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A/N: before you start reading, please understand that this is mostly AU. I'm sure you all know what happens to Sam and Dean in this episode, so I decided to focus on Emmy mostly. She has a story that needs to be told too, so this chapter will be mainly from her point of view. I hope you understand. Now please enjoy :)

She looks like an angel, Gabriel thought as he watched the youngest Winchester. She was lying on her back on the grass, her blue eyes matching the sky above. Her light hair was spread around her head like a halo. A content smile tugged at her lips, she seemed so relaxed, so serene. The angel momentarily felt bad for interrupting her dream again, wishing she could just remain as peaceful as she was.

"I know you're here, Gabriel," Emmy said. A tingle always ran up her spine, alerting her of the angel's presence.

"What are we staring at, sweetie?" Gabriel moved to sit next to her, following her gaze to the sky, wondering what she was looking at that got her so fascinated.

"You see that cloud up there?" Emmy pointed to the right. "It looks like a lizard. But when you squint your eyes a little, it's a dragon spewing fire."

Gabriel snorted, amused. "I see a frog. And when I squint, it's a smoking frog."

Emmy giggled. "When I was three, Sammy used to say that clouds were just cotton candy for the birds. I used to dream of having wings, just so I could have the candy all to myself." She laughed at the memory.

"Hmm, wonder if they would taste as good as real cotton candy." With a flick of his wrist, he moved a cloud closer to where they were sitting.

Emmy sat upright, eyes widened as she watched the cloud move closer and closer until it was in arm's reach. With a little nudge, she reached out to take a little piece. She marveled at how sticky it felt and how sweet it smelt, just like actual cotton candy. With another encouraging nod from Gabriel, she decided to taste it.

A wide smile split her face in two as she savored the candy. "Best cotton candy ever!"

"Tastes like heaven, huh." The angel winked.

Emmy licked the tips of her fingers. "So why are you really in my dream? I assume it's not because you plan to transform these dandelions into lollipops."

"Just wanted to see how you're holding up," he said honestly as he picked up a flower, changing it into a candy stick.

Emmy looked away from his eyes. "I'm fine." It's been a week since the whole Djinn ordeal and she was ready to put this all behind her. She wasn't going to lie, the first few nights she did nothing but dream about her parents and the life she never had. When she'd wake up, a wave of disappointment would wash over her at the realization that this fantasy was just wishful thinking, nothing more. And then came the feelings of shame and regret that she ever considered giving up her real family – two brothers that would die for her in a heartbeat.

"You still miss them." It wasn't a question but a statement.

Emmy nodded. "Can't stop wondering 'what if', you know? I'm really sorry by the way. I should've listened to you, instead I didn't and made everything worse."

Gabriel reached out to rub the back of her head in a show of comfort. "Don't be so hard on yourself. Only a few escape the Djinn's spell. You and your brother were one of them. If anything, you should be proud of yourself."

"Yeah right," she scoffed. "I didn't do anything. If it weren't for you I would still be stuck in that fantasy. There was no way that I could've found my way out. In fact I didn't even want to go. I knew it was all fake, I knew everything was in my head, yet I didn't want to leave. I was prepared to just leave my real family behind for some imaginary life."

Letting out a long breath, the angel twirled the candy stick in his fingers. "It takes a lot of courage to do what you did, sugar. You knew that it was the Djinn messing with your head, yet you still let me take you away. Believe me, not a lot of people would do that."

"No, but I should've. I'm a Winchester," she reasoned. "Dean managed to get out and I'm sure that Sammy would've been able to do it too. I shouldn't've been so selfish." Her oldest brother never told her how he got out, but Emmy didn't need to hear it. She would've never been able to do what Dean had done. There was no way that she was strong enough to actually put an end to her life. It made her wonder how the scenario would've played out if there was no angel or brothers that came to the rescue.

"Stop comparing yourself to your grown ass brothers. You're just a kid, cupcake. Sam and Dean had years of training, the hunter life has hardened them. But don't for one second think that they never had obstacles in their way, or hard decisions to make."

Emmy absentmindedly played with the cotton candy still floating near her head. "It wasn't true, was it? The thing about my mom and dad?"

Gabriel didn't respond. Some things were better left unsaid.

"It wasn't you who did it either, huh?"

"No it wasn't me, Mary-Elisabeth."

She pursed her lips in thought, the wheels turning in her head. "Then why did it end the way it did? Aren't Djinns supposed to make your dreams come true, create this world where everything is perfect?"

"I don't know, Emmy, I really don't know." And that was the truth. The angel figured that something or someone must've tampered with her mind because the fantasy didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. He hadn't found out yet but he was determined to get to the bottom of this. Whoever or whatever it was, it wanted Emmy to find out about her parentage and he had yet to figure out the culprit.

A soft giggle escaped her lips. "You called me Emmy. You never called me that before."

"Really? Huh." Gabriel wasn't so sure how to react to that fact. To others it might seem like an insignificant detail, but to him it meant much more. He was getting attached and he had yet to figure out if that was a good thing or bad thing.

Emmy mistook his blank face and felt the need to assure him. "It's okay. You can call me Emmy, or anything you want really. In fact I think you're the only one who still calls me by my full name."

The angel smirked in a playful manner. "I think I'll stick to pumpy-umpy-umpkin."

"You and your nicknames," she laughed. It reminded her of her own brothers who rarely called her by her name, instead using a form of endearment. She remembered once asking Dean why he calls her cutie pie. He explained that he loved her as much as he loved pie (if not more), only she was much more cuter – hence the nickname. The memory brought a tender smile to her lips.

After a moment of silence, Emmy looked up at the angel. She tilted her head to the side in question at the frown marring his face. "What's wrong?"

"Where are your brothers headed to?"

"I don't know," she shrugged. "All I know is that I fell asleep in the backseat of the Impala. Why?"

Gabriel stared up at the sky, past the cloudy shapes. It seemed like he was looking at something far beyond, something only visible to his celestial vision. He narrowed his hazel eyes in search of something when realization suddenly hit him. "It's gone," he mumbled under his breath.

"What's gone?" Emmy wanted to know, trying not to panic seeing his alarmed behavior.

The angel jumped to his feet. The young girl shrieked in surprise when he pulled her up with him. He put his palms on either side of her temples, his eyes closed. Emmy could see his eyeballs move under his eyelids and raised her eyebrows in confusion.

"This can't be happening," he whispered to himself, his hands pressing harder on her head. He suddenly let her go, taking a step back as he shook his head in denial. "It's gone … but how?"

"What are you talking about?" Emmy pressed, taking a step closer. There was something unnerving about watching an angel losing his cool.

"Your protection spell, it's gone!"

Emmy tried not to flinch at his sharp tone. "What protection spell?" She was starting to get tired of asking all these questions.

The angel pinched the bridge of his nose, his nostrils flaring in composed anger. "Your father made this necklace for you that protected you from other supernatural beings. But when Azazel broke it, your uncle and brothers couldn't fix it. So my Father ordered me to cloak you with a protection spell. It didn't have the same purpose like the necklace, since I was given the task to watch over you, I figured I'd only use a spell to protect you from Azazel … " As he was saying the words out loud, it suddenly dawned on him. It was Yellow Eyes. It was him all along. It wouldn't surprise him if he was the one that tinkered with the Djinn's fantasy, only the demon would benefit from revealing the secret to Emmy.

Gabriel cursed under his breath. "I warned that demon, I warned that bastard!"

Emmy swallowed hard. "But how? We haven't seen or heard of him since my Dad – " not wanting to finish that thought, she clamped her lips shut.

"I need you to do something for me." His hands were firmly holding her small shoulders as he bent down to get on her eye level. "In a minute you're going to wake up. You're going to tell your brothers to leave wherever they are, asap. I don't care what you tell them, just make sure you guys leave."

"And go where?"

"Hollywood, The North Pole, Jupiter – I don't care. Just tell them to get the hell out of dodge."

Emmy chewed on her bottom lip. This was all so confusing and she had so many questions but knew now was not the time to demand answers. She trusted Gabriel, he always did the right thing and he never has failed her. She couldn't stop to think of what had gotten him so alarmed though.

"Okay, I'll try my best."

"Good," he nodded. His gaze lingered on her eyes, the windows to her pure soul. He could see the tragedies lining up to strike her in the future. It was so unfair that she had to endure it all. But this was her destiny – even though the process will be hard and painful, he knew that it was God's will. He just hoped that she would be strong enough to keep her head held high. "I'm gonna make this right to you. I promise."

"… Okay?" Emmy wasn't sure what he was talking about, but decided that she'd ask him later when she got the chance.

Gabriel's hands slid up to cup her cheeks, making sure he got her undivided attention. "Whatever you do, do not follow your brothers. Whatever happens, you do not follow them under any circumstances. Got it?"

"I will not follow my brothers," she repeated firmly.

The angel looked reluctant as he let her go. He shot her one last glance before he disappeared into thin air.


Dean was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel as he softly hummed to AC/DC. He was parked at the gas station and would occasionally throw a glance at the convenience store where Sam had disappeared to pay, but it looked like his brother was taking his sweet time.

A movement from the backseat caught his attention. He turned in his seat, his leather jacket squeaking against the leather upholstery. A fond smile touched his lips as he watched his little sister wake up – small fists rubbing at her eyes, rosy cheeks, hair sticking out in every direction, and a groggy pout plastered on her cute, little face. How she could look even younger and more adorable, was still a mystery to Dean. It was like looking at a four year old Emmy all over again.

"Did I wake you up, cutie pie?" he questioned as he leaned over to lower the volume of the radio.

Emmy blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she leaned against the window. "Where are we?" she asked with a yawn. It was dark outside, the flickering neon lights where the only thing providing some illumination. The Impala looked eerily out of place in the abandoned parking lot.

"Gas station," Dean answered. "You alright sweetheart?" He didn't miss the nervousness flashing in her eyes, even if it was only for a millisecond.

Emmy turned and instantly took note of the empty passenger's seat. "Where's Sammy?" She didn't mean to sound startled but it still came out that way. She hoped her brother didn't pick up on it but this was Dean, the guy knew her better than anyone else.

"Inside." Dean frowned, reaching over the seat to cup her chin. "What's gotten you so wound up, huh?"

Looking away from his piercing green eyes, she again avoided his question. "Why is there nobody else in here?"

"Maybe because it's three in the morning." Dean studied her face closely. Something was wrong. "Now, stop changing the subject. Tell me what's wrong, Emmy."

"Nothing," she said quickly, maybe too quickly.

"You had a bad dream again?"

Define bad, Emmy thought. Gabriel's words were still fresh in her mind, she had to find a way to get out of this place without stirring any questions. That was going to be hard.

"Emmy," Dean prompted. His stare fixed on her eyes in an attempt to catch her gaze.

"Uh, I-I just … uh. I don't feel good?" Her voice rose in pitch at the end of her sentence, causing it to come off like a question. On second thought, she instantly regretted suggesting it as soon as the words came out. Telling your overbearing brother you're sick, was not the smartest thing to do.

Dean's face softened. "Why didn't you say so? You feeling sick, do you wanna throw up? Tell me where it hurts, sweetheart."

Emmy felt kinda bad for getting him so worked up. Worried Dean was a challenge, at least now she had him eating out of the palm of her hand. She just had to figure out how she could get him to leave.

"I'm okay. I just need to lay down for a while … preferably in a bed," she hinted, hoping he'd catch on and drive them to nearest motel.

"C'mere." He helped her over the front seat, mindful of her casted foot. His calloused hands cupped her cheeks before they slid up to her forehead. "You're not running a fever, that's a good thing," he muttered more to himself.

The youngest Winchester pushed his hands away before he'd find out that she wasn't sick at all. "Why don't we just go now. I'll go get Sammy."

"Uh, you're not going anywhere. I thought you were too sick for that."


"I am," she stated, refusing to back down.

Dean sighed. "Emmy, baby, you know better than to lie to me. Now, why don't you tell me what's really bugging you."

She opened her mouth, ready to say something but quickly mashed her lips shut. She couldn't exactly lie to him, he'd see right through her. "I'm just really tired," she said instead, it wasn't the whole truth but at least it wasn't a lie.

Dean searched her face, intent on figuring out what was bothering her. His little sister purposefully avoided his scrutinizing gaze and he knew that now may not be the right time or place, but he was still planning on getting to the bottom of this. He wasn't one to just back down, especially where his sister was concerned.

"Fine," he relented. "I'll call Sam and tell him to hurry up."

Emmy nodded, relieved, as she rested her head on his broad shoulder. She allowed him to ran his long fingers through her wild locks. The constant flickering of the sign above the store was distracting. For some reason it sent a shill down her spine. She didn't exactly now why Gabriel was hell bent on the fact that they had to shag ass but she had to agree that something was fishy about this place.

"He's not picking up," Dean grumbled.

Emmy tensed up. "Try again." That was not a good sign, that was never a good sign.

Her brother noticed the trepidation shown in her behavior. Oh he was so going to grill her for answers later.

"I'll go get him." His words didn't do the trick as a light tremor washed over her body. Dean tipped her chin up. "Hey, it's alright."

"Just hurry up, okay?"

Something's definitely off, Dean thought. "I'm gonna get our brother and as soon as I'm back, you're gonna start answering my questions, got it?"

"Yeah, whatever, just be quick about it." Her eyes constantly darted from the automatic doors of the convenience store, back to her oldest brother.

Not wanting to stall this any longer, Dean leaned over to peck her button nose. "Be right back, and don't move."

Emmy hugged herself as she watched her brother's back until he disappeared. She hoped that by some miracle she'd actually get sick by the time he got back so she could play it all off on her sickness, because there was no way that she'd be able to lie to their faces. Her brothers could always read her like an open book, it was infuriating at times. She couldn't exactly tell them the truth either without giving away the angel. She groaned, conflicted, and forced herself to just focus on getting the three of them out of here first. She could deal with the rest later, maybe Gabriel would help her then.

Leaning up against the dashboard, Emmy's eyes never wavered from the entrance of the convenience store. How long does it take to pay for gas and just leave? Emmy hoped that Sam was only distracted by some pretty girl, and he just lost track of time. And now Dean was inside, trying to chat up the girl. That was the only best scenario Emmy could think of to explain their tardiness.

"Come on," she mumbled. After another five minutes she decided to count to sixty, if her brothers were not out by then, she was coming after them.

"One, two, three … twenty-two, twenty-three … thirty-nine, forty … fifty-five, fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine …" Nibbling on her bottom lip, knees bouncing, Emmy looked fixedly at the entrance, but no Sam and no Dean. "Sixty… That's it, I'm going in."

Putting on her sneakers, she didn't bother with the shoestrings as she got out of the car. Emmy shuddered when a cold night wind blew through her hair. The smell of gasoline lingered in the air around the gas station causing her to bury her nose in her hoodie. Taking in her surroundings, she frowned at the familiarity of the place. The silence was deafening, not even the sound of a car or cricket could be heard. Dean implied that most people where in bed right now but she still couldn't shake off the strangeness of it.

A sizzling sound drew Emmy's attention to the badly lit neon lights on top of the store. The letters were barely holding on and only three of them were still on. She tried to make out the words but had no chance when the remaining lights suddenly exploded. She instinctively took a step back, wincing when a piece of glass left a small cut on her cheek. Emmy pressed a finger to her cheek and couldn't help but stare at the drop of blood on the pad of her thumb. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she experienced a déjà vu.

Hearing a sound, Emmy shivered as she caught a figure standing near one of the gas pumps. She wasn't sure if the man was facing her or not, he was just standing there with his hands tucked in his pockets.

"Hello?" she called out, her breath fogging in the cold night air.

The man didn't budge, nor did he gave any sign of hearing her. Emmy didn't know if he even acknowledged her but his presence was alarming. Taking no chances, she decided to get into the convenience store where her brothers were taking too long.

The glass doors opened automatically and a bell rang above her head as she entered. Emmy limped through the aisles, looking for her brothers.

"Sammy? Dean? Sammy?"

As she walked through the racks, her steps quickened until she was almost running. Emmy felt like being in a maze as she crossed the entrance for what felt like the hundredth time.

"You guys, this isn't funny!"

Emmy wished she could say she wasn't getting scared, but her trembling hands, her erratic breathing and her wild heartbeat proved otherwise. That feeling of being on the verge of losing nerve was too familiar. In fact this whole set up was familiar. Turning in circles, she recognized every small detail – from the cracks in the tiles to the price tags. She was here before, she could feel it. She couldn't remember when but she knew it didn't end well.

I need to get out of here. With that thought she started for the door. The path to the doors seemed endless and she could swear that her cast felt like a thousand pounds. No matter how hard she tried, for some reason she couldn't walk any faster.

She almost reached the cash register and let out a breath of relief when she found someone sitting on a chair, reading something in his lap. She couldn't understand how she missed it before. "Oh, thank god," she sighed at the sight of the cashier. Her gut told her to go, go, go, go but her heart refused to leave without her brothers. Something was not right, it was enough to push all her panic buttons and ring every alarm bell, but Emmy wasn't going to abandon her brothers. They would never do the same either.

Breathless, she leaned up against the counter, resting her weight on her good foot. "Excuse me mister, have you seen my brothers? One tall guy with short hair and another taller guy with longer hair. One of them is wearing a leather jacket, the other's got a …" Emmy trailed off when she got no response. She snapped her fingers, "Excuse me!" But the man kept his head down, his chin pressed against his chest, his magazine resting on his belly.

"Helloooo!" she hit her hand against the counter, trying to get his attention but to no avail. She was about to raise her voice when something caught her eye. A trickle of red substance trailed down the man's throat. Emmy craned her neck, frowning when the man seemed to be bleeding out of his ears.

"Uh, mister? Are you okay?" Worry started to settle into the pit of her stomach. Emmy decided to crawl over the counter to reach the man. She lightly shook his shoulder but she didn't even get a single reaction. She then moved her hand to his neck, trying to feel his pulse. But as soon as her fingers moved up to his throat, the man's head slowly rolled back until it dropped to the floor, rolling away.

Emmy's mouth opened, too shocked to make a sound let alone breathe. When she finally found her voice, she couldn't hold off the bloodcurdling scream escaping her lips. She jumped off the counter, tripping over her own feet.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no," she rambled as she picked herself up. "I remember, I remember now," she whispered. This was exactly like her dream, she dreamt about this before. Not once, but twice. Only this wasn't a dream, this was real. She gulped as she thought of how these dreams – no, nightmares – played out. There was Gabriel who would save the day and … Azazel.

The lights flickered, and Emmy's breath was visible through the sudden cold that washed over her. If she was shaking before, she was convulsing now at the thought of the cause of the sudden drop in temperature and shattered light bulbs. The air shifted and a whimper left her lips as she could feel a tingle running up her spine, the way it would when Gabriel was around. But this time the presence wasn't angelic, but demonic.

As she slowly turned, her breath hitched and her heart dropped. She was standing face to face with the one that caused all the pain to her family. He murdered her mother in cold blood, changed her father into a man that was blinded by his desire to avenge the love of his life, turned three siblings into orphans. He was the reason she didn't know what normal was, how a mother's love was like; he was the reason she could no longer hear her father's voice. He ruined their lives, he takes and takes and paid no attention to the damage he caused.

Yellow Eyes. Emmy refused to give him the satisfaction of acknowledging him, his name tasted foul in her mouth. He was the same man standing in the gas station, she didn't recognize the meatsuit he was wearing now, and she only wished that the poor, possessed man wouldn't be disposed of like garbage as soon as Azazel was tired of him.

"Where are my brothers," she asked, hating how she couldn't compose herself enough to stop her voice from shaking.

Azazel laughed, the sound wicked and sickening. "Shouldn't you be worrying about yourself first? You damn Winchesters, always first to save someone else's bacon, like the hero you are. Tell me, what did you get out of it, huh? So far, only thing I see is the countless motels, zero thank you's, and the endless hours in that piece of metal."

Oh, Dean should've been here, Emmy thought. Her brother would've punched that nasty smirk right away.

"But I can give you more," he said in a tempting tone. "I can give you so much more, Mary-Elisabeth."

"I don't want anything from you."

A pair of golden eyes narrowed at her words. "Remember your mother? Remember how she smelt, how she sounded? I gave you a taste of it," he said, referring to the Djinn's fantasy. "I can give it all back, and more, much more. Just say the word."

Emmy wasn't going to fall into his trap, not again. She remembered that he needed her permission and there was no way in hell he was going to get it. Gabriel couldn't bring back what she had lost, and she doubted a demon could. She couldn't miss what she never had. She couldn't keep what was never hers. She couldn't hold onto something that didn't want to stay.

"Your words mean nothing to me, no matter how promising they sound, you will never get a yes from me."

"You're a stubborn one, huh." He grinned, the smile never touching his creepy eyes. "Fine, you won't give me your consent, but I can give you something else. Why don't we make a deal."

Emmy snorted and she briefly asked herself where she got the nerve to mock a demon who could end her live in a heartbeat. "I've seen your deals and I've seen how they ended."

The demon started walking slowly, making circles around the youngest Winchester. Emmy felt like an animal trapped in a cage. She mirrored his movements and refused to break eye contact.

"I heard you got questions, a lot of questions. And believe it or not but I got an answer for every one of 'em."

Emmy had to admit that it sounded tempting. All her life she had questions and it seemed the older she got, the more questions she had but zero answers. What hurt her the most is that the people close to her had all the answers, yet no one offered them to her. We want to protect you, her brother's voice rang in her head, even Gabriel insisted that it was all for her own good. It was hard to believe that they had her best interests at heart when she couldn't see anything good coming from all those secrets.

"What kinda questions?" Emmy asked, testing the demon. If he really knew all her questions, even the ones she never said out loud, then there must be some truth behind his promise.

"Why I killed Mommy dearest. Why her and not somebody else. Why Sam has his visions. Why Daddy kicked the bucket. How big brother woke up from his coma. What makes you so special. Why you have a winged guardian."

Every word coming out of the demon's mouth were like blows to the wall she had built up around her as protection. Azazel could see he was getting closer, he only had to continue saying what she wanted to hear. It was almost too easy.

"Why your soul is so pure. Why Johnny boy was acting strange right before he died. What his last words meant. The deal your mother made. Why I want you, why I chose you and your brother."

How did he know all these questions, Emmy wondered. She felt enraptured, spellbound, as she thought of the answers he would give her. She was dying to finally put the puzzle pieces together. A voice in her head told her to have patience, to remember Gabriel's words – he told her that there was a time and place for everything. But she was so tempted to just say 'screw it, I want answers now!' If she really wasn't supposed to know, then where was Gabriel then? Where was he to stop Azazel?

"Why every creature is dying to have a taste of your blood. Why God has let all this horrible stuff happen to you and your family. Why you feel a connection to God, despite the fact He never listens to your prayers. Why Mommy got pregnant even after she made sure she would never conceive again. Why Dean ignored you for so long after John died."

The demon kept firing one question after the other, and to his satisfaction he watched her walls tumbling down. Her eyes were no longer following him, she had a far-off look in her eyes. He bet she was already seeing the possibility of having an answer to every question. And who thought that demons couldn't make dreams come true? Got her, he thought smugly.

Still in a trance, Emmy didn't even realize how the demon had stopped walking circles around until his cold breath was fanning against her face.

"You want answers?" he whispered, his voice hypnotizing. "All the secrets your family's been hiding from you. It's not fair, you deserve better. I think you have a right to know, am I right?"

She nodded, entranced and unable to focus on his eyes.

"What kinda family keeps their precious girl in the dark? They should be ashamed, don't you think? All these years they have been lying to your face, they knew how much it hurt you, but did that change anything? No, they kept their lips sealed. How selfish."

Emmy wasn't sure, but she though she made a confirming sound, failing to notice how Azazel kept leaning closer and closer.

"You want to know why all of this is happening to you, huh?" His dry lips barely touched her ear as he whispered, "You want answers?"


The demon smirked against her skin, his yellow eyes radiating.

All of a sudden Emmy snapped out of her daze. She felt like someone suddenly turned the lights on, bringing clarity to the darkness and confusion. Aware of how close the demon was to her, she took a step back, almost tumbling over her feet. She blinked, trying to understand what was happening when she caught the demon's pleased and victorious smile.

Suddenly realizing what she had said, her eyes widened. She covered her mouth as if her hands could take back the words. "Oh no …" She felt sick to her stomach. "You tricked me!" she accused, not that it changed anything, it only made him chuckle pompously. "I-I take it back. I-I didn't mean to say yes, I didn't mean it," she cried, tears stinging her eyes, repeatedly shaking her head.

"There's no way back now," he told her as a matter of fact.

"No, please. I take it back," she sobbed.

"A little too late for that, doll. Also, you should've listened to that angel. Didn't he tell you not to follow your brothers?"

What have I done?


Dean was sure he broke every speed limit and ignored all traffic regulations as he sped down the road, on his way to meet up with Bobby. The sky was tinted pink and purple as the morning sun was beginning to light the day. Usually he would enjoy mornings like these – sitting behind the wheel, in touch with his baby; Def Leppard playing in the background, his fingers drumming with the beat; Sam would be snoring next to him, his tall frame crumpled in an odd position that couldn't have been comfortable; Emmy would be in the backseat, humming along to the song she grew up with, flashing him a breathtaking smile every time he caught her gaze through the rear-view mirror.

But as Dean snapped back to reality, he had to repeatedly blink to rid of the tears glistening in his eyes. There was no Def Leppard, just deafening silence; no Sam, just a cold, empty space next to him; and no Emmy's reflection in the mirror to remind him what the point was in living in this god forsaken world.

He sniffed, wincing at the pain emitting from the bump on the back of his head. He had grabbed a dirty shirt to clean up the blood, and when he pressed the cloth against the wound, there was still some blood oozing from it. He probably shouldn't even be driving as he might have suffered from a concussion, he did pass out for a while. But then again, head wounds always bled more than any other part of the body, so it may have been not so bad. Truth was, Dean didn't care, he didn't give a flying shit about whether he was two seconds away from dying or not. He was not going to sit down for his own wellbeing while his siblings were god knows where. They needed him and he'd be damned if he let a little cut get in his way.

The oldest Winchester still couldn't understand how he'd let it all happen, how he'd let a demon snatch his brother and sister right under his nose. Granted, he didn't actually let it happen, he was unconscious but that wasn't an excuse for Dean. He could've stopped it from happening if he had just listened to his little sister. For some reason she knew something was up, he saw it in her eyes and he wanted to hit himself for not paying closer attention. He had no idea how she knew though, maybe she had a dream about it, a vision like Sam. Or maybe she felt it, like a sixth sense. Either way, she knew and he should've known too.

Dean rested his left arm near the window, his fingers pressed to his lips. He couldn't get the stench of sulfur out of his nose, there was no doubt that Azazel was behind this. Yellow Eyes was always out to get Sam and apparently the youngest Winchester too. Nothing stood in demon's way, not Mary, not John and not Dean either.

A touch of doubt kept tormenting Dean as he kept questioning himself if he had searched everywhere. He remembered entering the convenience store, looking for Sam, but his brother was nowhere to be found. And as soon as he noticed the sulfur, Dean made it his mission to leave and take his sister out of harm's way. Only he never got the chance to take a step as everything suddenly faded into black. He woke up a while later, several miles away from the store. He still couldn't shake the pain in his chest when he couldn't find his siblings – he swore that at that moment he must've had a heart attack. His stomach dropped and he was physically sick at the thought of his brother and sister at the hands of that sonuvabitch.

He tried to put his mind at ease by reminding himself that Sam was tough and smart enough to take care of himself. John did a good job at training his sons, and Dean had no doubt that his brother would be able to fend for himself. Sam might have been a little out of practice when he went to college but he definitely proved himself to be the hunter he was raised to be. Dean never admit it out loud, but Sam was better than him in so many aspects – he was patient and not impulsive, no one could match his research skills, and his brain and strength could always get him out of any fishy situation. Sammy will be alright, Dean reassured himself. He only wished his heart would agree with his mind, because deep down he couldn't suppress the big brother instinct resurfacing. He couldn't help it, it was second nature to worry about his younger brother.

And then there was Emmy. His sweet, beautiful, loving sweetheart. She was a precious little thing, the one that brought color into his dark world. She somehow filled that void in his heart after he lost his parents, she was the cure to his pain. He didn't want to think of how his life would've looked like without her bright smile, a key that fits the locks on everyone's hearts. Despite of what he made himself believe, she was tougher than he thought. After everything she went through, it proved how strong she really was. And he didn't only mean emotionally but also physically – Dean had seen her get out of some predicaments, he had seen her how fast she learned when he trained her, or how she picked up on the stuff being told around her. Her eyes and ears were always open for any threat, like a real hunter. Dean felt bad for never giving her the chance to really prove herself, it was against his nature to let her protect herself. He knew it was going to take some time to loosen up the protective hold he had on her. He just couldn't bare the thought of his baby sister getting hurt in any way, it made him want to do stuff his darkest mind couldn't imagine.

He hoped that wherever Yellow Eyes took his siblings, Sam and Emmy would be together. At least they'll have each other. Just thinking of his baby sister in the vicinity of Azazel made his blood boil. Dean had no idea what the demon wanted with his brother and sister, he figured it had something to do with Sam's psychic powers and Emmy's soul. Dean still didn't know why this had to happen with his family, couldn't they ever catch a break?

Of course not, we're frikkin' Winchesters. We're never lucky in our bad luck.


Emmy wrinkled her nose at the foul stench of the abandoned house Azazel had brought her to. There were stains on the walls, the ceiling looked like it was going to cave in any second, dust flew around in the rays of sunlight, she couldn't even make out the color of the carpet with all the mess. Emmy watched as a spider caught a fly in its cobweb. She thought it was ironic – she felt the same as the fly, trapped, fate sealed.

"Where are my brothers? Did you hurt them?" she asked after a moment of silence. She had to know if they were okay.

Yellow Eyes dragged a chair closer to her, something cracked under his heavy footsteps as he straddled the chair. "Brother bear is looking for you as we speak, and Sammy-boy is making some new friends."

Emmy imagined Dean must've been out of his mind right now. She'd seen how he was when they couldn't find their Dad and Sam, he reminded her of a bull in the arena, he saw red and was only out for one thing and literally nothing could get in his way. She only hoped he wouldn't be reckless and impulsive, she'd never forgive herself if he gets hurt because of her.

"What friends?" She wanted to add that he wasn't allowed to call her brother 'Sammy', he didn't have that privilege.

Azazel snorted, amused. "You see, your brother isn't the only one who's special. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring them all together."

With a little frown, she couldn't help but think there was a catch. "For what purpose?"

"Ah you wanna know what the strings are before I attach 'em?" he winked with a click of his tongue. "All things in due time, Mary-Elisabeth."

"Don't call me that." Her full name always brought back the memory of her mother – not that Emmy minded, but she didn't like to hear the sound of her mother's name coming from the demon's mouth, not after what he'd done to her. He should've been the one burning on that ceiling.

Not paying any attention to her comment, he intertwined his hands together in question. "I always wondered, do you feel it?"

"Feel what?"

"That thing inside of you."

Emmy swallowed nervously. "What thing?" What was he on about?

"Hmm … interesting."

"What thing?" she repeated, not liking the scheming look in his eyes.

"I want to try something," he said abruptly, getting out of his chair so fast, he almost sent it flying through the room.

Emmy felt herself stiffen in her seat as she saw him take a knife. Her eyes skimmed the room, looking for an escape. Without turning around, she knew there was a door behind her, but she couldn't remember which way to go after that. As she mentally calculated the time it would take her to flee, she hadn't noticed how Azazel had already came to stand in front of her.

Her reflex was to push the knife out of his hand. The demon chuckled as he bent down to retrieve the blade, Emmy took her chance and dashed out of the room. Unfortunately her cast had slowed her down and the demon had no trouble grabbing her. His arm slid around her waist as he effortlessly picked her up, bringing her back to the living room. Emmy clawed at his arms with her nails, leaving bloody marks. As soon as he sat her back down on the chair, her good foot lifted up to kick him in the shin as hard as possible.

Azazel merely smirked at her as he grabbed her arm, pushing her sleeve up to her elbow. Emmy's eyes widened, frightened, as he lowered the knife to her skin. She struggled in his hold, trying to pry her arm out of his hand. Instead she stood up, using her knee to flip the knife away again.

"Who knew you were such a tough cookie, huh," he grinned.

Emmy watched the blood on his arms from where she had scratched him trickle down to the carpet. She then remembered that he probably didn't feel a thing, it was his vessel who took the brunt. She felt sorry for the man, hoping he'd understand she didn't have any other choice.

"Look, we can do this the easy way, too. How about you – "

Emmy didn't let him finish his sentence when she turned away, planning on escaping again. The demon rolled his eyes at her decision and merely shoved the chair in her path with a flick of his wrist. The young girl had no time to move away as she tripped over the wooden chair, one of its legs stuck in her stomach. She winced in pain and tried to stand up again, only to feel an invisible force forcing her down.

"The hard way it is," she heard him say before he moved her onto her back. He stepped over her and knelt, until his knees were on either side of her hips.

"Get off of me!" she reached out to push him off, but he made use of his position and grabbed her wrist in one hand. She remembered what her brothers had taught her, and positioned her arm so that the opening between his fingers and thumb where facing up, before forcefully wrenching her arm away. Surprise struck her as she realized it had actually worked, and quickly used her other arm to push him off again.

"Just surrender already." His voice sounded almost bored, as if this was all just a game for him.

Emmy felt one of her arms lift up on their own accord, until her wrist was right over her head. She tried to fight it, but he had pinned her too hard. "Let go of me!"

"Play nice," he warned, like a parent admonishing their child. He leaned over to push some hair out of her face only to have her spit in his face. "Now, that wasn't nice at all, was it?"

The threat was clear in his colored eyes and Emmy momentarily regretted her actions. She could hardly breath as she watched him levitate her hand, that wasn't pinned, to his face. Nothing was worse than seeing someone have full control over your own body. It was frightening, she couldn't imagine how it must feel to be possessed.

The demon grabbed the knife and let the pointy tip break the skin of her wrist. Emmy winced and his lips twitched maliciously as he dragged the knife up to her elbow.

She let out a scream in pain as she watched the long cut. She realized that the cut itself didn't hurt, it stung, but what really brought a wave of pain was afterwards. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she had bit on her lips so hard, she could taste the blood. She cried, no longer caring about keeping a strong façade. She didn't care anymore.

Oblivious to the pain he had inflicted on the small girl laying under him, the demon had only eyes for the blood trickling down her arm. His pupils dilated like a drug addict ready to take another hit. He was mesmerized by the crimson substance. Something in him cracked, he wanted it, he wanted the blood. An uncontrollable desire made him want to lick it up, anything to get it in his system. The demon never came across anything so intense, it got him rendered speechless and ardent. Some unknown power brought him to his knees, literally, and all he could think was that he couldn't think.

Without a second thought, he brought his own bloody arm next to hers and touched her blood until his fingers were painted red. He then brought his coated fingers to his own blood. At first nothing happened, but then he suddenly felt a dominant and powerful rush, almost knocking him right over.

Emmy sniffed, watching as the demon once again took some of her blood before rubbing it all over the scratches on his arm. The sight was disgusting, her stomach churned and she had to force bile down her throat. Her healthy, red blood was such a contrast to his dark, tainted blood. She blinked, confused, when he closed his eyes, a groan leaving his lips. She didn't understand what was going on, but when he had reopened his eyes, she didn't like the hungry look he was giving her. There was something primal and raw about it and she didn't fail to notice how the yellow of his eyes briefly intensified. It scared her, the thought that this was the effect of her own blood coming in contact with his.

Is this what Gabriel talked about? Is this why creatures had an interest in her, was her blood some drug or something? What did it do – did it make them stronger? Is this why she had to wear the necklace, why Gabriel had cloaked her with this spell? How was it possible that her list of questions only got longer and longer, it seemed like her life was one big enigma.

Emmy noticed the invisible hold on her had loosened and used his distraction in her own favor. She pushed him off, crawling away until she could use the table to get to her feet. She almost slipped as she frantically searched for a way out. She heard nothing from the other room and she briefly wondered why he wasn't running after her. Her heart took a leap as she found a door to the front porch, she threw a look over her shoulders, expecting the demon's presence. A gust of wind made her hair fly around her face as she decided to think less and just act. She was prepared for the leaves to crumble under her shoes but was surprised when she found herself inside the house again.

With knitted brows, she once again made her way back to the door. She held her bloody arm against her chest as she took a step out of the house, only to find herself in the living room again. With an aggravated groan she repeated her actions again, and again and again.

The yellow eyed demon snapped out of his daze when he heard noise from the other room. He gritted his teeth, wondering how he hadn't noticed she left. It had something to do with the blood – he couldn't really explain it, but he felt more solid and active. As if the blood triggered something inside of him and his senses and powers enhanced. He followed the noise and leaned up against the doorframe, watching her futile movements.

"You're not giving up, are you? I like that. But I hate to break it to you, dollface, you're not getting out of here, I made sure of that."

"Watch me," she spat, as she kept going through that door only to find herself magically reappear at the same spot.

"Knock yourself out, let me know when the fun's over," he said casually as he made his way back to the living room.


Emmy didn't care if she was wasting her energy, she was going to find a way out dammit! She didn't let this bastard kidnap her to god knows where, just to let him have his way with her. Her brothers taught her better than that. She grabbed a broom in the corner and used it to break the windows with it, the glass looked like it could easily be shattered but now it felt like an iron wall. Even the wooden broom stick snapped in two. Looking around the house, she searched for another way out when she suddenly heard voices. She couldn't hear everything they were saying, and only managed to pick bits and pieces.

"So, we're soldiers in a demon war to bring on the Apocalypse."

"And we've all been picked?

"I'm sorry. Psychics and spoon-bending is one thing, but demons?"

"I don't really care what you think, okay? If we're all gathered here together, then that means it's starting and that we've gotta – "

Emmy stopped dead in her tracks when someone else spoke up. It was the same voice that reprimanded her when she'd bite on her nails, consoled her when she was upset, or laughed when she'd giggle with a snort.

"I remember this bell. I think I know where we are now. Cold Oak, South Dakota. A town so haunted, every single resident fled."

"Sammy?" She whispered. She frantically ran towards the front door, only to find herself transported back inside the house. The blonde cursed under her breath as she made her way back to the open door. This time she tried another solution. "Sammy! Sammy!" She couldn't understand why he couldn't hear her, she was right here and he was right there. Yet it was like she was invisible.

Emmy watched as he continued talking to four other people, two men and two women. She tried to see if her brother was okay, he seemed unharmed and she granted herself a bit of relief. Her eyes trailed over the others' faces, studying their features in hope that she would maybe recognize one of them. Emmy recognized one of the girls, a brunette, but she couldn't recall where she had seen her before. But she remembered the man standing next to her.

"Andy! Andy!" she yelled, but he wasn't responding either.

The blonde girl was getting emotional and Emmy watched as Sam put a hand on her shoulder. His sensitive and thoughtful side brought a pang to her heart. She wished she was the one he was comforting now, she never needed him so bad. Just wanting him to hold her in his arms, a perfect bubble where no one and nothing could get to her.

"I've lost people, too," he said, "I have a brother out there right now that could be dead, for all I know. And a baby sister …," he almost choked over his words and Emmy never felt this powerless before in her life. She was so close, yet so far at the same time. "But I'm telling you, the best way out of this is to stick together."

Sam was probably the only one who could think straight and keep his head cool in a life-threatening situation.

Emmy wiped at the tears silently rolling down her cheeks. It was only then that she had noticed her arm was still bleeding. She still had a tissue somewhere in the back pocket of her jeans, and used it to cover the cut. As she looked back up to the group standing outside, her breath caught as they had turned their backs on her, staring to leave.

"No, no, no, no, please don't go." Knowing she couldn't get through the open door, she decided to make as much noise as she could by banging on the windows and walls, even knocking over the furniture. "Sammy! Sammy, I'm in here! Please don't leave me," she sobbed as they left. "Sammy!"

Angry tears started pooling at Emmy's eyes as she dropped herself against the wall. She buried her head in her hands, trying to stifle the sobs trapped in her throat. She could see right outside, she could even smell the fresh air of freedom, yet she couldn't leave. She was truly trapped, just like the fly.

"Don't worry, you'll see him again," Azazel's voice sounded from the doorway. A smirk slowly tugged at his lips. "Well, maybe you'll see him again, let's not get our hopes up."


It was getting darker outside and Emmy wondered what her brothers were up to. Would Sam still be with his group of people? Was Dean still looking for them? She sighed as she rubbed at her forehead. She was tired, hungry and thirsty. She was on edge and wanted nothing more than get the hell out of this hellhole. Yellow Eyes had left several hours ago, and Emmy had searched the whole house for a way out. She shoved furniture aside in the hopes of finding a hidden exit, she punched at the walls with a shovel she found in the basement, she removed the carpet as she looked for some hole she could crawl into, she even tried to start a fire and burn the wooden walls but there wasn't anything she could use to create a fire.

She sniffed and instantly forced the tears back. She was not going to cry, she's done that more than enough. Huddled in a corner of the room, she wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her face in them. The cut on her arm still stung but at least it wasn't bleeding anymore. She was also glad Azazel hadn't made a move to hurt her again, but that didn't comfort her at all – he was on to something, that much she could tell.

"Gabriel?" her voice cracked. "Gabriel, can you hear me? I really need you right now." She hoped to hear the flutter of wings or that tingle up her back, but nothing.

The sound of a car pulling up outside, made her body tense up. Heavy footsteps could be heard, getting closer and closer until she saw him enter the house. Emmy watched curiously as he put some paper bags on the table. He didn't say anything on the fact that she had ransacked the house, leaving a mess. Instead he whistled joyfully as he took the stuff out of the bags.

Emmy didn't dare to make a sound as she noticed the drawings he was making on the floor with white paint. He took out some things that looked like herbs and leaves and twigs. He spread them all out around the circle. He proceeded to chant something under his breath as he blew some ashes onto the symbols he drew.

He marched up to her and the young girl recoiled with a whimper. He grabbed her by the shoulders and dragged her inside the circle.


"N-no," she refused with her chin sticking out in defiance.

He snapped his fingers and the circle lighted up in fire. Emmy gasped, her heartbeat loud in her ears. She tried to get out of the circle but every time she inched closer, the flames grew bigger. She had no choice but to stand in the middle of it.

"Sit," he told her again. "Please," he added with a fake smile, as if that would change anything.

"And I said no!" Sweat was already trickling down the back of her neck and she tried not to focus on how it was getting hotter, how the flames crackled, or how the wooden floor smelt as it burned. "What? You need permission for this too?"

Azazel chuckled. "Oh honey, I never needed your permission in the first place. Your guardian angel thought that some spell could stop me. But guess what, he may have put a lock on your soul, but I got the key."

Emmy's nails dug into the palms of her hands. "Then why did you make me say yes?"

The demon shrugged, the amused glint in his yellow eyes never diminishing. "I'm allowed to have some fun once in a while, don't ya think."

"Then what about all those answers you promised me?"

"Oh right, almost forgot."

This prick was really testing her. "Well then? Speak up! A deal is a deal."

"Fine," he sighed. "I guess it doesn't make much difference if I tell you or not, it's not like you'll live to tell the tale."

"What are you planning to do with me?" Emmy's voice wavered a bit, betraying her fear.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm going to sacrifice you."

"W-what? You're gonna kill me?" Emmy took a step, intent on getting out but the fire pushed her back. She yelped when the flame touched her fingers, her burned skin throbbing. "Let me out of here, you stupid prig."

"Don't be silly, killing is not sacrificing. There's a difference, look it up."

"You're out of your mind. Do you know how crazy you sound!?" Anger prickled at her skin. "Now let me go!"

"No can do, darling. You wanna blame someone, blame your mother. She made a deal, and I'm merely holding my end of the bargain."

"What are you even talking about?"

"Oh, Emmy, there's so much you don't know. So clueless," he tsked as he shook his head. "Once upon a time, when Sammy was just a lickle baby, I marked him as one of my own by feeding him my blood."

Ugh. "You're sick!"

"Your mother of course, stubborn as she is, she wouldn't listen. She was standing in the way of my plans and wouldn't move. She didn't leave me much choice, you know. So I made a deal – "

"Of course you did," Emmy forced through clenched teeth. That deal had ruined her family, all because of that hellion standing in front of her with a stuck-up smile.

"Seeing as she caught me in a charitable mood, I gave her ten years to give me what I want … before I set the house on fire but that's just details. She could do whatever she pleased in those ten years. She was determined to keep Sam away from me but your mother was silly."

Emmy scoffed. "And what is it that you wanted?"

"Ah, this is where it gets interesting. I let her live, in exchange for a new soldier to join my army."

"A new soldier?" Emmy voiced her confusion.

"A child. An innocent baby, untouched by human morals, someone I could mold into whatever I want," he clarified, his yellow eyes matching the sparkles in the flames. "You."

Emmy shook her head, her bangs flying in her eyes. "My mother would never – "

"She proposed," he cut her off, enjoying the hurt flashing in her eyes. "She told me she'd give me anything, even her own flesh and blood. What kinda mother chooses her own life over her own child's?"

Emmy felt something wetting her cheek, and she wasn't sure if it was the sweat or tears. "If what you're saying is true, then how come she's dead?"

"Like I said, your mother was stupid. Ten years later I heard from a little bird that the Winchester family had a new member. Of course, I came to collect what's mine, but Mary wasn't having it. To make matters worse, she got your father involved, and many others. She hid you from me, made it impossible for me to track you or anyone of your family."

"How did you find us then?" she asked with a tremble, still processing everything he'd said.

"It took me some time but then I found someone willing to tell me where I could find you."

"Who told you?" Emmy couldn't imagine someone ratting out her family. Perhaps it was someone who didn't know they were up against a malevolent creature.

"Doesn't matter. Anyway, I waited till your brothers and father were out. Worst mistake John ever made," he chuckled. "Long story short, I confronted your mother, I told her to give me the baby but she wouldn't listen."

Emmy felt something soothing the ache in her heart at the realization that her mother fought for her. Mary may have made the deal but she never considered to actually follow through.

"She put this spell on your bedroom door and I couldn't quite get to you. I was angry, evidently, so I killed her." He said it like it was so simple, like he had no other choice.

The ten year old wasn't going to waste her breath on this demon, she wasn't going to fight him for the fact that he killed her mother so effortlessly. Her family, especially her father, had wasted years trying to avenge Mary's death, and so far it got them nowhere. No, she wasn't going to take the bait, she still wanted her answers.

"Why did it take you so long to capture us?"

"Like I said, your family made you untraceable."

"What about Sammy and Dean? You could've found them in a heartbeat, why didn't you?"

He nodded. "Actually I did. I've always been around, Emmy, from the very beginning. The only reason I didn't act is because I needed to know more. I don't doubt you already know how special you are, you are one of a kind and frankly nobody has heard of you before. I had to know what I was dealing with, but after years of research, I finally know."

"What is it?" Emmy was dying to know, she's never come this close to answers.

"I'm sure you always felt some presence inside of you, something otherworldly but peaceful. It resides in you, dormant, but it gives you the strength to hold on. It keeps you sane but it also brings light to your world whenever it gets really dark."

Emmy never really thought about it, but hearing him say it out loud, made the wheels turn in her head.

"You never wondered how someone as young as you copes with all these tragedies? Any other ten year old girl would've gone mad, or act out or maybe just give up on the struggle. But you don't, you keep going, you don't give up. You're so much stronger than you think, and you have no idea, don't you? There's not even a bad bone in your body and I think out of everyone, you're entitled to be angry after everything that happened to you. But you're a good girl, too good."

"What are you saying?" Emmy's head felt clogged up, she tried to process his words but the task seemed so hard, as if something refrained her from truly grasping the meaning of his words.

"You can't deny the connection you have with god, have you ever noticed?" he questioned. "For some reason you feel bound to Him. I can see his mark on you, on your soul. You have something that no human being has ever had, something that we creatures could only dream of. You have a piece of the most powerful beings, the one that created us all, the one that created life. No one has ever been able to transcend His superiority. You wanna know why?"

"W-why?" Emmy could barely speak as she started to understand what he was saying.

"Because God's beyond reach. He's right here with us, yet no one has even seen him. And then there's you … you got what we all yearn for, it's right inside of you taking up residence in your soul. You have a part of God in you and it's right in our grasp."

Emmy let out a shaky breath, her hands involuntarily going to her chest. She had a hard time grasping the fact a part of God was inside of her. It made her dizzy, and if it weren't for the flames, she would've staggered. Even though a voice in the back of her head told her that she shouldn't trust a demon on his word, she still couldn't deny how everything made sense. It would explain why she always thought it was important to connect to God, why she put so much faith in Him. And remembering Azazel's words, she now understood how she coped with everything happening to her. A normal kid wouldn't have endured the hardships she went through so easily, but she wasn't normal was she.

"Oh and by the way, your brother's dead."

Emmy's eyes snapped up to meet his gaze. A part of her was searching for that whimsical spark in his eyes but she was unable to find it. He said it so casually, it must've been a sick joke.

"It's too bad, I was rooting for him you know. He was my favorite, but I guess he wasn't so lucky this time. You Winchesters are cursed it seems," he chuckled dryly.

"Wait, you serious?"

"Of course I am!"

Emmy wasn't having it. "You're lying. Sammy's not dead, he's not, he's not."

"It's okay, you're still in denial. But it is what it is. You remember that group you saw out there? I picked each one of them, just like I picked your brother, but I only needed one of them. I guess Sam wasn't the strongest. Oh well, at least he ended up second, not bad."

Emmy couldn't remember when she fell to her knees. The warmth of the fire was hot against her skin but she didn't care. One sob escaped her throat, and soon she couldn't stop herself. She started crying her little heart out at the thought of Sam, her Sammy, gone. What would she do without him? Who was going to listen to her talk for hours, who was going to make sure she didn't fail at school, who was going to keep her on the right path? She couldn't live without her brother, the man she looked up to, the man that taught her everything she knew. She was going to miss him brush her hair with such gentleness, the way he'd smile down at her like she was his whole world, the only one who called her honey because she was too sweet he'd say. No one could ever replace him.

"There, there. No use bawling your pretty eyes out, sweetie. Soon you'll be joining him."

Was that supposed to make her feel better? Emmy didn't want to accept it, she refused to believe any of it until she saw it with her own eyes. For all she knew, Sam might still be alive and breathing, maybe Azazel just wanted to make her more compliant. Either way, she wasn't letting him get to her until his words were validated.

"Any last words?"

"Screw you!"

"Hey, where are your manners? After I told you everything, that breaks my heart."

"You don't have a heart," she snapped as she got back on her feet. "You'll never get away with this, mark my words. You killed my mother, my father, my brother, and now you think you can get rid of me?"

"Look at where you're standing, sweetcheeks. I'm not the one ready to be sacrificed," he winked.

"I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I hope you burn in hell. You ruined everything – my life, my family. How can you take pride in that? You killed so many innocent people without a second thought, and for what? You think you'll rule over the world one day? You think they'll bow down to you, you think they're gonna worship you like some god? There is only one god, and you're not it!"

"If I were you, I would shut my mouth, little girl."

"Or what?!" Emmy had no idea when she suddenly grew balls but she felt something buzzing inside of her, something that wanted to crawl out of her, impatient to put this demon back in his place.

"Or I'll pin you on the ceiling and set you on fire!" he threatened. "Just like Mommy."

"And here I thought you were gonna sacrifice me," she mocked. She knew she was treading on thin ice, but he had her all wired up and she didn't know how to hold her anger in any longer. "You think I belong to you, that you have some kind of right to claim me. I don't belong to anyone. If you think I'll let you touch me, then you have another thing coming."

"Don't tempt me, stupid girl." The yellow eyed demon looked her up and down with a sneer. "You're just bluffing."

"Go on. Do it then."

"It seems like the Winchesters have rubbed off on you. Always acting high and mighty like you can take on the world. Look how that ended for them. Not so well, huh?"

Emmy's fists clenched at her hips. "I am a Winchester, it's in our blood."

Yellow Eyes laughed so loud, almost bending over backwards. "Oh Emmy, you're many things but you're not a Winchester. I forgot to tell you that part, Mommy was a little naughty when Daddy wasn't home. I'm not getting into details to save your innocence, or what's left of it, but John Winchester isn't your father."

"Stop lying!"

"I'm not. Everyone knows, why don't you ask your brothers – I mean, brother. Remember what your 'Daddy dearest' told you before he gave up the ghost?"

Emmy would never forget her father's last words to her. They were engraved in her mind, every single word.

Emmy, baby, I want you to know that you have always belonged to me. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You were mine from the start and you always will be. Some people will try to prove differently but you don't have to listen to them. Just know that you're my baby girl and nothing will change that … You might not have my eyes or smile, but from that very first moment I saw you … you had my heart. Promise me you'll always remember that.

Emmy swore her heart stopped beating. Her body was shaking but she wasn't sure. She felt like someone dropped a bomb on her, tearing her to shreds.

"Why do you think Dean couldn't look at you after he woke up from his coma? And by the way, you can thank me for that, your brother would be rotting in hell if it weren't for me. Of course someone had to pay the price, thank god for Dad huh. He didn't hesitate a second to offer his soul for his son. I wonder, would he have done the same for you? You know, 'cause you're not really his daughter."


"Ouch. Touchy subject. I get it."

She snapped and before she knew it she was marching towards him. "I will end you." Emmy paid no mind to the fire or the fact that she no weapon. Hell, she hadn't even though of how she would follow through with her threat but she didn't care. She saw red and all common sense was gone. She was waiting for the fire to burn her but to her surprise she didn't feel a thing, maybe it was the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

"What? How – " The demon took a step back, not understanding how she got out of the circle. The fire didn't stop her but he was sure he used a spell too.

Emmy didn't stop until she was face to face with a pair of yellow eyes. There's nothing more she'd like to do than scratch them out of his skull.

"Still think I'm bluffing?" Emmy didn't wait on his reply but was surprised when she heard another voice.


"Gabriel." She was never so happy to see his face. All the bravado she previously felt, rolled off her shoulders and she just wanted him to whisk her away. A cold hand closed around her wrist, stopping her from running off. Emmy tugged at the restraint.

"She's not going anywhere," Azazel warned.

"We'll see about that." The angel's wings spread out and Emmy was jaw-slacked. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. One moment she felt the soft feathers wrapped around her, she could make out the demon's loud protests and threats in the background, and the next the air shifted and they were gone.


Emmy's hand was firmly in Gabriel's as he led her through some trees. It was dark and cold outside, but somehow the angel's touch was enough to warm her up. He was walking at a slow pace, knowing with her cast she couldn't walk too fast.

"Where are you taking me?"

"I have failed you, Mary-Elisabeth. And I'm determined to make my wrongs right. Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do," she said, her breath fogging up. "Where were you all this time? I called for you."

"Remember the promise I made to you?"

"Yes," she answered as he suddenly stopped. He grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. At first she was confused but the she saw someone appear behind a tree. The shadow looked like it was a man, a tall, broad-shouldered man. Squinting her eyes, Emmy thought it was Dean at first. But the closer he got, the clearer her vision was.

Blue eyes met hazel ones.

"Hey, baby girl."


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