Chuck Vs The Other Guy

Notes: hello! Thanks again to all who sent notes or comments on my last 2 stories, I am glad people are still so active in this awesome fandom. As I mentioned at the end of Your Hands in Mine, I found myself creating memories for Sarah that we never actually saw on the show.

So this story is going to be missing scenes, either between scenes or pre/post-ep scenes from each episode of Chuck starting with Chuck vs. The Other Guy. Some eps will have multiple scenes, some may even need multiple chapters, some (like this ep) may just have one.

I have to say that despite wanting to write this fic, I am incredibly satisfied with what we got for Charah scenes. All of my previous 'ships were barely ever realized on screen (Mulder/Scully, Josh/Donna. Annie/Auggie) so all things considered I LOVE the Charah we actually have, but a little more can't hurt.

This is a post-ep.


Sarah had never kissed someone who was smiling so widely. She had to chase Chuck's lips around his face as he grinned bigger and bigger. They were kissing. In bed. In Paris.

Sarah still had a ton of questions: how did they get here? What was she wearing? What day was it? But none of that mattered at the moment because she was kissing Chuck. In bed. In Paris.

"Sarah.." he pulled back and froze when she narrowed her eyes.

"Right, sorry, shutting up again," he grinned and resumed the kissing.

Then he stopped and held up a finger to indicate he needed a moment and twisted his body around to untie his sneakers. Why he insisted on wearing those impossible to get on and off high tops she never understood, but they were so quintessentially Chuck that she waited patiently as he messed with his footwear.

Once his giant feet were free of their black canvas he twisted back and adeptly intercepted her lips once more, catching her off guard and causing their noses to collide. Sarah giggled. She actually giggled. Sarah couldn't remember the last time she giggled. In bed. In Paris.

Sarah had been crammed in her tiny car with Chuck, the back of a surveillance van, the supply closet at the Weinerlicious and shared an impromptu decon shower with him, but never had she felt so small as she did when he gently laid her back and stretched over her.

When they were standing, her shoes often gave her a chance at eye to eye contact, but in bed like this the seven or eight inches he had on her were obvious. She wasn't intimidated by his body though, she was definitely excited by it.

Chuck arched an eyebrow at her, asking a question while keeping quiet. She smiled enigmatically at him and reached up to his bicep, encouraging him to come down off his arms, to fully rest his weight on top of her. Chuck didn't want to crush her and she saw his warring emotion all over his face, how was this guy a spy? She could read his every thought.

She nodded slowly, her smile still in place as Chuck gingerly lowered himself, joining their lips again and pressing her delightfully into the mattress.

Sarah felt safe and grounded, his weight a comfort and a balm after the floating feeling of the drugs and the terror of the night before. She wrapped her arms around Chuck, drove those negative thoughts away for the time being.

Chuck made no effort to speed things along, once his shoes were off and he could settle into the bed comfortably he seemed perfectly content to just kiss her. When Sarah got her hand under the hem of his button down and stroked the warm skin of his lower back she felt him tense above her.

Although she was under him she managed to pull back, with a question on her face and he shook his head in the negative, his lower lip between his teeth.

"Talk, Chuck," she finally permitted him.

"Sarah," was all he said and then he buried his face in the pillow next to her neck and held her so tightly.

"Oh, Chuck," she whispered over and over.

"I've never been so scared," he started and couldn't stop, "I've seen you in danger before but you always were able to get out of it, you are the bravest strongest person I know and you always could get yourself out of it. To see you unable to fight back, oh God Sarah, it was so scary."

"I know," she held him tighter, if that were possible, made sure he could feel her heart beat against his own chest.

"Are you OK?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, Chuck, I am OK."

He nodded, his body losing some of its tension.

"I was scared for you too, scared of what Daniel might do to you or what you would have to do," Sarah spoke directly in his ear. "Are you OK?"

"I am now," he said, his voice ragged with emotion .

Sarah reached for the duvet they had mangled at the bottom of the bed and cocooned them both in it, shifting her body next to Chuck's sliding her bare leg between his denim clad knees as she began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Sarah, this can wait, you need to rest," he brushed her hair back noting the flush of her cheeks.

"We aren't waiting any more Chuck, we have no idea what might happen to interrupt us this time. Bad guys or the CIA or Honey Woodcomb whisking me off…." Sarah said her frustration growing as a particularly tight button failed to budge.

Chuck huffed out a laugh as he remembered the night of Devon and Ellie's rehearsal dinner, the night he was certain he and Sarah would finally be left alone to do all of the things they wanted to do to each other for so very very long. He had sat through dinner so patiently, made toasts, danced with Ellie and her friends who were dateless and waited until it was socially acceptable to leave when Honey announced that she had a suite of rooms for the bridal party and all the girls were staying together for the night before the wedding.

Sarah had offered to sneak away, but Chuck laughed claiming they had waited that long what was one more night, now almost a year later circumstances had continued to keep them apart, until now.

"Make love to me, Chuck," Sarah said her eyes glowing in contrast to the white linens surrounding them.

Chuck nodded now, so slightly, his smile coming back as his fingers fumbled with the buttons of his own shirt on Sarah's body. He pushed the duvet away again so he could see her.

"You are so beautiful," he said in awe when she was finally naked, his eyes skimming from toes upward before settling warmly on her face.

"Thank you," she said, her voice thick with emotion, unsure if she was thanking him for the compliment, for saving her life or for so very much more.


"Can we do that again?" Chuck asked giddily as he rolled off of Sarah and tried to regain his breath.

Sarah laughed, but in lieu of an answer she rolled on top of him and kissed down his neck to the spot at the base of his throat that smelled so much like the essence of him.

He groaned happily as her tongue snuck out and licked at his skin and his hand flew out blindly for the remaining condoms on the bedside table.

"This is fun," Sarah laughed as she sat up, Chuck's knees instantly coming up to support her back.

She reached up to rake her hands through her hair and Chuck was mesmerized by her body, the strip of condoms falling out of his hands.

"We need those," Sarah chided as she reached over to retrieve them.

"Huh?" Chuck said sluggishly as he watched her body stretch and flex.

"I feel drunk," Sarah laughed.

Chuck snapped to attention quickly, sitting up and cradling her between his legs and torso.

"Are you alright? Are the drugs still affecting you?" he pushed her hair back and looked into her eyes.

"The drugs are long gone, Chuck, this is all just joy. I feel drunk on happiness," she assured him as she bridged the small gap to kiss him again.


"I need food…." Chuck said weakly hours later.

Sarah wasn't capable of speaking so she just nodded, her blonde hair indicating her agreement as her face was buried in a pillow.

"I'll order some room service…in a minute," Chuck said as he found it hard to even move from his spot in the middle of the bed.

"What time is it?" Sarah mumbled.

"Almost 2:00," Chuck said as he turned his head to see the clock.

"We hung up on Beckman," Sarah shifted now, to snuggle into Chuck's side.

"Yeah, I think we earned a day though," Chuck blew out a nervous breath.

"I want more than a day."

"What do you mean?" Chuck leaned up on his hand to look down at her.

"I don't want to go back to Burbank and get swept back up in the work and the day-to-day. Chuck Bartowski, will you go on vacation with me?" Sarah grinned shyly.

"Sarah Walker, I will go anywhere with you," he said honestly.

She arched her neck up and kissed him softly.

"Good, now order me some food."

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