Twisted Shadows:
A New Star Fox Saga

By Wolf O'Donnell

Author's Note: Here goes! It's another one of my What-happens-next-after-Andross-dies' fic. Once again, it's set in a different dimension from the other of my fanfics. And once again, it features characters from the Netherworld. The swearing has been censored, once again, with little asterisks that hides the second and third letters of the f**king swear word!

~ * ~

Prologue: The Fall of Silent Hill
And the Lord God said, "The Man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live for ever." So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had taken.
After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

The Bible.
Genesis 4:22-24.

Location: Fascia. Year (according to the Fascia calendar): 2005.

The young Fascian soldier made his way across the battlefield as the enemy troops slowly marched their way towards Silent Hill, where the Royal Palace was located.
"Damn it! Why did the Trade Guild have to attack today of all days?" wondered the soldier, as he dived head forward into a ditch left over from a shell explosion. Just when the Fascians were going to demilitarise, the Guild had attacked them suddenly, leaving them no choice but to retaliate. No doubt, the Guild was after their new Recovery Pod technology, a new piece of medical equipment that healed wounds at quadruple the rate of naturally healing wounds.

There was another blast and a huge plasma bomb hurtled over his head and in the direction of Silent Hill. He heard an explosion and then turned round to see what had been hit. The Royal Palace had been hit! He prayed that the Royal Family were okay, but he knew that would be very unlikely. He turned round again and saw the Guild Troops move forward. He brought out his gun and fired furiously at the waves of advancing troops. There was another blast and a shell hurtled straight towards him.

Kofu Tarragon made his way down the corridor of the ship that hovered outside of Fascia, just above Silent Hill. At the end of the corridor was a door that was larger than the other doors within the mothership. As he approached it, the door slid open and he walked in. The room he walked into was of a Spartan in decoration, barely. A large potted plant stood in a corner each; each flooded with sunlight so they could photosynthesise and release vital oxygen into the air. Two banners hung down on either side of a large glass porthole that took up most of the far wall, each with Oriental characters written on them in black. At the porthole, stood a figure that looked out of the porthole and over Fascia. Kofu kneeled down on one knee, before addressing the person that stood at the porthole.
"Lord Jingoist, sir, I have news from the frontline," said Kofu. "They've managed to capture a Recovery Pod unit and the Royal Palace at Silent Hill has fallen."

"Excellent," exclaimed a voice that came from the figure standing at the porthole. "I have no further use of this pitiful planet any longer. Send the Planet Busters down." The figure turned round to look at Kofu with soulless eyes and a hideous smile on his face. "You haven't seen a Planet Buster at work, have you, Kofu?"

"No, sir," came the timid reply that he barely managed to force through his throat.

"Well stay with me and watch. It is an incredible and marvellous experience that you shall never forget. The fireworks, when the planet blows apart, are a beautiful spectacle to watch."

Chapter 1: Battle at Ana
War is born from hate and feeds of hate. One death leads to another, leads to more hatred against the enemy, leads to another death, and eventually to the death of all concerned. Only when both sides are obliterated will War finally wither away. This is the beauty of war.

Lord Jingoist: Leader of the Trade Guild.
The Beauty of War

A male chaffinch made his way across the corridor, along the red carpeted floor within the beige coloured corridors of the palace. The building was a hidden palace, hidden away from the view of public eyes and had been a perfect hideout from the Venomian Army when it took over Titania. It had been the HQ of the Titanian Liberation Front (TLF) once, when the Venomians gradually lost support from the Titanian people as the war progressed. He was dressed in a grey military uniform that sported the old TLF Emblem, a sun within a wreath, that had now been adopted for the Titanian Flag.

His name was Colonel Juan Franco, the favourite of General Phillip Gomez, the very Leader of the TLF, and now the President of Titania. The two had been friends from the very start, their radical hatred of Andross and all that he stood for, being the cement that had kept their friendship together. As the chaffinch made his way through the corridor, his thoughts began to wander towards peace. Andross was finally dead, and things were slowly being brought back together.

General Gomez, a large anthropomorphic bull, stared out of the window of his office within the Hidden Palace. He gazed far out over the sandy dunes and towards the distance where the Southern Ruins lay. It was there that the new Titanian capital was to be built in the shadows of the Southern Ruins, which were supposed to be haunted according to local myths and legends. A sudden knock on his door made the General turn round to face the door. Standing there was Col. Franco.
"General Gomez, sir, may I come in?" asked Juan. The bull just nodded in reply. The chaffinch stepped into the office cautiously, as if it were hideously booby-trapped and walked across the sandy floor towards the general. "Sir, I have important news."

He brought out a folder from underneath his arm and handed it over to the General with a nervous look on his face. The bovine took it and opened it up, reading its contents. A worried look slowly took its place on the General's face.
"Have you tried hailing the fleet?" asked Gen. Gomez.

"Yes, we have," replied Juan. "They haven't replied at all. Should we call for Cornerian assistance?" He watched, as the General's face was suddenly clouded over by an unidentifiable expression.

"Yes, I think that would be best," replied the bovine. "We have no idea as to how powerful these aliens' are."

As Fox looked out of the window his flat within Corneria City, he couldn't quite help but wonder what the future held for him and his family. He turned round and saw the picture hanging on the wall, the picture of his beloved wife, Fara and his two kids, James and Vixie, who had been named in honour of his dead parents. What did the future hold for them? He had no idea, but hoped that it would be good to them. However, the way things were looking, he wasn't sure that the future would hold anything for his kids. Recently, Helen Dyer became the first female President of Corneria. She had won narrowly over her opponent because of her promise to ensure that no more wars like the Lylat War would ever start again, by uniting the entire Lylat System under one ruler, namely, her.
"She's starting to look like a second Andross to me," thought Fox carefully, as he looked out of the window and into the direction of the Lylat Alliance HQ.

He glanced over to the coffee table by his side and at the newspaper that lay on it. It had only been a few days after Andross' death, and none of the radio stations, or television stations for that matter, had been restored yet. It was only because of the newspaper that he knew about Ms. Dyer's rise to power. Suddenly, the phone rang. He quickly made his way across the living room section of the flat and quickly picked up the receiver before any of the kids could reach it.

Five Arwings were soon flying near to the planet of Titania, backed by Bill's Bulldog Team. The entire situation that Colonel Franco had found had scared both Corneria and Titania into thinking that the Lylat System was once again under threat.
"Star Fox, you have orders to identify the object appearing at the Ana Radial. Assuming it is not Cornerian, on the acquisition of an appropriate lock you are ordered to immediately fire upon it. Do you copy?" Fox nodded.

"Copy Titania. Orders recieved. Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Fara, you take it slow and lock onto the object when you can. Prep smart bombs but don't fire. I'll ID the craft on a flyby and give the firing order."

"Roger," Falco noted.

"Over and done," Peppy intoned.

"Right Fox," Slippy said.

"I understand," Fara finished. Fox engaged his boosters and approached the unidentified object at a fast pace. The others quietly acquired their bomb locks. Fox examined the hull of what appeared to be a large mothership of sorts. It was dark grey and appeared to be like some gigantic donut shaped arachnid. Fox circled it several times, searching for marks. He sent an electronic survey into the device and data soon filled his com-screen.

"Well, it doesn't seem to be" began Fox, but before he could finish, several ships suddenly flew past the mothership from behind and opened fire on them. A few robots flew out from opening hangars within the mothership and these joined in on the assault on the Arwings. "Whoa!" exclaimed Fox. "Fire!" He suddenly saw a couple of smart bombs fly past his Arwing. "Watch it, guys. You nearly hit me! Slip, contact Titania right now. We need backup!" He turned his attention towards the enemy jets that were firing at him furiously.

"No can do, I'm afraid," replied Slippy suddenly. "There's too much static, someone's cut off all our communications to Titania and any nearby fleets." Fox pulled on the trigger, and a flood of lasers shot out, hitting the jets. One jet burst into flames and crashed into another, the two of them reduced to metallic shards.

"That's bad," sighed Fox, as he barrel-rolled deflecting a couple of lasers. There was suddenly a bright flash as the four smart bombs hit the mothership.
"Yes!" exclaimed Falco. "In your face!" As the ball of flames cleared, it soon became apparent that the combined explosion of the four smart bombs hadn't even dented the mothership one bit. "I don't believe it! That thing's still there, and there isn't even a dent in it! What is that thing made of?"

"Some super-strong metal by the looks of it," replied Slippy, as he darted in between enemy jets. Another jet screamed towards him, firing at his Arwing mercilessly. A few of the lasers hit the wings of the Arwing, and one tore the left wing off, making the thing bank to its left side. Slippy veered leftwards, missing the oncoming enemy jet narrowly. "Whoa! Help me!"

"Why should we?" came Falco's reply.

"Don't worry, Slip!" exclaimed Fox, as he cut the engines and then pulled back. The Arwing flipped over as he started up the engines again and fired the boosters. The Arwing shot ahead, flying straight towards Slippy's troubled Arwing as quickly as possible. "I'm coming!"

"I don't think so, McCloud," crackled a familiar voice over the com-link. He looked back and saw four different ships flying towards him, ones that looked very much like Wolfen Jets. They were, in fact, based on Wolfen Jet designs, designs that Andrew Oikonny had taken with him when he fled Lylat. "That slimy toad is ours, whether you like it or not!" He opened fire on McCloud's Arwing. "How'd you like my new Darkwing Jet?"

"Andrew," growled a deep voice that Fox also recognised, "you'll have to introduce us to Star Fox some time. But not now. Lord Jingoist wants that frog." With that, Captain Kofu Tarragon fired the boosters of his Darkwing and flew towards Slippy's Arwing. An Arwing suddenly flew into his flight path and opened fire on Kofu's Darkwing. The lasers hurtled straight into the hull, scratching the paint off and damaging it.

"I don't think so, pal!" exclaimed Falco, as he fired again at Kofu's Darkwing. "We're not going to let you take one of our friends!"

"How touching!" exclaimed a squeaky, feminine voice, as he felt his Arwing shudder from being hit in the tail by enemy fire. The Darkwing that was behind him quickly fired its boosters to catch up with Falco's Arwing, so that it was flying beside it. As Kofu flew overhead, Falco turned to see his assailant. She was a mouse with blonde fur and white streaks on her head. "Falco Lombardi, I presume? I've heard so much about you. By the way, the name's Miasma." She flew closer, placing the right wing of her Darkwing underneath the left wing of Falco's Arwing. She grinned, as she barrel-rolled, making Falco's Arwing veer to the right and straight into the path of Peppy's Arwing.

The old hare quickly banked to the right, avoiding Falco's Arwing.
"Whoa! Now that was a close one!" exclaimed Peppy with a sigh of relief. His Arwing suddenly shuddered as a Darkwing open fire on it. He quickly pulled up, performed a somersault, letting the Darkwing fly past beneath him.

"Heh, heh, you're a feisty one, eh?" exclaimed a voice with something similar to a Russian accent. "The name's Morton, Kappa Morton, not that it'll matter when you're dead." The anthropomorphic bear, that piloted the Darkwing, performed a somersault himself, opening fire on Peppy's Arwing when he ended up behind him. "I heard that Star Fox supposed to be best in Lylat, but you are pretty disappointing. You're no match for us!"

"I beg to differ," exclaimed Peppy, as he pushed his control stick forward, and fired the retro-boosters. Kappa's Darkwing shot forward into the distance, as Peppy pulled up and then pulled the trigger. A stream of lasers flew out and hit the Darkwing in the rear, a few of them missing it and tearing off the left wing. Peppy smiled when he heard the bear curse loudly over the com-link, before the ursine abruptly switched his com-link off. His smile was soon wiped clean off his face, when a high-pitched voice suddenly screamed through the com-link. It was Slippy, he was in trouble.

Kofu smiled evilly, as he flicked the switch. Suddenly, Slippy's engines were abruptly cut off. The lion's Darkwing had had a new piece of technology fitted to it, only recently. It was like a gigantic claw and had latched itself around Slippy's Arwing, attaching itself to the ship. A probe had gone deep inside the Arwing, killing the engine, so that Kofu controlled the direction of the entire Arwing.
"My you fools are so easy to defeat," laughed Kofu, as he quickly fired his boosters and flew back towards the mothership. "Miasma, Andrew, cover me. I'm going to make a break for the mothership."

Fox u-turned and aimed carefully at Kofu's Darkwing.
"Hold on, Slip, I'm coming for ya'!" exclaimed Fox.

"There's nothing else I can do," replied Slippy, as he looked to his right. Fox's Arwing was flying towards his at incredible speeds in an attempt to catch up with Captain Kofu Tarragon's Darkwing. "Please, please let us win," prayed Slippy quietly, as he sat in the Arwing, unable to do anything against the Darkwing. A thought then dawned on him. "Fox! No! If you destroy his jet, who'll pilot mine? The engine's died completely, I won't be able to survive out here!"

"That's right, Foxy!" exclaimed Kofu mockingly. "You do anything to harm me, you'll inevitably harm your slimy friend here. Now let me past!" He fired his boosters one more time and flew quickly past the other enemy jets and towards the mothership. A hatch dropped down from the mothership and Kofu flew through it, before the hatch rose back up and the entrance to the ship disappeared.

"Now wipe them out!" came the order from the mothership, and the enemy ships set about to attempt that. Two groups of five enemy jets flew towards each Lylatian ship from behind and from in front, firing furiously simultaneously. The barrage of lasers battered against the Lylatian ships violently, scraping paint off and denting the bodywork. One Bulldog Jet burst into flames and was torn apart by the explosion of its own engine, taking the pilot's life with it.

"There's too many of them!" exclaimed Fox. "Everyone retreat! We can't possibly fend them all off!" As they turned back and flew away reluctantly, tears streamed from Fox's eyes. He had lost a friend to those aliens, aliens that were even now, advancing towards Titania in a possible conquest attempt. "We'll back for you, Slip. Don't give up hope just yet."

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