Okay, this one is another short story, with short chapters, to get my muse into gear again. I got prompted on Tumblr with a sentence - What else could go wrong tonight? - and this came out. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, just this story.


This was going to be one of those days. She just felt it in her bones.

Her hair had a will of its own, she burned her tongue on the coffee because she was just too eager for her caffeine to wait until it'd cooled off enough, the sub closed its door right in front of her, and she almost reached the airport too late.

When she boarded the plane she actually had to swallow down a sigh when she saw who was sitting beside her seat. Of course she was not sitting beside the cute guy with the scruff who might have made the flight go by much faster, no she was sitting beside the guy who was sweating profusely and was probably going to snore her ears off.

Great. Just freaking fucking great.

Of course the flight was a nightmare. She opted on paying for a small bottle of wine to get her through the flight, and of course it was red vine, and of course just when she wanted to take a sip the plane jumped, and she dumped all of it on her white blouse. Then her ear plugs didn't work anymore and the ones she purchased from the stewardess didn't help at all with drowning out the loud snoring noises from beside her, and when the plane finally landed she was cranky beyond measure.

But the day wasn't over yet.

The rental car she'd rented wasn't available anymore, and she had to take a much more expansive one, which was huge, and she hated to drive through city traffic with a huge car. When she reached the hotel she needed to take another room which was more a broom closet than anything else, because somehow they'd made a mistake, and she couldn't get her booked room today, and she was too tired to drive to another hotel tonight.

Just fucking great.

She hopped into the shower, and just slipped into some comfy clothes afterwards. No need to get fancy, she just needed a drink. The hotel bar would work just fine.

Nursing her second cocktail, she relaxed slowly. The fact that she was wearing no make-up and her glasses, that she'd only pulled her hair into a ponytail and was wearing washed out jeans and a hoodie kept all the drunken men away. That was exactly what she wanted. Just a drink and some peace.

"Hello, love. This seat taken?"

Apparently there was still a desperate man who felt the need to hit on her, but when she turned around she wasn't sure she would use the word desperate to describe him.

It was the guy from the plane. The cute one.

But when she looked him over now, she realized cute wasn't the right word either. He was hot. Blue eyes, lean muscled body, scruff, hair that flopped into his eyes.

Maybe this day wasn't that bad. Maybe it might turn out to be not bad at all.

"Nope. It's not taken."

After all … what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?