by Sweetprincipale

AU early season 5. Riley and Buffy are still together and something big happened over the summer- a little bundle of joy is on the way. Buffy is not so joyful about how Riley is now treating her. She's ready to be seen as the Slayer and woman she still is, and Spike doesn't object to lending a hand (or other parts).

Author's Note: Joyce is around and healthy, but Dawn has not entered, nor Glory. Probably because if this were a show, the entire season would be devoted to this story arc, not the Glory one.

Author's Second Note: There is smuttiness here, including, but not focusing on, one partner being pregnant during the smut. If this offends thee, read not the piece :)

Nothing of Buffy belongs to me, except my sincere admiration. However, this story is all mine.

Part I

"I. Can't. Take. It. Anymore!" Buffy's voice rose on each word, until she was screaming, until the entire club was staring. And it took a lot to make people in this town stare.

"Um. Maybe we shouldn't have come here." Willow and Tara looked nervously at each other, then the enraged Slayer.

"I know a nice place that's open late. Tea. They serve tea." Tara suggested.

"What, I can't go to a club? I need a place that's kiddie-friendly?" Buffy demanded. "Riley was pissed at me for coming out for a girls' night anyway. Like a girls' night means drunken partying. Like I'd start to drink now. I've never been a drinker, but now if I go near a bar I'll instantly become some drunk party girl."

"Umm." Tara blinked.

"He's just trying to be a good father." Willow soothed.

"He's not my father!" Buffy bellowed, rising. "I need to go and get out of here. Kill something."

"We're not supposed to let her patrol." Tara hissed as the Slayer stalked from the table.

"Yeah, Riley said that. He didn't exactly say how we should do that. Or let her not do that." Willow stammered.

"Force wouldn't work. And we couldn't try that- now."

"We need a distraction." Willow looked around frantically. "Ooh, I never thought I'd say this in a happy voice- but there's Spike!"

"Spike's not going to help us!" Tara stared at her lover like she was mildly insane.

"He might. It's been kind of a quiet summer, he's probably been bored. Spike!" Willow flagged him down and pushed Tara after Buffy. "Just keep her busy for like- two minutes."

Tara made a whimper of protest, then squared her shoulders and tried to look determined as she fled after the blonde hurricane crashing through the Bronze.

"I will buy you a carton and a bottle of - whatever you want, just please, go with her. Don't let her get hurt."

"Why should I bloody care if she gets hurt?" Spike snorted.

Willow sidestepped that. "You can fight demons. You get your 'grrr!' on."

"That's not enough of an incentive, sorry." Spike shrugged carelessly and turned his back on the redhead.

Mistake. "Hey!" Willow's eyes blazed and she grabbed him by the collar and tugged him back to face her. They were both so surprised that he didn't bother to threaten or vamp and she forgot what she was planning to say. "Um."

"What the hell is so important that you go butch on me, Red?" Spike looked a bit curious now.

"Look, Buffy is… Buffy's not on her best game right now. If something happens to her, a new Slayer gets called, and that one might not care that you're chipped, or that you've helped us a lot this year, and they might just stake you. On principle. And Buffy's the only reason that the Initiative- whoever is still left in town now- doesn't bother you. Well, Riley, but that's 'cause of Buffy. And if Buffy gets hurt right now, Riley will crucify the person who did it. Or let it happen. In pieces. Multiple crucifixions."

He raised his dark brows. "Another question- why's White Bread so fierce all of the sudden? Slayer can look after herself."

She bit her lip, then leaned in. "Tell anyone evil what I'm about to say, and I'll curse you where it hurts." She gave a significant glance to his zip.

He frowned. "God, what's wrong?" A genuine note of care and interest entered his voice.

Her lips touched his ear. "She's pregnant."

He chuckled darkly. Inside. Outside, he was just stunned. Then he was off, running. It was too good not to tease her with. It was also - well, not a good thing if a pregnant Slayer got hurt and he could have helped her avoid it. If she died, the little thing inside would die. That would be somehow more acceptable, in his mind, than her getting badly hurt and the little thing dying alone. 'Cause then she'd be broken and Iowa Boy'd be deadly, and all fingers always ended up pointing at him. Kick the Spike was the favorite game in this town. He lost track of his thoughts, he just knew Buffy getting hurt now was bad, and he should prevent that for his own sake.

"Oi! Slayer, wait!" He raced to the girl and the blonde who was speaking placatingly to her. "Hi ladies." Spike drew up short and tried to smile charmingly.

"What the heck do you want?" Buffy attacked verbally on sight.

In his own best interests or not, Spike suddenly decided he didn't like the nearly deranged look in her eye. "I'm out." Spike backed up. Willow was unfortunately right behind him, and he ran into her.

"Two bottles." Willow hissed and pushed him forward.

"Why is he here?" Buffy's eyes flashed dangerously between the girls and the vampire.

"She asked me to." Spike sold Willow out instantly.

"Hey!" Willow yelped. Buffy's face was thunderous. "I mean- Buffy, do you really want to go kill something?"

"Wait, I thought I was for helpin', not sacrificin'!" Spike's hissed.

"Shut up." Willow muttered.

"Oh, yeah. Ready to slay." Buffy growled. They all backed up a step. She had growled. Really.

"And Riley doesn't want you to because-"

"Willow!" Buffy shushed her with an anxious look at Spike.

"She told me." Spike raised his hands to his chest, palm outward. "Mozel tov."

"Willow, we're not supposed to let the evil undead population know!" Buffy looked like the rage was about to switch to tears, face twisting.

"Shit." Spike breathed out. "I won't tell, I swear on everything unholy."

"And if Spike knows, he can watch your back tonight. You can do a patrol, he can help with anything heavy or extra life threatening. No one has to tell Riley."

"Willow. You can't ask Buffy to lie to her boyfriend." Tara shook her head urgently.

"Oh yes, she can." Buffy said huffily. "It sounds like a- a not terrible plan." She turned suspiciously back to the vampire. "Why would you do this?"

"Smokes and two bottles of whatever I want, courtesy of Red."

"We're going too." Tara declared. "And we're not staying out long. Two hours. You need to rest."

"Argggggghhh." Buffy's groan rent the night, her hands invisibly strangling something. "You sound just like him!"

"I- isn't that a nice thing? He wants you to rest?"

Another groan, this one with a whole string of vile cursing to follow.

Spike looked impressed, Willow shocked, and Tara bright red and stammering.

"Maybe Slayer and I should take the east side, you take the west." Spike reached for Buffy's elbow, but made sure not to touch it. "Slayer? You can kick all the asses you want. Free booze, and maybe I can heckle your form. Though you're not showin'. Don't look like a puffed up version of yourself. You're probably still as fast and lethal, yeah?"

She replied to him, but looked at her friends. "Yes. I am."

"Not arguin'."

"Let's go."

"But- two hours?" Willow asked plaintively.

"If I'm not back at the dorm by one you can tattle on me, okay?"

"Buffy, it's not like that…"

"Save it."

"Hm. That was unusual back there." Spike trailed a few paces back, his loping gait easily kept up with her huffy one. She wasn't running, too busy stomping, taking whatever anger she had out on the sidewalk.

"What?" She dared him to elaborate.

"Mind if I smoke?" He ignored the implicit dare.

"Nope. Do whatever the hell you want. Hell, take a swing if you want, I could use a laugh."

It clicked. "So that's it! You don't want the little bun in your oven. You want to get roughed up so-"

The fist slammed into him so hard he thought his fangs might be permanently stuck into his skull. "Ow!" He stared up at her in shock, rear embedded in a concrete sidewalk tile.

"Of course I want this baby! I love this baby!" Buffy twisted her blood coated knuckles into the collar of his black tee, choking him as she hauled him up. "And if I thought you would ever be stupid enough to try to hurt it, I would stake you before you could take another puff on your damn cancer-stick. But I was just in a smoky club, and the wind is blowing back, towards you, not in my face. I don't think one more menthol whiff is going to hurt little me. Or little him." Her voice became faintly disgusted on the final word.

"I believe you, and I just lost the urge for a cig, okay?" He gently pried her hand down. "I don't need to breathe, but I like to swallow on occasion. Comes in handy for those of us on a liquid diet." He rubbed his Adam's apple as she released her choke hold.

"Grm. Sorry." A heated grunt, then a grudging apology. "Can we not talk? Can you just… yeah. Pretend I need help?"

"I'm not that good of an actor, Pet." Spike smirked. "I know you don't need help. If anything, you're probably a little more quick on your kills now, aren't you?"

She narrowed her eyes, but didn't look at him. Giles had noticed the same thing. It made patrols awfully short. And sort of…unsatisfying. "What makes you say that?"

"Stands to reason." He shrugged. "If you do care about the little one, then you're quicker to dispatch threats to it." It was his turn for narrowed eyes. Wait. Then she doesn't think I'm much of a threat, does she? Well, it's keepin' me alive, that's good.

"So why do you get that I'm better, not worse, and he doesn't?"

"Which he?"


"Oh. 'Cause he's an idiot."

She laughed, one long, loud burst, before she guiltily clamped her hand to her mouth. "Sorry."

"Please, Slayer, I enjoy it." He grinned crookedly.

"Just- follow me and if I'm not as fast as you think I should be, do something about it?"

"Will do."

But like he would've predicted- no real need of his services. Five encounters, five dead or dusty in minutes of sighting her target. He never even got his hands out of his pockets. There wasn't even time to heckle. Pretty boy and his squad had needed six men and some drugged wonder dart to take him, one lone vampire.

"You sure he's not just jealous?" Spike finally queried after the fifth one had met its end.

"He was already jealous." Buffy panted. She suddenly grabbed in the region of her abdomen.

Oh hell. I watched! She was fine! "What is it?" He asked warily.

"I'm fine." She said in a totally unconvincing, pinched voice.

"Why you grabbin' the belly?"

"It's not the belly, okay? It's the bladder. I have to pee." She admitted.

"Oh." Relief. "Ohh." Problem. About midnight, middle of a cemetery. The only place local with something that might pass for a decent loo was… "If you tell anyone this, I'm gonna have to shut your mouth, baby or no baby, chip or no chip."

Her eyes widened at the low, threatening tone. "What?"

"Got a bathroom- well- the toilet part of it, in the crypt. That's all that's close to here and open at this hour."

"Why do you-"

"It was a demon's shack up before it was mine, all right? He had more human-type needs in that department." Spike stalked ahead of her this time. "Follow me, and I'm serious. I don't want people droppin' in on me all the time to use the bloody facilities."

Going into Spike's crypt. Alone. At night.

To pee.

Her bladder gave a very determined twinge. "Okay. I'm not going to die from using it, am I?"

"Only if you trip down the ladder and break your ruddy neck." He groused, not looking back at her.

She paused. Then trotted after. "Ladder?"

One empty bladder and hearty thanks that surprised him later, and he said they ought to head back. She shook her head.

"I need one more."

"Why? You trying to make some sort of quota? Kill a half-dozen in a night, win cash prizes?"

"I wish." She swished off determinedly.

The sixth kill wasn't forthcoming. He rolled his eyes, resorted to smoking, and heckling in retrospect. The Slayer ignored him.

"Gahh!" She finally turned to him.

Almost ignored him. "Would you please shut up?"

Spike tossed his hands in the air in defeat. "Fine! God, you're moody! I've heard that about pregnant women. Soaps mentioned it anyway."

"It's not the baby." She murmured. Then she looked at him, really looked at him for the first time in their few hours together. "Everything is not about being pregnant. Everything is not about babies." This time her voice was a combination of fire and flint.

"I never said it was." He frowned. "You seem pretty well brassed off. Not that I want to play therapist, but I don't like getting bitched at constantly, so do you want to tell me what's eatin' you? Or at least how I save myself from your wrath, Slayer?"

A hesitation, then a sigh. "Actually, you're doing the best of anyone I've seen today."

"Well, bully for me." He smirked. Then waited.

"I am not just an incubator for this baby." Buffy said darkly. "I did not become some helpless housewife when I got pregnant."

A short "pfft!" sound shot from his pursed lips. "That's pretty bleedin' obvious."

"To you. And- if I'm thinking clearly, when I'm not uber pissed off, not to my friends or Giles, either. They want me to rest and eat right, and all those things 'cause I'm pregnant, but that's for me, too. I need it. 'Cause I've been a little more tired, a little more hungry."

"You? Tired? You just ripped through those guys like they were made of pudding." She mumbled something that he couldn't catch, even with his hearing, and the scowl was back. Something about appetite, maybe, but he wouldn't risk a comment. "So the Scoobies and the Watcher aren't to blame. How's your mum taking this?"

"Not thrilled, but kinda oddly okay with it. With Angel there was no hope for a grandchild, and with Riley… one little rip in the latex and instant grandma. Having a daughter who gives you grandkids is 'normal'. So she's happy about that part."

"He ripped the… huh. Didn't seem like the overly passionate, 'ripping' type." Spike blinked in semi-appreciation.

He's not. Slayer muscles and riding too hard, trying to finally get offShe shook those memories away. So there had been some problems. He was so happy he was going to be a dad. He proposed almost instantly, wanted to do the right and honorable thing, went with her to her second appointment at the OB… "A lot of guys would have freaked out. Left. Broken up." She mused aloud.

"I'm glad he's decent. Cares about you." He gave her a half-smile. He had lost his own dad pretty early. He was happy that the Slayer's kid would have someone around.

But at his kind words, the dark clouds crossed her face again, and Spike was mystified. It was like Russian Roulette had settled in her brain and you didn't know what verbal trigger would send a bullet flying at you.

"He cares about the baby. He… I'm not sure what he feels about me right now." Buffy's face twitched as she said the words that had been rolling around her mind, searching for an exit.

"If he cares about the kid, isn't that the same thing?"

"No! No, everyone thinks that, but it's not! He started treating me different the moment he found out. He stopped being impressed that I'm the Slayer and now he wants me to stay home every night. He wants me with him every night, so he can 'keep an eye on me'. He doesn't want me to go anywhere I used to go, or see my friends 'cause they're going to 'get me hurt or into trouble'." Spike opened his mouth, but she was in a torrent that couldn't be stemmed. "He asks what I ate, how many hours I slept- and he hates that I won't move out of the dorm and back home with my mom. Because 'the dorm isn't any place for a pregnant woman'." She mocked in a deep voice.

"He has a-"

"I don't even think he wants me to finish this semester- it's barely started!- but he knows that's wrong. No one would be on his side about that, but everyone agrees that I should be careful, get rest, all that jazz."

"He's not wrong about the rest and bein' a bit careful. You said it yourself, you love that baby. You'd do what's best for it."

"But it's how he's talking to me. I'm seriously not his girlfriend anymore! I'm like - not even his wife, not even the mother of his child! I'm- I'm the hen who's sitting on the egg, waiting for it to hatch out a miniature Riley!"


"He hasn't slept with me in six weeks. Six. Weeks." She suddenly snapped a stake in half. "Do you know how frustrating it is when the guy practically begs you to give up everything and just stay with him- and then he won't touch you, or even talk to you like he used to? Six weeks!"

"Ohhhh." Appetites. I get it now. "Maybe he's afraid he'll hurt-"

"The baby? No! I asked him that. I asked the obstetrician, in front of him, if sex was safe, and she said it was for the whole pregnancy, but especially now that I'm past twelve weeks. I'm not even fat!" Her face suddenly crumpled again, that cross between anger and tears.

He blkined, trying to work fat into the equation, but agreed, "Not showin'. No one would ever know." He really didn't want her to cry. "So why won't he?"

"He doesn't say. My guess is it's because I'm 'someone's mother' now. Maybe in his mind moms don't have sex."

Well, that was just too absurd. He couldn't contain the laughter. "Then how the fuck are there any siblings in this world?"

"That's a good point! Damn, I didn't use that one." She sighed. "Doesn't matter. I tried every other argument I could think of to convince him it was okay."

"You have to try to 'convince' him to give you a little touch?" This boy was daft. You don't turn down beautiful women who you claim to love. You don't turn down powerful, snap-you-in-half Slayers. This was both, and he was rejecting both. Doubly daft.

"Well I… I stopped trying lately." She admitted, flustered. "The guy keeps turning you down, even with all your best moves, and you start to feel- it's just not a good feeling." Wait. How did all this come up? Come out? Why did I tell Spike? I didn't tell anyone else. Why is there a stake in two pieces in my hand?

"I understand, Slayer. Trust me. Not the same circumstances, but tryin' your best, and still not getting the prize."

"Mmf." She made a small, sad noise of acceptance.

Silence for a few steps. "Past twelve weeks? How far are you?" How long does this all take?

"Fourteen weeks."

"You hid this from me all this time? I see you a couple times a week!"

"I don't automatically tell you things." Buffy was hiding it from most people, not out of shame, out of being rationally cautious about word getting through the evil grapevine. Riley acted like she was some drooling infant herself, incapable of taking any measures to protect herself or the baby. "But now you know. I didn't even know until I was like- seven weeks along? I think. Yeah, it was seven weeks. Then I waited a couple days to tell him, got a doctor's appointment to confirm what the little pee-on-a-stick test said. So he hasn't touched me since I told him… Seven weeks. Seven." This additional week seemed to send her closer to some internal edge. The halved stake now splintered. "Spike, so help me, if you do not take me to some low down, secret evil place where I can kill a demon- I - I don't know what I'll do, but it will be ugly."

"Easy, easy!" He soothed. "I don't know any secret extra bad hotspots, Luv. And if I did, they'd be full up, not just one or two for you to take on. Why don't you go home and have a nice time on your own? Or with something plastic?"

"I don't own anything 'plastic'. But I might get something soon." Oh. God. I just told Spike I might buy a sex toy. "I hate Riley." The words were out before she knew they were coming. "I can't- I can't keep doing this."

Oh hell. The tears surfaced. He reached over awkwardly and patted her back. "There, there."

That had the reverse effect. "You're touching me more than my boyfriend has in almost two months!" She let out a wail.

"Oh damn, please don't do this. The crying. You're- you're a very pretty girl, you're smart and strong and you're powerful… You don't have to cry. You don't have to stick with pillocks who make you feel bad. You know that. You don't need me to tell you this."

"But he's the father."

"But you said he's not treatin' you right. So he gave you a little deposit. He can still see the little one when it comes out, give it all that super fatherly attention he's pushin' on you. You don't have to go around for the next seven months or however long it is bein' lonely and miserable and makin' life hell for everyone around you."

She sniffled. "You're being nice."

"We were engaged once." He tried to joke.

"Oh right." And he kissed me. And he can kiss, boy, can he kiss. He could do things with his tongue that Riley couldn't do with both hands and an instruction manual. Hey! Don't think like that!

She wasn't pulling away from his hand. His hand which had been on her shoulder and was now on her back because in the midst of crying and him dispensing some selfishly motivated advice, they'd come a step or two closer. He sniffed. Something familiar yet different twitched his nostrils, coming from her. Specific parts of her.

Oh. "Let's go find you one more demon to slay."

Or I could just slay him. I mean, let him slay me. No slaying. Doing. "I- I should go home."

"I'm s'posed to see you there."

I can't be around him right now. Vulnerable is a really soap-opera-y word, but it fits right now. I told him everything, and he knows too much, and he's- really, really hot when he's not being evil. "I'm not feeling like myself."

"No… I see that." He patted her once more, less awkwardly. Even a bit- lingeringly. "Prolly has something to do with the fact that your man hasn't been treating you like you for a long time. Takes a toll."

"Uh-huh." She nodded slowly.

"You ever need a- need someone who treats you like you are, powerful, pretty, and more than just a hen on a nest, I- I hope you find him." He backed up hastily, like he'd been singed. He'd wanted to say he was available. He'd wanted her so badly during that spell. And for several nights after. If the witch had kept it going a few more hours and they'd had some time alone, they would've done more than round second base through her pretty summery shirt. Erotic and disturbing dreams and images were racing back to him, and he knew it was a mistake to keep touching her, even in the most innocent way.

Made plenty of mistakes in my time, but this one might get me killed properly. Still, he couldn't help but think of Buffy's words. Trying all her best moves and the bloke kept turning her down. Kinda wish she'd try those moves on me

"I hope I find him too. Even if I only found him once- to kind of 'fix' things." I'm not that desperate, am I? It's jut sex.

Yes, I am, because this isn't just about sex, it's about feeling like Riley doesn't even see me when I'm standing right in front of him!

Yes, I am. Because the guy has to know this is a secret, and he has to know my secret. Secrets plural. He has to be the kind of person who could get the job done without hurting me- and be strong enough to actually make me cum because if I don't cum, I will seriously kill something. It might not even be evil. It could be someone who talks during movies, or jaywalks, or chews with their mouth open. For the greater good- I need an orgasm.

"Slayer, you're starin'. Not talkin'. I don't know what to do when your mouth stops moving. Hardly ever seen it happen."

"Thinking." She shook herself and started walking. He fell into step beside her.

"Thinking what?"

"Bad thoughts."

"Sounds like my kind of party. Tell me?"

She hesitated for only a second. "It would have to be someone who knows I'm - someone who knows about the baby and doesn't mind."

"Why would he mind? You said it was safe to do the deed even if you're knocked up."

"It is. But it's still something private. I'd want him to be careful. Not too careful, just aware."

This was hurting his brain. "What's wrong with your boy, Slayer? Don't shove anything through my chest for sayin' it, but c'mon! What man doesn't take his girl to bed, and isn't aware of what she wants to begin with? Does he just slam into you until he can't hold back, then it's done?"

"No!" Not always. He's good. He's nice, and he's loving, and he makes me feel special and beautiful. He used to, anyway, back when I was still me, not Miss Maternity. He needed some help finding the "O", but a lot of couples do. I think.

Spike watched her mouth moving, nothing coming from it. Christ. She's gonna bawl again. "I shouldn't have said anything."

"Riley isn't bad. He's not a bad guy. And he's not bad- there. I'm not that experienced either, okay?" Why am I telling him this?

Because you want him to know before you start. Start with him. Her chest was tight with that feeling of tension one gets before something unavoidable happens.

"You're a Slayer. With the flexibility, the speed, the stamina, the strength- you wouldn't need too much experience to get what you wanted out of any man." You could take whatever you want in that department from me. But if we're bein' honest"Not like everyone's definition of experience is the same. Take me, for example. I never was with a human. 'Specially not a pregnant one. Probably a new thing for most blokes your age. The pregnant bit, not the human bit." He faltered. I just told her -in so many words- that I died a virgin.

He neverwait, that means he was a virgin when he died. "How old were you when you got turned?" She suddenly asked.

"I don't remember." He lied stiffly. "But I wasn't married or engaged, and in Victoria's time, a gentleman waited- unless he went after the servants." He paused. She stared. "We had ugly servants, all right?" He snapped.

"You had servants? I thought you were some street thug, a criminal-mastermind-lady-killer."

"Unless you want me to go to Willy's and tell the local demons to start knitting booties for you, you'll keep thinkin' the same thing." He warned.

"Secret's safe with me. If you could keep quiet about- oh, everything I just sobbed out and freaked out about?"

"Deal." He inhaled the night air- and that sweet whiff of arousal. Dammit. "Come on. Ready to go?"

"So ready."

The double meaning took a few seconds to filter through each brain.

"I can keep any secret you want, if I'm getting a good turn myself." He threw it out casually, and tried to word it so it didn't sound like a favor, more like a truce. They'd had some before, they worked out well enough.

Her steps diverted. They were starting a long arc. Back towards his crypt.

"I like him. I really do. Did, anyway. Right now I'm too mad to know if I still do. But I know I don't love him. And I don't want to marry him. I can't do this my whole life, and once you say you don't want to marry a guy- marry him ever, not just right now, like waiting until college is done or something- I think people break up." I don't want another break up! I don't want this mess at all! Why can't he just love me like I am, not like he wants me to be?

Maybe 'cause I don't love him like he is either. A shuddering sigh that unearthed a few final unshed tears.

Spike's voice was a reflective drawl. "In our case, we still have a decent workin' relationship, right, Slayer?"

"We had a spell." She reminded him ruefully.

"And it wasn't so bad. 'Specially the few times you sat on my lap, Luv."

"Don't be gross."

"Sorry. I thought-" No, he'd been sure. Or maybe that arousal wasn't for him, it was the fight, and just lustiness in general, a pent up sweet thing like her, feeling lonely. Not lonely for him.

Then why are we heading back to my place, not hers?

"Defensive Buffy." She whispered. "Buffy who feels really bad that she has the sex drive of some jungle animal and her own boyfriend has taken to kissing her on the forehead instead of the mouth. All the time. Every. Day."

"Wow. He's got some hang up over mums. And speakin' as someone who had quite an interesting relationship with my own, at the end of things- his is a head scratcher."

"He forgets who I am. It's not just now. It happened before, too. Sometimes I was the Slayer, sometimes I was Buffy, sometimes I was just normal girlfriend. I can't blame him for that one, 'cause I knew I was pretending too."

"Nice of you to take some of the blame."

"For that. Not for this. I even showed him the article about increased blood flow to the pelvic region during pregnancy. It increases the libido."

"It does?" Spike's eyes flickered to hers.

"Yeah. 'Cause there's way more blood volume when you're pregnant, and it has to go some place. You get bigger on top, and puffier down there- first." She broke off with a dark blush as she gestured to her top half, then between her hips.

More blood. Bigger tits. Puffy. High libido. Put all of it in a Slayer body. Put all of it in that Slayer's body. He let out a little growl of desire.

Ohhhh, yes. She shivered inside. No. No no no. Not with Spike. With Riley.

Which isn't happening. I've tried everything. He never even looks mildly interested. Spike looks like his tongue might unroll like those cartoon characters when you hit them on the head with the big hammer. "You like those things?" Buffy asked in an almost timid voice.

"Gee, lemme think abou- yes!" He snarled. "Are you gonna tease me like this?"

"What tease? I- I said all the same things to the guy who actually likes me, says he wants to marry me, and he just nods and smiles. No action. No-" she swallowed "interest."

"I'm interested and I'm ready for whatever action you want, 's long as you promise not to stake me when it's done. Or during. Or tell anyone."

This is a bad, bad, bad idea. "Oh God. Deal." They'd reached the crypt again. She had seen the huge, magnificently covered bed when using the pitiful excuse for a bathroom. Now she would get to try it out.

"You know the way." He grinned.

"You can't make this a joke." Her hand went protectively to her stomach as she stepped inside. He was incapable of causing her physical pain. She'd had a lot of the emotional, feeling unloved and unwanted kind lately though, and she couldn't take any more, not even kidding and snarking around which was so common between them.

Spike shut the door firmly behind her, and an unknown urge inside him made him bold enough to reach out and put his hand over hers. "Hey. You're safe. Both of you. No jokes, Luv. Just want to do the same thing you want to do. An' if you don't like it, you know you could make me stop. You could just ask me, and I could stop."

"Lately all I've been trying to do is get someone to start."

He chuckled. "This engine is revved, Precious. Give me the signal and I'll be ready."

She licked her drying out lips. "Go." Buffy whispered.

To be continued…

End note: This could be a short piece 2-3 chapters, or a longer one. Depends partially on muse and partially on reader interest, so feel free to let me know if you think this should go the long or short route.