Chapter 13: Woogy of the Dark Side Part 2

Halliwell Manor

"You wanted to talk to us?" said Phoebe.

"What is going on?" asked Prue having been filled in by Piper and Angel what had been discussed in the kitchen.

"He asked us to," said Buffy replied immediately.

"Who asked you both to?" Piper asked.

Buffy and Phoebe didn't respond to the question and just smirked. With the Force Buffy sent Angel, Piper, Prue and little Padme flying through the house and out into the yard.

Prue, Piper, Angel and little Padme tried to reenter the house and were blocked by a shield of electricity that sent them flying back across the yard, landing heavily in the grass.

Angel looked at his wife. "Buffy? What's going on? Why can't we come back in?"

It wasn't Buffy who answered but Phoebe. "No, you can't, you shouldn't," she mumbled distractedly as if she wasn't even speaking to them. She stopped and smirked at them. "You don't live here." Her voice then took on a demonic aspect to it. "He does."

With a grin Buffy and Phoebe stepped back and Buffy waved her fingers at the door. It shut itself, locking the Piper, Phoebe, Angel and little Padme outside.

"Mom and Aunty Phoebe have fallen," said little Padme. "They are Sith."

Jedi Academy, Earth – Grandmaster's Apartment – Next Morning

"You're sure?" said Kayda as she looked at Angel, Piper and Prue. "That Aunt Buffy and Phoebe have fallen?"

"That is what Padme said," Angel said. "I have no reason to doubt my daughter's vision."

"Nor should you, Uncle Angel," said Kayda. "Did you try and get back into the Manor?"

"We tried everything both magical and Jedi powers," said Prue. "Nothing worked. Piper even tried throwing a rock at a window, it bounced off harmlessly."

"Wait a second," said Piper as she remembered something. "When I came home with the groceries. I got shocked when I walked through the front door."

"Do you think that's when it started?" asked Kayda.

"I don't know, but it can't be a coincidence," said Piper.

"Here is another piece of the puzzle," said Prue. "Buffy said he told them to."

"Then the question is who is he and what does he want with Phoebe and Aunt Buffy," said Kayda.

"Just a second," said Angel. "What if we're looking at this all wrong. What if it isn't about Phoebe or Buffy. Why would whatever he is be protecting the Manor if all he wanted was Buffy and Phoebe? What if he started with them to get the house?"

"Good question," agreed Kayda.

"So how do we find out what he is after in the house when we're cut off from the book?" asked Prue.

"I think I know someone who might know something," said Piper. She then looked toward the heavens as she called for her boyfriend, "Leo!"

Bright white orbs floated into the room and solidified into Leo. "Piper?" he said.

Halliwell Manor

Phoebe picked the phone up off the cradle and dialed a number as she and Buffy walked through the hallways of the Manor. The lights flickered ominously where they passed, wall paper peeled away from the wall, and glass vases shattered. Phoebe leaned against the stair rail as someone on the other end picked up. "Yes, we would like a pizza delivered to my home… Well, whenever you do open then… We don't care what you put on the thing; just make sure someone delivers it… 1329 Prescott Street. We'll be waiting."

Jedi Academy, Earth – Grandmaster's Apartment

"Buffy and Phoebe have fallen to the dark side," said Leo after he had been filled in on what had happened the day before. "And Buffy at the very least seems to now have a magical power. And the Manor is preventing your entry." He let out a sigh. "The Manor lies on a spiritual nexus."

"And that is?" asked Piper.

"Energy," said Kayda as Leo nodded.

"And whoever controls the Manor, controls the Nexus. As long as the Manor has been held by the descendants of the Warren line, the power of the Nexus has been used for good. But if evil should gain control of it."

"Then evil gets the power instead," said Angel.


"So how do we get back into the house?" asked Piper.

"If evil has control," said Leo as he looked toward Kayda, "there is only one way I know of that might work."

"Aurora," said Kayda.

"How can Aurora get us in?" asked Prue. "She would be blocked just like we are."

"The Key," answered Kayda. "The Key was created to open the barrier between dimensions. While it's creation may have been intended for good. The Key itself isn't." She pulled out her commlink. "Aurora, this is Kayda. I need you at Aunt Buffy's apartment in the Academy. It's an emergency."

"I think the fewer people that go back to the Manor, the less possibility there will be for more people to become like Buffy and Phoebe," said Prue.

"Then it should be just you, me and Aurora," suggested Piper as Aurora appeared in a flash of green.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Prue, Piper and Aurora appeared in a flash of green in the attic of the Manor.

"Do what you need to do," said Aurora as she unclipped her lightsaber.

Prue and Piper went straight to the Book of Shadows. They frantically flipped through the book in the hopes that they would come across something that would help them defeat the thing that had control of Buffy and Phoebe. After several more moments they slammed the book shut.

"There is nothing here. We don't even know what we're fighting," said Prue.

"Buffy and Phoebe," Piper answered shortly.

"It is more than that," said Aurora. "Let's start from the beginning. What happened first?"

"Gas man attacked me." Piper replied immediately.

"Before that," said Prue.

"Uh, the earthquake which effectively brought the gas man to the house to check the leak in the basement," Piper offered. "The gas man said that's where Buffy and Phoebe were. And we know they've been down there."

Prue shook her head enthusiastically at Piper's proposal. "No, no, Piper, it was just a story."

"What was?" asked Aurora as she looked at the pair.

"It was a story that Grams told us as children," explained Prue. "It was something Phoebe was terrified of as a child, the Woogyman."

"Phoebe swore she saw something down there and that's when Grams started telling us the story…" Piper started but trailed off as Prue finished her thought.

"…of how to destroy it," Prue added.

"And there was an earthquake that night too, remember?" Piper continued. "Maybe that's how it gets out."

"Then we've looking in the wrong place," said Aurora. "How to deal with this demon is not in the book. It is in the story. Do you two remember it?"

Piper bit her lip and glanced away. "Uh, something about a Woogyman and Grams fought it…"

"Prue, what do you remember?"

Prue shook her head slowly. "I-I-I remember that it was sort of like a rhyme. It sounded like a children's song."

"We will need to figure it out if we intend to free Aunt Buffy and Phoebe," said Aurora. It was then through the Force she felt movement on the otherside of the door. She opened it and found Buffy and Phoebe there.

Buffy grabbed Aurora and pulled her out as Phoebe walked. Phoebe then closed and locked the door. "Any fantasies about how you want to die?" Buffy asked her niece.

"Aunt Buffy, listen to me," said Aurora. "You don't want to follow Uncle Anakin's path."

"Don't I, Aurora?" answered Buffy. "The power he gives is incredible! It is like nothing you have ever known."

"Aunt Buffy, you are stronger than him," said Aurora. "If you weren't you wouldn't be Grandmaster of the Jedi Order."

"No, I'm not," answered Buffy. "That's why he chose me and Phoebe." It was then that her voice took on a demonic tone, "But now I'm stronger."

Aurora nodded. "Then I will do as I must," she said resignedly as she activated her lightsaber.

In the attic Phoebe was attacking her sisters. Prue squinted at Phoebe and sent her flying. They then turned toward the door and ran out of the attic. On the second floor they found Aurora and Buffy engaged in a lightsaber duel.

"Go, save them, figure out, I will keep Aunt Buffy distracted," said Aurora.

Prue and Piper continued down the stairs to the ground floor and through the house to the conservatory.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Phoebe slowly regained consciousness from being thrown across the room by Prue. She glared dangerously at the pedestal that she had knocked over and at the sword that Paige had orbed from her and apparently left in the attic. Without a second glance, Phoebe hurried out of the attic and down the stairs to the second floor where Buffy and Aurora were still engaged in their lightsaber duel.

"Stop your sisters," said Buffy. "I will deal with Aurora."

Phoebe nodded as she headed on down the stairs.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

"Aurora is right," said Prue. "The answer is in Grams' Woogyman story."

"Which neither one of us remembers," admitted Piper.

It was then that they head Phoebe's voice carrying from the direction of the basement. "Prue, Piper! Help me!"

Prue bit her lip slightly and her eyes flickered toward Piper. "Do you think…" she began, hesitantly stepping in the general direction of Phoebe's plea.

"Trap," Piper decided and shook her head slightly at Prue's current decision.

"Well, what else can we do?" Prue argued, still taking small steps toward the hallway.

Piper was staring at Prue in disbelief. "Without knowing the spell, we can't do it, Prue."

Prue nodded. "I know. Grams must have thought that this evil might come back so that's why she told us the story."

"Well, how do we remember the words? I never even believed in the Woogyman." Piper reminded her big sister.

"No, but Phoebe did. She knows the story by heart," Prue explained.

"Something tells me she's not in the mood to share," Piper countered.

"We know that the source of his power is in the basement. So, if we can weaken him, maybe we can weaken his hold on Phoebe. At least long enough for her to tell us the spell," Prue suggested.

Piper appeared thoughtful for a moment. "That might actually work," She conceded with a shrug. But how do we do that? We don't even know what it is or how to fight it."

"Help, Please, I need you!" Phoebe's voice once again broke through the sisters' conversation.

With Prue leading, she and Piper carefully entered the kitchen, looking for any sign of Phoebe or any clues as to what they were up against. "It doesn't really look like we have a choice," Piper commented.

Prue nodded in agreement. "Okay, so we're going to need a…"

"Light." Piper interrupted, a little distantly. Prue nodded as she unclipped her lightsaber. "No… the light. Grams' story, remember? She said something about using it to guide you through the shadows… or was it to the shadows?"

"That doesn't make sense. Using a light to find a shadow? Shadows retreat from the light." Prue returned only to trail off in thought. "And they thrive in the darkness. Kind of like this…" She realized, her gaze flickering around the dark house.

"Or the basement." Piper added, pointing to the pitch dark through the door. "Maybe that's what we're fighting. A shadow."

Prue ignited her lightsaber, it's violet blade snapping into existence. "Then let's go fight it." She led the way down the stairs.

"Phoebe?" Piper called out.

There was no response and neither Piper or Prue could see through the dark for anything or anyone. "Oh, wait! I see something!" Prue said as she pointed her lightsaber in the general direction of a moving shadow.

"What took you so long?" Phoebe's voice, coming from behind them, interrupted their thoughts. They spun around to find Phoebe at the top of the stairs.

Prue utilizing the Force closed the basement door so Phoebe couldn't come down the stairs behind them. "One evil at a time," she explained, turning her attention on the Woogyman. "Okay, Piper, freeze it."

Piper obediently threw her hands out only to have nothing happen. "It's not working, uh, can't you…"

Prue followed her thought and squinted at the shadow. Again, nothing happened. She tried moving it with the Force and again nothing happened. "No, my aren't working either, both Jedi and magical." She turned back just in time for Phoebe to finally reopen the basement door. "Phoebe, you've got to listen to us."

Phoebe conjured a large knife in her hand. "You're in no position to tell me what to do," she snapped, preparing to step down.

"Remember Grams' story? The one about the Woogyman? About the light?" Prue continued undeterred.

"Phoebe…" Piper pleaded as she saw Phoebe hesitate at Prue's words.

Phoebe backed away from the steps. "I can't. Don't make me. Don't like the basement," she rambled.

The Woogyman began to swirl around Prue and Piper. "It's no use. Your sister as well as your cousin are evil now."

"Come on, Phoebe. You've got to fight it. You're a Jedi." Prue insisted pleadingly.

And as Phoebe began to once again move a step down, she was pulled into a premonition given to her by the Force of Grams battling the Woogyman. "Phoebe, remember Grams' story. What did Grams say?" Prue pressed once Phoebe had hesitated again. "About the light? You are a Jedi!"

Phoebe stepped back forward. "I am light… I am one too strong to fight. Return to dark where shadows dwell. You cannot have this Halliwell…"

"Keep it going, Pheebs." Prue encouraged as bright white lights began to swirl around them and forced the Woogyman back.

"Go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night," Phoebe continued.

The Woogyman yelled defiantly as he was forced back into the crack on the basement floor. The crack sealed shut, the lights flickered on, windows and wallpaper were repaired, returning the house to its original state.

Phoebe sank down on the steps and her sisters quickly gathered around her in silent support.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

The next morning Prue leaned down to pick the Book of Shadows up off the floor. She, Piper and Phoebe were cleaning up the attic of objects scattered around the attic from their scuffle.

Phoebe hesitated cleaning for a moment and looked at her sisters. "I've been wondering if I am cut out to be a Jedi, that I am good," she admitted. Prue and Piper stopped mid-cleaning and stared at Phoebe uncertainly. Phoebe seemed to notice as she turned to face them. "Well, I am. I mean, up until now I didn't even think I had a dark side. I mean, not any more than anyone else."

"We all have a dark side," said Buffy as she stepped into the attic. "Despite that as Jedi we strive for good. The dark side is ever present in all of us, it's human nature. Even I have a dark side, if I didn't the Woogeyman would not have been able to possess me. And I am stronger in the Force than the three of you because of my years of training."

"So," said Phoebe as she glanced at her cousin. "Are you going to miss that power?"

Buffy thought about it and then smiled. "It was fun to actually have a magical power."

"So," said Piper. If Grams put away the shadow and it came back..."

Prue nodded in understanding. "Means it can come back again. Okay, it's time. Every witch before us has added to the Book of Shadows. We need to warn who comes next. It's our turn."

"Who should do it?" Phoebe asked as Prue handed her a pen.

"Before you start with the new entry in your book," said Buffy. "I have an announcement. Phoebe for defeating the Woogeyman and breaking yourself and me free from his power. I have decided it is time for you to build your lightsaber."

Phoebe smiled as she moved to Buffy and hugged her. She then walked over to the Book and flipped through to a blank page and began writing.

Author's Note: Two lightsabers down, only Piper's is left.