A soft rain began misting down on the black clad gathering as an elegant coffin was lowered into the grave on the grounds of the Kinoshita Mansion. Sakura Yamaguchi stood with all the other mourners at Lady Clara Kinoshita's final good-bye, her black lace clad hands clasped around the straps of the elegant purse that was one of Clara's final gifts to her before she went into the hospital for the last time. Inside the purse, Sakura found a letter that detailed Clara's part in everything that happened to her over the past year. It was begun and ended by a very elegantly written apology and no matter how much Sakura wanted to hate the other girl for everything that happened she couldn't.

There was a pop and a large black umbrella appeared over her head held by the tall form of Reiji Kinoshita dressed in his usual perfectly pressed dark suit. He gave her a tender smile. "Are you ready to go, Lady Sakura?"



"And that's a wrap! Perfect take! Thank you so much Tsuruga-san, Miwa-san!"

Makoto Miyano clapped delightedly as she watched the footage and rewound it again to check it one more time. The crowd of extras dressed in mourning garb dispersed and Ren Tsuruga and Miyako Miwa moved away from the set and towards the side of the cameras where Kyoko watched the final scenes of her first starring drama filmed. Even though Kyoko wasn't in the final scenes herself she wasn't quite ready to say good-bye to the cast and crew on the last day she filmed and so she talked Mia into making room in the schedule so she could be here.

Mia was speaking quietly with Yashiro about something several feet away, but Kyoko only had eyes for her…boyfriend…the thought still brought a rush of color to her cheeks, but they'd more or less finally crossed that final bridge to put a name on what they were.

Miyako reached Kyoko first and flung her arms around the chestnut-haired girl and Kyoko returned the hug. "You did wonderfully, Miyako-chan," she smiled. "You'll definitely get noticed now. I think you'll be so busy we won't have time for our tea dates at Darumaya anymore."

"Don't say that!" Miyako wailed and buried her face in Kyoko's shoulder. "I don't ever want to not have time for tea with you!"

Kyoko smiled gently.


Miyako drew back and smiled at Kyoko. "Congratulations on your nomination!"

"It's not like it's official or anything yet…" Kyoko's cheeks started burning for a completely different reason.

The first episodes of Windows were released a little while ago to critical acclaim and there were rumors that Kyoko may find herself nominated for the award of "Best Break-Out Talent in a Drama", her first nod and the first step in the long climb to the top.

"Miyako-chan, we've got to go, you have an interview before we go to the wrap party tonight!" Rei called.

"I'm coming!" Miyako said and beamed at Kyoko and turned a smile on Ren. "Thank you for helping me so much Tsuruga-san, it was truly an honor to work with you. I hope we can do it again someday!"

"I'll look forward to it," Ren said with a smile, an actual genuine smile that lit up his face with warmth.

There might have been a time where Kyoko would find herself a little jealous to see Ren Tsuruga's real smile unleashed on anyone but her, but this was not that time anymore. Miyako ran off and Ren turned his attention to Kyoko. "Would Mogami-san object if I were to suggest that I provide a ride to the wrap party this evening?" he asked.

Of necessity, until Kyoko turned twenty and was an adult in the eyes of the law, their relationship was kept under wraps with only a few people knowing of it.

"I would not object at all," Kyoko smiled.

"She'll be ready at 6:30 PM sharp," Mia announced strolling up to them with Yashiro at her back. "Yukihito and I made appropriate arrangements to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Uncle Zach is going to be on security detail since Alex is off the grid so to speak somewhere with far too much sun for this time of year."

"Thank you," Kyoko smiled. "Tell him not to get too sunburned. I'd hate for the drama to have a late start because he couldn't take care of himself."

Mia chuckled. "I'm pretty sure he has a personal assistant on hand to keep him from making that particular mistake."

Kyoko realized something belatedly and her gaze flew between Mia and Yashiro in shock. "Did you just—" she began.

Mia put a finger to her lips and shook her head. "Sometimes things need to be kept secret and, in our business, that's okay. As long as those close to you know what's important."

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