Author's Note: Hello everyone! So, after I saw Jurassic World last saturday, my head couldn't stop buzzing with it! It is such a fantastic film, I absolutely loved it. One thing that surprised me was that the Indominus Rex was actually a rather sympathetic villain - at first. The way they explain her is so heart wrenching when you think about it, that I just had to come up with a back-story for her!

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Monsters Are Made

Everything was too tight, too dark. Liquid choked the throat, the nose, with a foul taste on the tongue. Limbs felt too cramped, creating a panic in the frantic little heart bursting to be free. Body wiggling, limbs straining, needing to find a way out, the encasement was suffocating her, she needed to be out – needed to be out!

There was a loud crack, deafening to the ears, but the definite sound of weakness. Instincts – so many different voices in the head and heart, conflicting, making too much noise to understand – knew this was the way out, and the arm struck again. There was another crack, and a little light peeked through, blinding, painful, but desperately needed. Pushing out the arm again, she tried to smash her way through her prison. When finally it happened, she felt so weak that the hand had to hang in the open air, twitching violently. The imprisoned one felt as if she would die, her heart was still straining too much as the panic and fear of bursting free was still consuming her. But the liquid that was drowning her was slowly leaking through the crack and by her limp hand. Not willing to be defeated, a rage coming over her at the thought that she might die before tasting glorious freedom, her limbs gathered strength for one last attempt.

Thrashing her body, her head rang as it smashed against the side of the prison, but it was enough, and the encasing fell away.

Air streamed into the prison, and she opened her shocked mouth to take in a sudden rush of air. Light blinded her, causing her to shut her eyes in response, with a hiss of pain. She sat there for a moment, breathing air into relieved lungs, eyes slowly adjusting to the light to look out onto a white world beyond. The eye looked about curiously, studying the world that slowly came into focus, eye craning around looking for something, mind turning and working. It seemed like an eternity later, when the limbs had enough strength again to fight out of the rest of the prison and tumble into the world.

Ungainly long limbs fell onto a hard and unforgiving surface, so cold it stung raw, pebbly skin. Long tail slapped to the ground loudly, and she struggled to get her large feet underneath her. Her arms were a little help, they felt strong, with large hands and long claws that scratched the ground loudly as she pushed. The last pieces of shell fell from her white hide, and half opening her eyes, she seemed to know that her prison had been the egg, and that she was not simply a being, but she was a hatchling.

She struggled to her feet, body exhausted, limbs shaking. There were so many different voices in her head, all whispering things to her that she didn't understand, some clashing and contradicting each other until she didn't know which to listen to, confusing her. Some voices whispered that she shouldn't move one way, others saying that she wasn't moving enough the other way. The voices tried to tell her what to do, but she couldn't understand yet, she didn't know how.

"Look at you, so strong already." Came a voice from above. "Come on, you can do it… stand up…"

The hatchling hissed, alarm and a need to defend herself in her vulnerable state bringing strength to her limbs as she brought herself awkwardly onto two feet, front body hanging low until her knuckles almost brushed the ground. She spun around looking for the voice, until she found a blurry image standing above her. It was a tall entity, almost like a world all its own, seemingly infinitely larger than the hatchling. As the image came into focus, she saw that this thing was tall, flat faced with pale flesh and a gold-brown crest on its head, with large brown eyes. Its scent was a strong and rich smell that left a nice and sweet taste on the tongue, and the hatchling peered at the image, eyes narrowing as she tried to understand what it was.

The voices were usually conflicting and confusing, but upon seeing this living being that stooped over her and crooned to her with seemingly no hostility, the voices all seemed to agree for once. And instantly, the hatchling knew who this being was.


Upon realisation, the voices provided urges and wants that the hatchling knew Mother would provide. She suddenly realised what hunger was, as her stomach gnawed at the core of her body, and she chirped to Mother loudly, leaning back on her gangly back legs as she reached up, yearning for the food Mother provided.

"Shh… shh…" Mother whispered in a warm and sweet voice that filled the hatchling with utter adoration as she desperately engraved the sound of that voice into her memory and heart, so that she might never forget it. "Hush now. I know what you want…"

As if from nowhere, Mother produced in her fore-claws a red mass that she held out to the hatchling. The hatchling sniffed at it experimentally, large golden eyes peering and blinking as she studied it. Her tongue flickered out to taste it, and a sensation exploded across her tongue, awakening the hunger into a ferocious storm, the voices all screaming in her head: DEVOUR! Her jaws snapped onto the meat – for the voices said that was what it was – and she greedily guzzled it down, barely chewing as she hastily swallowed it down her thick neck. When it was done, she chirped at Mother excitedly for more. Mother rumbled, but it was not a growl or a sign of aggression, instead it sounded amused.

"Learning fast already?" Lips on Mother's flat face turned upwards to bare her teeth, but the hatchling sensed no aggression still.

Mother then reached out a fore-claw, and the hatchling shied a little at first, fearing a reprimand for something she hadn't known she'd done. But then, Mother's soft skin made contact with hers. At first the touch was burning, for Mother felt so hot, but then, the soft caress rubbed along her side and back, and the touch felt soothing and filled with love. After the initial shock, the hatchling purred as she rubbed her side against Mother's hand, nuzzling Mother back as her soft fore-claw came up her neck, tickling her spines. The hatchling took in a deeper inhale of Mother's scent, and nuzzled against her, wanting to memorise every aspect of Mother so that she would know her instantly by sight, smell, ear or even touch. Mother was infinitely gentle, yet her touch was so wonderful, the hatchling felt her arms wrapping around the fore-claw as nuzzled her jaws against Mother's flesh.

"You're so sweet…" Mother crooned happily, and the hatchling purred in response. "My sweet Little White…"

The hatchling felt her heart lift with elation. Mother had named her, she had an identity. She was Little White.

"Eat well and you'll grow up fast and strong," Mother said as she carefully pulled her fore-claw away, much to Little White's disappointment. But then, Mother held another piece of meat in her fore-claws out, and the hatchling squeaked excitedly as she snapped it up.

But her second feast was interrupted, when she heard a knocking and shrill squeaking. Little White froze, body tense, her attention turning to a large object in the area of her hatching that she hadn't even noticed before. It was as tall as she was and curved all the way around, but there was a black line zig-zagging across it, and the hatchling could hear faint tapping sounds and slight squeaks coming from inside. Little White stalked closer cautiously, feet carefully placed apart and ready to spring as she sniffed the air experimentally. She tentatively came closer, large eyes blinking as she tilted her head to better inspect –

There was a loud crack, and Little White squeaked as she leapt back out of the way just in time, as a grey shape came tumbling out of the second egg and fell to the ground with a loud splat. Little White stood gawking at the mass on the floor that slowly moved its limbs as consciousness came back to it as its large eyes blinked open. Upon seeing reflections of her own eyes, Little White realised that she was looking at a second offspring. The voices inside her instantly became at war again, some whispering that this was a sibling and was therefore called pack, but other voices whispered that this was a rival, a threat. The voices were so at war, that Little White stepped back, trying to make sense of what she should do as the grey form slowly stood on wobbly legs. The confusion and intrusion of her space made Little White snarl with anger, she didn't like the grey shape, it was too close, it wasn't right.

Her sibling was different from her, as it was grey in colour whereas she was white, and its eyes were browner in colour where hers were gold. But it was also very much the same like her: the same bulky body and big feet but thin and uncoordinated legs. The grey one staggered slightly, and Little White hissed at the sudden movement. Decided that this was a threat, she splayed her claws, jaws widening as she gave a tiny and pathetic roar at her opponent. The grey one repeated her move, probably having come to the same conclusion as Little White. Not wanting to be caught unprepared, Little White made the first move.

She leapt at her sibling, claws and teeth digging into flesh as the two went tumbling across the cold and hard surface where their eggs had been laid. The Grey squealed as Little White tried to rip it open, big feet and large claws struck at Little White's side but she didn't care. Grey managed to push her, but they both went rolling again, until the ground ended and they fell off of the edge of the world.

They both screamed as they fell, but a hot presence suddenly encased them, and Little White instantly recognised the feel of Mother's soft flesh as she held one of them in each of her fore-claws. She slowly brought them back upwards, and Little White realised that their hatching-nest must have been on a raised surface, the voices whispered that perhaps it was because to keep them away from predators. Looking over at the Grey, Little White saw that it was looking up at Mother, eyes wide and shifting as it obviously came to the same conclusion that Little White had about the large presence that now carefully held them. Grey realised that this was Mother, and Little White felt a bitter sting in her stomach as she glared at her sibling, and later realised that the feeling was jealousy.

Mother placed them back onto the hatching-nest, but she didn't release them, instead she pinned them both to the cold and hard ground. The Grey squawked in outrage, but Little White tried to plead with Mother, tried to ask for forgiveness in a tiny squeak. Mother's eyes were narrowed, and she stared at each of them in turn.

"You will not fight." She said in a hard voice that was so different from the soft and loving murmurs from before, that Little White shrank back as far as she could in Mother's hold. Mother continued to speak, and although Little White didn't understand all of the words, she understood the meaning. "You will play nicely."

Mother then released them, and Little White remained where she was, but couldn't help but glare at the Grey balefully. Grey however, was not paying attention to her, instead craning on its back legs as it squeaked expectedly at Mother. Mother lost her hard edge from a moment ago, and gave that amused rumble once more, before handing Grey a piece of meat. Little White wanted to march over and claim the spoils of the meat, to fight the Grey tooth and claw if she had to, but didn't want another reprimand from Mother, and so returned to her fallen piece of meat and ate it sulkily.

Mother continued to feed them both until they were so full, that both hatchlings yawned loudly, tongued rolling as their full bellies lulled them into sleep. Little White heard the voices quiet down inside her head, and wobbled closer to Mother, wanting her warmth for sleep. But then, Mother gently picked Little White up in one hand, her fore-claw gently cupping her beneath the belly and lifting her. Little White blinked in surprise and slight panic as her back legs wiggled for the feel of solid ground beneath her, but she relaxed in Mother's hold once more when Mother tucked her close to her chest. The Grey was in Mother's other hand, and Little White couldn't resist a secret little hiss at her nest mate, which the Grey returned.

Mother took them out of the bright white hatching-nest and through a series of long square tunnels until she came to a wider and dimmer lit area. The heat was wonderful, and Little White felt all the sleepier as she felt her body be warmed by the very air around her. She couldn't make out the shapes that filled the room that she would later identify as the nursery, but Mother took her and Grey to the edge of the room, on the side opposite of the entrance, and settled down on the floor. Mother placed Little White and Grey on her lap, and Little White instantly kicked at her sibling with a snarl as she fought for the best place to sleep on Mother. Grey hissed in protest as Little White clung to the loose second skin of Mother and began to climb it towards Mother's chest. But Little White swatted her sibling about the face with her tail harshly, spines on the back of her neck standing on end in a show of dominance. The voices in her head whispered that she must kill her rival, or show it its place in the pecking-order. Seeing as Mother had admonished her last time for trying to kill the Grey, Little White decided to go with the later voice, and so only displayed her dominance as she asserted herself. Grey wanted to fight back, Little White could tell, but the younger of the two had been beaten, and accepted it – for now.

With a snort of satisfaction, Little White continued her climb until she was at Mother's chest, when Mother automatically curled one arm around Little White to support the climbing hatchling. Little White settled herself until she was comfortable and nuzzled herself closer to Mother's chest. Mother radiated heat, and there was a reason that her chest was the best spot, as Little White could press her head close and hear Mother's soothing, calming heartbeat. Below her, Grey was curled on Mother's lap, and Mother placed her free fore-claw on Grey's back which soothed the beaten hatchling.

Little White purred and chipped, large golden eyes looking up at Mother with complete adoration as she chirped happily. Mother rumbled in happiness again, the sound seemingly loud and booming where Little White's head was pressed against her chest, but also comforting at the same time, for it made Little White feel safe to know that mother was so massive to protect her, yet gentle enough to love her.

"My sweet Little White," Mother whispered softly. "Already you act more intelligently then others would give you credit for." Little White didn't understand what Mother meant, but simply took comfort in her voice. "I know you're going to impress the world someday… both of you… my hatchlings."

And then, Mother began to produce a sound, a sound that was low and humming in Little White's ear. It rumbled through her, yet filled her heart with such emotion she could not describe it. It took Little White a moment to listen to the voices which told her that it was a song. Mother was singing to her, softly, quietly, but still singing. Little White felt her heart yearn and beat for Mother's, the song trying them together with bonds of love that the hatchling could not even begin to understand fully. The song slowly lulled Little White into sleep, as the hatchling yawned, before curling up and closing her large golden eyes, drifting away to the sound of Mother's sweet song.

Little White awoke a few hours later to find herself in a cold, metal container. It was more spacious then the egg had been, but it was no taller than she was, her spines scraping the top. Her heart instantly began to pound in panic as she leapt to her feet and began to cry out for Mother. She noticed that this container was a square shape, and was perhaps two lengths of her both ways. She went to the edges, peeking through holes in the container as she cried out for Mother over and over. Her noise caused a sound behind her, and Little White turned to see her hated sibling stirring from its slumber across the container from her.

Upon waking, the Grey seemed to realise also that they were absent from Mother, leaping to its feet and calling out for Mother as well. But then, the Grey noticed Little White, and the two rivals glared and growled at each other. The space was too confining for both of them, and Little White felt her claws twitch as the voices in her head kept whispering for her to kill the threat. Grey too seemed ready for battle, as the two circled each other, though the cramped space of the container afforded them little room to move. Little White snapped at the air around her sibling's head, and Grey returned a few snaps, though Little White quickly slapped her sibling's head away with her claws.

Both were ready to tear at each other, but also both remembered Mother's reprimand for fighting, and so settled for viciously guarding their own separate corners of the container. Little White didn't sleep easy for the rest of the night, constantly keeping one golden eye on the Grey. Every now and then, one or both of them would intermittently give out a loud cry as they called for Mother, but the hours ticked by and she didn't come.

Little White heard the voices in her head whisper that dawn had risen somewhere, but in the container, it was always the same, so Little White couldn't truly tell. She whined and whimpered for Mother, continuing to call out for her, but it wasn't until despair began to sink in that something finally happened.

There was a whooshing noise, and Little White felt her skin and spines prickle at the ever-so-slight change in air pressure, her nostrils twitching at the new scents that danced into the room. One was familiar. Little White was instantly on her feet and chirping loudly, her head banging against the ceiling of the container as she worked up a racket. The Grey joined her, but she didn't care, only focused on calling out to Mother.

"They've been like this since two o'clock this morning." Came a deep voice that did not belong to Mother. "They haven't stopped," Little White felt her spines bristle with aggression, teeth bared to hiss at the sound of this new voice. The voices whispered it to be a threat, and she readily agreed.

"Didn't you check to make sure they were alright?!" Mother's voice demanded, and Little White felt relieved to hear Mother's voice which soothed her insides tremendously.

"That's above my paygrade," The other voice drawled.

"Then get out before I give you something that's above your paygrade." Mother growled, and Little White would have girdled in approval as she heard the other presence step back in leave, a second whooshing noise could be heard before the air stilled again.

Little White and the Grey went completely still as they heard a loud clank before the ceiling of the container folded upwards and light was allowed to meet them. The hatchlings blinked in surprise as they hissed at the sudden brightness, but then a shadow engulfed them, and they saw Mother standing over them.

Little White wasted no time, and instantly leapt at Mother, the Grey following soon after. Mother staggered backwards as they clung to her chest, their claws finding easy purchase on her second skins. Mother's arms wrapped around them, before she knelt to the floor and slowly pried them off. Little White would not be dissuaded however, and tried to climb back onto Mother's lap to snuggle closer to her, chittering for reassurance.

"Good god, what's gotten into you two?" Mother's voice said softly, and Little White revelled in the chance to hear it. She tried to get back onto Mother's lap, but Mother kept pushing her back. "Okay, it's okay!" Mother said, keeping her warm and loving touch on Little White's neck and back to placate the hatchling. "Jeez, if I had known leaving you would do this, I would've staid. Alright now, don't you want some breakfast?"

Mother then held out some strips of meat, and both hatchlings guzzled them down greedily, keeping well away from each other as they ate. The food was an easy distraction and both hatchlings were placated by the nourishment. For now.

Mother didn't leave them again.

She left only for little amounts of time when both hatchlings were awake, to where Little White supposed that she went to hunt, for she always returned with meat. Sometimes she was gone longer than others, and came back in a new set of second skins and smelling fresher and of water. But Little White could always tell, because of Mother's scent and Mother's voice.

Over those next few days, the two hatchlings would always expand their knowledge of their nursery. Sniffing out ever scent, playing with the various objects – which usually involved finding out which way was best to destroy said object – or sometimes finding good hiding places to ambush the other. Little White made it her mission to try and oust her sibling, and would often find places for a good ambush in the shadows where she would be hidden from all eyes, her scales would shift in colour and she would escape all notice. She would wait until Mother's back was turned or she had left to go for food, before Little White would spring her trap and tackle her sibling. But usually Mother would notice the Grey's pathetic squawks for help and break up their little scuffle. Always Little White would whine and whimper for Mother's forgiveness before nestling closer.

They were only three days out of the egg when they had their first intruders in the nursery.

Little White was curled on Mother's lap as Mother used a finger to scratch behind the hatchling's ear-holes. The Grey was busy pulling at one of Mother's second skins, a small string of it having come loose which it was trying to wrestle off with little success as the string kept getting longer the more the Grey pulled. Mother was humming and speaking nonsense to them, though Little White didn't mind because it meant that she could hear Mother's voice that much longer. But then, a part of the wall of the nursery – what Mother called the door – opened and in stepped three tall two-legged creatures, with flat faces, just like Mother. But Little White noticed that these three had the distinct scent of male about them, and their stance and posture were clear signs of aggression. The Grey instantly ducked behind Mother's back and out of sight, but Little White bared her teeth and hissed at the intruders, her spines rattling dangerously.

One of than men came and snatched the Grey from behind Mother, the other snatching Little White around the middle. Both hatchlings hissed and snarled as they writhed in their captor's grasp, screaming for Mother's help. Both were bigger than they had been at their hatching, and were more of a struggle for the men to hold. But both hatchlings were pinned to the floor as the third man came to them with various tools and instruments. He had a long string-like contraption, where he put one end on Little White's nose and let it trail down her spine until it reached the tip of her tail. Then he took out a large metal instrument and seemed to measure Little White's forearms and hind legs. Little White then squealed in protest as the man put his fingers on her snout and forcibly pulled her jaws apart, before running his fingers along the edges of her teeth.

"Is there not an easier way to do this?" Mother demanded worriedly, and Little White struggled all the harder at the sound of Mother's voice. The third man moved away from Little White and began to do the same procedures to the Grey sibling.

"Short of knocking them unconscious and shipping them to Doctor Wu in restraints, no." Said the third man doing the procedures and Little White took an instant dislike to his nasal-like voice; not rich and smooth like Mother's. "Do you want that?"

"God, no." Mother murmured softly.

The third man then came back to Little White, this time with a long cylindrical instrument in his hand. There was a small beeping coming from it, along with a flickering blue light. Little White watched the light until she could no longer turn her head the right way to see it, as the man held it over her back. The man holding her shifted his position slightly, hands moving ever so slightly as Little White felt something cold hover over her skin. Suddenly, something pushed and stabbed and tore at her back and Little White screamed in pain as she felt something being forced into her body. The voices inside her mind screamed all at once as she whipped about in confusion and panic, blind impulses taking over her as she tried to make sense of what was going on.

"Is that really necessary?!" Mother demanded angrily.

"Tracking implant." The third man said bluntly, and Little White snarled at him as he passed her and did the same to the Grey, who screamed the same as Little White did. "Standard procedure; every newly-hatched animal on the island is fitted with one."

"You don't have to do that to them!" Mother shouted angrily, and Little White wanted to see the moment when Mother would tear into these strange men.

"They'll be fine. They won't feel a thing in a few hours." The third man said as he got up.

Little White was still struggling in rage as the pain from the implant on her back fuelled her desire for retribution and blood. She felt her captor shift his hands again over her, and her cunning mind ceased the opportunity to strike. She used her fore-claws to slash and tear at the hands that held her, causing her captor to cry out in pain and withdraw one hand, though the other one redouble its crushing force.

"Why you little–!" The man hissed as he suddenly produced a stick-like object, though Little White felt it hum with something that screamed to her senses danger!

"No! Don't you dare–!" Mother shouted, and Little White saw her lunge, but too late.

The man drove the stick towards Little White's side, and she heard it scream and crackle as blue-white light sparked at the end of it. At the last moment, she threw her weight to the side, catching her captor off balance, before she bit at the middle of the stick, and consequently her captor's fingers. The man screamed, and Little White tasted blood in her mouth and was spurred on by the man's cries of distress. She was giddy on his pain and fear, it made her want to roar playfully and bite him again just to hear him scream. But the man's pack-mates came running to his distress, releasing the Grey, who attacked and savaged the man's legs with tooth and claw. Both men seemed to reach for other weapons at their sides, but Mother rushed forward to stop them.

"No!" Mother roared loudly. Instantly, Little White and the Grey released their prey and came running for her. The Grey hid behind Mother's legs, whilst Little White leapt up into Mother's arm and snuggled against her chest. The pair of hatchlings hissed menacingly from behind the protection of their mother.

The three men looked uneasily and somewhat angrily between the three, but Mother stood her ground unrelentingly, and the three eventually backed off and left the nursery. As soon as they were gone, Mother sighed, relaxing and crooned to the hatchlings as she scratched Little White under the chin.

"I'm sorry…" Mother said softly as her warm touch caressed Little White's neck and back lovingly. "I didn't want them to hurt you, either of you…" She added as she looked down at the Grey at her feet as she sat back down on the floor. Little White felt Mother turn her, finger touching the sore area around the implant, and the hatchling snarled and snapped her jaws at the pain. "Oooh, don't worry, it will be alright." Mother crooned to them, scratching at Little White soothingly. "You're a clever little one, aren't you? My clever little white..."

The next day, Mother had a few objects that made both Hatchlings instantly curious. Mother gave them each a little something that had a bright and strong smell to it, and when they snapped one up each, that taste was instantly divine. Little White and the Grey eagerly chittered for more, but Mother didn't give them any. Instead, she took another of the treats and placed into a circular shape, like an egg but see-through with slits in its side that allowed the scent of the treat to tease the hatchlings. Mother placed it on the floor and rolled it away with a hard push. Both hatchlings leapt to run after it, Little White feeling the voices all agree that the ball moved and was tasty, and therefore counted as: prey.

Both hatchlings raced after it, Little White knocking the ball with her snout and tail as she tried to smash it, but it simply bounced away from her blows and skidded across the floor faster. The Grey tried to get the tactical higher ground as it leapt onto Mother's sleeping shelf before pouncing onto the ball. Talons and claws and teeth tried to find purchase on the ball but it bounced the Grey off, knocking the wind from its lungs as it rolled across the floor. Little White ran past her fallen sibling with a disdainful snort.

Little White managed to corner the ball as it hit the wall of the nursery, her mind instantly trying to work out how to get to the tasty treat within. She knew it bounced away if struck from one side, so what would happen if she hit from both sides? Using her long arms and claws, she struck out at the ball, preventing it from going anywhere as it was trapped and helpless beneath her claws. Following curiosity and her fondness for destroying things, Little White lifted a talon high into the air and struck it down onto the ball, her talon piercing through its shell as pieces cracked and fell away. As she tried to pull her talon back, the ball came with her, still attached, and she smashed it back down with a snarl of irritation as she tried to get it off.

More cracks appeared on the ball, but her talon was free. Little White bared her fangs in excitement, tail lashing as she realised she had already won, because she was clever enough to figure it out. Nipping the edge of the crack between her teeth, Little White lifted the ball into the air and smashed it down onto the ground. She felt the sharp edges cut into her scales and skin, but she also felt the cracks on the ball grow as she felt the structure shudder like breaking bone. With another mighty smash, Little White shattered the ball into pieces as her prize fell to the ground with a clatter.

A blur of grey blotted out her vision for a moment, and Little White roared in outrage as she launched herself at the thief. She and the Grey went hurtling and tumbling across the floor, the treat was dropped in the process, but Little White still needed to make a point. This was her kill, her right, HERS. And no one, least of all the Grey, would take it from her. She pinned the Grey to the floor, and arched her neck above the sibling as her spines rattled and she revealed her fangs with a furious snarl. The Grey snarled back up at her, and both were prepared to rip into each other's –

"Alright! That's enough!" Came Mother's stern voice, and before Little White could react, she was being picked up off of the Grey and placed away from her sibling. The Grey was also stood up, and then, Mother's fore-claws flashed as she took hold of the soft flesh of their necks and squeezed and twisted sharply. Both hatchling squealed at the instant flash of pain, but then Mother's touch was gone. The pain had only lasted a fraction of a second, but the act of discipline was still well understood. Little White looked up to see Mother looming over them. "There will be no fighting!" She ordered, and both Hatchlings lowered their heads, knowing the one higher than them in the pecking order had issued a command. "Now Grey, Little White won the treat, it hers. You want it, then next time you figure it out faster." Mother then turned to look at Little White. "You're not as graceful as my Rex, but you're more of an improviser."

And with that, Mother picked up the fallen treat and tossed it to Little White. The hatchling snatched it out of the air and greedily chomped it down before licking her jaws to savour the flavour. The Grey glared at Little White with a vengeful hatred, and Little White afforded a low hiss, before flicking her tail and cocking her head in smug triumph. Nothing was more delightful then seeing the Grey lose.

A few more days passed, and the hatchlings could no longer be considered hatchlings any more. They grew fast, as Little White noticed as every day she could stand taller alongside Mother on her hind legs. She was now just above Mother's knee height, and she was the taller and bulkier of the two siblings.

But the growth also came with something that Little White didn't know would accompany her for her whole life: pain. As she grew quickly, her limbs and bones ached with pain that made her moan pathetically and squirm to try and find new comfortable positions to sleep in at night. Her jaws hurt as they grew and pushed in new teeth that overcrowded her still strong baby-teeth. Her eyes strained as her skull quickly grew so that her eyes were not so large. Her feet were slowly growing sore from her constantly changing weight, causing her to hold herself differently with each passing day.

Little White's temper had also suffered due to her constant pain and irritation. She would snap and growl at the Grey on a regular basis, who would return each of her challenges. Both of them knew the reckoning was coming between them, eventually, but for now they loved Mother too much to ever risk her displeasure. Little White began to realise that there was much more to the world then just the nursery, and as she heard footsteps passing by their den all the time, she realised that there was more outside. She tried to find ways out, from clawing at the door edge to trying to find holes in the walls that she could escape through. Each time she thought she found something, she would use all of her cunning to try and figure it out, but it came up fruitless. With each failure, she would become more frustrated and agitated.

The only comforts came from Mother's soft caresses and sweet songs.

Mother no longer fed them strips of meat over those next few days, instead she would give them hunks still attached to bones. The hatchlings ate it greedily, often snatching from Mother's hands before rushing off to their own little corners in order to eat in peace. Little White loved crunching on the bones, for it helped to relieve the slight ache in her teeth and jaws, and the splintering bones helped to cut her gums when new teeth were trying to break through.

But, it was on one fateful day, that everything went wrong.

Mother came back into the nursery, holding two hunks of meat from the bones that protruded from them. She smiled and called to her hatchlings, who eagerly came racing towards her, chirping loudly as they stood taller on their back legs as they tried to reach for their prize. Mother laughed the laugh that Little White loved, a sound that made the hatchling happy because it meant Mother was pleased and loved them. Mother tossed the meat onto the floor, and the hatchlings dove for their trophies.

The sweet taste of the meat and the coppery tang of the blood was delicious as Little White savoured every morsel of her dinner. Holding the meat in place with a foot, she used her long claws on her arms to rip the meat to shreds before she sank her fangs and ripped the shredded meat from the rest of the piece of carcass. She slowly chewed and swallowed, licking her lips and teeth for any last remaining traces of flavour before doing the whole process again. She was so occupied with her meal, that she didn't notice that the Grey had already gobbled down and finished its meal.

Little White was only aware when her leg that pinned her meal jerked as the Grey pulled the meat towards it. Little White snarled at her rival, arching her back and rattling her spines as she dug her fore-claws into the meat, holding it back from her sibling as she growled loudly. The Grey didn't back down, only further hissing as it tried to make itself dominant and steal Little White's food. Little White lunged, but her teeth snapped just short in a warning. However, the Grey wasn't bluffing.

With an angry and frustrated snort, the Grey lunged for Little White, sinking its teeth into her forearm, causing her to yowl with pain before she sank her teeth into the back of the Grey's neck, as the fool had left that area exposed. Both hatchlings struggled, trying to see which one would give in first as they tried to pull and savage each other. But Little White had the position of being able to use her free arm as she tried to slash at her sibling's side with her long serrated claws.

"Hey, enough!" Came Mother's shout followed by her clomping steps as she rushed towards them.

Normally, the hatchlings would take that moment to disengage, but neither wanted to release first, and held on as they continued to struggle. Little White felt pain in her arm, but only increased the pressure on the Grey's neck, feeling the vertebrae at risk under her strength, and she relished in the power of the feeling.

"I said Enough!" Mother shouted as she reached them and pulled them apart.

Little White didn't know what happened, for one moment Mother's wonderful touch was pulling them apart, but the Grey seemed to be so lost in the heat of battle that as Mother's hand pulled it away, the hatchling turned on her. Suddenly the Grey had turned and sank its fangs into Mother's fore-arm, teeth tearing and long claws ripping down her flesh. Crimson sprayed into the air, and a shrill and deafening sound erupted, it pierced Little White's ears painfully and tore at her heart as she realised that Mother was screaming.

Desperately, Mother used her free arm to perform the wrenching-pinch that caused the Grey to screech in pain for an instant, and seemed to break it from its spell of bloodlust as it leapt back in shock and looked about with wide eyes. Mother instantly retracted her fore-arm, cradling it against her chest, even as crimson drops dribbled down her arm and patted gently to the floor as she retreated from them. The Grey chirped, eyes confused and the frustrated at the scent of blood and distress in the air.

Little White felt the same. The scent of blood made her talons twitch in anticipation for food, and the spice of fear made her automatically take a dominating pose. Mother had never been afraid before, and never because of them. Yet despite this, Little White felt confused, and wanted to croon for Mother seemed hurt, as she scooted back from them, her brown eyes watching the two hatchlings carefully. Little White dared to take a step closer, calling softly for Mother, though Mother didn't move. The hatchling took another step, and then another careful step. Mother still didn't move, and Little White whined as she brought her head lower to the ground, trying to block out the tempting scent of blood. Little White came so close that she was able to nudge the fingers of Mother's unharmed fore-arm. It was only then, that Mother lifted the hand and gently caressed Little White's neck that had the hatchling purring.

The Grey then slowly made its way forward, tail and head close to the floor as it slowly inched forward towards Mother. When it came within a foot, Little White turned and snarled at the sibling viciously. But Mother hushed her before slowly reaching out with her uninjured arm. Mother only hesitated for the slightest second before her fingers touched the Grey soothingly, but Little White still saw it.

"It's alright…" Mother whispered softly to the Grey, who whimpered and nuzzled her hand for forgiveness. "I know you didn't mean it…"

But then, the door to the nursery burst open, and chaos erupted.

Men in black-clad and bulky second skins rushed into the room, three going for each hatchling as they tried to pin them down to the floor. Little White barely had time to hiss and lunge at her attacker that was trying to rip her from Mother's side. Her attacker flinched back which allowed Little White the opportunity to duck behind Mother. The Grey was closest to the men and was first to suffer as the three men pinned it and quickly snapped bands onto the Grey's wrists and ankles. The Grey squealed helplessly, trying to bite its captors, squawking for Mother's help as it was bundled into a metal container and the door sealed. The Grey bumped and crashed into the sides of the container in an effort to escape but it did little good.

"What are you doing?!" Mother demanded angrily as she got to her feet, still cradling her injured limb to her chest. Little White ducked behind Mother's legs, wrapping her claws around Mother's shins like an anchor as she peeked her head out to hiss at the intruders.

"Animals are to be placed in containment." One man said bluntly.

"On who's orders?!" Mother snarled furiously.

"Mine." Came another voice, one that sounded female, but not like Mother's voice. The men parted and a two-legged, flat-faced female with a red crest on her head and white second-skins stepped forward with loud clicks from her pointed feet.

"Claire…" Mother breathed as if in uncertainty, and Little White shifted uncomfortably behind Mother. "Please, tell me this isn't happening,"

"I'm sorry Joanne, these animals need to be placed into their own environment now, for both human safety and theirs." This new woman – whom Mother called Claire – said in a tone of voice that suggested she was not sorry. Even if Little White didn't understand the other words, she knew the first two.

"What?! Why?"

"Look at your arm, Joanne, we just watched the whole thing in the control room – that thing savaged your arm." Claire spoke nonchalantly.

"It was an accident!" Mother pleaded. "I made a stupid mistake, it was my fault, but Grey's been punished –"

"You think a little pinch is punishment?" Claire raised one of those lines of hair above her eyes.

"Simple dominance tactic," Mother murmured quietly. "You nip their neck to chastise them. Dogs and wolves do it with their pups."

"Yes, well… a simply chastising is not going to cut it." Claire spoke coldly as she motioned in another man who came towards Mother with a large box. "He'll clean you up as soon as we're done here."

"To hell he will!" Mother hissed, and Little White copied as she hissed savagely at the new man. Mother then glared at Claire. "You cannot do this! You hired me –"

"I hired you to be the Indominus' caretaker whilst they were infants – until they were large enough to go into their enclosure. And you've done that." Claire cut in crisply. "Now they're not babies anymore, and they need to be taken away for the safety of everyone involved."

"No – please!" Mother went back to begging. "You can't! It's too soon, they're still so little –"

"I agree, it would have been better to wait until they were more independent. But you knew that with their accelerated growth they would be taken from you sooner rather than later." Claire responded in that same cold and crisp manner that it made Little White believe she had been melded from a rock, for nothing was as emotionless as this woman.

"Claire, they did nothing wrong," Mother whimpered softly, and Little White was surprised to see clear liquid leaking from Mother's eyes. Had the Grey hurt her worse then they'd thought? "I'm begging you: don't take them from me – please! They need me!"

"They're animals, Joanne, not children." Claire hissed disapprovingly. "I would have thought you were used to this – didn't you say goodbye to your little Rex?"

Mother flinched at the words.

"Gather the assets," Claire ordered the men surrounding them. "They'll be taken to their paddock in the restricted section of the island until they're fully grown."

"No! Wait–!" Mother tried to stop them but the Men ignored her. Little White hissed and growled a warning at the approaching threat, claws tightening their hold. But she overestimated her hold, and her talons dug into Mother's flesh, causing blood to seep to the surface of the scratches. Mother yelped in slight pain, flinching away from Little White automatically. The hatchling looked up apologetically, chirping softly as she reached up for Mother, who instantly tried to gather her hatchling in her arms –

Hands suddenly grabbed Little White and hauled her backwards. She thrashed, roaring and screeching in rage as she thrashed and writhed. But so many pairs of hands came to help restrain her that for a moment she felt as if she would be crushed by all of the weight. She then heard loud snaps, and felt her wrists and ankles were bound together to stop her moving and she was then shut into the dark.

Little White screamed.

She was kept in the constricting and confining dark for hours. She couldn't move, she couldn't see, and she could sense things happening outside of the container that was beyond her control and it frustrated her. The longer she went without moving, the more she wanted to, and the more she was denied the more desperate she grew. Her attempts to wriggle free, to work it out, became frantic thrashings that hurt her body until she was bloodied and bruised. The choked out growls of frustration soon became screams of panic as she continued to fight through the pain and the dark. She suddenly hated the confinement, the walls pressed around her, the dark was too suffocating, and it made the panic almost unbearable.

When she was finally released from the dark and the bindings were taken off, she all but bolted for cover. Voices in her head whispered that she had to find safety, and the underbrush was the perfect thing to hide her. She hid beneath roots and ferns, finding so realm of safety as she squatted with her forelegs low and her hands pressed into the earth as her talons raked the soil. Her tail was tucked close against her, and she trembled violently as she tried to calm herself from everything she had endured. She was shivering so badly that her breathing was laboured, and her heart was frantically trying to right itself.

Fear and pain was the only thing she knew, and she had to simply sit there and wait as she slowly calmed. Had she known that what she had thought was safety from the dark was just a larger prison, she would never have been so eager to escape.

Eventually, after what felt like hours, Little White slowly came out from her hiding place, and cautiously began to look around. She was in dense brush and thick vegetation as trees loomed around and above her, but Little White also saw the thick and dark stone walls that surrounded her just behind the trees. Making her way towards one of the stone walls, Little White felt its cold and rough hide against the tip of a talon, a great contrast to the soft and smooth walls of the nursery. Little White chittered softly, as if not wanting to draw attention to herself as she continued to wander through this new environment. Her curiosity, as well as the voices in her head, told her that she had to know every inch of her new surroundings, she had to know the reach of her territory. It didn't take her long to have paced around the entire perimeter walls and to inspect every log and tree and stone in between. She studied the blue sky, the light of the sun, and then the metal and wires that hung from wall to wall. Little White regarded it with an uncertain hiss, not trusting any of it as she crept back into the safety of cover to hide herself.

Little White then began to pace and search about the paddock, chirping and calling loudly as she bobbed her head, leaning back on her hind legs to make herself taller as she continued to search. She called out continuously for Mother, voices in her head all whispering that Mother would find her to protect and provide for her. She went to the walls and chirped up to the top, but nothing answered her, she then went through the jungles and tried to find Mother there; perhaps Mother was already here and looking for her but they'd missed each other? Little White continued on.

Hours went by, and daylight faded to the dark of night. Little White still continued to search, her calls growing louder, more desperate, more frightened as she tried in vain to find her Mother. Little White felt fear grow into a cold ball in her stomach, for she had not been a night without Mother since the first night when she had awoken in the container with the Grey. She called and she called, all but screaming as she crashed through the undergrowth frantically, but no one answered her, and no one came to her.

Where was Mother? Could she hear her? Why wasn't she answering? Was she trying to fight her way through all the men to get to Little White? Was she trying to find her but didn't know where she was? All these questions only fed Little White, and only added to her despair as the hatchling all but collapsed in the dirt and cried out miserably with whimpers and soft snorts and calls in a last attempt to try and call for her mother. The sky was dark and lifeless, and the night was cold and unforgiving, Little White had never felt so alone. She didn't want to move and just curled into a ball where she lay, tucking her tail beneath her chin as she desperately tried to hold some of her warmth, though she shivered and whimpered throughout the night.

But Mother never came. Mother never found her. And over the course of the night, Little White, although she couldn't possibly understand the reason, seemed to know that the Men had taken her from her Mother, ripped her from her arms and taken her somewhere beyond Mother's reach. This simple knowledge was enough to make the hatchling howl with grief as she realised her new prison.

Little White didn't sleep well that night, for she had none of Mother's warmth or comforting arms to hold her, nor Mother's songs to lull her into peaceful sleep. But when she did manage to fall into fitful slumber, she was awoken with the morning when she suddenly heard a loud commotion above her.

Looking up as she was startled awake, Little White's eyes narrowed on the wires and pieces of metal above as she slowly saw something being lowered into the paddock. Curiosity overwhelming her, she staggered to her feet and followed the lowering line to where it was coming down into the paddock. As she got closer, her nostrils twitched at the scent of blood, and her mouth instantly salivated as she realised that it had been a while since her last meal.

When she reached a sort of clearing, she waited patiently, tail flicking to the side as she watched a huge slab of meat being lowered to the ground. As soon as it was within biting range, Little White leapt up to it, sinking her jaws into the meat and hanging there before she was lowered to the ground by the metal wire, which then dropped the meat with a loud thud. Little White began to dig into the feast, teeth and claws tearing into the flesh as she took out all her frustration and misery on the carcass at her mercy.

However, she had only gotten a few mouthfuls, when she heard the underbrush crashing around her, and she looked up sharply as an intruder came onto her kill.

The Grey stumbled out of the ferns, looking about in confusion and panic, before its eyes fell upon the carcass, nose twitching with the scent of blood. It moved towards the carcass, knowing that that at least meant something good. Its eyes even fell on Little White for a moment, but didn't take notice of her, apparently even she was considered to be favourable to this unknown place.

But Little White didn't agree. As she watched the Grey saunter up to the meat, she felt undeniable hatred, the likes of which she had never known before, steadily engulf her, until it was all she could comprehend. She didn't know how she could know, but she knew without a doubt that all of this was the Grey's fault. The Grey had turned on Mother, injured her, and as soon as it had, the Men had come and taken them away and put them in this place and Mother was nowhere to be found. All of this was the Grey's fault and she had no one else to blame, and so she centred on the one thing she could possibly understand: Vengeance!

With a scream of rage, Little White leapt into the air, claws and talons splayed as she sailed through the air straight for the Grey. The Grey's eyes widened in surprise, having not expected this reaction. True fear seemed to enter its eyes as it squawked in panic and tried to duck and roll and scramble out of the way. But it was too slow. Little White landed on its back and they both went tumbling and rolling across the jungle floor.

Little White was up first, and she didn't give her hated enemy a chance to get back up. This was no game, this was no contest of wills or sly taunt to one another. This was murder, and Little White relished it with furious intent. She dove for the Grey's neck, using a back leg to pin its arms to its sides so that it couldn't slash her as she went for its throat. The jugular and windpipe bulged under the pressure, and Little White heard the Grey choke as it tried to shake her off and be able to breath. Its back legs and tail thrashed to try and give it momentum to push her off, but Little White had always been the stronger of the two, and she exerted such strength now as she shrugged off her sibling's attempts for escape.

Deciding that a simple choke was not enough, Little White took sick pleasure in the pained moans of her sibling as she shifted her position slightly before twisting and turning her head slowly to the side. The Grey cried out in pain as its neck was forced to turn at an odd angle, and its struggles increased as it knew what was happening. But Little White slowly increased the pressure inch by slow agonising inch. The Grey's cries became desperate, terrified as it tried to fight her off in vain. Little White held eye contact with the Grey as she saw its fear, relished in it, and even watched with infinite pleasure as when she wrenched her head to the side, she heard a loud snap, and the Grey went limp, and the life faded from its eyes. Little White dropped the body in disgust, and waited for a reprimand from Mother, but nothing came, yet another reminder of how alone she was.

But her vengeance was not complete. Roaring at the body of the Grey, Little White used her claws on her hands to slice open the belly of the Grey before poking her white nose into the hole. By batting her head, she shattered the ribcage and dug deeper until she found the heart and liver, the two best pieces of the carcass, before pulling her head out and swallowing both whole. She then tore and shredded the carcass with tooth and claw and talon, only choosing to swallow a slice or two here and there as she went, but her main goal was to soak the ground with the blood of her sibling, to coat the ferns and stain the bark on the trees. She made the carcass completely unrecognisable, even to herself, as she even went as far as to swallow the two eyes of the Grey. She scattered the bones and made sure there was nothing left of her sibling.

She did not feel even a shred of regret for it as she walked away.

Days seemed to pass in a blur for Little White in the time that followed. Each day came: the sun would rise, she would pace the enclosure, food would be given, the sun would set, she would pace, she would sleep and it all began again. Each day shuffling by like the day before, where nothing changed for her at all. The routine of it all frustrated and bored her, and she took to pacing back and forth along the walls, but it only added to her agitation which made her grind her teeth in ever growing anger. She had no mental stimulation, she felt as if her cunning mind was going to waste with the dull routine that was presented to her day in and day out. She could recite the entire paddock from memory but her mind was constantly looking for something for her to interact with, a puzzle for her to solve. But the only thing that she could do, was plot her escape.

Food was given to her through slots, sometimes live animals which she enjoyed killing, but she always remembered where they brought her food. She came to the conclusion, that if Mother was trying to find her, then perhaps she could go and find her. So she learned where and when the food would come, and she waited for the perfect moment and struck. Most of the time she was too big, as she was growing faster every day, and other times the humans on the other side just managed to get the slots closed. One time she managed to sink her teeth into one of the feeder's arms, she'd almost ripped it off before they'd managed to kick her head back through the slot. They would then try and give her food through another slot, but she always learned fast and simply adapted the tactic to the different place. After three attempts of her trying to escape through the food slots, they stopped altogether. Then she was only ever given food through the use of the metal wire lowering food into her pen, which she learned the humans called a crane.

As the days turned into weeks, Little White began to grow and grow more and more, until she could no longer be considered little by anyone's standards. The ground would shake when she walked, and trees cracked and split at her passing. And as she continued to grow, the growing pains always came with it, always causing her slow agony as bones and muscles complained at her until her body felt sore and she didn't want to move ever again. The voices whispered of the unnatural way she grew, even she knew that she was meant to grow slowly, adjust, but it was just constant pain as she was forced to grow more and more and more in too little amount of time. Within a matter of months, she had seasoned into a sexually mature female, and the new hormones in her body did nothing to improve her ever darkening mood.

As she grew, the paddock seemed to become smaller, and she felt too confined by it, her old fear of tight spaces returning to haunt her, as she paced up and down by the walls of her cage, desperate to find some way out! With her adult body came urges, the need to run, hunt, expand her territory, find a mate. All of which she seemed to know she could not have, and so therefore dismissed the possibility with the same growing bitterness that seemed to constantly reside within her.

But what was worse than the boredom and frustration, what was worse than even the confinement in such a tight space, was worse than it all was one thing that ate at her very heart and soul: loneliness.

She didn't necessarily want to interact with others, exactly, but she longed for just a little contact with any living creature. Not even her prey was alive anymore, but slabs of meat which she ate to fight off boredom and starvation. The humans that she knew were around did not show themselves to her, instead leaving her in this isolation until she couldn't even know what another creature looked like. The only time she ever saw another creature was when she saw humans behind the glass that overlooked her enclosure, most often that hated woman!

Upon seeing the woman who had taken her from her mother for the first time, Little White had been just tall enough to reach the glass, and had hit it with all her might, but it only cracks and didn't feel as if it would shatter. She didn't try to break the glass again. She remembered by heart where all the strengths and weaknesses of her enclosure lay, she remembered them all and she never struck the same place twice. Once was usually enough to tell her whether it was strong or weak. The glass had been strong – but only just.

Loneliness grew into bitterness as she began to resent every living creature she saw, who could escape this confinement, could taste freedom, could interact with anything and yet took it all for granted. She hated them all because she was stuck in the same enclosure, doing the same things day after day, her mind rotting away with boredom and insanity, and there was nothing she could do but wait! A long time ago, she had given up any hope of help coming for her, she seemed to know that she had been abandoned, and that only added to her ever growing pool of festering rage. Betrayed, abandoned, lied to, her entire existence was simply an endless cycle of imprisonment! Mother all but handed her here as far as she could tell, and that only added to the hurt in her heart, which twisted the insanity that had grown in her mind.

Mother was a lie!

Hope was a lie!

She was no longer Little White. That one had died long ago. She could hear the humans behind the glass that observed her. They didn't think she could, but she did. They called her Indominus, they called her monster. Then that is what she would be. She was now Indominus. And she planned to show them all exactly what they had created, what they had turned her into.

She had been born a killer.

But they had made the monster.