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Chapter one: Sold!

"I said," Megan Bennett, shouted as she tried to pull free from the chains that her father had placed around her wrist. Oh, he was good and drunk this time! Heaven help him once he sobered up! "let me go this instance!"

Her father ignored her as he dragged her up onto the auction block. This would be another black day in Meg's life, but she was used to them by now. Last month, Chris Parker had physically assaulted her. Then today, he had the audacity to ask for her hand in marriage! Her father had accepted and she'd steadfastly refused to marry Chris. Her father had already been drinking and during the argument, he'd drunk more and more. By now, the fury and drink had definitely taken its toll on his warped mind. He'd dragged her all the way to the market with her screeching the entire way there.

"You'll pay for this!" She shouted as she was dragged up on the auction block. They'd drawn a lot of attention to themselves and had attracted a large crowd. "You drunken fool!"

"Quiet wench!" her father shouted as he slapped her face. "I've had enough of your temper and disrespect! You're just like your mother!"

"Who you drove to the grave with your needs and cruelty!" she spat. "I buried her myself because you were out celebrating her death in the tavern!"

"Shut up!" He roared. "Else I'll sell you to Guy of Gisbourne!"

Meg drew back and spat in her father's eyes. Cries of delight filled the marketplace until one word was spoken darkly. "Sold."

All eyes turned towards the voice and she saw Guy of Gisbourne standing there, appraising her. He stepped towards her slowly, moving through the parting crowd, not breaking eye contact. He was just as people had said he was. Tall, dark, devilishly handsome and a sinister air in his walk. The smirk on his face and the dark spark in his eyes caused her to tremble as he approached her, mentally stripping her in his mind. She jerked her head up, acting as if she were above him as she looked down at him. His brow arched, possibly in admiration that she didn't shirk from his gaze.

"Milord," her father said as he swayed rather drunkenly. "I beg your pardon."

"I'll take her." Guy said darkly.

She straightened up as much as she could and spat at him. "I don't care what the circumstances are, I am not for sale! My father is drunk, clearly not in his right mind. I'm also going to point out that he does not have right to barter me as a piece of livestock for he doesn't own me."

Guy's brows rose. "You haven't learned your place as a woman should. You are obviously not a man, so until you act like a woman should…be expected to be ranked amongst the livestock."

Meg glowered darkly at him before shouting. "I will not come under your authority! Nor any other man's!"

Sir Guy ignored her and stepped towards her. She held his gaze, even though violent tremors wracked her body. "I…am not like other men." His eyes peered deeper into hers as she held his gaze. All eyes were on them as he walked around behind her, studying her. His presence was intimidating, but she was determined not to show it. He turned to her father and asked. "How much for her?"

"For you? Nothing!" her father cackled. "I'll let you have her for nothing if you break her in good and hard. That girl…needs discipline…treat her hard."

Guy shook hands with the father. "Sold." Her mouth fell open as her father handed Guy the key and Guy pressed a few coins into her father's hand. "And this, for your pains. I never take anything for free."

"You're both animals!" She spat as Guy took a hold of her bonds. "Get your hands off me!" she wrenched free and swung her hands at him, catching him upside his head! She let out a shout as she heard her wrist crack! "Ow!"

Guy drew his hand back and slapped her cheek! Meg screamed as she hit the ground, but she was furious enough to kick Guy's feet out from under him! The crowd let out a gasp as Guy fell on top of Meg, causing her to scream and grab a hold of Guy's dark hair! Guy let out a howl as she pulled on his hair. He then grabbed a hold of her waist and rolled her off the auction block! Meg let out a shriek as she landed face downward with Guy on top of her, all of his weigh crushed her and panic filled her as she spat out a mouthful of dust.

"Get off me!"

Guy exhaled and pulled her up from the ground, keeping her back against his chest. Meg shrieked and tried to pull free from him, but he was too strong for her. But she wasn't going to stop fighting him! He grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder, and turned towards her father.

"She'll be broken in alright." Guy spat as he tightened his grip around her flailing legs. "This, I promise you!"

"Put me down!" She screamed. "I'm not an animal!" But Sir Guy would not be coerced. He walked calmly towards the castle, enduring every blow from her. He then reached behind him and grabbed ahold of her chain, forcing her to remain still due to the pain in her shoulders. She exhaled. "Sir, put me down now." No response. "Please?" her voice still came out as a growl. Again, no response and she spoke in frustration. "I do not understand the purpose of this!"

"What I chose to do with you is none of your concern." He stated as he walked over to his horse and threw her over the saddle. She let out a grunt as the horn dug into her ribs. Fortunately, once he'd mounted his horse, he had the sense to at least to shift her somewhat into his lap. "Your life…is no longer yours to live."

Meg opened her mouth to object, but she chose to shut it once he kicked his horse and took off in a canter towards the castle. She made a point of coughing the entire ride there just to irritate him. She was glad when they reached the cobblestone courtyard of the castle and he stopped his horse, at that point, she promptly fell off the horse onto her back. She clutched at her chest as she let out a gasp as she looked up at the sky. Panic briefly welled up in her as Guy stood over her, looking down at her. She scrambled away as he leaned over her, grabbed a hold of the chains and pulled her to her feet.

She held his gaze as he studied her for a moment before saying. "You need a bath and fresh clothes. Come." She dug her heels in the ground and refused to go with him. With one swift yank, Guy lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder. She began to struggle and Guy dealt her a stinging blow on her behind that caused her to freeze. "I'm warning you once, fight me…and you will regret it."

"You've no cause to beat me like that."

"No doubt if your father had dared to raise a hand to you when you were younger," Guy said as he turned and walked up the castle stairs. "I dare say you wouldn't be in this position now."

Meg snorted. "If my father had a brain in his head and could find the bottom of the bottle, I certainly wouldn't be in this position now."

Guy chuckled, a deep chuckle that tempted her to try to get a look at his face, but she wasn't going to. "Indeed."

"Sir Guy?" Guy stopped so suddenly at the sound of a feminine voice, that Meg almost kissed his back. She exhaled and placed her hand on his lower back so she could look up somewhat. Unable to see, she peered around his shoulder and to see a beautiful woman with dark brown hair in a tan and peach dress approaching them. The woman shifted the basket to her other arm and asked. "What's going on here?"

"Marian," Guy's tone changed, it became softer, almost making her question if she was on the same man's shoulder. However, the black leather sticking to her hands informed her that she was. "what are you doing here?"

"I was visiting my father." Marian cleared her throat before asking. "Might I ask what this is about?"

"My drunken father sold me," Meg grunted as she struggled not to sound like she was going to be sick. "and he bought me."

Marian's eyes widened. "You bought her?"

"Marian," Guy said in a light, dismissive tone of voice. "do not worry about it."

"What do you intend to do with her," Marian questioned. "Sir Guy?"

"I haven't decided yet." He said a warm and cordial tone. "I might have her help Thornton, but, she is a willful girl, who needs to learn her place."

"If you don't mind," Meg questioned. "Marian, can you at least attempt to persuade him to put me on my feet!"

Guy exhaled. "Ignore her Marian. I fully intend to set her down, once I've settled her in my chambers." His words made Meg's blood run cold and caused Marian to blink. "She needs food and a proper bath before we discuss her future. I trust…that I shall see you later on this evening?"

Marian nodded with a tight smile. "Of course, Sir Guy. And Meg," Marian said kindly, with an interesting note behind her voice. 'I shall find you something suitable to wear."

"Trust me," Guy said as he shifted Meg on his shoulder. "I shall have that all taken care of. Good evening."

"Don't know what's good about it." Meg huffed as Guy walked away from Marian and up some stairs. Meg groaned as her head slumped downwards. "Will you be putting me down anytime soon?" she questioned. "Your backside is not the most appealing thing to be staring at for five minutes!"

That coaxed another chuckle out of him. "Trust me; there are far more unattractive things to be looking at."

Meg offered no comment, for her poor scrambled brain could think of no retort quick enough to his innuendo. After a few moments, she heard a door open and she looked as Guy entered a dark room, she glanced around, but wound up having to brace herself as Guy set her on the bed. The moment she left his arms, she bolted for the door. Guy was beside her in a flash; he slammed the door shut with a smirk and locked it, pocketing the key. Her heart pounded in her throat as Guy began to pull off his gloves slowly.

"And now," he said as he stepped towards her as she backed away from him. "you and I….have some business to tend to. And," Meg backed up until she tripped over the trunk at the foot of the bed and fell onto the mattress. The look in Guy's face caused her to feel sick. "you really want to be sitting down for this."