Danny Phantom has been visiting the Ghost Zone more often nowadays. He likes to take time away from the press and his hectic life and just fly around the zone, reminiscing about the good old days, when no one knew his true identity, when his parents hunted him, when his dad had a strong desire to rip him apart molecule by molecule, when his mother wanted to study him, when no one hounded him for autographs or a picture.

It has been four years since Danny saved the world from the asteroid. Instantly, he became a hero and a celebrity. He was honored with a statue. It is an awesome statue. He admits he likes looking at it and that he is one handsome dude. He tries to stay grounded, levelheaded. He knows how easy it is to get an inflated ego. He remembers that experience a long time when the Guys in White bought his parents' lab for a huge amount of cash. He did not like the person he became then and he does not want to relive that.

Becoming a celebrity has made high school the best years of his life, though. He was number one everywhere. People adored him. He appreciated it, but he stayed true to himself and stuck with Tucker and Sam just like they did when no one acknowledged Danny Fenton's existence. Dash stopped picking on him; he became an unwarranted tail that was really hard to shake off. Paulina started flirting with him every time she saw him, but he did not care. He did not succumb to her flirtatious ways. She did not like him when he was a "nobody." He does not like her now that he is "somebody." His younger self would have been kicked him in the shin, unapologetically and very hard. He smiles at the thought. He has grown up a lot.

It has been four years without Vlad Masters/Plasmius, who is somewhere out there. No one cares about him; people have forgotten him. His name is now synonymous with "failure" and "loser." His wealth has been distributed to orphanages and local charities. A portion has been given to Danny as restitution for hunting him and libeling him when he was only trying to save their beloved city. It also serves as payment for his services.

He has amassed some wealth. Ghost hunting has become his career. He pooled in his resources and went into business with his folks. They make great weapons; he catches the specters sometimes with his parents' help, sometimes alone. Danny thought that the ghost hunting business would be a dud, a bust and that no spirits would come back to haunt his town. For some reason, now there is a greater abundance of unruly ghosts in Amity Park more than ever and it is up to the Fentons to protect their city and catch the specters.

It has also been four years since he and Sam started going out. Their relationship has not been a smooth ride. There were many break-ups and make-ups. He is busier now than he was before. He has to go to press conferences, town meetings and hunt ghosts. He is a celebrity and a hero and no one ever said that these lives are easy ones. Sam is overshadowed by the success of her on-again off-again boyfriend. She wishes him well, but sometimes it is too overwhelming even for her, but if she cannot handle it, imagine how he feels. He is the one who is constantly in the spotlight.

Danny and Sam are on a break again for the same reason: Danny does not have enough time for her and this is why Danny is in the Ghost Zone. He is escaping his hectic life. He is escaping Sam. The Ghost Zone is where Danny can be truly alone. One never knows when one will meet another ghost. The Zone is gigantic, which is a problem when Danny needs to urgently find a certain ghost. Today, however, Danny appreciates the Zone's vastness. He does not want to talk to anyone. He wants to be left alone with his thoughts. He never appreciated solitude until his star began to rise. Privacy and isolation have become things of the past. He smiles to himself, wishing he had the Reality Gauntlet to make everyone forget that Danny Fenton is also Danny Phantom.

Danny finally begins to feel at peace. He is floating around aimlessly, enjoying this rare moment. All of a sudden, he hears a draining noise. For an instant, he thinks that he is just hearing things. Stress does this to people (and ghosts apparently).

Something tugs on his legs. He realizes that a wormhole has opened up and he is being sucked into it. He tries to yank himself out of it, but the pull is too powerful. He calls for help, but no ghost is around to aid him. Right now, he curses the Zone's size. In a matter of seconds, he is sucked into the purple wormhole.

'So much for peace and quiet,' he thinks to himself.

A couple of seconds pass and the wormhole opens again. Danny is propelled forward and onto an enormous, snow covered landscape.

'Well, time to look for Frostbite. Maybe he'll know how to help me get home.'

He gets up off the ground and starts flying forward to find the yeti ghost in charge of Realm of the Far Frozen.