Law and Order: SVU and HP. I'll try to keep the less pleasant aspects of SVU out of the story, as this is mostly Harry living with Olivia Benson.

It was in June when Olivia got a rather unusual call from England. Apparently some of her mother's cousins had recently learned that someone was still alive on their side of the family.

From what she understood, Petunia Dursely (her cousin from England) had researched her before calling. When she found out that her cousin specialized in traumatized teens, she went looking for Olivia's number.

Olivia Benson worked for the Special Victims Unit in New York, and was a Detective with a very good partner. His name was Elliot Stabler.

"Okay, so why exactly did you call me?"

"My nephew recently came back from his private school rather traumatized, and I can't exactly drag him to a psychologist. My husband would never pay for it. I don't know what to do with him, and frankly I think a change of scenery would do more than staying here."

"I can't exactly afford to keep a teenager," said Olivia.

"There's a stipend from his father's family that should pay for most living expenses. No doubt he'd be able to find a branch to withdraw any cash you might need. His father was pretty well off, and from what my sister said it was old money."

While that solved one problem, Olivia didn't think she could handle having a problem teenager. Her job was stressful enough.

"Look, send him here for a week. If he can handle living here then I'll see what I can do. If not I'll send him back," said Olivia. A trial period was a perfectly reasonable compromise, and if nothing else she could set Dr. Huang on her cousin to see if there was anything she could do.

Besides, she was interested to meet a cousin who actually wanted to talk to her. Her mother's family wanted nothing to do with her because of how her mother became pregnant.

Harry honestly didn't know how to feel about meeting one of his American cousins. He didn't even know he had cousins in America until Petunia found an old address in a book for a Serena Benson.

All he knew of Olivia was that she was a cop in a very specific branch in New York, she lived alone, and was never married.

At this point he was just glad he didn't have to spend yet another summer stuck in Privet Drive with people he couldn't stand. Particularly since an ill-timed kick by Dudley caused the air conditioning to go out, and the repair man was backed up for a full week.

He still had nightmares of Cedric's death.

He walked through the mundane part of the air port, having taken an long, tedious plane ride that he thankfully included an in-flight meal that was actually decent.

He looked around, trying to find anyone matching the picture of his cousin. Instead he found a rather strict looking guy with a military hair cut with a sign.

"You Olivia's cousin?"

"If the woman you're referring to is Olivia Benson, then yes. At least as far as I'm aware anyway. Who're you?"

"Elliot Stabler, her partner. Liv had to go to an emergency court appearance so she asked me to pick you up."

"...Can I see some ID? No offense but I find it's better to indulge in a little healthy paranoia when you're in an unfamiliar country," asked Harry.

Elliot showed him his badge and driver's license, which was good enough for him.

Now under normal circumstances, Harry would have to deal with customs to retrieve his only friend in the hell that was Privet Drive. But he had an epiphany, and told Hedwig to wait for a week before heading there, in the event things didn't work out. She would have hated the cramped plane, and traveling without her along was much cheaper.

Thanks to the annoyance that was jet lag, he was woken up once they reached the precinct and given a visitor's pass since Olivia had to pick up a few things before she took him back to her apartment. Fortunately he didn't mind sleeping on the couch until her spare room was cleaned out.

He ended up borrowing a spare bed that some of the cops used when they had a late night and it would be pointless to go home when you would have to make an early morning the next day. He was woken up a second time by his cousin.

"Jet lag?"

"That and a few other things," he said yawning. "What's was the emergency court thing about?"

"One of the Defense attorneys tried to pull a fast one by getting the case rescheduled at an earlier time, and I was one of the witnesses. Do you want to stay here until my shift is over, or do you want me to drop you off at my apartment so you can get settled in?"

"...Just get me some caffeine and I should be able to stay awake until lunch."

"It's 2 in the afternoon."

"Dinner then. No point in sleeping when I'll just end up awake in the wee hours of the morning anyway," replied Harry.

Armed with a cup of paint-thinner grade coffee Harry managed to stay awake until dinner. He spent most of his time at the precinct learning what exactly it was Olivia did for a living. Well, that and finding out what kind of baked goods the cops preferred. Some said muffins, others said cookies.

When Olivia finished her shift, they went to a restaurant that catered to off-duty cops, and he was treated to a cheap, but rather tasty meal.

After nearly fifteen years of the same boring British food, American cuisine was the best he'd had. Especially since the two places where he could get an abundance of food usually meant he was eating overly fatty ones. As much as he loved Mrs. Weasley's cooking, she really needed to learn some new recipes.

By the time he crashed onto the couch (putting his bags somewhere he could put them away later) he was exhausted.

One week passed by far too quickly. Olivia quickly learned that Petunia had good reason to worry about her nephew...he had nightmares, but he apparently learned to keep quiet even while sleeping.

By the end of the week Olivia asked him whether or not he wanted to stay in America instead of going home.

"I like it here. People aren't constantly putting me on a pedestal, and most people ignore me. Not to mention the fact you actually treat me like I have a brain, and Aunt Petunia would be making me do all the chores around the house so she wouldn't have to do them herself," Harry said honestly.

If he had to chose between the Dursleys, the Weasleys or living with Olivia...well, the honest answer was that he preferred New York. Here no one batted an eye if he was around, and Olivia actually listened to him. Even if the room was small, and the fridge wasn't fully stocked, it was infinitely better than what he had to deal with before now.

About the only negative he could see with living with her was that she made him visit the department's on-call psychiatrist once a week. Dr. Huang was friendly enough, but he didn't see himself divulging anything big to this guy.

Olivia was slightly unhappy with the fact that all he owned were in the two large duffel bags he had brought with him as carry-ons. At least he did have a pet, but apparently it had to be shipped to New York.

At least that was what she assumed. Instead she woke up one morning to find a large white owl sitting on the windowsill tapping impatiently.

Harry woke up to the smell of coffee, and when he saw the owl he opened the window despite her misgivings about a large bird. Imagine her shock when she realized this was Harry's pet!

"You never said you had a pet bird."

"Most people think messenger pigeons are outdated. How would you have reacted to the fact I have a messenger owl?" he asked dryly. Olivia conceded his point. She wouldn't have believed it without seeing it first, and that owl was clearly trained because it sat regally on the back of the chair without even reacting to her presence.

"Does she have her shots?"

"I can take her to have her checked out later. As far as I know she's up-to-date, but I'd better make sure she doesn't catch anything here. She is a snowy owl after all."

Harry came back later that day with official papers, one of which he handed to Olivia stating Hedwig had all her shots and had cleared customs. She was a cop, after all.

It took him a few days to find a school he liked...and to arrange for magical tutors since he didn't want to give up after four years. He was officially classed as a home-school wizard, though he had yet to tell Olivia about his magic.

He was still somewhat afraid she might reject him as completely as Petunia had.

Olivia double checked her account. Then she did it again because there was something there that shouldn't be.

"Hey Liv, what's wrong?" asked Elliot.

"My account says there's two thousand dollars more than I remember in it."

"Bank error?"

"I don't know. I certainly would have remembered putting that much in," she said confused. She called the bank...and they told her it wasn't an error. She had no idea which bank Gringotts was, because she had never heard of it before.

When she went home and mentioned it to Harry, he didn't seem surprised in the least.

"Oh that. I completely forgot about it to be honest."

"Forgot about what?"

"I went to the American branch of my bank and when I heard about the stipend I gave the okay to double it since I wasn't sure which school I could go to."

Olivia stared.

"Wait. Gringotts is your bank?"

"Apparently my parents set it up so that whoever took me in got a stipend once a month so they could afford an extra kid if they couldn't already. I can also get money from my trust fund," said Harry.

Olivia stared.

"She mentioned old money, but she never said how old."

"From what I saw, my dad was a lord of some kind and his parents made a lot of investments. I'm still trying to make sense of the numbers," admitted Harry.

"I'll help you balance your account books later," said Olivia. With one mystery solved, she made a note to take Harry for some much overdue shopping for essentials. And possibly look into getting a house rather than her apartment, because she already had to deal with more than one complaint about his pet owl, and it was pretty clear he was attached to it.

Besides, Hedwig was very well behaved and didn't suffer common pests.

"So when's your birthday?" asked Olivia.

"Last day of the month," said Harry distractedly.

Olivia blinked.

"Any requests on where you want to eat out? Or maybe a movie?"

"Not really. I don't celebrate my birthday that often," shrugged Harry.

Not much reason to celebrate, considering the Dursleys could care less about him and always preferred to lavish extravagant parties and gifts to their own son. The closest he had gotten to celebrating his birthday was the yearly gifts he got from his friends. Unfortunately he had no way to really contact them considering the post owls he rented from the alley kept returning his letters.

He even tried calling Hermione's parents, but apparently she had left her cell phone behind by accident and they had no idea where she was. Just that she was with teachers in a safe location.

Which meant getting in contact was going to be impossible, since he wasn't going to risk Hedwig's health. The owner of the magical vet had told him it wasn't a good idea to have Hedwig make the trip between England and America more than once a month, if that. And since he couldn't send a message through another owl anyway, he wasn't going to bother. They would have to find another way to contact him.

Mostly because Petunia had burned the number to call Olivia and had erased it from the caller ID.

Olivia made a note of places to take her cousin to and to ask Huang if there was something she could get him.

Huang recommended getting Harry a bike, if only because he was used to balancing while riding. Apparently he was part of a sport that was similar to polo in his old school.

The problem was that Olivia lived up on the third floor of an apartment complex. It would be pretty difficult to carry an adult sized bike up and down three flights of stairs, and most of her neighbors would be pretty annoyed having to share room with such a big bike up and down the elevator.

Which meant she might need to consider getting a small house later on.

Finally she settled on the latest video games, some fantasy books (she noticed Harry had a habit of reading things with magical themes), and a newer TV so he could watch whatever he wanted within reason.

If she moved to something a little closer to the ground she could get him a bike, but for now it was too much of a hassle.

And as a further surprise (and in an effort to get him to socialize with other teenagers) she had Elliot set up a small surprise party at his house. This would also double as an unofficial 'welcome to the States' party, considering they never had one.

Well...that and Elliot was of the firm opinion his daughter could use some positive influences, and he generally included Harry into that category.

Harry did his homework right after getting home, cooked, cleaned, and didn't get into trouble. He also kept himself clean and usually was a very good kid.

When it came to teenagers, Olivia had really lucked out with her cousin. About the only real issue was that he rarely opened up and knew far too much about first aid. Olivia had found out Harry had sprained his arm (this happened during the first week of school), but instead of going to the nurse or telling her, he had created a makeshift splint that he hid with his body until he got home and never made a peep about the fact his arm was hurting.

Elliot had seen the pictures. Harry knew exactly how to bind the arm in a way that kept it stationary while still giving him plenty of mobility. And he knew for a fact Harry had never had any military training on battlefield healing.

Harry walked into the door after Olivia, and was caught off guard by the party inside. It was lucky he didn't have his wand on him, or his instincts would have left someone hexed and him having some rather awkward explaining to do.

For the most part, the party was a success and Harry walked away with several new video games, a few fantasy books, an Ipod (which he was told not to listen to during class), and several puzzles.

Harry decided that he would do something nice for Olivia and the rest of the SVU.

Though to his disappointment, he received nothing from his friends in England or any news from his friends since leaving it. He had even checked the post office to see if there was any international mail, but they had nothing. They would have called him if there was, because the Americans at least kept up with the times.

At this rate England was fast becoming a distant (and painful) memory.

Though he did wake up the next morning to see a rather interesting pelican with a package from Sirius and Remus. They, at least, had remembered.

Even if he did have to cast a quiet 'finite' on the package just to be sure it didn't have anything like a hidden port key on it. He was paranoid, not stupid. Though he did send back a rather irritated letter asking why he couldn't contact any of them and that if they saw Ron or Hermione to tell the bushy haired girl to remember to pack her cell phone next time.

"Whatcha got there kid?" asked the receptionist.

"Delivery for the SVU unit. You can check for bombs if you like," joked Harry.

He had spent most of the morning baking these, going off the information he had gotten his first day in America.

The receptionist opened the boxes, and aside from reading the note he left on the muffins he knew Olivia liked, she told him to leave the baked goods to the side so an officer could pick them up. He never left a name, because he was fairly certain Olivia would pick up on the fact he was the one who made them anyway.

He missed Detective Munch entering the building after a late lunch...and the fact that the rather cynical man took the boxes up since he was heading back to his desk.

"What's in the boxes?"

"Baked goods. Not sure which bakery, though there's a note inside," said Munch, putting the boxes next to the coffee machine.

One by one, the police who went to get some coffee would look inside the boxes and pick out their favorites before returning to work. Some even took a few extra to eat on patrol.

It was Olivia who figured out who delivered the treats and the 'Keep up the good work' note inside the second box of muffins.

A quick word with the receptionist gave Olivia all the confirmation she needed.

"Wonder who brought these in?" asked Elliot.

"Harry did," said Olivia.

"Your cousin?" said Elliot. Olivia nodded. "Kid's got talent. These are better than that bakery three blocks down."

With that little morale booster, everyone went back to work, though some jokingly left requests to Olivia to see if her cousin could make more.

Harry fiddled with something in his hands while waiting. Dr. Huang was currently consulting with a case, so he would wait for at least half an hour before heading off to his martial arts lesson.

After the first time he saw a Rubik's Cube, he had always wanted to try playing with one. So he was somewhat surprised Olivia bought one on the way home from work along with some puzzles for him to complete in his large amount of free time. Huang thought it was good for him to solve puzzles.

"Sorry I'm late."

"Bad case?" asked Harry, not really caring. It wasn't his business, but if it was bad that meant Olivia would probably enjoy a night off from take-out food.

She quickly bought some recipe books, extra kitchen supplies for the more interesting dishes, and kept the fridge fully stocked so Harry could cook. He was better at it than she was. If it required any special ingredients Harry generally went out to get them personally. He also did the laundry and they sometimes swapped on who did the dishes.

"Not particularly pleasant, but not as bad as some," said Huang, not telling him much of anything.

Harry said nothing, but kept fiddling with the Rubik's cube. So long as he was able to pay attention enough to answer questions, Huang wasn't going to tell him to put it away. Sometimes patients needed a distraction so they could loosen up enough to let details slip.

He could tell Harry was one of those who were particularly guarded about their emotions and didn't trust easily. He mostly only came because Huang wouldn't tell Olivia anything he didn't want known.

For the most part he only came to these sessions because he was tired of the nightmares of seeing Cedric die because he was being a noble idiot. They used to come once a week, but after a few sessions he rarely had them more than once a month, if that.

Two months of once-a-week sessions had also helped him deal with the way he had been put on a pedestal and ostracized by nearly the entire school back in second year, and again in the fourth year.

Today Harry was so intent on solving the cube that he didn't realize he was talking a little too much about his past. Dr. Huang got more out of him in that one session than he had in two months.