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Hiroto POV

''Yosh! Sakka yarouze minna!''

''Wait a minute Endou, what about the teams?''

Out of nowhere, Urabe-san and Zaizen-san brought out straws with white and red ends. Having Endou-kun and Tachimukai-kun choose first, we all took one to see which team we would be on. We also settled for a simple 2-top formation to keep the game balanced. The teams looked like this:

White team: -keeper: Endou Mamaoru (captain)

-defense: Midorikawa Ryuuji (LD), Fubuki Shirou (CLD), Shion Kaito (CRD), Utatane Piko (RD)

-midfield: Aphuro Terumi (LM), Kagamine Len (CLM), Kidou Yuuto (CLM), Kazemaru Ichirouta (RM)

-offense: Nagumo Haruya (LF), Megpoid Gumi (RF)

Red team: -keeper: Tachimukai Yuuki

-defense: Hatsune Miku (LD), Kabeyama Heigorou (CLD), Megurine Luka (CRD), Kurimatsu Teppei (RD)

- midfield: Suzuno Fuusuke (LM), Fudou Akio (CLM), Kagamine Rin (CRM), Kamui Gakupo (RM)

- offense: Gouenji Shuuya (LF), Kiyama Hiroto (RF/captain)

Endou-kun is captain of the white team while I'm captain of the red team. Everybody takes their place on the field after making sure the vocalists know every rule and where to stand but it didn't seem to go to well since Utatane-kun still stood at the side frozen stiff. I walk over to him since he looks sort of lost. Is this his first time playing soccer?

''Utatane-kun, do you by any chance not know where to stand?''

''Ugh, yes, I'm sort of lost. It is my first time playing soccer..''

''I see, well then it's understandable. Just walk over to Kazemaru-kun, that's the boy with the teal hair in a ponytail, and ask him where to stand. Your only job right now is it to steal the ball and pass it to someone of your own team''

''Thank you very much, ähm...''

''Kiyama Hiroto, I'm in class 2-2.''

''Then thank you, Kiyama-san''

''Hiroto is fine. Good luck with the game!''

I run back towards my place on the field just in time for Meganes whistle.

''I will be coach for this match.''

Out of nowhere, a guy named Kakuma Keita jumped out of the bushes. I've seen him before. He always coments our matches outside of official ones like in the Football Frontier. Just as Megane blows in the whistle, it seems like time itself has stopped. Nobody is moving except for us players. We all look towards Aphuro-kun in haste only to get a shocked face on his part.

'' 'Heavens time' freezes everything except for me. I'm not able to do this.''

we start looking around the field since we don't know what to do. Out of nowhere, a figure in a dark-brown hooded cape stands in the middle of the field. The cape reaches the persons knees and covers the face with a hood. Not like I would see since the figure seems to look towards Endou. I have a really bad feeling about this.

''You who carry fear and death behind shall disappear from this worlds surface. Die, hollow shadow!''

The figure disappears for a moment when a voice as cold as ice interupts the air.

''Shiina, stop''

The first hooded person now identified as Shiina appears again only centemetres before Endou with a knife at his throat.

''Why did you stop me?!''

''Our mistress said to scare, not to kill. Head back at once''

Shiina vanishes again leaving the new person here. From the voice, I can tell it's a girl.

''I have to excuse my sisers behaviour. Let me give you advise as an apology; do not sing anymore. farewell''

The unknown girl dissappears and time seems to flow again. i take a glance at Endou-kun only to see him on the ground holding his throat. we all rush to him in hurry and are relieved to see no injury of the sort.

''the school band 'Vocaloids' and the soccer team please come to the classroom of class 3-1''

The teacher doesn't seems a little so we all hurry towards the mentioned room.

''I have waited for you. We have a problem on our hands now. First of all, everyone who didn't see time stop, please leave''

After a short moment, part of the soccer club leaves the room leaving meiko-sensei, the 8 vocalists and part of the soccer clubin the room. did sensei also see those weird figures?

''Good, now that things have turned out like this, I would like for all of you to listen to me. The figures you have seen on the field were probably members of 'Lost Childs', a rather unknown terrorist group. They are specialized in assasinating and have only one known goal, the destruction of music and soccer. To stop them from whatever they're doing, you must help eachother and defeat the head of the organisation''

''Wait a minute sensei, organisation, terrorists, what is all of this about and why do you know so much? And why do we have to defeat them when our lives are on the line?''

Megurine-san is right. why us? what is this all about?

''The reason is simple, I belonged to a group of people who fend them of till now, but thy killed my comerades leaving only me behind, so I know quite a lot about 'Lost Childs'. It has to be you since you can move during the time freeze and if you don't fight, music and soccer will disappeear for ever. so, do you feel up for the chalenge?


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