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Story: Little Red Riding Hood Part 1

Chapter 1: To Grandmother's House I Go

Main Pairing: Benny/Ethan

Ethan Morgan, or Little Red Riding Hood as everybody liked to call him, was currently about to set out through the woods to bring his grandmother, Evelyn, some lovely treats that his mother had baked.

"Now, Ethan. Remember to stick to the path and go straight to Grandma's house. DO NOT talk to any strangers that you might come across on your travels. There are a lot of bad and evil things that lurk deep within the forest." his mother told him, fretting and worrying like any typical good mother would do about their child's safety. She tugged on his shirt, straightening out a crinkle in it.

Ethan just rolled his eyes at his mother's over motherliness towards him. He knew that she really loved him and all, but sometimes he just wished that she would stop treating him like a little kid. He was fifteen now and is old enough and perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

"Yes, mother! I know." he replied to her tiredly, but then smiled when she looked up at him.

She smiled too, and stood up straight to fetch the basket of treats off the table. She handed the basket to him and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

"Now be careful and watch out for that nasty wolf that prowls the forest nearby, my sweet little boy."

"Ok, Mom! I will!" he said blushing, going to the door, but was then stopped by his mother.

"Ethan! Wait! Don't forget to take your hood!" she called out to her son.

"Ugh! Do I have too? I hate wearing that thing! Everyone keeps making fun of me, by calling me Little Red Riding Hood!" he complained.

"Yes! You do! And they're not making fun you. Besides, I think it's a cute little nickname!" she said to him.

Ethan just rolled his eyes. "But why do I have to wear it everytime I go out?" he asked.

"Because it will keep you safe. The color red is suppose to ward off any evil that might wish to do you harm."

"Yeah. Or more like attract their attention to me." muttered Ethan under his breath with a scoff.

His mother, not hearing his comment, walked over and picked up his red hood from the rack. She then walked over to her son and placed the red hood around his shoulders, tying the little strings that hung from the neck to keep it in place. She then looked at him fondly with a smile.

"Just be sure to get to Grandma's safely and don't dawdle around, wasting daylight. The forest can be even scarier at night than during the day." she said to him and then placed a kiss on his forehead. "Love you!"

"Love you, too!" he said back, smiling.

"Now go on! Grandma's expecting you!" she said, shooing him.

Ethan chuckled and then bid his mother good-bye.

Ethan was happily strolling through the forest, humming a tune in his head. He didn't even notice that he was being watched from a distance, until he heard a snap of a twig. He abruptly stopped and quickly glanced around with a lump in his throat that he swallowed, but he didn't see anything.

"Maybe it was just my imagination or a squirrel or something?" he said, nervously to himself.

With one last look around, he shrugged and then proceed on his way with treats in hand. Along the way he decided to pick some flowers for Grandma, to help spruce up the place some. He was sure that she would love them.

Eventually, Ethan made it to his grandmother's house, but it seemed a little quiet. He was getting a bad feeling about this as he knocked and slowly entered the little cottage.

"Grandma? Grandma, are you home? I've brought some yummy treats that mother had sent over. Are you here?" he spoke softly, but with caution. He slowly and quietly crept through the house, until he heard a small voice.

"Ethan? Is that you dear?" squeaked the voice.

It didn't sound like his grandmother. Maybe she was sick or something, but he highly doubt it.

"Yes, Grandma! It's me, Ethan! I've come to visit you like I always do on Fridays." he replied, innocently. "Grandma, where are you?" he asked, trying to pinpoint where the voice was coming from.

"I'm in here, sweetie!" called back the voice.

It was coming from her bedroom. Ethan slowly walked in there and saw that it looks like someone was in the bed.

"Why do you sound so...different?" he asked her.

"Oh! Uh? (cough cough) Because...I've seemed to have caught a cold, is all dear." coughed the figure in the bed, covered with blankets, though the cough sounded fake to Ethan's ears. "Please! If you could just come closer, so I can see your handsome face. It might help me feel better seeing you. I promise, I won't make you sick too." requested the figure.

Going against his better judgement and making a break for it, he instead did what his 'grandmother' had asked of him. He crept slowly towards the bed. As he did, he was starting to get a better look of who was in the bed, but not that great of a look.

"Gee, Grandma...what big ears you have." stated Ethan with suspicion.

"Why, all the better to hear your lovely voice, my dear." replied the figure.

"And what big eyes you have." he stated again.

"All the better to see your handsome face with, my dear." replied the figure again, shifting slightly under the covers.

"And...what big teeth you have!" gasped Ethan, once he reached the bed's side and got a clear view of who was laying in Grandma's bed. It was the wolf!

"All the better to...EAT you with!" growled the wolf, as he leaped out of the bed at poor little Ethan standing there.

The flowers that he picked earlier went sprawling out across the floor, as a scream could be heard coming from the boy with the red hood.

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