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Chapter 1: The deal

Christian POV:

"Andrea, get Ros in here right now." I practically scream into the phone.

I swear if I see one more whimpering, eye fluttering, breast revealing idiot in my office I will literally fucking kill someone. Honest, how fucking difficult can it be to find a suitable replacement for Andrea for three fucking months while she is on fucking maternity leave? Talk about bad fucking timing. The fact that I haven't had a sub in six weeks in not helping. But then again, if I had a sub right now, she would not be able to sit, walk or sleep for a month…if she even survives.

"Grey, not to be rude, but I'm starting to dread being on this floor with the number of hysterical crying women running to the elevator…daily." Ros, who didn't want to be rude, bursts into my office without so much as a knock and then continues her own little tirade before I even have a chance to speak.

"Was I not the one asking for you to come see me…thereby, I wanted to talk to you? Now sit down." I point to the chair across my desk and she quickly sits down looking not the least bit chastised and that is the reason why I like her. Yes, not tolerate, I truly like and trust Ros. Thus, she's my last hope.

"And what can I do for our fearless leader today?" She asks and I raise a brow at her. She knows I'm in a pissy mood and enjoys pissing me off even more to see just how far she can push me before I fire her ass…again.

"HR is filled with fucking idiots. I swear they are sending me the fucking worst candidates possible in this building. Clearly, I can't trust them and Andrea's last day is tomorrow. With Taiwan, Moscow and Africa, I cannot be without a reliable assistant." I summarize and she looks at me expectantly.

"And this is my problem because?" She knows where this is going, but she wants me to beg, as if that will ever fucking happen.

"I need you to find me an assistant." There, no asking, telling, because I'm the boss.

She regards me silently for a moment. Then takes my notebook and my pen from my fucking desk to sit back and look like a reporter conducting an interview.

"What were the problems you experienced with the previous eight assistants you had in the past eight days?" Okay, let me just go with it…for now.

"I don't want an assistant who is more interested in getting in my pants than doing her fucking job."

"Okay, and what do you want in an assistant?" At this I raise my eyebrows and lean forward, clamping my hands together in front of me on my desk.

"Ros, I don't have time for this shit. Just find me one." She of course completely ignores me.

"And that is exactly what I'm doing. Now, what do you want in an assistant?" One thing I learned from Ros is that it is much better to just let shit like this run its course.

"Someone who don't cry every time I raise my damn voice. Someone who doesn't care about my good looks." I smile and she rolls her eyes. I fucking hate it when she rolls her eyes and she damn well knows it. "Someone who will be professional and just do her damn job."

"Okay. I will find you someone by tomorrow morning that fits that profile." I sit back, relieved that my Temp torture is coming to an end, but then she changes the game. "You just have to agree to my terms and I will get right on that."

"Your terms? Might I remind you that you have terms and conditions of employment and those terms include adhoc duties as requested by Management? This is an adhoc duty. I'm management. Get to it." I state as a matter of fact and smile smugly.

"Well then, I will find you one. She might not be the perfect one, but I will find you one. If you want the perfect one, I want you to agree to my terms." And with that she crosses her arms and sits back to glare at me.

"Fucking fine. What the hell do you want?" I concede reluctantly with a clenched jaw.

"One, the contract will be for three months and come what may, you are not allowed to terminate employment." When I go to argue that very ridiculous term, she stops me. "Ah, ah, ah, I'm not done. Now, two, you will not purposely try to get her to resign." I think this over, but I'm desperate, I don't have much choice. "Oh and lastly, I get to draw up her contract and get her to sign, you get to meet her and tell her how you like your coffee." What the hell? I think Ros has finally lost it or she is just really tired of the shit on this floor lately.

"What do I get out of this ridiculous deal?"

"Apart from the perfect assistant?" I nod. "I will make you a deal. If you terminate her employment or she resigns, I will get one FULL month of paid leave and an all-expenses paid holiday. No work. If I lose and you manage to keep your assistant by some miracle, for the full contractual period, you get one month of leave. No expenses paid, but then again, you can afford to pay your own. I will not even call you once." Not that I will take the month of absence from work, but I'm not known for a man who walks away from a deal and just the satisfaction of winning this, will be more than enough reward for three months of suffering…should it come to that.

"Deal. Now go, I need to interview her tomorrow morning and it will also be her first day."

When Ros leaves, I cannot help but hear her passing remark as she walks past Andrea's desk. "You will be missing out on all the fun Andrea. I'll keep you some footage." Fuck, I honestly don't care anymore. I just want a damn assistant who will last more than one day.

Ana POV:

A week at home without a job was enough to make me start to hate the beautiful apartment Kate and I share. One more day and I might just go insane. Every day I have the same damn routine. Get up, go for a run, make breakfast, eat breakfast, do nothing, read, a bit more of doing nothing, read, make dinner, eat dinner, chat to Kate, more nothing and then sleep. I'm not cut out for the sitting at home type. Not that I can really afford it, but my severance package from SIP will at least keep me going for another six months or so.

As usual, Kate is late. I swear that girl will be late for her own damn funeral. Her mother already confirmed that she was born late on 41 weeks, so yeah, the girl didn't really stand a chance to begin with. When she finally walks into the coffee shop looking like she owned the place, I smile at how stunning she always manage to look. Well, expect when suffering from a breakup. That is nothing even remotely pretty.

"Ana, I am so sorry." She says as she removes her jacket and put it on the back of the chair before sitting down. "I really didn't mean to be late but there was this tip that I just couldn't ignore and then I had to verify it and then I needed to get Daddy's approval to look more into the matter and well…now I'm late. I'm very sorry." She says so quickly and loudly that the two women sitting next to us starts to laugh at her, so how can I be mad?

"Kate, it's not like I have more pressing matters to attend to." I say, clearly feeling sorry for myself and her eyes sadden with my current situation.

"Ana, you will get another job. Hyde was a fucking prick and let's face it, it could really be much worse. At least you got that nice severance package out of it." She smiles hopefully, trying to lighten my mood.

"More like a please-keep-your-mouth-shut package. Honestly Kate, how difficult can it be to get a job where the boss is not more concerned about getting in your panties than getting to a meeting on time? I just want to work. To feel like I have a reason to get up in the morning? It doesn't even have to be a nice boss, it just needs to be a boss who wants to work and not hook up." I sigh heavily and take a sip of my coffee.

"Ana, you are gorgeous, funny, intelligent and well…hot. It doesn't matter where you work, as long as your boss is batting for the other team, you will not get a boss who won't flirt with you. Well, unless you're planning to join a monastery. Although, on a good day, in a good suit, you could turn a monk." Oh for fucks sake.

"Kate, I'm serious. Maybe I should put an add out. Lady seeking employment with a gay employer." When Kate laughs, the two ladies next to our table laugh as well. When I look up, the older lady regards me as if she's thinking really hard about something. When she blinks, she smiles and I frown at the strange behaviour.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry for my intrusion. I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation, but I'm not entirely sorry either. I think we might be able to help each other." She says and gets up to join us at our table…without an invitation I might add.

"My name is Ros Bailey. I'm the COO for GEH." She says as if any of this should mean something to me, but the blank expression must tell her that nope, I've got nothing.

"Anastasia Steele." I say, not really knowing what is going on and shake her hand.

"GEH? Seriously? I've been trying to interview your CEO for almost 6 months with no success." Kate states excitedly.

"Well, good luck with that Miss…?" Ros says to Kate.

"Kavanagh, Kate Kavanagh." Kate says and shakes Ros's hand.

"As I said Ms. Kavanagh, good luck. Mr. Grey don't give interviews…to anyone." Then Ros looks back to me. "Anyway, like I said, we might be able to help each other. If you don't have anything planned for today, would you mind joining me at GEH for a conversation and if we are lucky, you except my offer and you will have a job from tomorrow?" Without another word, she hands me her card and tells me a car will pick me up within an hour, I just need to let her know the address. Pushy much?

"I can get there by myself, thank you. An hour from now will be perfect though as I have one more stop today." I tell her and she laughs.

"Oh yes, Ms. Steele, you will do just fine for what I have in mind." And with that the beautiful Ros Bailey strolls out with a stunning pregnant blond by her side.

Long after Kate left I sit on the same spot in the coffee shop trying to figure out what exactly Ros Bailey wants from me. Giving up, I put on my coat and grab my bag. It might be a little early, but I don't have the patience and needs to know what the hell this woman wants from me.

I stand in front of the very impressive building with the words "Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc." in big, shiny letters above the entrance. Gah, GEH. It's definitely quicker to say GEH than Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. Looking at the building I start to laugh. The first thing that comes into my mind is the scene in Shrek where Shrek and Donkey looked at the castle and Shrek asked if the king was compensating for something. I'm still laughing when two men in black, and clearly expensive, suits walks out of the building catching me in my laughing fit.

The one in front walks past me with a stoic expression, reminding me of a secret agent, but the second, and very handsome one, stops to look at me with confusion marring his beautiful face. And oh sweet heaven, but those grey eyes looks like it sees right through you.

"Are you okay, Miss?" He asks and damn, he has the voice of a fallen angel. Dark, mysterious and sexy as hell.

"Uhm, yes. I was just thinking about something." I say and burst out laughing again. The secret agent looks as confused about the fallen angel's reaction to my laughter, as the fallen angel himself. Neither really helping at this stage.

"It must be really funny. Care to share?" Fallen angel asks with genuine interest and hell, I don't know this man so why not.

"Have you seen Shrek?" I ask and he looks clueless. "The movie?" I try again and nothing. "Okay, you won't get it then, but standing in front of this beautiful piece of architecture, I can't help but wonder if the owner is compensating for something." And then I laugh again, only this time, secret agent laughs with me and well, Fallen angel, nope…he does not seem to get the joke. Pulling myself together I point to Secret agent and say, "Well, he clearly gets it." And with that I leave him standing there with his mouth open and Secret agent with a weird mixture of coughs and laughter as he tries to stop laughing.

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