Itty Bitty Epilogue

"Well," Hermione said as she fussed with the strap of a shoe that just wouldn't stay on, "How do you like being human again."

Theo picked up a slice of cheese from the tray they'd had sent up to their suite before the ceremony and nibbled at it. When she glanced over at him and smirked he stared for a moment, then looked at the cheese in his hand, flushed, and put it down. "It's good," he said. "Life is better this way."

Draco lounged up against the door. He'd been ready to go for since noon, but had refused to leave despite Hermione's half-hearted protests that the groom - well, grooms - weren't supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. He watched her struggle with the shoe and then asked, "Are those things made of glass or something? Why is it so bloody hard for you to get them on?"

"They're just complicated shoes," Hermione muttered. "Your mother wanted me to wear them. I would have gone with simple flats."

Theo picked up a glass of pumpkin juice, took a sip, and set it down with a twitch of his nose. It didn't compare to whiskey. He wondered if he could transfigure the pumpkin to something better but just as he reached for his wand Hermione said, "Don't even make me turn you back into a mouse."

"You look fabulous," Draco said. "Honestly, you're the princess every girl wants to be. Could you stop worrying over every last detail so we can go. I'd like to get to our own wedding before the clock strikes midnight."

At that, Pansy stuck her head in the hotel room and said, "Do you three need a fairy godmother to get your arses into gear? Everyone's waiting."

Draco took Theo by the hand and said, "See you at the alter, Granger," and she was left alone to squint at herself in the mirror. She supposed it was fine. It would have to do. And, with that, she left to begin the journey to the hotel ballroom to marry her princes.