Chapter 5: Twenty Questions

Author Note: It's been such a long time since I've updated this story. I don't have any of my stories fully planned out yet, and I ran into a bit of writer's block for this one. I hope to get back into updating more frequently so that I don't leave any of you hanging.

Written by: ConsumedByTheShadows

Throughout the year many things were changing in my life. As a six year old a lot of things should be, but there are definitely some changes that wouldn't be seen as normal by a non-magical person. There is the obvious change of my body growing taller this year. There's also the fact that my dad has decided to home school me rather than placing me into a public school. This is where things started to get interesting.

Now I knew that my dad could use magic, but he didn't do so very often. I didn't know if he preferred to do his everyday chores without it, or if it was because I was around. When he started to teach me however, he began to use it more. What was even more interesting was that he didn't need to use a wand. So far I've seen him summon objects to him, levitate other objects, and make a light appear from his hands without the use of a wand. I don't know if that's the full extent of his abilities without one, but I'm impressed either way.

One day after a math lesson I decided to question him about it. "Am I old enough now to know how you and Aunt Tania use magic?" He looked a bit surprised at my random question, but he quickly calmed and answered me. "Well your right about calling it magic, Adrian. I guess I can at least give you the basics until Tania visits again. That way she can answer anything that I don't."

Nate ushered me into his office where we sat down on comfortable chairs before he addressed me again. "Tania and I can use magic because of our parents. Magic is passed down from parent to child, which means that not everyone can use it. In fact, most of the humans on Earth aren't able to harness it at all. Sometimes a muggleborn will pop up here and there, but we can discuss that branch of thought at a later date."

I nodded to show my understanding. "Are people able to learn many kinds of things as a mage, or am I only going to be able to levitate things like I do when I'm surprised?" Nate smiled at that and said, "It's good that you're showing signs of accidental magic Adrian. You'll actually be able to use many different branches of magic once you go to school. Hogwarts is the magical school that you'll attend at the age of eleven."

I pouted at his answer. "That seems like a long time to wait for a teacher. What happens if I can't control my magic and I use it in front of a non-magic user?" Nate replied saying, "Well if that does happen then we'd have to get an Auror, that's the magical equivalent of a police officer, to take away their memories of the magical event. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but you never know what could happen in the future." I left the discussion at that, and we continued on with my next lesson.

A day passed and with it came my Aunt Tania. I began to bombard her with questions as soon as I let her into the house. "Hi Aunt Tania! How can you turn into an animal? Can dad do that too? Will you teach me how to become one?" She put her hands up as if to tell me to stop and she began to laugh. "Whoa there Adrian. At least give me a second to take my shoes off first." I backed off from my interrogation with a grin and left her to do that.

I led her into the living room and sat down next to her on our couch. Then she looked at me to start answering my questions. "So you want to know about becoming an animagus hmm? Yes your dad and I can turn into a specific animal at will. Your mom could as well, though I think you should have that talk with Nate rather than me."

My mood became somber at that statement. No one ever talks about what happened to my mom, and I haven't had the heart to ask as of yet. Tania broke the tension by continuing with her explanation. "You'd have to undergo a specific sort of training that would last quite a while before you could turn into an animal whenever you wanted. We weren't taught in Europe, however, so we weren't required to register again. I'm sure that it shouldn't be all that different from what we went through."

I nodded and replied, "I'm guessing that you'll tell me to wait until I'm older before I can learn it then?" She smirked and said, "You got it kid. You're not even a student at Hogwarts yet, so we're definitely going to wait a while longer." I sighed at her inevitable answer, and left it at that. Nate chose that moment to walk down the stairs and into the living room.

Tania got up from the couch and said, "I'll leave you both to have that talk now. I'm gonna grab myself a cup of cappuccino." My dad gave me a confused look before sitting in the seat that Tania recently vacated. "What was she talking about Adrian?" I fidgeted in my seat for a bit before voicing my answer.

"We were talking about what an animagus was, and that you, Mom, and Tania could transform into one specific animal. Dad… Could you tell me a little about Mom? I never get to hear stories about her…" Nate's face tinged with sadness at my question, and I was feeling a little guilty to cause that emotion in him. He blew out a small sigh before straightening up and beginning his tale.

Author Note: So what do you peeps think about this so far? I did a little research and found out that wands are a more "recent" European invention and that a certain country didn't need them to carry out their spells. Although they still adopted using them since it made it easier to cast with a focus. I think I found that bit of info on Pottermore, but who knows, maybe that info isn't correct. Oh well. I thought that it was very interesting, and that it would work nicely with my plot. :)