pair of feet running up the staircase and a few moments later they burst into the room caring her niece just back from Hogwarts for the year. "How is he auntie" Susan asked.

"Still no change Susan," Amelia replied. "How were the last few weeks of term?"

"They were ok I guess. We all missed Harry though. Hermione Granger was unpetrified a few days ago and was quite distraught over missing so much school at least until she learned she would be able to do magic during the summer and get would get private tutoring for what she missed." Susan hesitated a little bit. "Did she say anything during her interview with your Aurors about what attacked her?"

Amelia knew what Susan really wanted to know. She wanted to make sure that she didn't blame Harry for what happened. "No, she said she was looking through a window and saw the reflection of the snake in the mirror. No mention of Harry at all."

Susan looked relieved and Amelia couldn't blame her niece. She herself had been worried that word would spread that it was Harry who was attacking people even if he had no control over it. Amelia pulled out her wand and conjured another easy chair next to hers for Susan to sit in. "Sit down and tell me how your classes went."

Susan took the seat but before she was able to say anything a soft moan came from the boy lying in the bed. Amelia immediately rose from her chair and moved to the side of the bed as Harry began to open his eyes. "Susan go floo Madam Pomfrey and let her know Harry's awake" she ordered in her Auror voice. Susan nodded and bolted from the room. Amelia sat on the bed and began to run her fingers through Harry's hair as he returned to consciousness.

"Harry, can you hear me" Amelia asked quietly.

"Oh my head" Harry moaned. "Please tell me you got the number of whatever lorry ran me over."

Amelia laughed quietly. "I'm afraid I missed it Harry. Do you want some water?" Harry nodded and Amelia conjured a glass of water and helped Harry sit up to drink it. "Slowly Harry, you've been out for a while and we have had to spell nutrient potions into you."

Harry nodded and took smaller sips of the water. "How long have I been out" he asked.

"Much too long young man" a voice from the doorway said as Poppy Pomfrey strode into the room followed closely by Susan who seeing Harry awake rushed past the matron and wrapped Harry into a tight hug.

"Harry I was so worried about you" Susan said into Harry's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her back.

"Hey I'm fine now Suzy, good as new."

Poppy scoffed at the black haired boy. "I'll be the judge of that Mister Potter." Amelia watched as she took out her wand and performed a series of diagnostic charms on Harry each one producing a satisfied smile on the matron's face. "Well it appears that you are as good as healed. Your core seems to be a little erratic still though. I will have to call in a specialist to look at it."

Amelia retook her seat and Poppy took the one that Amelia conjured for Susan as the girl seemed content to remain on the bed hugging Harry. "I have a friend who is experienced with magical cores who said he would take a look at it. To answer your question Harry" Amelia said addressing her ward. "You've been out for a little two months now and Hogwarts term just ended today. What was the last thing you remember?"

"I remember you came to Hogwarts to tell us what you found out about Voldemort. After that, it becomes blurry." Harry closed his eyes and his face scrunched up in concentration before he suddenly opened his eyes in shock and his face paled dramatically. "I remember everything now, it was me who opened the Chamber of Secrets and controlled the snake. I killed all of Hagrid's roosters and attacked Granger." Harry started to pull away from Susan only for Susan to tighten her hold on her friend. "I attacked both of you." His voice dropped to a horrified whisper. "I tried to kill you with the killing curse."

Amelia could see panic starting to enter into Harry's eyes and moved to stop it from taking over. "No Harry that wasn't you. It was Voldemort. The diary had a piece of his soul in it and it tried to take you over. YOU fought him. You beat him and killed the snake. You saved us Harry."

"If anyone is to blame it's me" Susan said. "I'm the one who gave you the diary."

"You had no idea that it contained a piece of Voldemort Suzy" Harry assured her.

"If you can't blame me, then you can't blame yourself either. You had no idea the diary was evil." Susan said right back. Harry nodded slowly still not looking all convinced but Amelia saw the panic receding.

"What do the kids at school say" Harry asked in trepidation.

Susan just shrugged. "They know you were also kidnapped by the culprit and together you, Auntie, and I fought him and his monster and saved the day." Susan dramatically buffed her nails on her shirt before looking at them imperiously. "I don't mean to brag or anything, but I am quite the hero now. Better watch out, I'm gunning for your spot as top savior of wizarding Britain."

Amelia laughed at her nieces antics and was happy to hear Harry's laugh also. "It's all yours Suzy. I would much rather live in your shadow then cast one of my own."

"So planning on sticking with me for a while then" Susan asked looking at Harry. Amelia could tell that the question had more meaning than either kid was stating and recognized that she was all but being ignored now.

"As long as you'll have me Miss Bones" Harry replied quietly while smiling and blushing profusely. The two teens continued to look at each other until Amelia thought it was best to get back on track.

She cleared her throat reminding the two teens that they were not alone and both jumped and their blushes deepened. "This whole situation is actually a blessing in disguise." Harry shot Amelia an incredulous look. "Ok, maybe not a blessing but a lot more good actually came out of it then harm. For one, feel your scar Harry." Harry's hand flew to his forehead feeling for his scar.

"I can barely feel it." Poppy conjured a mirror and handed it to Harry. "My scar is almost completely gone. I thought nothing could be done about it as curse scars resist healing."

"That is true Harry, but like many things involving you, your scar was not a normal curse scar" Poppy explained smiling at Harry as he rolled his eyes. "When You-Know-Who tried to kill you that Halloween, a piece of his soul broke apart from the main part and lodged itself in your scar."

Harry immediately began to panic. "What do you mean lodged itself in my skull, get it out. I don't want a piece of that psycho in my head."

"Calm down Harry. I said WAS lodged" Poppy said quickly trying to calm him down. When Harry appeared calmer she continued her explanation. "The mind healer and Croaker explained that there was also a large piece of You-Know-Who's soul in the diary and when it came in contact with the one already in your head, it was able to poses you."

"You gave it quite the fight though Harry" Amelia reassured Harry. "Even when it took full control you were able to re-assert your will saving us from killing curses and the basilisk. You actually killed the basilisk all on your own."

"So how did you get it out?"

"When Susan stabbed the diary with the basilisk fang, the soul piece inside was still connected to it, but by that time, it had also merged with the piece in your head. By stabbing the diary, it forcibly pulled both pieces out of your head. Croaker described it like pulling up two trees whose root system merged together to form one system. That's what caused you to go into your coma."

Harry nodded and looked deep in thought. "So, it's gone completely?"

"As far as we can tell, yes and we are still trying to figure out the effects" Poppy said. "The soul fragment was a part of you for so long that we do not know what not having it anymore will do."

Before the mood could be dampened or Harry focus too much on the negatives Amelia clapped her hands and rose from her chair vanishing it. "Well, I say you have laid in bed long enough young man and you need to get up and stretch your legs a bit. You might not have to deal with atrophy due to magic but you still should walk around a little. We will wait downstairs in the dining room as I'm sure you are hungry and Puck probably already has a feast ready for you." Harry nodded and the three women left to let him get dressed.


Amelia walked into the dining room to find that she was correct in that Puck had indeed started to set a feast out to celebrate Harry waking up. The little elf bounced around the kitchen in joy at his young master finally waking up and being fully healed. Amelia sent a patronus message to Sirius, Remus and Kingsley informing them that Harry woke up and expected them both to arrive any minute. Sure enough, it was only a few minutes before Amelia heard the whoosh of the fireplace as the three men were ejected from the flames each anxious for news as all three had spent time by Harry's bedside during the last month and had worried just as much as her.

"How is he Amelia" Sirius was the first to ask. "Is he ok? Where is he?"

"He is fine Sirius. He is changing and will probably be down in a few minutes. He was feeling a pretty bad when he remembered what happened but I think between Susan and I we were able talk him through it for now. We will see what happens."

Sirius nodded just as Harry and Susan came into the dining room. Amelia had to stifle a laugh at Harry's look of surprise as he was engulfed in a hug with the three older men. "It's good to see you up and about Harry" Kingsley declared his voice losing the normal calm quality and replaced with a relieved tone. "You missed the end of the Premier League Season and I'm happy to that report Manchester United won the league."

Amelia couldn't help but laugh at Harry's face at that. "They won, that's bloody brilliant Justin owes me ten quid now."

"Language Harry" Poppy, Susan and Amelia admonished at the same time causing everyone to laugh.

"How you feeling pup" Sirius asked ignoring the woman.

"Right as rain Padfoot, You're looking a lot better than when I last saw you."

"Good food and good company" Sirius explained with a smile that Amelia would call lecherous if she liked the Marauder any less. She decided she needed to change the subject before Padfoot began to get into talking about the 'company' that he kept any more. Sirius's habit of picking up loose women was not a subject she wanted to discuss at the dinner table.

"Puck has prepared a small feast so celebrate you waking up Harry. I think the little guy has made all your favorites."

Harry beamed with happiness. "Brilliant, I'm so hungry I could eat a hippogriff."

"Try not to eat too much Harry" Poppy admonished. "Your stomach will need time to get used to solid foods again."

Harry nodded at the matron's words and the group took seats around the table and dug into the food. "Well first things first Harry, here's your wand back" Amelia said handing Harry his wand handle first. "I used it to clean a little bit, you understand right." Amelia gave Harry a pointed look and was thankful he understood what she was saying. She cleared the wand herself in case someone tried to cast prior incantato on it and saw that the killing curse was recently used. It wasn't exactly legal but Amelia would do anything to protect her family and Harry wasn't the one who actually cast it even if it was his body.

When Harry's hand closed on the handle Amelia noticed a frown cross his face. "Somethings wrong Auntie, my wand feels off somehow. It never felt that way before."

Amelia nodded in understanding. "Try casting a few spells and see what happens."

Harry pointed his wand and tried to perform a few charms and transfigurations and Amelia watched as his face scrunched up in concentration. "My spells seem much harder to cast, like I'm trying to force it."

"I guess we found the first effect of removing Tom's soul" Remus said. "The wand matched you while you still had that piece in your head and now that you don't your magical signature is different and you will need a new wand."

Harry looked down at his wand and Amelia saw a mixture of emotions run across her ward's face, a mixture of sadness, loss, but also a small bit of happiness. "That's probably good" he said after a few seconds of silence. "I never did like having the brother wand of the man who murdered my parents" Harry said to no one in particular. "But it has served me well and was one of the first things that was all mine."

Amelia nodded while Susan gave Harry's hand a squeeze. "We can go to Ollivander's tomorrow and you can pick out a new wand that will be all you."

"After that we will need to go see Croaker as he wanted to run a few tests on your core and scar" Amelia said adding to their plans for the day.

"I should also write some letters letting everyone know I'm ok and awake" Harry added. "I'm sure Hedwig would enjoy the exercise." As if to put credence to his words a white snowy owl soared into the dining hall and landed on Harry's shoulder and began to nuzzle his head. "I missed you two girl" Harry said as he petted his familiar's head. The family spent the rest of the evening catching Harry up on what he missed and just enjoying each other's company.


Amelia was startled awake by a bone chilling scream. She instinctively grabbed her wand and rushed from her room wand drawn ready for anything. When she reached the hallway the scream was replaced by the sound of someone sobbing and she followed the sound to Harry's bedroom. Amelia knocked on the door and when there was no response other than more cries she opened it and walked in.

Sitting on the bed hugging his knees to his chest sat a distraught Harry rocking forward and backwards with tears streaming down his face. His eyes were opened wide in horror and staring ahead unseeing. Amelia crossed the threshold and drew the distraught boy into a tight hug running her fingers through his hair in an attempt to sooth him. She heard the floorboards squeak and looked up to see Susan standing in the door also in her pajamas. She quickly joined Amelia on the bed and wrapped her arms around Harry.

"Shhh shhh" Amelia cooed. "It's ok Harry. We're here." After a few minutes Harry's sobs quieted and Amelia felt him relax into her embrace. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I killed you" Harry whispered. "I wasn't able to stop the killing curse and I killed you. Then I killed Suzy, and I started killing all of my friends. I couldn't stop it and I laughed the whole way, a cold high pitch laugh that I still hear in my nightmares. Over and over again I just kept killing everyone I loved and I enjoyed it."

"It was just a dream Harry" Amelia assured him. "You didn't hurt anybody. You couldn't hurt anybody. You are such a sweet and caring boy. I'm fine, and so is Suzy."

"But what if that piece of Tom that was in my head changed me. What if I start to turn into him?"

Amelia shook her head. "You could never turn into him. You fought off the piece of Tom for twelve years and you still turned out to be a wonderful person full of love and happiness. Riddle was filled with only hate and anger. That was all there was to him and you my darling son could never be anything like him."

Amelia could feel fresh tears start to fall from Harry onto her night gown but on looking at his face she could tell that these were happy tears. Puck popped in at that moment with three mugs of cocoa and handed one each to the three humans. "I is putting a calming draught in Master Harry's cocoa and extra marshmallows" the small creature said bringing a chuckle out of Harry.

"Thanks Puck, you're the best. I missed your hot cocoa the most while at Hogwarts. I think next year I am going to figure out a way to smuggle you in just so I can have your cocoa."

Puck's chest puffed up with pride as he smiled wide and popped away as everyone sipped their drinks. "Do you think you can go back to sleep Harry" Amelia asked.

Harry looked deep into his cup and shot a sideways look at the two women sitting on his bed. Amelia could tell he wanted to ask something but was too nervous to ask. He seemed to gather his courage finally and asked in a quiet voice not looking at either woman "do you think we could sleep here tonight. I don't want to be alone tonight and your presence is reassuring."

"Of course we can" Amelia said. "Now budge over and keep you cold feet to yourself Suzy." The three crawled back under the covers and in less time than Amelia would have though all three were sound asleep.

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