One Fine Day:

Summary: AU. Naru ends up getting sent to a Japanese high school for an unknown reason and meets Mai who is beginning to develop her physic abilities. Together they investigate the mysteries of the school together and end up getting closer in the process.

Chapter 1:

Mai woke up in the morning with the feeling that something was going to happen at school that day. She knew she had had a dream before she had been jolted out of sleep by her alarm. She was still feeling a tingling and pleasant feeling when she woke so she knew today was going to be a good day. If she woke from a dream feeling nervous and strained, it usually meant that there was going to be a surprise test in one of her lessons.

She got ready for school with a light feeling in her heart. Perhaps she would get a good offer at the supermarket after school again. Mai was always happy to save money as she lived alone.

When she arrived at school and made her way to her classroom she found the likely source of the feeling that she had woken up with. Her two best friends were engaged in gossip about the transfer student when she sat down in her seat and unpacked her bag.

"Apparently he comes from some country in Europe," Keiko was saying.

Michiru also had information to share. "Someone who was in the teacher's office earlier claimed that he is really hot."

Upon hearing that Mai smiled and joined the conversation. "I remember someone said that about another transfer student and everyone ended up being disappointed."

"That is true," Michiru acknowledged. "We shall know the truth when homeroom starts."

Their homeroom teacher was a strict older man that didn't take any nonsense from anyone and had no sense of timing as he waited right until the end of homeroom to introduce the transfer student. Mai could hear a lot of people hold their breath as he walked in and she could see why.

He was very attractive with smooth raven black hair and azure blue eyes. Mai found the cold look in his eyes off putting though. She decided that he would look better if he smiled.

The new student wrote his name on the blackboard and Mai raised her eyebrows when she saw that it was a Japanese name. The rumour about him being from another country seemed to be false rather than the other rumour about his attractiveness.

"My name is Kazuya Shibuya. It is nice to meet you all," he said in a tone that indicated he was feeling the direct opposite. "Please treat me well."

Clearly no one else caught that as the rest of the class smiled and there were whispers about how hot and polite he was.

A muscle twitched in Naru's jaw as he heard all the whispers and observed the attitudes of his new classmates. What was he doing in a class of overexcited morons that were fawning over his good looks? It was all Gene's fault. To get him back for something he had done, Gene had convinced his parents to send him to high school. He already had a PhD for crying out loud, he certainly didn't need to attend school. He was Dr. Oliver Davis, or rather he had been, he was now Kazuya Shibuya, yet another school student in a gakuran. The only difference was that he looked much better in his gakuran than anyone else.

He became aware that the teacher was discussing his seating options. There were three unoccupied desks in the classroom. Two were next to girls that were clearly violently blushing over the prospect of sitting next to him and the other was next to the only girl in the class that didn't look that interested in him. She had short brown hair and caramel eyes and a detached expression on her face. Naru was immediately intrigued by her.

He didn't mind the idea of sitting next to her and if the teacher had any sense he would seat him next to her and not the other girls as they would be too distracted by his beauty to work properly.

"You can sit next to Taniyama-san," the teacher said and pointed to the brunette.

Naru nodded and sat down in the seat next to Taniyama who turned her head to stare at him silently. His next hurdle was working out what to do with his school bag. He glanced at her desk and noticed that her bag was on a hook at the side. In England students simply dumped their bags on the floor. He hung his there and refocused on the teacher who was now packing up and leaving the room.

A look at his timetable revealed that he had Maths first followed by Japanese and English. The English lessons sounded like a chance to demonstrate his fluency whilst Japanese sounded like torture as he hadn't learnt a great amount of Kanji and his guardian in Japan was Chinese.

The people around him took the opportunity of the teacher absence to question him. He was treated to a dizzying array of questions.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Where are you from?"

"What clubs are you interested in joining?"

"Where can I get skin like yours?"

Naru found the deluge of questions horrifying. Queries about his origin and his looks were to be expected, but he had forgotten about after school clubs and about his relationship status. If Gene was here he would be laughing hysterically at the idea of him joining a sports club or him being surrounded by lovelorn girls.

He took a deep breath and came up with an answer to prevent any further questions on similar subjects.

"I don't have a girlfriend, neither am I interested in having one. I was born with this skin and I detest the idea of staying after school."

Deliberately he neglected to answer the question about where he was from as if he revealed it he would be surrounded by even more people asking questions and he would end up being extremely rude to everyone to get away from them. He had a feeling that he would not be allowed to return to England unless he made at least one friend. His mother had always wanted him to make friends and had been disappointed when he scared away all the other children at primary school.

The Maths teacher entered the classroom, effectively ending all conversation and everyone returned to their desks. Naru sighed in relief and caught the eye of Taniyama who had been looking amused the entire time he had been surrounded.

The content of the Maths lesson was simple to Naru as he had studied statistics a few years ago so he barely took any notes and streamed through all of the questions. He smiled slightly when he noticed that the girl next to him was struggling through the questions. Whilst he was watching her struggle, she happened to look up at him. Her eyes narrowed when she saw that he had finished and was looking too pleased with himself.

"Having trouble?" he whispered, extremely enjoying himself.

"No!" she hissed back. "Look around, everyone else is stuck on the same question."

Naru checked and verified she was right. Taniyama wasn't as slow as she seemed, he was just ahead of the whole class in ability and had only focused on her.

"I can tell you the answer if you like," he offered, entirely expecting her to get annoyed with him and refuse the offer which she did.

"Stop being so smug, Shibuya."

Taniyama got a small measure of revenge in the next lesson, Japanese as Naru had trouble reading aloud from the book the class were working on. She kindly offered him help and went through some of the Kanji with him when they had to work in pairs. He was surprised that she hadn't offered to help him in a condescending way like he had done to her. He recognised that type, a selfless girl that put grudges aside in order to help. Briefly he wondered why she had become that way, then he realised how peculiar his thoughts had become and paid attention to the Kanji that was being explained.

As a result of her teaching he gave her a little assistance in English as she wasn't that good at pronouncing or understanding words. Or that was his opinion, Mai had thought he had been snarky about her accent and looked down on her whenever she tried to say a word aloud.

Mai was glad when lunchtime rolled round as it meant she could be free from Kazuya Shibuya's smirks and condescending glances. Her happy feeling from the morning was completely gone. Perhaps it had nothing to do with the transfer student and instead she would get a good bargain at the supermarket later on. She sat with Keiko and Michiru to eat her bento whilst a majority of the class crowded around the transfer student. The expression on his face looked like he was enjoying the attention whilst detesting it at the same time.

"You and Shibuya-kun looked friendly this morning," Keiko commented.

Mai groaned, reminded that some girls in high school tended to stake a claim on a good looking boy and victimise any girl that got close to him. She hoped that there weren't any girls like that in her class.

"If friendly means condescending and snarky."

"You might not have to put up with it for much longer, he will probably find a new girl to tease," Michiru suggested. "He is popular enough already."

"It's because he has a mysterious aura," Keiko said dreamily. "He's like the mysterious transfer student in books."

"Why are the boys surrounding him then?" Michiru pointed.

"They're probably trying to recruit him to join their clubs," Mai predicted. "I guess they didn't get the message earlier when he said that he had no interest in after school clubs."

"I can't imagine him joining our club," Keiko giggled. "After school horror stories. We only have three members and we're all girls."

Mai tried to picture Kazuya Shibuya joining them in a darkened classroom with only torches for light, telling ghost stories. She did find it a surprisingly believable picture.

On the other side of the classroom Naru was struggling to get the message across that he really wasn't going to join any clubs. It was evident that he was only wanted as eye candy to attract new members. So far he had been offered a place in all the sports clubs, the chess club which had been appealing for a few seconds before he realised there would be no one on his level and a variety of niche interest clubs.

"I like going home straight after school," he repeated for the fifth time.

One female classmate who had been trying to recruit him for the newspaper club glared.

"I suppose you would prefer to join Taniyama-san's silly ghost story club that join a proper club."

Naru was about to repeat that he really did not want to join any club when her words sunk in. High school would be much better if he got to do something related to the supernatural. There was a chance that he might get to solve some cases. He called over to Mai:

"Taniyama-san, I will join your club."

A/N: A Gakuran is what male high school students wear in some schools.