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240. Forever

"Elliott Ward!"

Dean suppressed a yawn as the gangly brunet boy went to collect his certificate. How many more kids did they have to go through?

"Dad, I'm bored," twelve year old Henry complained. Sam snorted and ruffled his longish brown hair.

"It'll be over soon, Henry," he said, the polite applause slightly drowning him out.

"Henry's right," Mary agreed, still chewing the same wad of gum she'd been attacking for half an hour now. "This sucks ass."

"Mary! Language," Rose reprimanded. Mary just rolled her eyes and began to play with her long blue hair.

"Holly Webster!"

"Mary and Henry have a point," sixteen year old Robbie said, lazily beating an annoyed Lewis again in their thumb war and brushing his blond hair out of his eyes. "When I graduate, I just wanna skip this crap and get to the party."

Dean noticed a cute blonde wave at Robbie from a few seats away. Robbie grinned and waved back, beating Lewis again as he did so, and Dean rolled his eyes at Cas.

"You know that any 'playboy' tendencies Robbie has picked up are entirely from you," Cas murmured, though he was smiling fondly. Dean punched Cas on the arm in response.

"Zoey Winchester!"

"Finally!" Dean said as eighteen year old Zoey went to get her certificate. "You go, Red!"

He cheered and clapped for Zoey, along with the rest of the family, though he was slightly annoyed that he wasn't allowed to stand up and cheer like he wanted but not wanting to risk his daughter's diploma by being unruly. Withholding the actual diplomas until after the ceremony was a good way of preventing disruptive families and students, he had to admit.

Dean completely zoned out for the rest of the names and the speech by the valedictorian (someone named Georgia Mayes, who Zoey was certain had 'cheated her way in because I was this close!' Ah, high school drama) and when the students began to cheer loudly and stand up to throw their caps, Dean joined all the families and friends in standing up with them.

"Come on!" Lewis said, tugging on his mother's hand. "I wanna go see Zoey!"

"Sure you don't want to see Jenny Gregory?" Mary teased. Lewis glared at her. "I mean, she is damn good-looking. If I didn't already have a girlfriend –"

"Mary, that's enough," Rose said sternly. Mary smiled impishly.

"Dad! Papa!" Zoey exclaimed when they finally managed to navigate the bleachers down to the grassy field. She threw her arms around Dean, who hugged her as tightly as possible.

"You are amazing, Red," Dean said. "I'm so proud of you."

Zoey beamed and let go of him to hug Cas. Once she had let the rest of her family congratulate her, she turned and scanned the crowd.

"Looking for someone?" Dean smirked. Zoey's cheeks flushed.

"I'm going over there," she muttered, heading straight for a tall guy with black hair and dark brown eyes. Dean frowned suspiciously at him.

"Who the hell's he?"

"Daniel Jones," Mary said, blowing a bubble. "He's alright. She's liked him for months."

Dean swore to keep an eye on the guy who was hugging his daughter.

"Can you believe it?" Cas said. "Did you think that your life would ever turn out this way?"

Dean thought all the way back to when Cas had given up his grace to get rid of the Mark of Cain and confessed his feelings. How could he have ever had reservations about falling in love with Cas just because the angel was in a guy's body? He looked around at his family: at Sam, who was holding Rose close and toying with her greying blonde hair; at Lewis and Henry, who were arguing about something or other; at Mary, who was chatting to her redheaded girlfriend; at Robbie, who was on his phone; at Zoey, who had now moved to kissing this Daniel guy (yeah, Dean was definitely going to be having words); and at Cas, with his greying black hair and his bright blue eyes and his soft smile and his perfect face and God, how was it possible to love someone so much?

"No," Dean said with a wide grin. He pulled Cas close, cupped his face tenderly and leaned in to give him a deep, sweet kiss. When he broke away, Cas purred and nuzzled into the crook of Dean's neck, hugging Dean close to him. "No way in hell did I ever think it'd all turn out like this. But I wouldn't want it any other way. Love you, Cas."

Cas kissed his jaw.

"I love you too, Dean. Now and forever."

Forever. That was possibly the best word Dean had ever heard. Forever was definitely a word he could get behind.

"Forever, angel," he agreed.