It has been two weeks since her fight with Zaheer. A lot has happened since then. Korra went to some healers, who tried their best to fix her leg. She has to depend on crutches for a few weeks. Korra has been hailed a hero once again. Her polls ratings have shot up (Raiko was pissed because his were still really low). She was welcomed back into Republic City - like she knew would happen. Jinora got her airbending tattoos. Korra was very proud of her "little sister." Jinora is smart, resourceful, and a quick thinker. She deserves this honor.

Korra also said goodbye to her friends - Tenzin, the airbenders, Mako, Bolin, and Asami - in Republic City and left for the South Pole. She is still relying on her crutches. She is traveling to the South Pole for physical therapy and Katara-style healing.

Danny has accompanied her. She is thankful that she will have someone to talk to. Asami volunteered to come, but Korra knows that Asami has to take care of her company. She has commitments in Republic City. Plus, she does not want Asami to see her like this. She can only bear Danny to see her like this.

She feels a little broken. She sports various scratches on her body and face. She has a huge cut on her right arm, some broken fingers and not to mention, her hurt left leg. She knows that the poison has not been in long enough to do some permanent damage, but she still fears that she will not be able to walk without her crutches. She has to remind herself that it only has been two weeks. It takes a lot longer to heal.

She has also come back home to relax. She has been under so much stress. She knows Danny is going to miss their friends and so will she. She also knows that Danny is not looking forward to eating only Water Tribe food. She laughs.

"Don't worry, ghost boy. We'll still have our secret seal jerky parties," she tells him.

She has forgotten that he does not exactly belong here in this world, that he is from another. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly and he fits right in. She acknowledges that he misses his planet and that he has to go back home, but she has no idea how.

She does not want him to go. He understands her and what it is like to be a hero, bombarded with thousands of duties and millions of expectations. She secretly hopes that he will never leave.

Korra notices her dad acting very strangely every time he finds Korra and Danny together. Danny relates to her the conversation he had with Tonraq, Zuko, and Lin in the bar when they were waiting for Korra.

"So yeah, in short, everyone, including the Fire Lord, thinks we're dating," Danny finishes.

She laughs. "Don't they know that I'm not into spirits?"

The South Pole was not the getaway she had expected it to be. There have been nonstop blizzards. Even she is becoming weary and she adores the snow. Finally, one day, the weather clears up and Danny suggests taking Naga for a ride; Korra loves the idea. Senna warns them to be careful. They assure her that they will be.

They ride off. It feels good to feel the cold wind on their faces. It feels so liberating to be outside after days of being cooped up inside in because of the never-ending snow. The only times they were allowed to leave the house was when Danny would escort Korra to her healing sessions with Katara.

They ride far all the way to the spirit portal. Danny leaps off Naga and helps Korra down. They walk through the portal to escape the snow and the cold. They sit by the tree and reminisce about their adventures.

Korra asks him to tell him some more stories - if he can remember - about his own adventures. He tells her about Vlad Masters, how he had a crush on Danny's mom, how Vlad was always trying to sabotage Danny's dad, while trying to flirt with his mom.

Korra laughs. She has been laughing quite a lot these days. It makes her feel better, stronger, lighter. She does not feel as broken as before. 'Laughter really is the best medicine.'

They talk and talk and they want to continue, but they are interrupted by a sudden daze of purple light forming a circle at the entrance of the spirit portal. Korra is taken aback and looks at Danny, who sports a knowing look written all over his face. She then realizes that this is his ghost portal. He looks at Korra and she understands. She knows he must go. Who knows when another portal will just happen to appear?

The portal is growing in size. "Well, I guess it's time for me to go Danny starts relaying his last words to her. "Tell everyone that I said good-bye, that I'll miss them, that I'll think about them, and that I'm happy that I have met them."

"I promise." They hug for a really long time. She does not want to let him go. She does not want him to leave. She does not want to be alone. With him, she is never alone.

She tries to laugh, to make herself feel better, to make their last moments together happy and filled with mirth, but she cannot. They diffuse the hug and they hold hands for a moment, again not wanting to let go. They look into each other's blue eyes and his hand slips from her grasp. He goes ghost and zips to the portal. He is about to go in, but he freezes. He turns around and looks at Korra. She is watching him and smiling. She knows he has to go. She will be strong. She will get over this, but she will never forget him.

She sees him fly over to her. She wonders what he wants. He swoops her into her arms and carries her to the portal with him. She realizes what he is doing.

"Danny! Stop! This is crazy! Put me down!"

"No can do, Korra. No can do."

"Yes, you can. It's very simple, just let me go!"

She fights back. She cannot leave her world. She has a duty to it. He looks down at her and their eyes meet again.

He smiles. "Korra, it's time you went on a real vacation."