Welcome, welcome to another story by yours truly. (Also, yes this is the same opening note for all of my Fairy Tail stories but the ending notes are different).

Firstly, I just have to say Fairy Tail is absolutely awesome at creating strong heroines, I mean you look at most of the main shounen manga and they all have a multitude of weak female characters.
Even classics like Dragon Ball fell into this after a while, sure they have strong willed characters like Chi-Chi and Bulma, and #18 was a great fighter who had her moments, when she was the strongest during the Android Saga and broke Vegeta's arm for instance, but, eventually it all dissipated.
It is honestly a little sad, I'm no feminist or anything, but almost every female character in every manga is really weak and it is a little annoying. Then you have Fairy Tail with the likes of Erza, Mirajane, Ultear, Kagura, Minerva, Mavis etc. It is really awesome, I mean if Kishimoto took some advice from Mashima maybe Sakura and Hinata wouldn't have been so damn annoying.

In any case, there is a lot to like about Fairy Tail but one of my favourite parts is the E.N.D. plot twist.
This is a warning for this and all of my other Fairy Tail stories, all of them will play off the knowledge of E.N.D. Some almost straight from the beginning and some halfway through the story, the point I'm trying to make is if you don't know who E.N.D. is and don't want to be spoiled, don't read my Fairy Tail stories until you do.

With that said, on with the story.
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'Dragon talking'

"Dragon thinking"


Chapter 1 – Restart

"I didn't want this before. I thought that in time, I could redeem myself and make up for my past. I was given a second chance, in Crime Sorcière." Thought Ultear, as she knelt on the ground.

"But then, I showed my true nature." Thought Ultear bitterly, as she remembered how Natsu shot down her idea of killing present Rogue, to eliminate the threat of the Rogue from the future.

"I truly am cursed, a witch, so even though… even though it may be the last thing I do…" Thought Ultear, as she slammed her hands onto the ground.

'I will save as many people as I can!' Declared Ultear determinedly.

Just before she could activate Last Ages, a figure slammed into the ground in front of her and sent stone and dust flying in every direction.

'Ugh, lucky cheap shot.' Mumbled a voice which Ultear recognised.

As the smoke started to clear, Ultear could make out pink hair, closing her eyes, Ultear then gathered her magic once again, before preparing to use her magic once again.

The person who had come crashing into the ground before, turned in the direction he felt a massive spike of magical energy coming from.

'Ultear? What are you doing?' Questioned Natsu in confusion at the sight of the kneeling woman, currently pressing her hands against the ground.

'I'm going to fix this all and reverse time.' Explained Ultear quietly.

'Wait, how can you do something like that, there has to be a catch?' Questioned Natsu curiously.

'Of course there is a catch, I'll die, but it is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Arc of Time: Last Ages!' Shouted Ultear, as her magic burst from her body, swirling around her wildly.

'Wait Ultear stop!' Shouted Natsu, as he quickly charged at the woman and tried to break through her magic to reach her.

'It is for the best Natsu. I'm not a good person and at least this way I can hopefully help someone.' Said Ultear with a sad smile.

'No! I'm not going to let any of my comrades die, especially not right in front of me!' Roared Natsu, shocking Ultear.

'Comrade…' Muttered Ultear in shock.

Natsu girt his teeth as he pushed towards Ultear, slowly breaking through her magic and had just managed to reach her, when both were suddenly blinded by a bright light that burst from their surroundings, causing both of them to tightly shut their eyes.

As the light cleared, Natsu found that he was suddenly punching a masked figure who went flying into a rocky wall.

"What the hell?" Thought Natsu as he glanced around, before realising that he was in the cave that previously housed Deliora.

'Hey, what the hell was that for Natsu?' Questioned an angry and gruff voice, belonging to the person Natsu had just sent flying.

'Ah, old man it's you again!' Shouted Natsu, as he brandished a finger at the person now glaring heatedly at him.

'I've told you this before Natsu, I'm not a guy damn it!' Shouted the masked figure angrily.

'Uh are you sure?' Questioned Natsu uncertainly, as he pointed at the figure.

The figure glowered at Natsu before seemingly, finally beginning to take in his surroundings.

"Wait, this is Galuna Island… then that means." Thought the figure starting to tremble, before dropping to their knees.

'Hey old man what's wrong?' Questioned Natsu jokingly, as he cautiously walked over to the masked figure.

'It worked… it really worked… and I'm still alive.' Muttered the figure clenching the ground, in something akin to wonderment.

Natsu stared at the cloaked figure currently talking to themselves.

'Ultear, are you ok?' Questioned Natsu now genuinely worried.

The figure reached up to their face and took off their mask, revealing a rather sinister looking masculine face, but, shortly after taking off the mask, the figure was covered in a glow before it faded, revealing Ultear in a short, white kimono.

'It really worked.' Muttered Ultear in shock.

'Uh Ultear, what's wrong?' Asked Natsu.

'Natsu… wait Natsu you remember what happened?' Asked Ultear suddenly, as she stood up.

'Uh yeah, why shouldn't I?' Questioned Natsu, taking a small step back.

'Last Ages… it is supposed to take the time of the user and use it to reverse time, however this means the user will most likely die, although, it isn't supposed to work like this.' Explained Ultear thoughtfully.

'Huh why not? It reversed time didn't it?' Questioned Natsu, as he scratched his head.

'But it didn't, Natsu, look around, we didn't really reverse time, WE have gone back in time instead. If anything, this is almost an alternate world with us having memories of another.' Answered Ultear calmly.

'So does that mean I'm weaker again now as well?' Asked Natsu before trying to launch an attack.

'Hey what happened, I lost my supercharged fire powers form Atlas and I can't use any of my lightning powers that I got from Laxus? ' Questioned Natsu angrily.

'It seems all of our powers reverted to what they were at this time as well. Your Second Origin has been locked again.' Commented Ultear coolly.

'Aw this sucks, all that power that I spent ages working to build up and now I have to start over.' Complained Natsu, as he grabbed his hair in annoyance.

'Well I could always unlock your Second Origin early this time.' Suggested Ultear, before she found herself lifted into the air slightly.

'Awesome Ultear, you're the best.' Said Natsu, as he joyfully lifted Ultear in the air and swung her slightly.

'Put me down please.' Ultear requested bluntly.

'Huh why?' Queried Natsu.

'Well I suppose you don't have to… but I didn't know you were this forward Natsu, already groping me and lifting me into the air causing my dress to ride up, you're just a sneaky pervert aren't you.' Teased Ultear with a smirk.

'Hey I'm not a pervert, and what about you transforming crossdresser, I bet you do that just so you can peek at yourself.' Retorted Natsu slightly flustered.

'Oh, are you jealous Natsu, do you want me to peek only at you?' Cooed Ultear.

Natsu was saved from responding when a deafening roar echoed throughout the temple.

'Deliora.' Muttered Natsu, as he put Ultear down, now adopting a serious expression.

'I guess you should go, after all Deliora is going to fall now and then you need to go and help the villagers remember that they are demons and I need to go fix the village.' Said Ultear thoughtfully.

'Ok, we can talk more later tonight, although, I knew it was you who fixed the village, you really are a good person Ultear.' Said Natsu, before running off and waving his arm behind him.

Ultear stood there for a moment.

'I'm a good person…' Muttered Ultear before smiling softly.

"Natsu… thank you." Thought Ultear in joy.

-line break-

Natsu ran towards the sound of the demonic roar, reaching it in no time at all. Taking a quick moment to observe his surroundings, Natsu saw a downed Lyon and a heavily injured Gray.

'Natsu what are you doing here? Get away!' Shouted a panicked Gray, as he held his left arm crossed over his right, preparing to use Iced Shell.

'No, you are injured, I'll take care of Deliora. I stopped you before because I didn't want you to die, or did my words not reach you.' Said Natsu firmly, as he walked over to Gray.

'Don't be an idiot, you can't beat Deliora; no one can!' Shouted Gray in annoyance.

The large, demonic figure that was currently breaking through the last vestiges of ice still holding its feet to the ground, roared in rage. It bared its large pointed teeth as it roared again, its dark hollow eyes reflecting a pool of eternal darkness.

'Trust me Gray, you said your master sealed Deliora ten years ago right?' Asked Natsu calmly, as he stared down the demon, unsure why he was getting a strange feeling as he looked upon its demonic form.

'Yeah, what's your point?' Asked Gray angrily.

'Quiet… both of you… I'll defeat Deliora.' Groaned a heavily injured Lyon, currently crawling towards Deliora.

'My point, is could you survive for ten years without food.' Said Natsu plainly, as he ignored the pathetic form of the crawling Ice Mage.

'What do you mean?' Questioned Gray in shock.

Deliora, having finally freed itself from the ice, brought a hulking fist down upon the three mages in front of it.

'My point, is Deliora is already dead.' Said Natsu, as he launched a flame infused fist against the hulking demonic arm headed towards him.

Gray and Lyon gaped in shock when they saw Deliora's arm crumble upon impact, shortly after which, the rest of Deliora crumbled away into nothingness.

"I'll seal your darkness." Gray recalled Ur's last words to him and started to weep.

'Thank you so much, Ur.' Muttered Gray, as he cried bittersweet tears of joy.

Lyon lowered his head, as he finally understood the situation.

"Everything, my goals, my ambitions, it was all pointless. I'm sorry Ur." Thought Lyon in sadness, realising that he had killed his master for no reason.

While the two pupils of Ur lost themselves in their own thoughts, Natsu meanwhile, was staring at his fist in confusion.

"What was that… this feeling, it felt… strange?" Thought Natsu in surprise.

When he made contact with Deliora he felt something odd, almost a sense of familiarity. The Fire Dragon Slayer's mind was in turmoil trying to reconcile the feeling he felt and couldn't place it with anything he had ever felt before. After a few minutes, Natsu shook his head and remembered that they still had to go and free the villagers from the effects of Moon Drip. Natsu passively observed everything he knew would happen and followed everyone as they walked back to the village and waited until Erza would call on his assistance to boost the power of her throw.

'Natsu, come, we are going to destroy the moon now.' Ordered Erza.

'Right.' Said Natsu, finally bringing his attention back to the situation at hand.

Erza took notice of Natsu's less than enthusiastic behaviour, but didn't comment on it as they had more important things to deal with. The duo climbed up a small viewing platform while Erza had requipped into The Giant's Armour.

'Ready Natsu?' Asked Erza, as she cocked her fist holding her gigantic spear back.

'Ready.' Intoned Natsu.

'Now!' Shouted Erza, before she made to throw her weapon, just as Natsu slammed his fist into the bottom of the weapon.

The spear soared into the sky, cutting through the air easily, a silver sheen covered the blade as it picked up speed and approached the moon. The villagers looked on hopefully, while Lucy and Gray looked on in disbelief, which changed to shock once they saw the spear pierce the moon and cause cracks to spread along it.

The villagers all cheered in joy believing the moon was destroyed, while Lucy and Gray both stared on in astonishment, before the purple moon cracked and shattered… revealing a white moon.

'What? The moon didn't break but the sky did?' Questioned Lucy in surprise.

Natsu chuckled as Erza explained how the Moon Drip caused a solid cloud of purple magic to come into existence over the island and mess with the memories of its demonic inhabitants. This was further punctuated when Bobo, the sailor who brought them to the island, now revealed to be the village chief's son, appeared and explained how he received his memories back, whereas everyone else still thought they were human.

The demons cheered happily and embraced their once thought to be deceased companion and celebrated. A feast was held shortly after, with lots of food. Natsu desperately wanted to eat something, but a familiar scent caused him to painstakingly decide to leave the feast.

'Hey Erza, I'm going to walk around for a bit, I'll be back after a while, but I'll make sure to be back before we need to leave.' Said Natsu.

Erza stared at Natsu for a moment before nodding.

'Ok, but be back here in no more than half an hour, or I will see to it your punishment is doubled.' Threatened Erza menacingly.

'Heh sure, I'll be back soon.' Said Natsu with a small grin.

'Oi, what's wrong with flame brain, he didn't even react to Erza's threat.' Muttered Gray to Lucy and a nearby Happy, who was happily enjoying a fish.

'I know, so far from what I've seen, every time Erza has threatened Natsu he turns into a second Happy.' Agreed Lucy.

'Maybe he just wanted to go find some fish for himself.' Added Happy thoughtfully.

'Not everyone is always thinking about fish.' Commented Lucy, with a sweat drop at the easily distracted flying cat.

Erza heard everything that the trio was saying and had to wonder what was causing Natsu to act so odd.

"Natsu…" Thought Erza, slightly worried at what could possibly have changed the happy-go-lucky Dragon Slayer.

-line break-

Natsu walked along the beach as the dark blue waves lightly lapped at the shore, coming close to his sandaled feet, but never reaching them. Eventually, the scent began to grow stronger, as he stepped into the forest of the island and reached a small grove, currently holding only one other person.

'I have to say, that nose of yours is something.' Remarked Ultear calmly, as she felt the Dragon Slayer approach her.

'Well a Dragon Slayer does gain the senses of a dragon, so I think that's fair.' Commented Natsu cheerfully.

'I noticed you were behaving somewhat differently around your friends, you know that is bad right?' Commented Ultear.

'Yeah I know, but it is weird… I mean, being back and all. It is like… I dunno getting a new book and already knowing what the ending will be.' Said Natsu, as he scrunched up his face in thought.

'Really? You read books.' Mocked Ultear before laughing softly.

'Hey! What's that supposed to mean?' Asked Natsu in annoyance.

'Well I don't know if you noticed, but many of your peers, and enemies for that matter, don't think too highly of your intellectual capabilities.' Commented Ultear with a laugh.

'Did you ever think that was by design?' Retorted Natsu, causing Ultear to pause.

'Wait, you mean, you act dumb on purpose?' Asked Ultear shocked.

'Well yeah, I needed to make sure any information on Igneel wouldn't slip by me, you'd be surprised how much easier things are if people think you are dumb. I mean people drop their guard and talk a lot more… a lot.' Explained Natsu thoughtfully.

Ultear's jaw dropped, her previous misconceptions had been smashed to pieces. She had known Natsu had somewhat of a knack for fighting, after all, he was able to beat her disguise of "Zalty" once before, but that was where it stopped in Ultear's mind. Trying to reconcile the man who burst into the council's court room in a poor disguise in what was, at best, a poor attempt at trying to help a friend, with the man standing before her, who apparently consciously portrayed a veil of ignorance, baffled her.

'Not so smug anymore huh?' Said Natsu with a laugh, enjoying how Ultear was gaping at him, eyes widened and jaw dropped in shock.

After a moment Ultear blinked and promptly closed her mouth, before a smile spread across beautiful visage.

'Well this is an unexpected surprise, but I must say, this is rather fortunate. Since you aren't only the lovable idiot with a heart of gold that you pretend to be, we just might be able to plan for what will come in the future.' Ultear explained thoughtfully.

'Hmm I don't know, we really shouldn't mess with the timeline too much, there are bound to be consequences.' Said Natsu, as he rubbed his chin in thought.

Ultear hummed momentarily and processed Natsu's words.

'Generally you'd be right, however that might be out of our hands already.' Hummed Ultear

'Oh? Why is that?' Asked Natsu curiously.

'Last Ages… it isn't supposed to work like this, it is supposed to take the time of the user and reverse time by that amount accordingly. Something like what happened to us is unheard of, granted everyone who used Last Ages previously died… well it doesn't take a genius to figure out why very little is known about it.' Explained Ultear.

'So… does that mean it is possible that someone, aside from the two of us, will remember what has happened… err will happen?' Asked Natsu quizzically.

'It seems likely, but the group of people who may remember is limited.' Answered Ultear.

'Well you and I remember and we both use lost magic, do you think that might be it?' Suggested Natsu helpfully.

'Quite possibly, but I can't say for sure. Given that none of your comrades, nor the demons on this island remember anything, it seems likely that normal people and demons won't remember anything. If I'd have to guess, you might be right about it having to do something with lost magic, but there is another problem.' Said Ultear.

'Zeref.' Said Natsu softly as he clenched his fist.

'Once again you continue to surprise me, but yes, there is a good chance that wherever he is right now, Zeref knows about what we just did.' Ultear said in agreement.

'What do we do then? If Zeref knows, we are in trouble; especially with how weak I am now.' Commented Natsu, slightly fearful of his predicament.

'Yes this is bad… really bad, while I don't mean to brag, I'm no pushover myself, but, from what I felt on Tenrou Island when Zeref briefly fought me seriously… we are nowhere near his level, even right up before we came back in time, you were probably only at about one hundredth of his power level. As you are now… well he would slaughter you without breaking a sweat, I wouldn't last more than a moment or two either and that is me being generous.' Said Ultear sourly.

'So we're screwed then?' Questioned Natsu flatly.

'Maybe, or maybe not. You see Zeref is immortal, but he can be beat, just how I'm not sure. When Grimoire Heart studied how to resurrect him… well we also found something about Zeref's creations that may be of use.' Answered Ultear vaguely.

'So what was this big secret then?' Asked Natsu curiously.

'There wasn't a lot of information on it… but the demon was said to have been Zeref's greatest creation. The strongest and vilest creation born from the book of Zeref, the demon known as E.N.D.' Said Ultear, getting a twitch of recognition from Natsu.

'Are you familiar with the story of E.N.D. Natsu?' Asked Ultear.

'I'm not sure, but it sounds familiar.' Said Natsu, as he rubbed his temples with his right hand.

'Well it is said that four hundred years ago, The Flame Dragon King supposedly fought E.N.D.' Added Ultear thoughtfully.

'So you mean Igneel fought this thing?' Questioned Natsu in shock.

'From the information Grimoire Heart was able to gather, yes. However he didn't kill it for some unknown reason. Since it is a demon of Zeref, like Lullaby and Deliora, we can assume that it might still be alive somewhere and it is the best chance we have of fighting Zeref. That being said, it is also possible that Zeref doesn't know what has happened and this is all unnecessary, but I doubt it.' Said Ultear.

Natsu hummed thoughtfully, taking all this new information on-board.

'Well I suppose we can't really do anything about it now… although we need to think about what to do from here on out.' Said Natsu after a minute.

Ultear nodded thoughtfully as well, before closing her eyes in thought for a moment.

'Zeref aside, I don't think we can repeat everything just as it happened previously and honestly, I don't think we should leave things as they are either.' Said Natsu getting Ultear to open her eyes.

'What do you mean?' Questioned Ultear curiously.

Natsu stamped his foot on the ground and huffed slightly.

'Tenrou Island.' Stated Natsu sourly.

'Hmm, I suppose you being sealed for seven years was a great hindrance to your growth, lucky for you I was around to unlock your Second Origin for you.' Said Ultear with a coy smile, which was wiped off her face when Natsu patted her on the head like a child.

'Yep, you were such a good power booster weren't you?' Mocked Natsu.

'I'm going to enjoy watching you writhe in agony when I get to unlock your Second Origin a second time.' Ultear stated with a sadistic smile.

'Heh, do your worst, it will be easy to handle this time now that I am expecting it.' Said Natsu nonchalantly.

Ultear suddenly invaded Natsu's personal space by shoving her face right into his, causing him to lean back slightly.

'So if you don't expect something it will still affect you then hmm?' Queried Ultear, as she leaned closer towards Natsu.

Natsu started to inwardly panic, before a quick and simple solution came to mind.

Natsu turned his back on Ultear. In hindsight, it probably wasn't his best plan, as Ultear took the opportunity to press herself against his back and drape her arms over his shoulders, crossing them over so they slid under Natsu's vest and rested against his pectorals.

'That's. Good. To. Know.' Whispered Ultear into Natsu's ear, pausing in between each word.

Luckily, Natsu's body temperature was always higher than the average person's, so the slight temperature increase of his face and neck, due to his blush, went unnoticed by Ultear.

'So what is the deal with your crossdressing anyway?' Asked Natsu, trying and succeeding in getting Ultear to let go of him and growl slightly.

'I'm not a crossdresser.' Said Ultear in annoyance with a small pout, as Natsu looked over his shoulder at her.

'You can deny it, but the evidence speaks for itself.' Said Natsu in a mocking sing-song voice.

'I will slam an orb in your face if you keep insinuating I cross-dress.' Threatened Ultear, as she levitated a green orb, which suddenly appeared from within her garments.

Natsu turned his body to face her before smirking.

'Make me stop then.' Teased Natsu, before an orb flew right at his face which he quickly grabbed.

'Well at least I still have my reflexes since they are more mental than physical, oh yeah and that reminds me.' Said Natsu, before cracking Ultear over the side of her head with the orb he just caught, causing her to yelp in pain.

'Don't you ever try to throw your life away again! I said the same thing to the other ice bastard and I'll say it again to his master's daughter, stop running away. You want to end things by dying, I'll give you a hard knock on the head if you ever try something like that again.' Growled Natsu.

Externally, Ultear was livid at Natsu hitting her out of the blue like that, however, inwardly she was touched at his concern.

"Comrade huh, Natsu said I'm his comrade before… I suppose that isn't so bad… but no one hits me like that." Thought Ultear fondly, before getting annoyed.

Suddenly the orb in Natsu's hand crumbled and fell to the ground slowly before reforming and flying into his gut causing him to gasp slightly.

'Next time you want to say something like that to me, do it without the violence!' Ranted Ultear.

'Well I had to make sure I got it through that thick head of yours, you crossdresser.' Huffed Natsu with a smirk.

"Then again, he is really annoying sometimes as well." Thought Ultear with an annoyed growl.

'I will literally strip right here and now to get you to shut up.' Growled Ultear, succeeding in getting Natsu to shut up.

Luck was not on Natsu's side this time though, as since he was facing Ultear, she easily caught sight of his blush.

Ultear's grin nearly split her face in half, before shrinking and becoming a seductive smirk instead. She slowly stepped forward, standing only a step away from Natsu and looking up into his face. Natsu turned his head to the side, avoiding her gaze, which only made her smirk.

'I see now, you've been trying to get me out of my clothes for ages now haven't you, that's why you always talk about how I'm supposedly a crossdresser and all that talk about how I'm a real woman after you all came back from Tenrou. Is that it mister dragon, do you really just want to see what a real woman looks like, you're just an adorable tsundere aren't you?' Cooed Ultear, getting Natsu's blush to intensify.

'I've seen Erza naked before so I've already seen what a real woman looks like.' Muttered Natsu indignantly.

'Hmm maybe, but I don't think you think of me the same way you do about Erza, do you?' Questioned Ultear, as she lightly pressed her chest against Natsu's.

'Yeah, Erza only wears different armours, not clothes of different genders.' Retorted Natsu trying and failing to save face.

'Uh-uh, now that I know the true intentions behind your words you can't trick me anymore, Natsu.' Whispered Ultear, as she brought her face closer to Natsu's, so that he could feel her warm breath on his face.

'Natsu! Where the hell are you flame-brain?' Shouted an irritable Gray from just outside the groove.

'Oh, how sad, I need to go now it seems.' Said Ultear teasingly, as she exited Natsu's personal space and stood a step away from him once again.

Natsu mentally sighed in relief at Gray's arrival, but still promised to give him a solid right for his comment.

'I'll meet you near the edge of Magnolia after you get back to your guild, before Phantom attacks.' Said Ultear seriously, to which Natsu nodded before making his way to leave.

'Oh and one more thing Natsu.' Said Ultear, getting the Dragon Slayer to turn his head back to the time mage.

Ultear kissed Natsu on his cheek, causing a blush to spread across his face again at the intimate gesture.

'See you soon.' Said Ultear, before disappearing deeper into the forest.

'Oi flame-brain what are you doing here… Natsu what are you doing out here?' Ranted Gray, before suddenly becoming slightly subdued.

'Huh, what do you mean droopy-eyes?' Asked Natsu, before seeing Gray point at Natsu's trousers and avert his gaze with a slight cough.

Natsu looked down and his eye started to twitch uncontrollably.

'We will never mention this to anyone.' Growled Natsu with Gray, surprisingly nodding his head in agreement with him.

'Anyway *cough* Erza said to come back now, or she will double her punishment for you.' Said Gray awkwardly, before walking away.

'Damn that woman.' Muttered Natsu under his breath, somehow knowing that Ultear was going to be a pain to deal with from here on out.

"Although did she really need to make it so that Gray had to see something like that?" Thought Natsu in annoyance and swore for a moment that he heard mocking laughter from the forest.

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