Chuck VS The Bullet Train

Notes: This is the end, more notes on what's next at the end.

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John Casey thought he had seen everything the Intersect could do over the years. He had been amazed by Bartowski, the fighting skills, the languages, the origami cranes he whipped into a mobile for Clara. The Intersect was something altogether different in Sarah though.

She was made for it. Her body was lithe and strong, her muscle memory for fighting already developed, she was just enhanced. He watched in awe as she got them out of multiple dangerous situations in an effort to rescue Chuck.

"You OK?" He asked as she pulled the truck she had acquired in a daring feat up along the cover he was hiding behind.

"Never better," she replied as she drove off before he even closed the door.

"We'll find him?" Casey assured her.

"I know," she nodded, her hands tight against the wheel.

"Like old times, you & I protecting Chuck," Casey grunted.

"Last time, Casey, we are done with this," Sarah shot him a sharp look.

"I know," he sighed.

"We can't ask you to stay if you don't want to John, but we need this, we need to step back from this life. It has taken too much from us already. I won't let it take our future. Our kids," her voice was soft at the end, her eyes bright.

"You will be a good mother, Sarah. No one is more protective of those she loves," Casey mentioned, "and Chuck will be around for all the girlie stuff."

That made Sarah laugh.

"He has to be OK," she pressed the gas a little harder.

"He has everything to fight for, everything to live for."

"He doesn't have the Intersect."

"I think we both know he has skills beyond that," Casey admitted grudgingly.

"He's my whole world."

"And you are his, he will hold on for you, Sarah. Forever."


Sarah grinned at the reaction Chuck showed to her undergarments, the fact that this man continued to be amazed by her body made her shiver.

"Cold? One of these buttons probably controls the AC," Chuck looked back at the confusing Japanese control panel.

"Not cold," Sarah shook her head, her hair brushing her shoulders made her shiver more, she was so acutely aware of how much she wanted Chuck.

For a second Sarah wondered if it was the Intersect, but then she remembered every single time she had felt this way over the years, even before she knew how much he loved him, before she admitted how much she wanted him, she had felt this way when she was close to Chuck.

For his part, Chuck just nodded understanding, and reached for the fastenings on his own jacket. Sarah pushed his hands away though and replaced them with her own. She slowly peeled the jacket from his body, felt his body tremble under her fingers.

"Cold?" she arched an eyebrow at him.

"Touché," he was done with slow as he leaned in and captured her lips fiercely.

His hands at the waist of her pants moving deftly to remove them as well.

Chuck walked them back to the little steps that led up to the sleeping compartment. They had to negotiate their height in the cramped quarters but finally they were horizontal, face to face and grinning like goofs.

"Casey will kill us if he finds out," Sarah laughed.

Chuck just raised his eyebrows.

"Sorry, right, don't discuss Casey when we are not wearing pants," she nodded and laughed again.

Chuck was relieved that Sarah's memory seemed to be intact, that relief combined with the idea of an afternoon quickie in a random train compartment set Chuck's blood racing.

"I want you so much," he said as he kissed her again, curled a hand against her hip and pulled her closer.

Once again they negotiated the confines of the cabin as Sarah attempted to sit up on top of Chuck and nearly whacked her head.

"Careful baby," he stroked her hair and worried about what was already going on in there with the faulty intersect, she didn't a sex-related concussion on top of things.

"That's OK, I like being closer to you," Sarah grinned as she leaned down and stretched her body along his enticingly.

"Come here," his voice was so deep and husky it actually made Sarah moan as she wiggled up enough to kiss him thoroughly.

One would think the pair had all the time in the world, one kiss stretching in to the next, his hands sifting through her hair, over her back lazily in a dizzying combination of relaxing and electrifying. Sarah was torn between sex and a nap suddenly. She felt so safe in his arms, the whole Intersect drama gone from her mind as she stared in her husband's eyes, watching them shift from brown to gold and back to a deeper shade she only saw in these quiet moments alone.

"Please," he asked through gritted teeth as the ongoing foreplay drove him mad.

"You ready?" she teased.

"Baby, I was born ready," he joked.

Sarah's laugh was bubbly and explosive, but it didn't dim Chuck's passion, it spurred him on and he flipped her, carefully in the tiny space and kissed and sucked at her neck until she squealed.

"Now?" he spoke right against her skin.

"Yes, please, now," she tried to catch her breath between each word.

"I love you," he said, a glint of gold shining through his passion-dark eyes.

"Oh Chuck," she reached a hand up to cup his cheek, "I love you too."

When they finished Sarah giggled against his neck.


"New rule, once a year we take a train ride somewhere. I really like sex on trains," she smiled.

"That first train ride was amazing, discovering each other for the first time really. Or the 4th if you count the hotel in Paris," he teased and pinched her side.

"It's still amazing, Chuck, every time," she kissed him tenderly before reaching for her camisole.


Getting out of the sleeping compartment was as awkward as getting in, but Casey needed them and they had to move fast or he would surely figure out what took them so long. They realized early on in their relationship that Casey assumed any time they were alone they were having sex. To be fair he was right more than not.

Sarah found her pants and was wiggling in to them when something suddenly occurred to her, they just had sex, really good sex and she hadn't taken her birth control in a few days. Since the last day she was in Burbank, that was 4 days ago.

"Hey, you OK?" Chuck asked, already dressed as Sarah stood frozen with her pants still unfastened.

"Yeah, sorry," she shook off her discovery and finished dressing.

As they moved through the train Sarah wondered if she should tell Chuck, but he had to focus on the mission and if she told him he was sure to spiral out of control. She would wait until they were done and tell him then.

She tried not to dwell on the possibility, tried to tell herself that the flutter in her stomach was not excitement, but adrenaline to get the mission over with. Her mind did wander though, what if that tender, sexy, funny moment in a random Japanese train was how they conceived their first child.

'First?' Sarah thought to herself, it was already a given there would be at least two.

"Hey, you OK?" he asked again.

"Yeah," she nodded.

"I'm going to keep asking," Chuck said sheepishly.

"Baby, don't ever stop asking," she reached up and kissed him quick and hard before taking the lead to get to Casey.


Even with the blindfold on she could see Chuck nibbling at his lower lip, his eyes darting around in fear, his brain going a mile a minute looking for a solution.

She didn't want him to worry, but once she told him and Casey that she didn't remember Alex she could sense the stress in the train car go through the roof. She decided not to say anything else. Instead she started running through memories, trying to hold on to them.

She remembered the first first date she and Chuck went on, how good he looked showing up at her door and then how much better he looked just a year later showing up for their second first date. She remembered how much he grew in that first year, not physically of course, he was already pretty tall to begin with, but his confidence had grown and it looked good on him.

She remembered the heat of the first real kiss in front of the bomb that wasn't a bomb. The feel of his tongue against hers for the first time, his hands holding her so tightly.

She remembered the way she felt when Jill showed up again and could feel the anger bubble in her stomach, she hadn't forgotten any of that.

She remembered that moment in a hotel room when they had to take a decon shower and she felt his hands sliding against her bare skin. His long lean torso wet and his hair flopping against his forehead as she tried to focus on that and not their state of near undress.

She remembered the morning in Barstow, the feel of his long warm body pressed up behind her, how hard their mouths crashed together, how he effortlessly scooped her into his arms and then almost smacked her head on the night stand in their frenzy.

She remembered dancing at Ellie & Awesome's wedding reception.

She remembered him saving her in Paris, the moment when she saw him standing behind Shaw, her body paralyzed but her heart hammering in recognition of this man who had been everything to her from the first moment they met.

"Oh Chuck," she sobbed.

"Hey, baby, I'm right here," he took her hands back into his and rubbed his thumb soothingly along her skin.

"Are you in pain?" he asked as he kissed her temple.

"No. I just, I can't…"

"What?" his voice pitched up.

"I can't lose this. It's the only thing I've ever had worth keeping," she whispered.

"What's that, Sarah?"

"Us, I can't lose us."

The End

Note: Yeah, that's kind of a heart breaking way to end. I found myself sobbing at the end of this episode, I actually find it more painful than the last 2 for some reason…..

Without realizing it I am now crafting a choose your own adventure story. You can jump back from here to Your Lips on Mine for what happens to Chuck & Sarah after VS The Good-bye or you can wait for my new story, which should be starting soon called Chuck VS The Unknown which will be a different post-series story.

In addition, I intend to start a new ongoing series of one-shots, all Charah, set during the series. I will gladly take prompts for this, just PM me. If there was something you would have liked to see in VS The Love Scenes or something you wished had been covered in the series I will do my best to cover it. The first chapter will cover that Sarah hair cut idea I promised…. That story will be called Chuck VS The Moments and will be up in the next week or so (sooner if I get really inspirational prompts).

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