She should have known. She should have known that it was a trap. Why hadn't she realised it? The D'Harans would never be so generous.

It was just that she was so scared about her brother's fate. Liam didn't deserve to die. She was so eager to save her brother that she had almost sent the Seeker to his doom.

She had no intentions of believing in the Seeker when she first met him. Years of living under Darken Rahl's tyrannical rule had left little hope in her heart and filled it with bitterness instead.

She hated the insinuation that she was just supposed to believe that this boy would save them all from Darken Rahl. What could one man do against an entire army? Surely he could not save them. He would be killed, and where would that leave them?

But save them he did. Even after she had betrayed him, he still offered to help her to save her brother. Lily was shocked. It was inconceivable that he would help her.

But Lily wasn't a fool. So she took his aid, and saved her brother.

It was only after the incident that realised the true power of the Seeker. He may be just one man, but with his words and deeds he could inspire millions.

So she did what she could do. She ripped the wanted poster off the the wall passed the word on the bounty - it was a fake and the D'Harans would imprison anyone who comes to collect the it. She flung the wanted poster into fire.

Even the Seeker can't win this war on his own. He would need all the help he could get.

And Lily was going to help him as much as she could.