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Chapter 1 – Candle in the Darkness

Harry stopped for a moment, why not, it was too useful to have and too dangerous for the Death Eaters to acquire.

He motioned to the others to advance towards the door to the next room and accio'd two timeturners from the shelves. Hermione frowned at that but raised an eyebrow in surprise as he passed one across to her.

"For luck," he whispered, wrapping her fingers around the device before raising her hand to his lips and kissing her knuckles, "we'll talk later."

Her shocked expression and blush were rather a cute combination he thought, but business before pleasure, they needed to rescue Sirius.

He looked to the others, and frowned for a moment. A quick silencing charm towards the shelf followed by a bombarda removed the threat for the moment. The other four hadn't noticed yet and harry raised a finger to his lips to signal quiet on the matter from Hermione, she stopped from exploding at their destruction, frowning once more, but nodded.

He knew he would need to placate her later with something good, otherwise she'd flay him for the damage he'd just done.

Pushing through the group he led the move into the next chamber motioning for quiet as they went.

The glow from the silver orbs around them told him he was very close.

Harry saw her aiming the spell, the words and intent forming, the energies spilling from her through her wand , a glow beginning at the wands tip.

In that moment Harry moved as quickly as he could to save his godfather, anger at Sirius' slip of the tongue burning in him, his magic almost reaching out to nudge Sirius away from the spell. With a strange tugging sensation in his chest he felt his magic pour across the chamber. Harry flickered for a moment, suddenly next to Sirius, a blast of energy from his palm, knocking him away.

Bellatrix's spell smashing into his chest and he staggered from the impact, the timeturner under his shirt smoking and broken, golden sand poured down and caught in his clothing, forced into his skin with fragments of the device. Faint misty limbs reached out and grabbed onto him with immense strength, lifting him through the archway, runes began to light up on its surface as death fought prophecy.

Bellatrix Lestrange, known to many as Voldemort's Right Hand looked upon the power unleashed in awe and terror. Her master was going to annihilate her for this. She quickly turned and fled, hysterical laughter bubbling free as she ran, tears falling from her terror induced panic.

Harry twisted trying to break free and could only watch anguished spread over both Remus and Sirius' faces as realisation set in, just on the edge of his vision he saw Neville standing over Hermione, guarding her from any threat, looking anywhere but at the arch.

Harry expected pain, a tearing sensation, the feeling of his atoms being ripped and torn apart. Instead it felt like falling into a cold pool, rather similar to the sensation as he entered the Black Lake for the second task.

Death demanded its prize, prophecy tried shielding its agent, the struggle frantic and weak.

Peace filled him and his thoughts began to drift, this wasn't so bad, it was finally over, he could rest now. No more Voldemort or Dursley's. No more hate and vitriol, no more hero worship.

Then time entered the fray, death has no claim on time, when all else is gone, nothing will remain bar time. Death cannot exist without time. Deaths attempt to consume time forged a paradox, and if there is one thing time abhors, it is paradox. If time had claws it would have driven them into Harry and claimed him for its own, instead, reality shifted.

With no more weighing on him, drifting in that moment of peace, of freedom, it felt nice, was this how it felt to rest in your mother's arms? His mind drifted away and he felt…


He had lived a very short time, he deserved more. What had he done to deserve such a fate. Hadn't he done what everyone else wanted?


Hermione had been hurt, she was barely alive. Sirius had called him James before he fell. Why did everyone only see his parents, only one other saw him. The sheep of the Magical World turned on him at the slightest thing. He was going to tell her what he really felt.


Voldemort stole his parents from him. Wormtail betrayed them. Snape tormented him for no reason beyond petty vengeance. Dumbledore kept him in the dark, you're not ready he kept saying. The Purebloods were twisted and blind to the dangers of the world around them.


It was starting to hurt now, but pain was an old companion to Harry. Life was pain. The greatest lesson the Dursleys and Voldemort had imparted upon him. The cold was starting to burn, his bones ached and muscles cramped as his nerves almost singing with the pain.

Then suddenly calm and nothing more.

He awoke in the predawn.

Water dripping upon his face from above.

It felt like he'd been hit repeatedly by bludgers having drunk an entire bottle of firewhiskey.

He rolled over and took a deep breath. Suddenly coughs wracked his frame at the sudden rush of humid air into his lungs. He sat up and looked around in awe.

It was like something from some Attenborough show his aunt watched. The jungle spread tall and strong around him, cold stone beneath, worn by time and water. A large shape covered in vines was before him. Something about it suggested Egypt or south America.

He clambered to his feet and looked around for his wand, "where is it?!"

He scrambled around on the ground in a panic. Just to one side he saw it, scorched but intact, the weight of it comforting in his hand. He quickly checked himself over, nothing missing or broken, all his fingers and toes were there, no missing nose, both eyes and ears as well as his most precious body part. Breathing a sigh of relief he began to take a proper look around. A glint of gold on the ground caught his attention.

He carefully knelt and lifted the chain with the broken remnants of the time turner blackened and twisted by an intense heat. A few grains of golden sand sat in the bottom chamber.

He bowed his head in shock, a hollow feeling filled him for a moment before his rage rushed to fill the void. He stuffed the fragments into a pocket and glared around looking for a clue as to where or when he was.

His sudden movement brought attention to a tight feeling in his chest, opening his shirt he saw a few fragments of the turner cut into him, a strange twin spiral of scar tissue, it looked really old, with a faint golden sheen as the light caught it. Removing the fragments he added them to the rest.

A fresh wind blew past him, a promise of rain to its scent, trees moved in its passing and he caught sight of a huge tower in the distance. He quickly began to move towards it, a tower suggested people, he had a better chance to learn what had happened there than just sitting here and moping, he'd done enough of that.

Count Dooku started from his meditations in his chambers, the meeting with San Hill had been draining but had resulted in a great tool for his masters goals. A sudden shift in the force had caught his attention, it was like a very faint bell had been struck on the edge of his hearing.

He stood and moved to his desk, the screen lighting up at his presence. He quickly scrolled through his messages but found nothing that would demand his attention. With a slight frown he brought up maps of the region and studied them.

After an hour he realised he kept coming back to the same map, a series of planets that had been removed from the Jedi archives. His master had mentioned one of them as holding a cult that held resources that may be of use to him at a later point.

Dromand Kass, ancient capital of a destroyed Sith Empire under Darth Vitiate. Currently home to the Prophets of the Dark Side. His master had begun to acquire their services but were not necessary to his current plans.

Something there called to him, the frown strengthened, he had not received a message from his master about it, perhaps it had fallen beneath his notice.

Perhaps this was a sign that his time was coming to take his masters place.

He pressed a button on his desk.

"My Lord?"

"Change our course, I am sending you the co-ordinates, inform the rest of the fleet to maintain their course we will meet them at Raxus Prime, proceed as planned."

"Yes my Lord."

The connection cut, Dooku sat back in his chair and pondered upon the forces guidance.

It had taken nearly 12 hours to reach the tower, he'd been lucky that another tower had collapsed and fallen partially into the structure he was aiming for. Otherwise he'd have had to make an immense climb down and then back up, the chasm had been impressive but very annoying.

Finally he made it to the tower and used cutting curses to make a hole in the vines. Within he found moss covering nearly every surface. After a few minutes of exploration he found a stairwell, the stairs still mostly intact. Thank Merlin he wasn't scared of heights, thus he began to climb, pacing himself as best he could.

After what seemed like centuries of trudging up and the strange markings on the walls, he found one of the upper spaces that appeared reasonably intact.

The door was still shut and the walls seemed intact. He would be well above the jungle here, plenty of views and safety from most predators. A good secure space to sleep would be a blessing.

He wondered once more how long it would take for anyone to find him, maybe he should have stayed where he was. No, they would find him if they could.

He forced the door open, straining against the rust and the weight of time, his wand seemed almost hot from the strain. He managed a whole foot before it refused to go any further. Snarling in anger he kicked the door and then carefully moved through the gap.

It looked like this had been someone's home.

The air was much dryer within, a thin layer of dust covered everything. Statues stood around the room, robed figures, many not human seemed to be standing vigilant over the hallway.

Carefully he moved within taking care not to disturb anything, using the few spells he knew for looking for traps. Nothing.

He straightened up when he entered the main living area, one entire wall was some kind of glass, vines covered large swathes of it but he could see for miles through the gaps.

Jungle for as far as he could see, what he thought had been hills were too regular in shape and spacing to be anything other than other buildings.

He seemed to be in some kind of ancient city, an alien city if the two moons in the sky were any clue. He dropped to his knees as the shock hammered through him. Tears fell without his knowledge as he looked out over the wilds before him. There was no way anyone could find him here.

"I am so fucked."

He wiped the tears away and rammed the emotions down. He was a survivor, he needed to think. Food, water. He needed them before he did anything else. As if to answer his needs rain began to hammer against the glass, he couldn't hear it but it looked like a thunderstorm had rolled in in moments. A faint noise came from the way he had entered the apartment. He carefully made his way to the gap and realised it was the rain on the rest of the building making the noise he heard. Apparently the rooms he was in were soundproofed and sealed from the outside.

Calming down a touch he checked his pockets, he had his emergency stash with him, breathing a sigh of relief he was glad he had never grown out of hoarding a stash of food like he had at the dursleys.

Anger swept through him at the memories, he stopped himself for a moment. His anger was coming to him much quicker than normal, he shrugged it off as a matter for later.

He quickly found another door sealed against the elements, forcing this one open he was shocked as from in the darkness three red lights began to gain strength.

Suddenly a metal arm reached out and tried to grab him.

Scrambling back he yelled in surprise and fear as a metal skeleton forced the door wider and entered the room. The robot raised its right arm with a strange gun and harry reacted without thinking.


The spell washed over the form staggering it for a moment before it began to move again. Harry scrambled for cover as the figure began to fire at him. The shots of red energy were wild but scorched the walls leaving small craters in them, the noise strange and nothing like he imagined lasers to sound like.

He quickly upped his spell choice and cried "Reducto!" A flurry of red blasts of magic striking the robot, punching holes into its torso. It made a strange squealing noise at it staggered sideways. Harry moved to a better position and took the opportunity to aim his spell punching into its head between the three lights. As if it was a puppet whose strings had been cut it collapsed, the lights fading quickly.

Harry carefully got closer and kicked at it.

No response.

A cutting curse decapitated the robot and then harry began to relax. Hermione's voice sounding in his mind, "Always confirm your information." He looked at the robot and repeated the spell four more times, now limbless he felt much better about it. Carefully he collected the strange gun and examined it.

Nothing special or odd in its design, it looked like something from science fiction but had a trigger and followed the basics of a gun. Harry shrugged and stuck it on a table for the moment.

Investigating the dark area beyond the door with a lumos to guide his steps he quickly found a chamber with more of the robots, but these had been scattered around the room and looked like they had been cannibalised for parts.

At the back of the chamber stood another door. Taking much more care this time he opening it and waited, sneaking a glance he saw a set of stairs so he carefully climbed them to find a very ornate chamber.

Shiny black stone surrounded him with gold inlaid to form strange script and patterns. Three circles each inside another were at the centre of the chamber, the gold of them shining out against the black.

To one side was a work bench with a collection of strange fragments and odd crystals sitting on the top.

Red cloth covered a raised section at the far end, upon which a suit of black armour stood, its hands at rest around waist height holding a red crystal pyramid in them, strangely ornate tubes sat attached to its belt.

The armours mask was similar to that of the death eaters but rather than silver or white it was black with an ornate patterning in a deep bottle green. The robes of the armour looked black until the light caught them giving them the same green colour.

It was ornate without being too blatant, a subtlety to it that he found pleasing.

The crystal pyramid was glowing, gaining in strength as he came closer. He ignored the faint voice at the back of his mind telling him to run and not look back, Hermione had never managed to get that one to stick in his mind. He was much to curious for his own good. Raising a finger he reached out and touched it.

Nothing happened.

Both slightly relieved and frustrated at the same time, he reached out again, this time channelling a touch of his magic into his finger.

The moment he made contact he felt his magic roar through him, pouring into the crystal, he felt its hunger trying to consume him, to take everything he had and his own anger rose, his magic shifted and tore into that which was trying to steal it. His anger fuelling him, he snarled once more as he began to pull back on it, drawing that which was within the crystal into himself , he felt a flicker of surprise that was not his own before the sensation stopped and suddenly a small red humanoid figure stood floating above the pyramid.

He managed to school his features to hide his surprise as it began to speak to him.

"Vadinti tu'saen."

Harry frowned at the image, "I have no idea what you're saying. Do you speak English?"

The figure pointed at a ring on the finger of the gauntlets holding the crystal, "Vykti tave rieve. Mes galez byloti."

Harry took the crystal and put it on the floor, then he took the ring off the gauntlet and put it on his own finger.

"Now we may converse." Harry raised an eyebrow at the sudden translation he heard, the words echoing in his mind in English, quickly the echo fading until he heard only English. "The ring is one of my relics. It translates the speech of others to ease communication, it will also allow you to speak other tongues should you wish. Over time it will no longer be needed, implanting the knowledge within your mind with each word you hear. Your name child, tell me?"

"Harry Potter."

The figure nodded. "Well met Harry Potter, you must be strong and powerful to have defeated the previous bearer of this holocron. I was once known as Darth Krait. You show strength of will and the capacity to fight off a dominant mind upon your own. It has been a long time since someone interested me as you do, I have tasted the sorcery upon your energies."

"What are you?"

The figure chuckled. "I was a great many things young one, now, I am a gatekeeper to great knowledge and power. Few have been able to use my lessons but you. You may have enough potential to do so. Yes, you are the one I have been waiting for."

"What do you mean?"

"Later young one, for now, this armour is yours, the blades are yours, this holocron shall teach you many things, when you are ready you will be tested and then we shall see if you are worthy to bear my mantle and that of others. The force is strong in you. How far into your training are you?"

"Training? I'm a fifth year at Hogwarts…"

"I know not this Hogwarts, some new school for Sith perhaps. Very well we shall go through the basics, see what you already know, then we shall build upon this foundation. Now sit, not like that, like this." The figure demonstrated. "Now place me before you, hold your hands as so, now, breath, deep breaths, let your mind fall blank, clear, let the world pass as of no consequence, all that matters are my words and your breaths, nothing else."

It had been a fortnight since his lessons had begun, it came strangely easy for him, his mind clearer than it had been for so long. The basic exercises weren't too bad and the kata came to him easily. His supplies were gone, he had been able to gather a few fruits and killed some ratlike things, a bit stringy but it was food. The weirdest thing was that his hunger seemed to not be that bad, the energies of these ruins seemed to sustain him a touch.

He could now sense the flows of energy around him, the feeling exhilarating and profound at the same time. It was like the sensation of flying and looking for the snitch.

Now something new had happened. Below in the city he had spotted smoke. Having gathered everything together he had looked and watched as a strange aircraft had taken off from a scorched clearing, the edges still burning. After another half hour a second shuttle had landed and a camp had been set up.

Harry gathered his things together and placed a notice-me-not on the holocron. He shrunk the armour down and placed it in the sling bag he had made from what he had scavenged. Then he began his descent. He could feel the energies calling to him, guiding him towards the camp.

The descent was much easier this way than the climb. Every time he felt tired he just reached inside to that pool of anger simmering within and drew on it, his limbs strengthened and the weakness burned away.

One of the early lessons, rule your anger, do not be ruled by it. Let it fuel you, takes its strength for your own.

Soon he came to the edge of the encampment, there he watched as a group of different robots, droids, they were droids, were performing various acts around the camp. He watched for a short while before entering the clearing.

Immediately a group of droids came walking towards him, blasters raised and aimed at him.

"State your identity."

"My name is Harry Potter, I'm here to see the person in charge, we have much to discuss."

The droids looked between each other in confusion and then motioned him to follow with their guns. Harry nodded and carefully did as instructed, he had too much to do than be shot this early in the game.

They led him to a large tent within which stood a tall human, hair now silvery grey. A severe and intimidating man dressed in black and grey, a cape on his back. His voice was strong and powerful, rumbling through the quiet. Harry could feel a pressure in the air from him, similar to his own magic but subtly different.

"Who are you and how did you come to be here?" The man's brown eyes bored into harry as if to examine his very being with a glance.

Harry raised his occlumency and made eye contact. He stood tall and without fear as he responded. "Apparently manners are lacking here. My name is Harry Potter, I am a… traveller. Very far from home and lost in an incident. You're the first human I've seen since I've gotten here."

The man's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Apologies Harry Potter, I am Count Dooku." His eyes focused on Harry looking for any glimmer of recognition, finding none he carried on. "I am leading an expedition to this world in search of something."

"Count, a pleasure." Harry bowed his head slightly catching a flicker of surprise in the man's features. "I have not been here long and have explored little myself. What is it you are looking for? Maybe I can be of assistance."

"I know not what I am here for Harry Potter."

"Harry, just Harry."

"Very well, Harry. As I was saying I came here looking for whatever was calling me, i can feel the force in you, I am surprised you did not feel it yourself."

"When exactly did you… feel… this call?"

Dooku's eyes narrowed at the boy, "approximately fourteen days ago."

"Ah, then you are in luck, I do believe that was me."

"You?" The sneer in his voice would have made Snape proud.

"That was when I arrived here, so unless you can think of anything that would have called you two weeks ago from this very area other than myself, then you have completed your expedition in record time I imagine."

Dooku stood there in thought, his eyes examining the boy as he pondered, a shift in the breeze moved the boys clothing and he saw the hilt of a lightsaber. Once more his eyebrow raised in surprise, "and where did you acquire that?"

"Hmm? Oh this, I found it here, finders keepers, there's probably plenty of others around this place if you want one, but you already have one so it's not like you need it. Anyway, I am going to make you an offer. You get me off this world and help me get home, I'll help you as best I can in exchange."

"And what can you do that I cannot myself?"

Harry smiled and pulled his wand out of its holster and conjured a pair of chairs for them. Sitting and tapping his wand on his knee he motioned towards the second chair, "Oh I don't know, I'm sure we can think of something."