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To say Elsa was peeved was an understatement, as evidenced by the decrease in weather in the castle. "So? How did it go?" Anna had asked, but Elsa just waltzed right past her. "Elsa?" Anna tried again. No response, nothing, except maybe a slammed door in Anna's face. "Elsa, you know I hate it when you do that", Anna stated. The knob turned and Anna was allowed in.

"Sorry, Anna," Elsa admitted sheepishly. Anna sat on the bed. Elsa went behind her changer to preserve her modesty, even though she and Anna had seen each other naked numerous times in the past.

"I'll ask you again: How did it go?"

"First, it started off great, but when I said he will only get the prisoners back if they end this conspiracy, he threatens to go to war over the issue!"

"That sounds rather disproportionate!"

"In his defense though, he does have somewhat of a leg to stand on. When we had Hans arrested for his coup, we sent him back in 2 days. Here, we were keeping the prisoners with us indefinitely. Hand me my regular dress, please, `` Elsa said as she tossed her ice dress over the changer screen. Anna did so and Elsa shrugged back into it.

"You want your cape too, right?"

"No. Hang the cape and the dress up," Elsa told her. Anna did so, then decided to change out of her own fire dress, creating a distance between Fire Princess Anna and Princess Anna, by doing up her braids. Elsa did the same with her singular braid, creating a disconnect between Snow Queen Elsa and Queen Elsa. She then exited their bedroom with Anna at her heels. She thought she would be able to get some alone time with her sister but the only problem was that Elsa had a council meeting to address the threat of war and if war would be a viable option to go for. Needless to say, the council meeting went about as exactly as one would expect: Some of the more bloodthirsty members of the council wanted to war while the more passive members were more 'just give them what they want and call it a day'. Elsa refused to entertain those options because 1: giving them what they wanted would be bowing down to them and 2. She was not going to be one of those war-hungry royals who goes around picking fights. Meanwhile, Anna told Kristoff and Hans about the Southern Isles' plans for war and surprisingly, both weren't surprised at all, given the recent developments but Hans said something that surprised Anna: "If it does boil down to war, I will fight alongside Arendelle."

"But, you tried to take over the kingdom. How do we know you won't backstab us again when the war's over?" Kristoff interjected, shocking Hans into silence.

"He's got a point,'' Anna said.

"Look, reindeer boy. I didn't exactly backstab Arendelle because that would have required me to integrate myself into the kingdom. I wasn't exactly allowed to do that on my first visit," Hans spat back. Although he directed it at Kristoff, Anna knew what he had said was directed more at her and Elsa, since he still felt they impeded his first attempt to usurp Arendelle and thus having to take a more direct approach, like he still didn't get why exactly what he did was actually wrong, although in his defense, it was tricky to actually call what he did a betrayal per se, because like he said, he never actually integrated himself into the populace, didn't really treat Anna as a friend before he revealed his scheme and he didn't even live in Arendelle to begin with, he only visited for the coronation and while he was back in Arendelle, it was only on punishment watch. The Notice of Crimes Elsa had sent to the Southern Isles with the French Chancellor after Hans was arrested the first time used language like 'treason', 'traitor' and 'betrayed', almost like she pushed the Isles to punish him by making what he did seem worse than it actually was. But there was no time to dwell upon it. War was brewing on the horizon.

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