By Wolf O'Donnell

WARNING! May contain Alternative Universe situations and out-of-character experiences. Upon reading this, you hereby agree that you forfeit all your rights to sue me and that I cannot be held liable for any psychological or physical damage caused by the fact that I use British English spelling and that this fanfic contains non-graphic depictions of a heterosexual and homosexual nature. Digimon is copyrighted by Bandai and Toei Animation Ltd. Wolf O'Donnell is copyrighted by Nintendo Ltd, although that might have nothing to do with the fanfic. Digimon.EXE is based on Rockman.EXE, which is copyrighted by Capcom Ltd. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

* * * * *

Generations ago, a meteorite struck the Earth and caused a great disaster that befell all those that lived on the planet. Countless died and the environment was wrecked beyond belief. It took several years and plenty of hard work to return the Earth to normal. To prevent further incidents, nations of the Earth banded together and built the Orbital Space Ring. It was a gigantic ring-shaped space station built around the Earth and designed to spot further meteorites and destroy them before they reach the planet.

With the expansion of technology that followed after, the Digital Age was created. Everyone now carries a portable exploration device called a D-Scanner. This Digital Scanner acts as an advanced portable digital assistant. Using it, you can make phone calls, send and receive e-mails, keep a calendar, store data, shop online and check news from around the Earth Sphere (the Earth and the Space Ring). These D-Scanners have become so convenient and useful that they have become essential for everday life!

Every D-Scanner has a program installed into it called a Digital Interface Global Information Manager and Online Navigator or DIGIMON for short. By customing your D-Scanner's Digimon program, you can give it a unique personality and even talk to it and befriend it.

The year is now Post Apocalypse 175. The Earth's environment is now controlled by specialised machines and programs. Earthquakes, tornadoes, the hole in the ozone, and several other environmental disasters of the past are now non-existent. The Colonists live in harmony with the people of the Earth. However, not all is good. With the expansion of the digital world, digital crimes are raging. Hacking and computer virus epidemics have become major issues. At the top of the criminal list is the mysterious organisation called Hypnos, a group of incorrigible computer hooligans.

To protect their D-Scanners, people have begun installing DigiModifying Chips- special chips encoded with battle programs. When a DigiModifiying Chip is inserted it arms your Digimon and aids it in fighting off viruses and hackers. It's so important that it is now even taught in schools.

However, even the common person cannot seem to fend off attentions of the Hypnos Organisation. These digital terrorists seem to have some secret motive, one that has been kept secret to the world. Every one of their attacks have been terrifyingly efficient, striking at the heart of nations and that of the Earth. Even the usual net criminals stay well away from Hypnos.

No one knows what Hypnos is truly up to and how it gets its funds. All people know is that Hypnos has to be stopped, before it somehow takes over the world. That is the purpose of the new Devas, a group of people trained in battling with criminal Digimon and viruses. However, will the Devas be able to defeat Hypnos? Only time will tell...

To be continued...