Computer crash x5 + College + Life + People = Lateness in story

Without further interruption I bring you... FINALLY... the ending to this story, hope you like it.


Gendo Ikari stood in front of his apartment window as the sun slowly appeared over the horizon. His features now set in a stern look as the suns rays slowly beamed on him, warming his cool skin. His posture was firm and stature, his facial expression cold and unrecognizable. He slowly lifted his hands to the bridge of his glasses and pushed them up. The glint of the sun reflected off of them as his mouth slowly opened to form words.

" ..." all the seriousness in the air disappeared as a small poot was heard escaping from Gendo Ikari's rear end.


Sunday Morning 6AM


Shinji's mind was hazy. He didn't know where he was. The last thing he remembered was what happened in the ungodly hours of the morning. Now however he felt like he was floating. He slowly opened his eyes only to see a small park area. It was sunny, looked like it was almost noon, he felt the small breeze of the light summer wind. He looked around, this place was familiar but he couldn't come to think of why it was. His attention was diverted to a man standing infront of a small garden of watermelons.

"Watermelons..." he slowly said to himself as he began to realize who's back he was looking at right now.

"You know, gardens are one of the most amazing and fufiling things to do... well in my opinion anyway" Kaji slowly turned around and put on a lopsided smile for his teenage friend. Shinji mouth fell to the ground and tears started to form in his eyes.

"Hmm? what are the waterworks for?" Kaji asked looking confused.

"Kaji... your dead" Shinji said finally finding his voice.

"That I am, my boy" he replied turning slightly to water more of the melons.

Shinji just stared at the man. It seemed the knowledge didn't phase him a bit as he had his regular small smirk on his face as he water the ground around him. Shinji slowly walked up to the taller man and stood beside him. So many questions were reeked havoc in his brain.Mostly to the fact that either he died in his sleep or that he had gone insane like he once thought he was.

"Am I dead?" Shinji gulped

"Yes..." the man saw the boy lose about 5 shades of color but then he let out a laugh.

"Hey!" this only made Kaji laugh even more.

"Ok I'm sorry, I forgot your not one to take jokes well."

Shinji fumed somewhat only to let out a small smile. He was happy to see his friend right in front of him now. Only right now he was wondering if piloting the EVAs did more to his mental stability then he originally thought.

"Your not insane if thats what your thinking" Kaji said without missing a beat as Shinji's eyes widened slightly in surprise " all this around you are your memories. I myself am kind of a figment of your imagination sort to say only that I seem to be here for some reason."

"You don't know that reason do you?"

"Not a damn clue" Kaji said smirking slightly. "however I may not be your mind at all. You could very well be in the so called 'heaven' and I could very well be an 'angel', not the bad blow up the world one though as you can plainly see."

"Your not making sense" Shinji said frowning slightly.

"Im an adult, of course I don't make sense" he said as he seemed to smile more from those words.

"Am I dreaming then?"

"Perhaps... could be anything really."

"But your here, so maybe it might be my subconscious forming my desire for wanting to see you again into a dream like state"

Kaji looked at Shinji with almost a bewildered look as he slowly closed his eyes and shook his head "You've grown up"

Those words triggered Shinji to see the faces of his friends and family all saying those words. He shook his head and looked back at Kaji.

"Your not the first to tell me that"

"I know that, its good you found yourself some backbone... finally" he said shook the plastic kettle to see if there was any water left.

For a few moments everything was quiet until Kaji slowly put the kettle on the ground and began to walk on the sidewalk. Shinji took follow as both began following a sidewalk that never seemed to end. He looked up at Kaji's face to see a thoughtful look on his face as well as the ever present grin. When his heard turned, Shinji could see the almost happiness going through the eyes of his older counterpart.

"I haven't seen you in awhile thats why im happy as you can plainly see" Kaji replied with a grin " I don't get much visitors around here so its nice to see some of the few people I consider a friends is here"

"You considered me as your friend?" Shinji asked

"Why wouldn't I? You yourself Mr. Ikari are a very interesting person whether you think so or not"

"I don't get this... honestly what is all this"

"I know as much as you do my friend"

"But.. you've been here longer you said it yourself that you don't get visitors"

"Your getting smarter as well" Kaji said his grin broadening as Shinji stood in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Why am I here?" the man turned around and saw the stubbornness in the boys eye.

Kaji let out a small laugh and turned around fully. He put his hands up in a surrender position with the grin slightly showing on his face.

"Have you wondered why were only here. Look around us there isn't a soul in this city."

Shinji looked around and for the first time notice that there was nothing here. People or animals don't seem to exist except for the large buildings that could be seen from the city.

"This place in itself may be a dream, then again everything can be a dream and nothing can really exist. It was once said that this plane of existence is only one out of many possibilities. Who's to say we are what we are just by our sense of sight, smell and touch?"

"I don't see a purpose for you telling me all this... your telling me stuff I already know"

"You my boy have only began to learn. You know that yourself, you have just experienced what love is."

Shinji's eyes widened as Kaji seem to nail something in him.

"Are you afraid of it?"

"No, I love Asuka"

"Are you sure? What about Misato?"

"You loved Misato" Shinji retorted.

"I did, I still do and I forever will" Kaji casually replied to a speechless Shinji.

"Do you remember what I said about gardens" he said completely changing the subject as Shinji looked up " They are remarkable even though so many people take it for granted. Your able to plant a seed and by your caring for it becomes the outcome of what that seed will end up to be. A person can screw it up, he can plant the seed in bad soil and it will never grow. He could plant it in good soil and never water or let it rot in the sun. There are also people who are successful, they take care of the seed. Then the time comes when the seed becomes a plant and makes seeds of its own. Sometimes the same person takes care of the seeds and sometimes they go to different people to take care of. Either way when you plant something your responsible for its outcome. You, Shinji, were a seed once. Now however your a plant waiting to blossom."

Shinji looked at the man he would consider a father in a heart beat. Everything he said making sense now.

"The people around you... the water. Your environment, this city... the soil. And lastly the seed and gardener is you."

"Gardener?" he asked not understanding.

"Misato, Asuka, Hikari, Touji, Kensuke, Rei and myself have been changed by you. You alone could of acted any other way yet you acted out of compassion. In the end result you made some of the people bloom. One in particular."

"Asuka...." Kaji smiled when he heard Shinji slightly say it.

"You changed these people in more ways then you can imagine. You tamed Asuka. You showed Misato true compassion. You gave friendship to Kensuke, Hikari and Touji. Gendo..." Both were looking at each other and in the back ground a small wind started up pushing a ball of hay " uh hmm anyway... Rei, you showed her humanity and in from it she learned from you. Lastly what you gave me is something that I have yet to ever experience."

"What?" Shinji asked not knowing where this is going.

Kaji walked up to the boy and put his hand on his shoulder.

"You gave me the ability to be proud of someone else" Shinji's eyes watered from the emotion in the other mans eyes and before he knew it he was being hugged. "Im very proud of you Shinji Ikari and I always will be."

Shinji reached up and hugged his friend back with all his might. Never in his life has Shinji heard the words he'd longed for. He has waited to be acknowledged by someone, longer then Asukas love which he was happy for none the less.

"Shinji, can you say hi to Misato for me"

"What are you going?" Shinji asked as Kaji released him.

"No but you are... your going to have to..."



"uh..." Shinji opened his eyes slowly as he met worried blue eyes.

"God why does it take forever to wake you up?" Asuka looked down smiling slightly.

Shinji lifted himself up on his elbows and looked around. He was in Asuka's room, in Asuka's bed, with apparently Asuka next to him. Now he was a person who believed he could withhold his human instincts but looking around where he was he began doubting the power his mind had over the other extremity of his body. He felt a tap on his chest as he looked at Asuka with a controlled shocked face.

"You fell asleep here after yesterday... actually this mornings talk. You brought me here, we sat down and you just collapsed into my bed."

"Oh..." relief swept through him.


Everyone in the Council of Shinji started ripping up small pieces of paper. Apparently they were aware of what happened and thought he could get "lucky" that night so they placed a council bet on it.

"WOOOOO I WON" everyone gave 'Love' a dirty look. Soon "Love" was hit in the head by a microphone curtsy of "Lust".


"What? Disappointed that we didn't do anything?" Asuka asked with a grin on her face.

Shinji looked at her with a small blush on his face. "Actually I am"

"Pervert!" she screamed as she dove into Shinji, knocking him on his back. She put her head on his chest as she laid on top of him. He brought up his arms and wrapped them around the petite red head. He could smell the shampoo she uses as well as the light fragrance of the perfume she wears. He let out a small sigh as he felt Asuka move to his side and wrap her arms around him. A smile present on her features.

"I could get used to this" Shinji said out loud as he heard the girl of his dreams giggle "what time is it"

"Around 6 in the morning. You didn't seem to be sleeping well. You were making sounds and were moving a lot."

"Did I disturb you? I'm sorry" soon the dream he had came back full force. Asuka looked up when she felt Shinji give out a staggering breath.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked but all she was met with is silence. Then she felt Shinji's arm wrap around her waist and pull her close. She heard him give another sigh.

"I'm a gardener..." Looking up at his face he saw a small smile spread on his face as he looked down at her. Confusion was immediately erased when he moved down and captured her lips in a kiss that she has of yet to have ever experienced.


"THEYRE GONNA DO IT!" Pervert yelled in glee as he brought out a video camera from under his desk.

Every Shinji in the room shook their head simultaneously.


He released the hold on her as she began to breath again.

"What was that for?" Asuka asked, a faint blush on her face and a dazed look on her face. She felt Shinji position himself on his side and pulled her close to him. Their noses were touching as Asuka speechlessly looked into Shinji's eyes. She could see the waves of blue and the feeling of love swept through her body as she let out a soft smile.

"Every time I see you it seems you just get more beautiful" he said as he kissed her nose "lets get some more sleep its still to early"

"Ok" she said as turned around and nestled her back into Shinji as he wrapped an arm around her waist and held her tight. His light breaths were tickling the back of her neck as she let out a sigh of pure happiness. Shinji heard this as he soon fell asleep next to the person he cared about the most.


"DAMN IT" Pervert yelled as every Shinji laughed. Disappointment was however seen in some of their faces.

"Oh for god sakes get your mind of the gutter folks" 'Brain' muttered from the podium.


The rumbling of concrete and the stabbing sound of a jackhammer awoke Kensuke as he slowly became more aware of his surroundings. First thing he realized was that he wasn't present in his room, in fact he believed, just by looking at the construction of the ceiling, that he wasn't in his home.

'Okay... This is new' he muttered in his mind as he registered another presence in the room, more like right next to him. His weary mind began to become more alive as he slowly turned his head to the side and was met with nothing but blue. On closer expect ion it was hair. His eyes opened wide as he finally registered what has happened. He left the mall after spending most of the day with Shinji, Asuka, Hikari and Touji. He was walking down the street when all the sudden he made a turn to the old abandoned apartments on the far side of the city. He remembered walking up some stairs then coming up to a door. He knocked three times and it opened to show a girl who was wearing a dress shirt and nothing else.

'I did not...' he looked at the somewhat blissful face of Rei Ayanami, 'I DID!'


On the other side of the city an alarm clock rung that woke up a very groggily Touji. He slammed his hand on the alarm and slowly lifted it to rub his eyes of the sleep that formed during the night. He remembered last night somewhat as his mind yelled nothing more then food to his consciousness. He got up, hitting his face against his door as he forgot to open it. Muttering curses at it, he opened it and walked into the kitchen. He remember he came in late, as to be expected since he walked Hikari home. But he had a hard time figuring out what happened. Did he make an ass of himself? Did she slap him or worse? Upon thinking that question he grabbed his necessities and found, with relief, that everything was in place. The fact that Hikari walked in and saw him grab his extremities didn't register to him yet. He walked to the fridge and opened it up. Hikari looked on as he slowly got a carton of milk and was about to down it when his mouth wouldn't open and the milk proceed to spill onto his face and waterfall down his back.

"HIKARI?!" he seemed to shriek as he finally acknowledged her presence. The girl looked on with an amused face as the rest of the milk emptied from the carton and onto him.

"Uh Touji, usually you have to open your mouth to drink" she said with a small smile on her face as he turned around.

"What are you doing here? I thought I walked you home?"

"We're at my house, Touji" this slowly dawned on him as he opened the fridge and threw in the carton while apologizing profusely for being so casual at her place.

"Its ok, I'm sorry about the alarm clock. I was supposed to wake up early today."

"Your alarm? You mean I slept in your room, wait what about you? Where did you sleep then?"

"Uhm I slept on the couch..."

Touji was touched at the sign that she would sacrifice her comfort for him but seriously why would she let him sleep in her room and not the couch?

"You looked so tired... and I... thought it would be a good idea for you to have a bed instead of a lumpy old couch..." her shyness apparent but hearing that only made him feel worse for taking the bed and giving Hikari the option of a crappy couch. He rubbed the back of his neck unsure of what to really say, talking wasn't his fortitude and taking hospitality was even less. What he decided was something that he would consider completely out of character. He began to walk up to the shy girl as she gave a confused expression to the similar one on his face right now. He engulfed her in a hug where he heard her gasp out a little. For awhile it was awkward and he knew it himself until he felt the arms of the girl encircle his waist. He heard a small sigh escape her lips as she closed the gap between their bodies.

"Whats this for?" she asked out loud, her eyes still closed.

"For not noticing sooner..."


Something that sounded like a crumbing building finally woke up Rei as she slowly blinked her eyes. She nuzzled close to the warmth that was next her and could feel a slight trembling from it. Her eyes shot open as she lifted herself up to see Kensuke asleep on his back. She failed to think for awhile until the memories of the night before flooded her memories, the way he looked when she opened the door, the look in his eyes, the intensity.

'Hmmm so we ended up doing it...' she thought to herself as she remembered the countless times she screamed and moaned that night. Her eyes softened when she saw his peaceful expression and slowly nestled herself next to him, putting her head on his shoulder. She felt his arm go around her almost by instinct alone as she smiled and soon fell asleep.


This led to the moment when Kensuke woke up to find the pale blue beauty next to him. He was nervous at first since this was a shock to his system, but as he became more aware he lost the nervousness he had. He also started to remember the night before. At that moment he could remember Touji saying something about Ayanami one day at gym in school.

"I bet shes an animal in the sack"

He remembered the way Shinji blushed, mostly that remark was pointed toward him. Never did Kensuke think in his life time that he would be the one to figure out that Touji's stupid prediction was actually true.

"Its always the quiet ones" he muttered to himself as he slowly tried to get of the bed and go to the bathroom.


"...that I care about you" Hikari looked up at Touji as he let out a small sigh. This was harder for him then he first realized but now is not the time to chicken out. He slowly looked down at Hikari as he saw her searching his eyes to see if he actually spoke the truth. He decided to show her how true his words as he leaned his head closer to hers.


The moment Kensuke left the room, Rei woke up to find the bed empty. A small feeling a dread swept through her as she looked around the room. She brought her comforter up to her shoulders as she sat up. Feeling the need to let her tears spill she decided to call out his name in a vain attempt of hope that he was still here.

"Kensuke?" she called out and heard the muffled voice of someone coming from the bathroom followed by the toilet flushing. Then she saw him run out and literally jump into the bed and cover himself with the comforter as fast as he could.

"Holy, the floor is cold" he said shivering, then noticing the silence to look up at Rei and saw a few tears slip from her eyes. He stared at her thinking he insulted her by insulting the floor, as he was about to open his mouth he was rammed into by her and had a crying blue hard girl clinging on to him like her life depended on him.

Kensuke was a man of books, a knowledge bank of intelligence that both included school and military but never in his life had he ever heard of insulting a floor of a girls home is like insulting her. At least thats what he was assuming as to what it was. He slowly wrapped his arms around the petite girl and patted her back.

"Hey look I'm sorry that I insulted your floor, I didn't know you'd take it seriously" He saw Rei lift her head up and start to laugh at him, "...what?"

"It's not the floor, idiot" she said as she put her head back onto his chest.

"Uh ok then... was I bad then?"

"NO" he cringed at that reply, "... it was just that I didn't see you here and well... I got scared."

Kensuke soon began to understand as he pulled the girl closer and kissed her forehead.

"I'm not going anywhere and you never have to worry about that. Jeez I would never in my life do that to my girl" he heard her give a sigh and nestle closer to him. A mutual and comforting silence engulfed the room as they both enjoyed the company of one of another.

"Uh... Rei?"


"Was I really that good..."


Touji pressed his lips into Hikari's as the two shared a soft kiss. He pulled back much to the annoyance of Hikari.

"Do you want to go somewhere today?" he breathed out.

"Sure..." she responded looking at her new boyfriend with a dreamy look.


Maya, Shigeru and Makoto walked into the main console center that day to do some overtime on the job. Overtime doing what exactly? Basically what they were doing all week. Nothing. It was bad enough all of them stayed at Mayas place that night for fear that Commander Ikari would come for them after finding his "secret". Shigeru and Makoto ended up putting pots and pans on themselve as armor and using kitchen utensils as weapons, much to the amusement of Maya. She too feared her life but wasn't going to go to the drastic steps of precaution. So after a whole night vigil to only find that they accomplished shutting up her neighbors cat from meowing all night long, they trudged into work and firmly plopped into their seats.

"What a horrible night" everyone nodded to Makotos statement.

"Hey whats that sound?" Shigeru mentioned out loud as a faint musical melody could be heard from the distance.

"Something tells me we shouldn't look" Maya said as the men got up, curiosity getting the best of them.

"Its either my ass falls asleep on that chair or I go look for this sound. There wont be an angel attack and there wont be nuclear holocaust while were gone for 10 minutes" He failed to notice a red light started flashing on his console as Maya rolled her eyes and began to follow the men. They made their way to the Commanders area of the console and slowly peeked into the monitor. Silence over took them as they all looked like a commercial for Lucky Charms cereal only Gendo Ikari was dressed up like the leprechaun.

"Our boss is messed up..." Everyone in the universe nodded.


Sunday Afternoon 12PM


The sun shone high above the city of Tokyo 3, just as another resident of the Kasuragi household awoke from his slumber. The door to PenPen's fridge opened as the penguin walked out and stretched. He looked around to find no one in the kitchen area. He proposed that either no one was home or that everyone was still asleep. The penguin padded in front of Misatos room, he then tapped his beak to the door hopefully to awake his master so he could get some food into his system. After a few minutes the door slid open to show a very groggy Misato. She let out a huge yawn while scratching her rear end, she looked in front of her to find nothing there, then to the left and the right. She could of sworn she heard someone at the door. A small tap to her leg brought her attention to the ground where she looked at the expectant eyes of a hungry penguin.

"Oh... PenPen, your hungry.." she muttered as she trudged toward the kitchen followed by her famished little friend. She opened up the fridge and got out a can of PenPen's favorite food. She opened it, plopped it on a dish and set it on the floor. She slowly sat down on a chair as the penguin began eating with delight. She then noticed a small note on the table. Picking it up she read the note out loud.

"Misato, were going for a walk and wont be back for while. Were going to pass the grocery store so dinner will be on us. Also Shinji wanted to know how you are feeling? I told him everything is fine and that he didn't have to worry about anything but noooo, he says that" Misato raised an eyebrow and let a small smile form on her face as the red head started babbling about Shinji "well anyway we wont be back until night, and don't worry about us were fine. Love, Asuka and Baka Shinji"

Misato let out a small laugh and placed the note back on the table. She let out a sigh, it was nice to have the house to herself.


Sunday Evening... Before sunset.


Shinji let out a laugh as Asuka pouted at him.

"It's not fair what did you get me?" she asked Shinji.

"I'm not telling..."


This only made Shinji laugh some more as the red head threw a small tantrum while walking along side with him. He wrapped an arm around her lower back and pulled her close to him as she crossed her arms and turned her face to the opposite direction.

"With that attitude, you'll never see it now" he said with a smirk as he let go of an infuriated Asuka.

"Fine! I didn't want to see it anyway" she said mock serious.

The two walked into a small wooded area then they ended a clearing of the huge lake that was made from one of the craters from the Angels. They both looked on in astonishment at the scenery around them as a noise brought their attention to a rock near the bank. It was occupied by two figures who seemed to be tickling each other. Shinji and Asuka walked up to the duo only to find that it was Hikari and Touji. Touji had his back pressed up against the rock, arms and legs frantically moving to escape her reach.

"So a stooge finally did something good for once." Asuka spoke out loud as it got the attention of the couple. Hikari let out a eep and hid behind a blushing Touji.

"Looks like everything's well" Shinji said with an eyebrow raised.

"So... yeah I took your advice... so sue me" Touji said a faint hint of red staining his face. Asuka was about to grab Hikari for some emergency talk when all their attentions was brought to the sound of laughter coming from where Shinji and Asuka just came from.

"Rei?!" No one knew who said it first but when they all saw the blue haired girl hanging on the arm of Kensuke Aida they could of sworn that the apocalypse or something was about to happen.


Gendo Ikari sneezed as he was watching his copy of "Apocalypse Now" on his surround sound DVD player.

"Blasted allergies"


"Um..." Kensuke began only to just stand there and laugh out of the blank stares and open mouths of his fellow friends. Rei just hid her head behind Kensukes shoulder as he was throughly assaulted by questions. Then without warning a streak of red and brown caught the blue headed girl and dragged her to a spot where the guys couldn't hear them.

After much silence on the boys part someone finally spoke up.

"So did you bone Ayanami?" Touji expressed bluntly to an amused Shinji and a exasperated Kensuke.

"S-Shut up!"


"When did this happen?"

"Did you kiss him?"

"Where did you two meet?"

"When did all this start?"

"Why, Kensuke, Wondergirl?"

Rei sighed as question after question was shot at her. She slowly raised her hands at the two hyperactive girls.

"Okay" she started, "it happened a few days ago, yes i kissed him, at that rock club place, uh... I guess a few days ago, and why not Kensuke... hes nice and all..."

"Awww thats so cute" Hikari began as Asuka looked at her funny.

"Well, Wondergirl, I'll have to say that you have proved me wrong once again" she said with a smile.


"Well after the rock concert thing we just kind of hit it off..."

Shinji and Touji looked at him with wide eyes as they took mental notes of the things Kensuke was saying. Kensuke let out a sigh and a smile.

"I do like her though"

"Good for you, Kensuke, especially with Rei. Who would of thought?" Shinji said absorbing the information brought out to him.

"Yeah... hey remember that conversation we had at that gym class once, maybe now you could find out if she is an animal in bed" Touji said with a laugh, but his laugh faltered when he saw Kensuke turn completely red.

"No.. you didn't?"

"Uhm.... I plea the fifth?"



"... WITH HIM" Asuka and Hikari looked at Rei as her face was the same color as Kensuke's right now.


The boys looked at the direction of the girls. Then the two turned back to a nervous Kensuke. Touji had a look of disapprove in his eyes and Shinji was clenching and relaxing his hand.

"Look I know what your thinking... but I didn't do that for sex, I actually care about her." Kensuke said seriousness filled in his voice.


"How was it?" Asuka and Hikari looked intently at Rei who let out a nervous laugh.


"The girls probably think your scum right now..." Touji said as he crossed his arms.

"I can begin to remember times when you said you wanted Hikari..."

"Okay, Okay point taken... but still..." Shinji and Kensuke looked at Touji as a small blush came to his face " I'm disappointed I wasn't the first to do it among us."

Shinji and Kensuke let out a sigh.


The council of Shinji were at an uproar.

"Why the hell does Kensuke get to do it first?"

"I told you were being slow"

"Its all about the love"

"Fuck the love!"

"Hey you shut the hell up"

"Come here and make me"

'Brain' looked on with a bored expression on his face as 'Love' and 'Lust' got into a full blown fist fight.

"When the hell is this going to be over?" 'Brain' said looking up at the sky.

"Hey guys, did you see where my tape of Asuka in the shower went to?"

'Brain' sighed and slammed his head against the podium, the feedback from the impact sounded off the stereo.


"Hey, Shinji, you okay?"

"Hmm?" he looked up at looks he was getting from the other stooges, "oh sorry I spaced out there"

"Probably jealous he didnt get to ravage Asuka first" a small rock connected with Toujis head after that remark.


"Wow... he did that?" Asuka and Hikari were writing notes much to the distress of an embarrassed Rei.


"What the hell are they talking about over there?" Touji started as they saw the girls begin to walk back toward them. Rei immediately ran to Kensuke and hid her face in his chest while wrapping her arms around his torso.

"What did you do to her?"

"Nothing compared to what you did" Kensuke faltered at that remark.

"Ok, taking the topic off of sex now... what are you guys doing here?" Shinji asked as Asuka stood next to him.

"Well, we've been here for awhile." Touji started.

"We wanted to watch the sunset..." Hikari continued as she sat next to Touji on the rock.

"Same here, Me and Rei thought it would nice to see that."

"Well why don't we all watch it together?" Rei asked timidly as she finally lifted her head.

They all agreed. Shinji and Asuka sat on the ground looking up ahead at the colorful sky, Rei was leaning her back against Kensukes front as they both sat enjoying that atmosphere. Touji and Hikari sat on the rock they were sitting on before, this time Touji had his arm around Hikari's shoulders.

"You know, I think about the future", Touji said absently as he looked at the horizon, "whats gonna happen to us and whats gonna change?"

"Your capable of deep thought?" Kensuke asked jokingly as Touji turned around and glared at him. Everyone let out a small laugh.

"I'm being serious though, once school ends you know were not going to together like this. All of us in this city, were gonna move on. Different places, different lives..."

"You know," Shinji said gaining the attention of everyone" we could meet up sometimes, like a reunion or some sort."

"Why are we talking about all this stuff now... its not even anywhere close to happening. So shut up your making me sad" Asuka pouted as everyone smiled at her.

"Well I have something that'll take that sadness away" Shinji said pulling out a long retangular box from his pocket. Asuka immediately grabbed it gleefully.

"God finally Ive been waiting for this all day..." she said as she opened it up only to gasp. It was a gold neckless with a small ruby in the middle of a golden rose pendent.



"That must of cost a penny" Kensuke said as Rei peered at the necklace.

"It was worth it" Shinji said as Asuka flung herself at him. She then started kissing him all over his face as he started laughing. The rest joined in.

"Hey, look at the sunset" Rei pointed out to the horizon where the stars started to show themselves as the sun slowly sank into the lake. They all stared at the beautiful setting, each holding their respective counterparts as they all let out a small sigh of comfort and as well as awe at the show of nature they are seeing now.


They all left the area when it started to get dark. Shinji and Asuka walked hand and hand all the way back to the apartment. He looked on at her thoughtful face and couldn't help but think how cute she looked when she was thinking about something hard.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Hmm? Oh... well I'm surprised by the gift you gave me"

"You don't like it?"

"I do but well I don't have anything to give you"

"You already did" he said as he leaned in and kissed her. She smiled and wrapped around her arms around his neck deepening the kiss. They both were so absorbed with eachother that they failed to notice they were standing in front of the apartment building.

"Come on lets go up" Shinji said kissing Asukas forehead.

They both walked up the stairs. When they finally got into the apartment they heard a light snoring coming from the kitchen. Asuka went straight to the closet and got the familar blanket. Handing it to Shinji, she saw how he walked up to their foster mother passed out on the kitchen table and light threw the blanket over her. Then she saw him lean in and kiss her cheek as she heard Misato mutter something and turn her head the opposite direction of the girl. Shinji let out snicker as he walked out of the kitchen followed by Asuka. He was about to kiss Asuka goodnight when she opened the door to her room and dragged him inside.

"I want you to sleep with me tonight" she said a small blush creeping her face.

"Sure ok.." he said not taking the hint at first.

Asuka let out a small sigh and made Shinji sit on her bed. He looked up at her as she looked at him with a mix of confusion.

"Uhmm.. do you want to say something, Asuka?"

"Shinji... I love you, I love you a lot. I mean ever since this week..." she began as Shinji looked intently at her.


Letting out a sigh of frustration she sat on his lap, wrapping her legs around his torso. She stared intently into his eyes as he felt something he never felt before eliminating from her eyes.

"Ever since this week you have been nothing but nice, sweet and caring. I don't feel that I have done my part to show you how much I care about you... You did nothing but surprise me, show me what your really capable of. I just sat here and absorbed everything you said to me... all the kind and loving words... I cant begin to explain how I feel when you say these things to me. I am really in love with you, Shinji"

"Asuka..." he said as he raised his hand and put it on her cheek as she let out a small sigh of content.

"I want to show you how much I love you..."

Shinji just looked at her as she slowly got up.

"Shinji, I want you to take me now..."


Everyone in the Council of Shinji stared blankly at the projection of the image seen from the eyes.

"Is 'dream' fucking with our heads again?" 'Angry' asked out loud as he stared at the image of the blushing red head.


"Asuka, you don't need to do that..." Shinji said getting up, she turned her head away from him. Her heart soared when she felt his cool hands on her shoulders. He then lifted her chin with this right hand and looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Thats not fair... you surprised me again..." she said as she let out a small smile.

"I'm full of surprises after all", he said as he leaned in and kissed her.

"Why don't you want to do it with me?" Asuka asked blushing crimson at the suggestion.

"Because I know you don't want to"

"But... But I do..." Shinji gave her a stern look, "ok I'm afraid..."

"Look," he sat back down taking her into his lap, "you don't have to do anything you don't want to when your around me. I know you love me, every time you kiss me or you touch me I know it. There isn't anything you need to prove to me."

"Bu.." Shinji hushed her plea with his two fingers to her lips.

"I love you, Asuka. I always have and always will..."

"This neckless is proof of it..." she said in a dejected tone.

"No... that is something I wanted you to have, like a promise present."

"A promise present" she mimicked as she peered at the ruby in the pendent.

"Promise that you'll... that you'll be with me." he said as he smiled at her.

Asuka sighed and wrapped her arms around him as he slowly wrapped his around hers. He slowly lowered down into the bed, taking Asuka with him. She moved to his side and place her head on his chest as he lazily stroked her back. She then kissed his chin as she nuzzled into the warmth that his body was giving out. Asuka heard Shinji say something before he finaly fell asleep.

"I love you, my red headed angel, you made me into a real man..."


A figure groaned in a dark room, the only source of light coming from a small lamp on a desk where he was sitting in front of. He put down the pen he was holding close to the notebook he was writing in. After stretching his muscles and his neck, he laid back on his chair closing his eyes. He let out a sigh and a small smile appeared on his face. Suddenly the whole room filled with light as the figure blocked it out by putting his hand in front of his face as he turned his chair to face the door.

"Are you still writing?" someone asked outside the door, "because if you are I don't want to bother you"

"No, its alright", he pleaded as his eyes adjusted to the cursed light.

"What are you writing anyway?" the person from outside entered. A womanly figure shroud in light walked up to the man sitting on the desk. She looked over his shoulder only to meet two hands covering the lettering from her sight. She let out a pout as she nudged him for being so mean. He let out a laugh.

"If you can wait for a little bit, I'll be done" he said while the woman crossed her arms.

"You know we have to leave in a few minutes, thats why I came to get you..."

"I know, I know. You don't want to be late."

"Well we haven't seen them in so long so how can I not be excited."

"I'll be down in a minute now shoo" she gave out a sigh, turned around and left.

The man turned back to his desk and slowly picked up his pen. He looked over all the words and with a smile wrote down the final two on the last page of the book.

"The End." he spoke as he wrote.




The man and woman walked out of their car together. He held the book firming in his grasp as the woman held on to his other arm. A two story house came into view as they seemed to speed up their pace to it. The woman let out a small sigh as they walked up the stairs. The man smiled as the nervousness of seeing people he hasn't seen in awhile washed through him. When they finally reached the top of the stairs, the woman pushed the button on the doorbell and both waited for someone to get the door.

The door opened to show a beautiful woman with overflowing red hair and a characteristic grin on her face.

"I didn't think you two would of made it."

"Wouldn't miss this for the world, Asuka"

Asuka let out a smile as she hugged the man and woman both and wiped a few tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"Come in come in, everyone is waiting."

Asuka let the couple into the livingroom of the house where the sound of laughter can be heard. When they entered the room, everything turned silent as everyoen looked at themselves.


"Shinji? Touji?"

The two men sitting down immediately got up and hugged they're long time friend. They began laughing as the three of them held onto each other like their lives depended on it.

"You son of a bitch! I thought you said you couldn't make it?" Touji exclaimed.

"Me and Rei wouldn't miss this" Touji and Shinji turned to the doorway where they saw Asuka with her arm around the shoulders of the pale blue haired woman.

"Rei!" the two nearly barreled into her as they all started laughing once again.

"Hey, Wondergirl, stop trying to steal my husband"

"I have my own, the idiot standing there with the book" she exclaimed as she was laughing.

Hikari came from the kitchen to see the new guests and nearly launched herself on Rei and Kensuke. Touji was laughing nervously as Hikari started crying saying that she missed them.

After awhile they all calmed down and sat down around the living room.

"How long has it been since the last time we saw each other in person" Kensuke started while holding Rei's hand.

"Feels like a decade, man" Touji sighed, "too long for my taste."

"We keep in touch at least" Shinji added as he had his arm around his petite red head.

"You know you could of called more Kensuke" Hikari glared at Kensuke while he let out a small laugh.

"I'm sorry, the book deals are going well you know... and I haven't had time on my hands as of lately."

"I could be witness to that" Rei spoke up "there were many times where I couldn't pry him off his desk, even when i pranced around naked in front of him."

Everyone laughed as Kensuke blushed.

"Considering we finally saw each other, what the hell has everyone been up to anyway? I know what Kensukes been doing other then Rei" Touji was smacked by Hikari much to the amusement of everyone in the room.

"Well," Asuka began, "every since the kids been at college we have the house to ourselves. They're all doing well so well, little Touji and Rei have top honors. But thats to be expected since they came from my gene pool I'm not sure about baka over here" everyone laughed at that remark to an annoyed Shinji.

"Like she said, we do pretty much nothing now a days with the kids gone" Shinji said with a small smile on his face, " as for my job at NERV, I am bound for the promotion for commander in the coming month because Misato says shes getting too old to do this now. She is in her 60s after all, and if I said that to her she would of killed me" everyone let out a small laugh.

"Well me and Hikari are opening up that school, were trying to get some funding for it. I've always wanted to help people out and the fact I could be couch of the peewee football team would be pretty cool" Touji smiled at that idea as Hikari laid her head on his shoulder.

"What about you, Rei?" Hikari asked.

"Producing is a pain in the ass, new acts and everything but at least everything's getting easier then it was before. So far we have 5 stars on our label as well as a lot more in the making. Oh course Kensuke likes this because he would work on his story, the lazy ass"

"Story?" Shinji asked.

"Hmmm." Kensuke got up and presented the notebook in front of everyone.

"Because of you guys I decide to write this story, depicting that week where we all met with our respective counterparts and also where our friendship seemed to strengthen even more then we could of imagined." he dropped the book in front of the group on the coffee table. " you know I spend countless nights laughing at the memories i was writing down and also the fact that the week alone was the one that changed my life forever."

Shinji picked the book up and looked at the title, "Shinji grows up?"

"No offense to none of you but it was Shinjis change that week that affected everyone... so I thought that would be the appropriate title of it"

"Kensuke... I'm touched" Shinji opened the book and saw the front page of it. A small tear slid down his face as he passed the book to Asuka.

"To the only people on this planet who i would consider my closest friends and family. My wife Rei, Shinji, Asuka, Hikari, and Touji"

"Kensuke... man" Touji let out a small breath and smiled at his long time friend, one of the three stooges.

Rei got up and hugged her husband as everyone followed suit. Shinji volunteered to read the book to everyone seeing he was the one honored with being the title of it. He skimmed through the first page and a small frown creased his face.

"Shinji whats wrong?" Asuka asked as everyone else stared worried that there might be something wrong with the book.

After moment of silence...

"Damn it Kensuke! Did you have to put she kicked me in the nuts?!"

The End.

Note from Author:

I basically said no to the revision since I was delaying this chapter for god knows how long now. A big thanks to the extra patience the fans of this story had to endour due to crap that happened along the way in making this story complete... 2 years... way to long for making a story.... again thank you to everyone who reviewed this piece as well as wrote with the emails of words of inspiration (speical thanks to those people even though it took me awhile to write to them back) or damning me to hell (I have never been so flattered by all the hate mail I got, showed I actually have fans and pissed them off... however now i grovel infront of you begging for your forgiveness -groveling-), both were nice.

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