Twisted Shadows:
A New Star Fox Saga

By Wolf O'Donnell

Author's Note: Here goes! It's another one of my What-happens-next-after-Andross-dies' fic. Once again, it's set in a different dimension from the other of my fanfics. The swearing has been censored, once again, with little asterisks that hides the second and third letters of the f**king swear word! Please send comments to me at

* * * * *

Chapter 12: Jingoist
FURUSUPIIDO de mawari hajimeta SUTOORII
akaku daichi someageru
chikyuugi ni wa garandou ni natta PARADAISU
bokura no te de sukuidasou
hateshinaku tsuzuku sakamichi o
ima omoikiri kakenukete Far away

Target ~akai shougeki~
Wada Koji

Fara looked at the new gauge that graced her Arwing. It was still a long time before she could fire that powerful energy beam at the Kimono Jets again, and they were ganging up on her. ´Trust Slippy to get things wrong` she thought miserably, as she performed a barrel-roll, deflecting as many lasers as was possible.
"If anyone out there isn't too busy," she began, "could you get these guys off my tail?"
"Sure thing, Fara," came the reply from Bill, as he flew down towards the pursuing Kimono Jets and opened fire, launching a powerful energy beam in their direction. He watched in horror, as they flew around it skilfully. "Something's wrong." He couldn't understand how he could have missed them. Perhaps it was just because he was tired. They had been fighting the Kimono Jets for two hours straight, something he hadn't done since the end of the Lylat War. "They're retreating," he stated, as he saw them flying away from them.
"Something's up ahead," announced Slippy, as he saw some readings on his scanners. "Looks different." He shivered as if from the cold. ´It certainly does, Toad. None of this would have happened if you had just worked for me.`
"So this is what remains of the Star Fox Team, eh?" chuckled a chilling voice over their com-links, as a large and black fighter jet approached them.
"Who are you?" asked Bill.
A hissing laugh was the first thing that came from the mysterious pilot.
"I am the most powerful creature in the Universe," came the reply. "I am Ruler of the Trade Guild. I am Lord Jingoist!" He chuckled as the Kimono Jets started forming some kind of larger Kimono Jets on either side of his jet, the Apocalypse Wing. "Do you really think that you have been alone in your battles against me? I have been watching you from afar and I must say that you do not know how to truly fight. Let me show you how it's done."
Fara swerved out of the way, as a barrage of lasers flew from Jingoist's ship. She returned fire, only for one of the machines on either side of him to fly into the way of the lasers and absorb the attack with its force field. She gasped, as she realised that those two machines could protect Jingoist, while he picked them off like flies. ´It's an unnerving feeling, isn't it, Mrs. McCloud?` she thought, only...
"Jingoist," she muttered angrily, realising that those weren't her thoughts. She pulled the trigger, keeping it pulled back, charging up the energy beam. "Jingoist, you're going down!" she cried.
"Like husband, like wife," commented Jingoist, so all could hear. "However, even your husband was powerless against Andross' telepathic attacks, and you will soon find that I am far more powerful than he could ever be."
Her head throbbed with an intense pain that made Fara scream out in agony and lose all sight. She did not see that one of the Kimono III jets that flanked Jingoist flew away from its formation and straight towards her. All balance was lost. Sight became taste. Sound became sight. Touch became smell. All interchanged violently, such that Fara had no idea what was going on around her. She let go of the trigger and the energy beam flew through the air, missing the Kimono III. The Arwing crashed into the Kimono Jet, its wings torn off from the main body of Arwing.
"Fara!" screamed Slippy, as he saw that her only form of offense and therefore defence against Jingoist's Kimonos had been stripped from her jet. He aimed carefully, knowing that if he took the Kimonos out, Jingoist would be relatively easy to defeat. However, he soon found that these Kimono Jets could hover, and they suddenly surrounded him, each facing him as they circled his Arwing. Each opened fire, and he was forced to dive underneath them. He saw that they were spiralling towards him. "Please, help me!" he cried.
"I'm coming Slip!" exclaimed Katt, but that was not to be. All sense of time and space were soon warped out of recognition through Jingoist's psychic power. "Jingoist! Stop messing with my mind!" she slurred, suddenly, everything became a brilliant white, before...

* * * * *

Katt blinked once and then looked towards Falco. The both of them wore elaborate military uniforms, as was necessary for the day.
"Congratulations," she said, as she walked up to him.
"Thanks, Katt," he said with a smile on his beak. "Well done, yourself. It's not everyday a girl like you graduates from Flight Academy."
If it weren't for her fur, she was sure that he would have seen her blush.
"It was nothing, Falc'," she said as modestly as possible. "It's no big deal, really." Katt looked at him and smiled. "Of course, I have no doubts about your abilities. You are, after all, the son of..." A finger was suddenly placed against her lips.
"Please, Katt," he said, almost begging, "don't mention it here." He looked around him in an almost paranoid fashion before moving closer to her. "Katt, you know how I don't want people to know about my past."
Katt nodded in reply.
"I'm sorry," she apologised. "I..." The feline trailed off. Something wasn't quite right here. She bit her lip, as she thought carefully, not only about the feelings that she was feeling towards him but also about... It escaped her and she began to wonder what she was so worked up about. "I wasn't thinking properly," she finished with a sigh. "Not thinking properly at all." Strong arms embraced her, and she suddenly felt so safe. "Falco, promise me one thing..."
"One thing?" he asked her with a puzzled look on his face and he looked deeper into her eyes. "Of course, Katt."
"Promise me that you won't get hurt," she said. "You're not just a politically important person, Falco. You're important to me as well, sugar. I love you." She hugged him back tightly.

* * * * *

Bill opened fire on Jingoist's ship, only for his opponent to fly above the lasers and fly perpindicularly to him. The canine pulled back on the control stick, the nose of his fighter jet rising up to point towards the enemy. He flew up towards Jingoist, firing furiously at his opponent, but the Apocalypse Wing was far too quick. He cursed loudly, as he saw Jingoist's ship dodge each laser. His ship suddenly shuddered. He looked to his left and he saw one of the Kimono III jets flying straight towards him. ´Now you shall see my wrath, Grey` he thought, as the Kimono III jet opened fire on his fighter jet once more.

* * * * *

Falco pushed her away from him.
"I don't believe that you betrayed my trust like that!" he shouted angrily.
Katt felt hurt, as she watched him turn his back to her and walk away.
"Falco, I'm sorry!" she cried out to him once again. "I am so sorry! Please forgive me." She ran after him, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not keep up with him. Giving up, she watched as her avian lover receded into the distance. "Please, Falco, come back!" she shouted out to him. Tears streamed down her furry cheeks, as she watched him disappear. "This can't be happening," she cried. "Not again."

* * * * *

Sobbing miserably, Katt flew aimlessly through space. She did not see anything, as she flew in a circle around the battle between Jingoist and the remnants of the Star Fox Team. She saw nothing but her miserable past.
"Falco!" she screamed.
"Jingoist, what are you doing to Katt?" cried a voice over the com-links.
Jingoist turned round and saw an Arwing fly past Katt's ship and straight towards him. He saw lasers fly from the Arwing and straight at his Apocalypse Wing. He did a barrel-roll deflecting all of the lasers and then fired back, as the Kimono III Jets flanked his side once again. They too opened fire, and a barrage of lasers flew towards Jingoist's opponent. He watched as the Arwing dodged the lasers, weaving around each individual one.
"Not a bad pilot, if I must say so myself," stated Jingoist. "But still not better than me." He pushed with his mind and the Arwing flew off course. He chuckled and then got a glimpse of the pilot, as he flew over the ship. "Lombardi!"
Falco struggled to right the Arwing. He knew that he was under some psychic influence and knew that he had to do something to counter-act Jingoist's attempts to pervert his very own senses.
"Come on, Falco, you can do it," he told himself. "Youy can beat that guy." He saw all three enemy jets open fire. ´Kamen no shita no sugao wa wasureta subete wo tsutsumikomu mugen no yami no you ni` he thought, as he flew around them. ´Forgotten is the face beneath this mask like the endless darkness that engulfs everything` he thought, translating the very words he had heard whispered in his mind. The falcon gasped when he realised the truth. "How'd you know?" he whispered to Jingoist.
"That is my own secret, Prince Lombardi," chuckled Jingoist in reply. "Oh, but your hands are too stained with blood to lead your nation now; not that it exists anymore."
"Shut up!" cried Falco, as he U-turned and opened fire on Jingoist's Apocalypse Wing. He cursed angrily, when his opponent was suddenly shielded by the two Kimono III jets.
From behind the safety of the Kimono III Jets, Jingoist made a U-turn. The jets flew apart, flanking his side and all three fighter jets fired, their lasers flying through the air straight towards Falco.
With great skill, Falco dodged the lasers, firing back at Jingoist, only for the Kimono III Jets to fly into the way and absorb the lasers. He gasped in surprise, as Jingoist's Apocalypse Wing emerged from behind the two Kimono III Jets and flew faster. It smashed straight into his Arwing, making it shudder and tearing off the left wing. The avian suddenly found his fighter jet banking to the left. He looked back, as the two Kimono III Jets flew to Jingoist, protecting the rear of his ship from attack. ´There has to be someway of beating him` thought Falco, as he U-turned and flew after Jingoist.
"There is no way you can beat me," said Jingoist, as if he had heard Falco's thoughts, which- in all possibility- could have happened. "I suggest that you surrender, Lombardi."
"Never!" shouted Falco defiantly.
"You are certainly a true warrior indeed," commented Lord Jingoist. "Lylat certainly has bred a lot of noble fighters. I'm impressed."
"Someone needs to shut you up," stated Falco flatly, as he heard the lizard whisper in his mind again. He watched as Jingoist flew back towards him gracefully. ´He flies like Fox` he thought grimly. A thought suddenly came to him. ´He flies like Fox!` He noticed that the two Kimono III jets also flew just like him. A smile spread across his beak. He knew exactly how to beat this tyrant once and for all.

There was a loud bang and both Actoi and Morgue fell to the ground. Fox stepped over their carcasses, dressed in an elaborate General's uniform and looked towards the Titania Engine and then towards Oikonny. The vulpine looked down and saw the smoking gun in the baboon's hand, a smile spreading across his muzzle. He turned to face the bewildered scientists that had stopped their work to stare at him.
"I take it that you have been ordered to get this machine working by Lord Jingoist?" shouted Fox. He looked and saw that no one stirred. "Well, am I right or not?" He reached for his gun. "Let's have some feedback, people!"
"You're correct," said one of the scientists in a displeased tone of voice that suggested defiance.
"Thank you," thanked Fox with a toothy grin. "Well, if you all value your lives, I suggest you do so, but not for Jingoist. I want you to activate the Shadows of Abominations for me and for me alone!" He saw the looks on the faces of the scientists. "I can see that you are reluctant to do so. What if I told you that I know how to activate it, and that you can share in its power?"

Jingoist's Apocalypse Wing flew high above Falco, barrel-rolling as it did so, deflecting Falco's lasers.
"You cannot defeat me, you pitiful bird!" cried Lord Jingoist. The two Kimono III jets on either side of him U-turned and flew down towards Falco's Arwing.
"Shoot!" he cried, as he saw them flying straight down towards him. ´If only I had one of those special laser cannons installed` he thought grimly, as he manoeuvered his Arwing around the lasers that hurtled towards him. "I won't let you win, Jingoist!" A throbbing headache suddenly made him lose all control of his Arwing. It felt as if someone was trying to drill a hole through his skull. Several lasers smashed into his Arwing, tearing off the wings of his ship. ´Time to die, Lombardi` a voice whispered in his mind.
The Apocalypse Wing curved around, flying behind Falco's Arwing. Jingoist pulled the trigger, lasers firing out of his cannon and straight towards the Arwing, each one pummelling into its metallic hull. The two Kimono III Jets and Jingoist, flew towards each other, firing at the Arwing in between them.

Morgue crawled out of the ruins of Amenophis and out into the scorching desert sun.
"Lord Jingoist, sir," he croaked, as he spoke into his com-link quietly. "Lord Jingoist..."

"Lord Jingoist," crackled Morgue's voice over Jingoist's com-link. "The scientists are close to activating the Shadows... but McCloud is here at Amenophis and he wishes to use the Shadows himself."
"What?" shouted Jingoist in disbelief. "How could that damned fox have got through?" He pulled back on his control stick and did a U-turn, heading back towards Titania's atmosphere. "We'll finish this another time, Lombardi," he said, as his Kimono III Jets flew after him. "I have more important things to attend to." He paused a while, a smile spreading across his scaly face. "It seems as if your team's captain has infiltrated my defences."

Fox aimed and fired. He looked down at Morgue's now motionless and lifeless body.
"Oikonny!" he shouted loudly, and the monkey scuttled out. He turned to face the baboon. "Get this corpse out of here and tell the troops to prepare for his Lordship's' arrival." He turned back around and headed back into the temple of Amenophis.

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