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She had heard the words 'capable' and 'the only agent I trust for this' a thousand times. Yet, something in this tone was different. Maybe it was due to the fact that she could feel her heart beating in her ears? Yes, that had to be it. The fear was exploding inside of her never reaching the surface as he kept explaining her qualifications were exactly what they needed for this mission.

She had heard of him before. A ghost and nothing more; he was an unstoppable force and untraceable. Everyone in her line of work knew of him and as of late were afraid to do any missions of this sort in fear he'd make an appearance. No one knew who heworked for, exactly; maybe freelance? Whatever he was, it wasn't something anyone wanted to mess with. "Agent Campbell, are you listening?"

She must have zoned out somewhere during his speech, she shook her head slightly before feigning a smile. "Director, you are aware that finding him is impossible, correct? He finds you, not the other way around."

A quick quirk of the lips before leaning forward, he looked into the camera before responding. "That's why you're more than capable. You're exactly what we need."

"What about Agent Romanoff? She's the Black Widow; she was trained for this." She tried to protest, anything to get out of this mission without sounding too desperate.

He sighed slightly, his shoulders falling a little before leaning back in his chair. "She was recently ambushed." He began, she feared the worst at that tone, was Natasha dead? "She's recovering but, it was a bad hit. He killed everyone on her team, say for her."

She pursed her lips, 'So she's not dead', was her thought as she spoke. "So, henearly kills one of your best Agents and now you're sending me out there to try and find and kill him? What am I, cannon fodder?"

The smirk was back. "No, Riley, you're our only hope at stopping this guy. So many people will continue to die if he's not stopped. You're the best when it comes to stealth; you're quick and deadly. That's what we need."

She frowned slightly. "He'll see me coming."

He sighed, growing tired and hinting at slight desperation. "Can we count on you?"

Riley looked down at the file in front of her, unable to control her grimace as she stared at the blurry photo, his photo. He's murdered so many innocent people and Agents she had come to know over the past few years. Something had to be done. Someone had to stop this guy. Riley just wished that someone wasn't her. Riley finally exhaled, her eyes never leaving the file in front of her. "Yes, Director Fury. You can count on me."

Fury nodded. "You leave in the morning for Moscow."

With a curt nod, she ended the video call; continuing her stare at his file, rereading the name over and over again as the fear crept back into her mind. "The Winter Soldier…"