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            I stared at her in utter disbelief. "Y-you…you're leaving?!" She nodded. I could see the unshed tears shining in her eyes. Such beautiful eyes she has. What a foolish pup I have been to not see this until now. Such gorgeous black hair, like the feathers of a raven…

            "I don't belong here," Kagome said. Her voice was rough, but still just as sweet in these ears of mine. "I collected the shards…no one needs me here, not anymore." Her hand clenched, her knuckles white. Slender, beautiful hands.

            'I do!' I wanted to scream. 'I need you!' But my lips remained still. Kagome's lip trembled. She had a beautiful mouth, perfectly shaped and soft. She looked at me, as if imploring me to say something. 'What? What is it you want me to say? What can I say that will make you stay with me?!" Again, I said nothing.

            A heartbroken sigh escaped her lips. It felt like a blow to my heart to hear her sigh so, to hear her sigh as if she were broken inside. Was she? I opened my mouth to speak, but then shut it again. 'What can I say to you to keep you from leaving me?' I screamed this in mind, my mouth remaining shut.

            Kagome began to turn away from me. All her belongings were there, everything. With nothing left to remind me of her. Nothing to prove she was real, nothing for me to hold on to. Nothing and nothing and nothing.

            There was the well, and her bike leaned against it. She walked hesitantly towards it, as if waiting for something. I knew what it was. She was waiting for me to do something, say something. 'Tell me what it is!'

            "Good-bye…Inuyasha…" She said to me. She was sitting on the edge of the well now, her belongings in her arms. Where I wanted to be.

            It was like a slow torture, to see her push her bike in. For a moment more she lingered, slender white hands twisting her skirt. Maddening, feeling as if I could keep her forever with me if I only said the right words. Words that I did not know!

            She leaned over, staring into the dark tunnel of the well. Again, hesitating. Again, waiting. And then…

            Then she was in my arms. I could not remember how she had gotten there, nor did I care. My Kagome, right where she belonged. I clutched her tightly to me, burying my face in her hair. My nose filled with the scent of her. So comforting, the smell.

            "Inuyasha…" She said. Her sweet breathe warming the side of my face, her perfect and beautiful lips brushing up against my cheek. My lovely Kagome. I never wanted to let her go.

            They came to me then, those words I had been searching for. I found the words that would make her stay. I pulled back, slightly unwilling to disentangle myself from her. I kissed her once, twice. Tears, there were tears in my eyes. Her face wore an expression of delighted puzzlement. "I love you, Kagome. Stay here with me."

            Kagome's face broke out in the most beautiful smile. It made my heart feel light, seeing it.

            "Of course I will, Inuyasha. All you ever had to do was ask." My Kagome, my wonderful, perfect Kagome. I love you, from now until forever.