Yes, I am seriously considering a Kathleen/Harry pairing. However the most they would do would be to go out on dates, nothing too serious just yet.

"So why a katana?" asked Julie, his trainer in swordplay.

"Mostly because I became fascinated with the forging process after reading this manga called Katana, but also because it's not as heavy as a standard English broadsword. Katana are known for being light and sharp. And for someone like me, it's perfect since I'm generally speed oriented in a fight."

Well that and it was highly unlikely a Death Eater would recognize a katana for what it was. If they heard he had taken up the sword, they might expect something from Europe and not Asia. Not to mention it was easier getting a teacher for how to use a katana these days than it was for a broadsword. People wouldn't really laugh if they heard you practiced kenjutsu, thanks to the popularity of katana in pop culture these days.

Harry brought his sword in, but kept it sheathed. He wold need to practice with a wooden version and find his style before he even remotely tried to wield his new weapon.

Only an idiot took a new blade into battle without learning how to use it. Or someone really, really desperate.

For the next few weeks, Harry learned how to use a blade. He was just shy of his seventeenth birthday when it happened.

England finally caught up to him.

Harry was about to walk home from school, after apparating to the shop to drop off his basketball gear. He wanted to take a shower at home before the game tonight. He was about halfway down the block and about out of the magical section of New York when he felt someone hit him from behind, and the distinct sensation of a port key.

He woke up seeing a face he would have been glad to have never seen again.

Cornelius Fudge...and some sort of pink toad thing, Percy Weasley, someone who was likely an Unspeakable, and Lucius Malfoy.

Obviously Malfoy had bought his way out, because Harry had serious doubts that he had a change of heart, unless something happened to Draco and the twins never said anything about it.

Harry looked at each of them, before saying "You kidnapped me to deal with Voldemort or to hand me over, didn't you?"

Seeing the expressions on their faces, Harry sighed. He was so not cleaning up after these complete morons, let alone dealing with Molly Weasley or Dumbledore again. The last thing he wanted was to have Ginny pushed onto him like she was before.

After two years of therapy and enough damage that he had landed on the Sparky Radar, Harry had seen a lot of subtle manipulations that had him rethinking telling his 'friends' a damn thing.

Fortunately he had foreseen something like this happening, if only for the complete lack of anything resembling common sense in Britian's magical population (they listened to people like Dumbledore and Fudge, enough said) so he had his American/British passport in the bag that they had helpfully ignored, if only because they couldn't find anything like a port key on it.

Or because of the strong notice-me-not charm Harry recast on it every morning.

Which why he was glad they hadn't had the presence of mind to do more than remove his wand. He wasn't bound or anything, and thanks to a nice piece of rune work that all Sparkies (whether official or undercover like him) received upon passing initiation, they couldn't put anything on him that would cause him to break a large number of oaths.

Things like slavery runes/spells, compulsion charms, Imperius (that one had left him sick and unable to eat more than soup for two days), and anything that would essentially make him the 'property' of another.

The only way they'd get him to do a damn thing was either through coercion, blackmail or force. And since they couldn't do a damn thing without having to deal with the entire New York Police Department (not to mention a rather worrying number of magical police) after their ass.

As it was, Harry was seriously considering asking the Americans why they didn't just get a little unofficial payback on the Brits for all the crap they gave them during the American Revolution. Odds were they'd go for it, since unfortunately the British magical society still had a firm hold on the progression for most of the English speaking countries, barring the Asian side of the world and a good chunk of Africa.

If America decided to return the favor and took over Britain, the old families would have to wake up and smell the digital age.

Which was why he felt a profound satisfaction breaking Malfoy's nose, Fudge's legs, the face of that toad, and then kicking the pink toad in the stomach so hard she started to throw up...before pointing his spare wand at the Unspeakable while raising an eyebrow.

"Are we going to have a problem?"

"For the record, I told them it was a bad idea but they refused to listen. And may I say it was an honest pleasure seeing someone have the balls to kick their ass the muggle way," said a familiar voice.


"It's Announcer. Thankfully the Boss let me take his spot so you'd at least have a familiar face to get you out of here."

Lee was, and always would be, the Twins co-conspirator. Which was why he had jumped at the chance to help Harry out.

He was aware of the consequences if he didn't.

Lee helped him put on the double of the Unspeakable outfit. It wouldn't hold up to close scrutiny, but it didn't need to since the majority of the Unspeakables (barring those with confirmed Death Eater ties not currently undercover) were on his side, especially since he cut all ties to Dumbledore.

"Where to now?" said Harry, from under his robe. He had not missed wearing these stupid things, especially since in America they didn't even have them in their clothing shops except for tourists.

"Gringotts, then I'll have to leave you since I have no idea where the American consulate is. You do have your passport right?"

"Idiots didn't even bother to remove my bag," agreed Harry.

In an unfortunately stroke of luck, Molly Weasley happened to be near the clock when she saw the hand that had Harry's name on it clearly move to 'Ministry'. And being a diehard Dumbledore supporter, she immediately told him.

Which was why Harry found himself absconded once again, this time to Sirius' childhood home.

Thankfully he had mastered a charm most students learned to tone out unnecessary distractions like a roommate's music choice or the sound of partying.

It was a well practiced and favored charm among college students...and he found it worked out very well with ignoring Hermione's ranting, Mrs. Weasley's shrieking, and the unholy racket that was Sirius' mother.

It was equally simple to ignore Remus and Dumbledore's disapproving looks and the expectant ones on the Order's face.

Once he was reasonably certain the uproar had died down, he cleared his throat so he could speak.

"Right, first off why don't you all bugger off, because I am not going to clean up your bloody mess for you. I am not your mother and I certainly didn't create this mess that you've allowed to run rampant because you haven't the balls to deal with it yourself."

"Harry! That's no way to speak to the headmaster!"

Harry winced. Evidently Hermione had been taking lessons from Mrs. Weasley.

"He's not my mother, or even related to me, and he's certainly not my headmaster anymore. I left the death trap that is Hogwarts far behind and see no reason to go back. I have a home, a family, and a life back where I'm actually wanted and appreciated...and it would just take a single text for me to bring down a whole lot of trouble down on all of you."

Thanks to the advancement of technology...and the fact he owned a cell phone, it wouldn't take long for him to alert Olivia (and through her the Sparkies) that some idiot had grabbed him and illegally transported him from America back to England. And considering how well liked he was by the American police department and the Sparkies, it wouldn't be inconceivable that they would bring some of their better agents to do a lot of damage in order to get him back since he made it very clear he wanted nothing to do with England's mess.

He was very well connected, unlike before. This time he had the proper back up and he wasn't expected to shoulder all the work for once.

He got up and made it pretty obvious he was leaving and his finely-tuned instincts had him throw up a barrier between him and the rest of the Order.

Four of which had their wands out, including Mrs. Weasley...and Remus.

Seeing the glaze over the werewolf's eyes, Harry had the sneaking suspicion he was under something.

So he drew out his gun (which had Hermione gasp in recognition, as well as a very few other muggleborns or half bloods) cocked it, then muttered something under his breath, which was the activation phrase. Now that he was fully armed, his mind seemed to go into overdrive.

Most of these people were sheep, and some were true believers like Mrs. Weasley. And since he didn't want to give them more reason to try and harass him later (they were firm about their beliefs in the whole 'light versus dark' debate) that meant he would have to get creative in taking them out.

And he was so going to subject Remus to a through examination from the Sparkies to see if he was under anything.

Harry crouched down behind the barrier, dropped it...then started firing.

Most of the spells he used were relatively harmless, but would incapacitate someone in a duel. Things like the slug-spewing spell that Ron tried to use on Malfoy second year. Other spells had the vocal cords seize up, but since the magicals rarely knew anything about biology they wouldn't know what was wrong. And most didn't bother with learning how to cast silently.

For the muggleborns he went a different approach. The open threat of something they would recognize and the fact he clearly knew how to aim properly.

It was a good thing he had bought one off the street and hadn't told Olivia how he knew where to get it. He had made sure it hadn't been used in any crimes, so it was relatively fresh... however it wasn't registered. He often wondered how Olivia would take the fact he was a lifetime member of the NRA or that he had it delivered to his P.O. Box so he could read it later in the shop.

Leaving the house with yet even more profound satisfaction in his stomach, having hit Dumbledore with a plucking charm ridding him of that damnable beard (and every other hair on his body) and another that would inexplicably cause the magical core the undergo a full cycle, which was rather painful if you weren't under a curse or anything that would cause it to react badly.

Let it never be said Harry didn't know how to hold one hell of a grudge.

He walked to the corner, then waited until he saw a pay phone, seeing as how he didn't know any numbers he could call with his cell.

Fortunately it didn't smell of urine, wasn't connected to any magical buildings, and had a helpful phone book. It took him three tries to find a cab that was still open after midnight.

"Where to gov'ner?"

"American Consulate, if you please. As much as I enjoy being back in my homeland I much prefer the women over there," said Harry, his British accent returning after being around it too long.

The cab driver snorted in agreement.

"I agree, but don't tell me wife back home that!"

Harry snorted.

It took two hours and Harry nearly fell asleep, but they made it to the consulate. Seeing the hours, Harry decided instead to head to the first hotel and went in under the name 'Elliot Stabler' before using the phone to call Olivia in New York. Odds were she'd be waiting for his call, and if not she's appreciate the fact he called her first.

Hearing her yawn, Harry grinned. He must have caught her at the office, because he was calling the precinct first so they could trace the call.


"Hey sis. Sorry if I worried you, I should be back in the States soon."

He could hear Olivia sit up pretty quick and all talk in the precinct stop cold. Then he heard the speaker.

"Harry where are you?"

"About three blocks away from the American Consulate. I told you the people back in England were absolute idiots with no common sense to speak of. They didn't even think to confiscate my passport or my driver's license," said Harry.

He didn't need to prove he was there illegally...he just had to get in touch with the American magicals and hope they'd get him a one-way ticket home. If not...well, he was sure they had plenty of body bags for any English stupid enough to annoy him.

"How long are you going to be stuck in England?"

"With any luck I should be home within the week. If not I'll be sure to call you and keep you posted. Tell the others they'll have to wait for their usual deliveries of baked goods."

Harry made sure that the tracking chip on his phone was active, and wrote up a quick text that he saved in the event the magicals tried anything. One quick text would tell Olivia he was in trouble and that he needed back up.

As it was, Harry found himself in the unenviable position of having to deal with the one thing everyone hated, especially cops.

A lawyer.

Fortunately, there were magical barristers that had offices in both worlds, so Harry could give them a lot of work that would yield quite a bit of profit for both parties.

In short Harry was going to sue the hell out of the magical communities and make their lives hell. He also had a restraining order issued for one Albus Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge, Lucius Malfoy, Molly Weasley, and Hermione Granger. If they came within a hundred yards of him he'd have them arrested.

If they tried to kidnap him again, he'd be within his rights to knife the bastards.

As it was, Cragen ended up sending a familiar face when Harry found out the hard way that the British Ministry planned to make his escape as difficult as humanly possible.

He sent Elliot, who was had developed a familiar hatred for magical travel after being subjected to an international portkey, courtesy of the Sparkies. Harry could commiserate, considering he despised the normal kind.