Kahlan didn't want Richard Cypher to be the Seeker. Both the Wizard and Richard himself could have seen it; her protests weren't exactly subtle. But it wasn't for the reasons they thought.

Over the years, she had learnt to read people very well. Her powers aided her, but her intuition was an essential tool.

Looking into Richard's eyes as she held the knife to his throat, she saw the innocence, the naivety. She saw the purity of his soul, the goodness of his heart.

It was staggering.

Only hours afterwards she learnt that he was the Seeker. She knew what Seekers faced. The pain, the heartache, the struggles. All of it would strip away at his innocence and leave a hard shell behind.

It had happened before.

It could happen again, to Richard.

She didn't want him to loose his goodness of heart. She knew even then that the loss would hurt her.

But Richard lost a major part of his innocence that very night - barely an hour after being identified as the Seeker - when his father was killed. She saw the hardness and determination in his eyes as he accepted the position of the Seeker.

Internally, she wept for the loss of the boy he was. It was her intrusion into his peaceful, idyllic life that had done this to him.

But Darken Rahl must be stopped. And as much as it hurt her, this was necessary if peace was to be restored.

She just wished that this wasn't the price.