AN: I'm back with another series of connected one-shots. These were inspired by the classic "What If?" scenario: In this case, What If Grand Pabbie knew what the king was going to do and actually set him straight? How would the movie actually play out with no eternal freeze? Sure, Kristoff and Hans will appear but their roles would be slightly alerted to fit this new continuity. Again, Frozen is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

"Listen to me, Elsa. Your power will only grow. There is great beauty in it, but also great DANGER! You must learn to control it. Fear would be your enemy", the wise troll stated, showing a vision of what could happen in the future: An older Elsa demostrating her abilities, only for the townspeople to fear and perscute her as a witch. However, Adgar didn't like what the vision was implying. He held Elsa close.

"No! We'll protect her. She can learn to control it, I'm sure. Till then", he steeled himself, not liking what had to be done. When he was coronated, he had established an Open Door policy with the subjects but until Elsa could control her abilities, that couldn't happen any longer. "We'll lock the gates, We'll reduce the staff and we'll limit her contact with others. We'll keep her powers a secret from everyone, including Anna", Adgar stated, forcing himself to remain neutral. He did not want that vision coming true and he had overseen trials of people accused of practicing sorcery and having to try his own daughter as a witch was absolutely not on his list. However, Pabbie heard the details of Adgar's plan and he did not agree with it in the slightest.

"Elsa's already traumatized as it is. Are you sure keeping the sisters seperated and locked up is the right thing to do, lest you traumatize her further?" Pabbie asked. Adgar stared at the troll and surprisingly, he had no answer.

"My reasoning for keeping Elsa and Anna seperated is this: it was due to Elsa's magic that Anna got hurt. If Anna doesn't know about her magic, she can't get hurt by it again", Adgar stated.

"You have a good point but Elsa's magic is governed by her EMOTIONS", Pabbie emphisized the last word. "What's the opposite of fear?" he asked

"Love", Adgar answered. He'd seen the sisterly love his children had when he wasn't doing kingly duties.

"There you go! That's the answer. The love between sisters is what keeps the powers in check. Take that love away and replace it with fear will only make the powers worse and make them harder to control", Pabbie stated. "Now, I need to speak with Elsa and get to the root of what caused the accident", he said. Adgar gulped but he sent Elsa with Pabbie anyway. It wasn't his business anymore and he didn't want to admit it but Pabbie was right. He was meddling in things that he really didn't understand and thus needed to concede to the trolls, magical beings who DID understand magic. He brought the entire family to the Valley to heal Anna and maybe get some insight on how to control Elsa's magic. However, he had to admit that Pabbie did give him a clue on how to proceed with Elsa's training: emotion. Meanwhile, Pabbie sat Elsa down on a stationary rock.

"So, Elsa, tell me. How did the accident happen?" Pabbie asked gently.

"Well, Anna had asked me to play with her tonight in the ballroom. I used my magic to transform the ballroom into a magical winter wonderland. We skated, sledded, slid", Elsa stopped, realizing she was at the part where the accident was about to happen. "I can't", she stated.

"Get it off your chest. Tell me or I won't know how to proceed further", Pabbie stated. Elsa sighed to calm herself and continued.

"Anna started jumping on pillars conjured by my magic. She started going faster & faster and I couldn't keep up with my magic. I tried to get her to slow down but she jumped anyway. I tried to conjure up some snow to catch her but I became scared and my power hit Anna in the head, giving her the stripe. I called Momma and Papa in and the first thing Papa asked me was 'Elsa, What have you done?' not bothering to ask what had happened," Elsa shuddered, having to relive the accident again. Pabbie puzzled and puzzled some more and finally, a lightbulb went on in his head.

"You hit Anna with your magic because you weren't being malicious or intentional, you were scared. Remember when I said fear would be your enemy? That was what happened & caused the accident. Fear took over your control of your powers because from what you told me, you were exhibiting perfect control up until then", Pabbie diagnosed. "There's two different kinds of control, Elsa", he explained. "The first type of 'control' is 'suppress and restrain' and the second type of control is 'master'. You have to master your abilities with lots of practice and patience. Negative emotions will only make things worse but again, you didn't strike for malicious intent", the troll clarified.

"I would NEVER harm my sister," Elsa stated.

"Of course, you wouldn't but like I said before, your powers respond to what emotions you're feeling. However, we got lucky this time. If you shot Anna in the heart, I'd be in trouble. The head can be easily manipulated, the heart, not exactly", Pabbie stated before sending Elsa back to the king, queen & incaptiated Anna, accompanied by Pabbie.

"Elsa needs to master her abilities with practice", Pabbie told the royals, explaining that Elsa told him everything that led up to the accident and repeating what he told Elsa about the two types of control. He didn't lay into Adgar this time, praising him for coming to them when they did but made it quite clear in his tone that he was displeased with how he handled the aftermath and Adgar knew it. He was thinking that Elsa had shot Anna intentionally, not realizing it was an accident. The royals thanked the trolls for their help, mounted their steeds and rode back to the castle, but not before Pabbie told them to make it a point in time to tell Anna what really happened this night. Then, and only, then will her memories return to normal and he will be making a follow-up visit. When inquired, he merely said "In time".

After Elsa had been put back to bed in her and Anna's shared bedroom (for now), Adgar and Idun talked about how to proceed with this new information. Adgar felt it was easier to just do Plan A and disregard the trolls' warnings but he then realized what Pabbie had said about emotions and thought back to when he rushed into the ballroom, he noticed that the ice was expanding due to Elsa's sobs and the ice trial his horse was giving off due to carrying Elsa on it, all due to her emotions at the time.

"They're tied to her emotions", he stated to Idun.

"How does that provide a stepping stone for us to proceed?" his queen asked.

"It does. I should have asked Elsa what happened instead of asking her what she did. However, I heard Pabbie mention something to Elsa about there being two types of control: Suppress and Restrain is Type 1 & Type 2 is Master. We need a combination of Suppress and Master. However, the tricky part would be how to prevent further accidents", he said, brow furrowing until finally, he got his answer.

"Idun, first thing tomorrow is to have Kai commission the glovemaker and have him make a pair of child-sized gloves for whenever she's with Anna", Adgar stated.

"What about Anna's safety?" Idun asked, still thinking that keeping the sisters seperated was the best option to go with. Adgar gave her a look that told her not to question him.

"We won't seperate them. That would only increase Elsa's fear as the trolls said", Adgar remained firm in his decision. True, he was just as scared as Idun and Elsa were but he was determined to honor what he was told tonight and not seperate the sisters. "However, there will be some changes. We'll lock the gates and reduce the staff like I said before however, her only contacts will be ourselves, Anna and the select few of servants we keep. We'll have practice sessions outside in the gardens and the children's playtimes can be used for further practice. Furthermore, either one of us or a servant will supervise those playtimes if we can't and finally, there will be no further late-night playtimes and romps through the castle", he finished.

It was done at once. Most of the servants who were aware of Elsa's magic were dismissed effective immediately next morning, with the exceptions of Kai, Gerda, the advisors who would become Elsa's when she assumed the throne, the kitchen staff and obviously, the royal guards. The guards themselves had the gates closed, passing it off as a decree issued by the King & Queen Of Arendelle. Kai commissioned the glovemaker and had a pair of child-sized gloves delivered to the castle. Needless to say, the commission was made under some anonyomus name and the glovemaker was understandly dumbfounded when he showed up to the castle to make his delivery and Kai intercepted him, thanked him for his services, paid the fee, took the gloves and sent him on his way in a few seconds. Later on, after royalty lessons and court happened, Elsa was summoned to Adgar's study. She had been packing up her section of the room, thinking that her and Anna would be seperated.

"You wanted to see me, papa?" she asked.

"I have a gift for you", he stated.

"My birthday isn't for a couple days. How's Anna?" Elsa inquired, still guilty over the fact she caused the accident. Adgar chuckled.

"Anna will be fine. She should be waking up either sometime today or tomorrow. Effects don't wear off quickly. However, that's not why I summoned you here", Adgar stated and produced a pair of gloves. "These gloves are special gloves, they'll help you control your abilities", he stated. Elsa held out her hands as Adger gently put the gloves on them. "Suppress and Master, Think Happy Thoughts will be the mantra we'll use for your practice sessions", he stated. He then noticed Elsa had her stuff outside the study. "Unpack your things, Elsa, you're still sharing a room with Anna", he ordered.


"The gloves are only to be used when we're not mastering abilities", Adgar explained. "You can still be with Anna like usual and everything will proceed like the accident never happened. With some differences, of course", he explained the new rules in the castle to Elsa, who was excited that she would be able to remain with Anna. For the most part.

Just like Adgar predicted, Anna did recover but like Pabbie promised, she remembered the events as your mundane winter days but the first question she asked was about the skunk stripe she now had. Elsa gulped and her guilt came rushing back to her and she left the room. Adgar explained that she was merely born with it and that explanation stuck, for now. He vowed to tell Anna the truth when she got older.

With the exception of the gates being closed, everything progressed like normal as the girls grew up in the cage with only their parents and a few of their servants and themselves for company. Elsa had achived tremendous amount of control over her abilities and gift but like Pabbie had said, as Elsa grew older, her powers grew in scope.

"I'm scared! It's getting stronger!" a now 12-year-old Elsa stated during a practice session in the gardens. Anna was watching from the window, in awe of her sister's gift.

"Getting upset will only make it worse!" Adgar yelled through the breeze. "Calm down & Think Happy Thoughts!" Elsa tried to think happy thoughts but every time she used her powers, she flashed back to when she had injured her sister's head so instead she focused on the GOOD times the family had before the accident happened which subdued the powers long enough for Elsa to harness her love to send away the blizzard.

Later in the year, invitations were sent out for a wedding to take place in Corona, a neighboring kingdom of Arendelle. Adgar and Idun were chosen to be the represnetatives of the kingdom, despite Adgar doing what was effectively a sanctioning. Sure, they still accepted stuff from their trading partners, which included The Southern Isles & Weselton, but correspondence between the other kingdoms was extremely limited. The royal scribe was among the staff members who had been dismissed and with it was the added luxury of having someone else compose the letters for you as you dictated exactly what you wanted said on the letter. Also, the added bonus was it doubled as a celebration as the royal princess of that land was located and returned. Anna was now 15 and Elsa was now 18 and enough years had past now that Pabbie felt the need to make his promised visit to check on Anna and see if Elsa had mastered enough control over her abilities, hoping that the king and queen took what he had told them those years ago to heart because if they didn't, they'd be in trouble big time as he warned them that Elsa's abilities would grow as she did. Elsa's gloves also had to be modified numerous times whenever she outgrew the previous pairs of gloves and like before, the glovemaker was kept OUT of the loop as to why the gloves were needed. The royal family weren't taking no chances on Elsa's powers being outed.

As Adgar & Idun were packing for their voyage, they were informed there was someone at the gates, requesting to see the king and queen. When the gates were ordered shut, with the exception of court, anyone wishing to see the king and queen had to have prior permission from the guards and sign a contract stating they will not reveal what they saw in the castle (mainly, Elsa's ice powers).

"See what the person wants", Adgar stated. He already knew it was Pabbie but had to treat it like any other prospective visitor.

"Yes, Your Majesty", Gerda bowed and went outside to inquire. "Guards, open the gates!" she ordered. The guards obeyed and opened up the gates, revealing a young man with blonde hair who was carrying something. A rock, to be precise. "Who are you?" she inquired.

"Uh, My name is Kristoff and I'm bearing a visitor for the royal family of Arendelle", Kristoff stated.

"Do you have written permission or consent?" Gerda inquired.

"I'm not asking to see the royal family myself, I have someone who is", Kristoff stated again, indictating the rock in his hands. Luckily for Kristoff, Adgar came out just in time.

"Let him in, Gerda. Young man, follow me to my study and bring your rock with you", Adgar said, before turning on his heel. Kristoff was a little intimidated at being asked to follow the king. Pabbie, on the other hand, felt a little insulted at being called a rock but he kept silent. When they reached the king's study, Kristoff set the rock on a table so that Pabbie would be at eye level with Adgar. He was hoping Pabbie would praise him for how he handled Elsa's situation but the thing was that things could still get worse before they got better. Adgar turned to Kristoff.

"Young man, do you solemnly swear not to reveal anything you saw as you were following me to my study?" he inquired. Kristoff did see a girl practicing with her magic and a talking snowman outside in the gardens. He knew Adgar was dead serious about whatever it was he was trying to keep secret.

"I swear I will not tell anyone. You have my word", Kristoff stated.

"Good. Now, go outside and wait there until I'm finished with your rock", Adgar stated. "By the way, what's your name?" he inquired so he'd know what to say.

"It's Kristoff, you majesty"

"Okay. Kristoff", Adgar nodded in confirmation. Kristoff left the study so that Adgar and Pabbie could have their conversation. Pabbie formed himself and inquired Adgar about what happened since their last visit.

"Well, I didn't seperate them for one", Adgar stated.

"Good, good. I was afraid when I saw the gates closed that I thought that you took back your promise", Pabbie said, heaving a sigh of relief.

"The closed gates are more for the public"

"That makes sense. Now, let's cut to the chase. How are Elsa's control of her powers coming?" Pabbie again inquired. The kicker question had arrived.

"Well. We've been working with it by practicing almost every time and her control has been improving", Adgar said happily.

"That's great to hear. Did Anna heal nicely? No complications at all?"

"Nope. She did ask about the stripes, though. I just said she had it sense birth. She'll be told tonight. I feel she's old enough now she deserves to know the truth about what really happened", Adgar stated.

"Good. She needs to know", Pabbie agreed. "Keep up the good work. I'll make another visit at some point". He went back to his rock form and Adgar summoned Kristoff, thanked him for delivering Pabbie and sent him on his way. He and Idun still needed to finish packing up.

"See you in two weeks!" Anna stated, hugging her parents while Elsa just curtesyed at them.

"Do you have to go?" she inquired.

"You'll be fine, Elsa. Anna, There's something I have to tell you", Adgar motioned for his daughter to follow him into his study. When they got there, He locked the door.

"What is it, papa?" Anna inquired.

"Do you know how you got that stripe?" Adgar asked.

"I was born with it?"

"I lied. You weren't born with it, Elsa had given you that stripe. She has the power to control ice and snow and one night, years ago with she was 8 and you were 5, you asked her to play using her powers. You guys did and she accidently struck you, giving you the stripe. We took you to see the trolls and they saved you but they altered your memories of her magic", Adgar explained. Anna sat on the sofa in awe of what she heard. She suddenly flashed back to that night but the difference was it played out regularly, magic powers and all. The spell was broken.

"Do the magic, Elsa! Do the magic!" she heard her 5-year-old self say. "I remember now", she whispered. Instinctively, she touched the spot where Elsa accidently shot her, the lock of blonde hairs were gone, like Pabbie had said.

The royal sisters and servants wished the king and queen a safe journey yet Elsa still wasn't confortable having them leave. It was more having to due with her power situation if anything but she had Anna and the servants to help, right? That's true, she wasn't aone. However, that night, they had a massive storm and it turned out Adgar and Idun perished in it. They had never made it to the wedding. Anna attended the funeral and Elsa didn't attend due to her powers. Adgar and Idun's will mandated that the castle remained closed to visitors except on special occasions. After the funeral, Anna returned to her and Elsa's shared room and conked out while Elsa was already asleep, exhausted from power training and training to be coronated from princess to queen.

AN: That's It for Part 1. Part 2 will introduce Hans and The Duke and will be set during Elsa's coronation ceremony. R&R!