Korra defeated Amon. She stopped the Equalist Revolution. She saved Republic City. She should be happy, but she is not. Amon took away her bending, the thing that made her the Avatar, the thing that formed her identity. Sure, she unlocked her airbending ability, something she was never able to do no matter how hard she tried, but she is no longer the Avatar. She is just a normal girl. Well, as normal as one can be when one is a Water Tribe citizen with airbending powers.

Korra thought that Katara, the best healer in the world, could restore her connection to the other elements, but Katara was not able to help.

Korra feels lost; she needs to be alone. She needs to gather her thoughts. She needs to cry it out. Everyone tells her that it is going to be alright, but she does not have high hopes. She leaves the healing hut. Mako trails after her. He calls for her to stop.

She does not want to speak with him and tells him exactly that. She tells him to leave her alone and go back to Republic City. She tells him that he does not need to do any more favors for her because she is not the Avatar anymore. He tells her he does not care whether she is the Avatar or not, but he only started being nice to her after he found out she was the Avatar.

She wants to retort, to say something sassy, but she cannot muster it. He places his hand on her cheek and he confesses his love for her. She is shocked. She cannot deal with this right now. She tells him that and rides off on Naga, leaving Mako behind.

They ride far away to a cliff. She leaps off of Naga and walks up to the edge. She contemplates jumping. She wonders if it will hurt. She starts crying.

Korra senses someone near her. She spots orange robes. Tenzin. She tells him to go away, only to realize that it is Aang, who tells her that she has connected with her spiritual self. He imparts some wisdom and gives back her bending.

She wonders if Katara was just pulling her leg, forcing her to hit her lowest point so she could connect to her spiritual self. Sneaky little fox. That has to be the reason. Katara is the best healer in the world; she is also a bloodbender. She could have easily restored Korra's bending.

Korra bends all of the elements simultaneously. She sees Mako standing there unscathed. She wonders how he managed not to get hit by any of the elements.

She runs into his arms and they hug. He tells her again that he loves her.

"Mako, that's nice, but it's too late. You missed your chance, buddy."