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I met Edward Cullen on my first day at my new high school in Forks, Washington. It was tough being a junior in a school full of kids who had known each other since Kindergarten. I had sat by myself in the cafeteria for lunch, and had just gotten up to throw away my garbage, when I clumsily ran right into his chest; the remnants of my lunch slopping all over his shirt. I was mortified; a heated blush turning my face tomato red. He, on the other hand, simply laughed. His laugh was belly deep and loud; it lasted until he was panting for breath and gripping his knees. I couldn't help but join in.

The rest, as they say, is history. From that moment on we were practically joined at the hip.

We dated for the rest of Junior year and all of Senior year, right through graduation. Though we didn't take that ultimate step in our relationship, we were very much in love… or so I thought.

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