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Author's note: This story is NOT CANON to Heroes of Mobius or my Freedom Planet fanfic universe. It is canon to the Sonic and Freedom Planet games. Sonic's side is after Generations, Freedom Planet's side is…well, after their first and so far only game of course. XD

Act 1

Prelude: Phenomenon

Planet Mobius, 9:30 pm at night…

Night was falling over the world of Mobius once again. The blue skies were replaced by black skies and the sun set down behind the horizon in favour of the moon rising up to take its turn at shining a light over the world. Stars twinkled in place of clouds and darkness fell over every inch of the planet from trees to buildings and villages to cities. Mobius was an extraordinary world, home to humans and humanoid animals known as "Mobians" and was known for its incredulous features such as large cities, expansive jungles and bizarre castles and casino-themed areas. It was a world of beauty and wonder and even at night, it was a pretty sight with its twinkling stars and glistening moon in the velvet black sky above. It was going to be a beautiful night, and as of this moment, there was at least one person already awake to enjoy the night. Few people would ever dare to stay up so late so they could witness what the night had in store for them. Especially people as young as the one who was setting up a powerful telescope that would allow him to see high up into the sky, even as far up as space if he wanted to.

The young child was a twin-tailed, yellow furred fox known as Miles Prower, but he was better known by his nickname "Tails". Tails was only eight years old but despite his young age, he was incredibly gifted with scientific intellect beyond what one would expect in a child and a fierce determination that saw him survive many encounters and adventures he had been on. He was also very kind and good-hearted with a friendly demeanour and a likeable personality. Tails was hoping to see something up in the sky tonight, something that he wouldn't see again until next year. He had his telescope set up for just the occasion. The fox had gotten it for his birthday last year and had taken it up onto a grassy hill to set it up for his night-time watch. His telescope had a powerful lens, one that would easily let him see up as far as outer space if he wanted to see that far. He peered through the scope to see if the lens was clear enough. He could see every single star in the sky as clear as he could see them now. Everything was working perfectly. Smiling to himself, the kid genius sat down on a stool and peered through the telescope, waiting for what he had come for to happen.

"OK, I'm all set up and the time is right…it should be happening any moment now." Tails mused quietly to himself, "I wonder if Sonic's got Amy and Cream yet? They'll wanna see this."

Just as the young fox wondered about this, he heard the sounds of approaching footsteps walking through the grass. He turned around and beamed as he saw just the person that he was expecting. It was his best friend and the Hero of Mobius himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic was fifteen years old and had long, blue quills and dashing green eyes. He wore red sneakers that were built for sport and white gloves. Sonic was renowned for his impressive speed, which had earned him the name of "Sonic". He was the reason that Mobius always survived to see another day thanks to his super speed and his destructive spin-dashes. He had two girls with him. One was a pink hedgehog named Amy Rose and the other was a cream coloured rabbit named Cream. Amy was Sonic's would-be-love interest although she had mellowed out of her fan-girlish behaviour over time and was content just being Sonic's friend as of now. She was a strong fighter, able to smash most enemies or send them flying with a wave of her big, meaty Piko-Piko Hammer. The hammer made her a force to be reckoned with. Cream was Amy's best friend and was pretty much the she-hog's equivalent to Tails. She was able to fly with her long, floppy ears and was always accompanied by her pet Chao Cheese, a small blue creature with wings and a red bow tie. The rabbit yawned tiredly but did her best to stay awake. It was past her bedtime and she knew that her mother would be tucking her in right now. But Tails had promised her and Amy that they would enjoy staying up to see what he was going to show them now. Sonic walked up to his little brother figure and the hedgehog and fox fist-bumped in greeting.

"Hey Tails, nice night to be watching the stars!" Sonic said cheerfully.

"It is indeed Sonic." Tails chuckled, "That's why I'm up here tonight, to watch the stars."

"You gonna sit and count them all?" the teen hedgehog snickered, "You might be here a while, I mean look how many there are!"

The Mobians all looked up to the sky. There were indeed hundreds upon hundreds of stars out tonight. To count them all would be like counting individual grains of sand on the beach. Tails chuckled again.

"No Sonic, that's not quite what I have in mind." he replied.

"Are you here to watch the moon instead then?" asked Amy, glancing up at the beautiful, glistening moon up in the dark sky, "It's quite beautiful tonight, especially since it's full."

"No, no, not that." Tails said, waving his hands, "But what I can tell you is that I'm here and waiting for a special star to appear tonight. It's a very special kind of star, special in the sense that it ONLY comes out once a year every year."

"That sounds exciting!" Cream piped.

"So when did you first see this special star then?" asked Sonic, glancing up at the sky as if expecting to see it.

"About a couple of years ago when I was only six." the young cub explained, "I was out seeing if I could spot any comets or meteors with my dad's old telescope one night and I saw a big flash of white light that looked exactly like a star. It was bigger than the others and lasted about an hour, getting bigger over a course of thirty minutes and then shrinking back down for the other thirty."

"Wow, at six years old, you was already timing things like that star's beginning and end?" Amy gasped, "Not many kids at that age have that kind of patience."

"I suppose that's what makes me special." Tails said modestly, "Anyway, I saw the star again on the same night I saw it when I was six the next year. So it must mean that this phenomenon only occurs yearly. It's precisely two years on this exact night I saw the star so it should be coming out any time soon."

"That's cool. So what's with the telescope?" Sonic asked curiously, "You wanna study this thing or something?"

"Yeah, something like that." Tails admitted, "I'm kinda curious as to what's causing this one star to appear so bright in comparison to the others."

"Maybe it's a wishing star." the hedgehog snickered, "Maybe you could make a wish when it appears or something."

"I know what I'd wish for." Amy giggled, winking at Sonic.

The hedgehog let out a fake chuckle but said nothing. He was used to Amy's little jokes by now, especially since she was more mellow and mature ever since the time he and his younger self had defeated the Time Eater and both Past and Present Dr. Eggmen. He preferred Amy this way and wondered if she'd get more and more mature as time went by.

"When will the star appear Tails?" Cream asked curiously.

"Well it appeared at 9:35 the last two times I saw it." the fox replied, "It's 9:35 now," he added, glancing at his watch which he kept under the cuff of his glove, "So it should be appearing right…"

He paused for dramatic effect but before he could say anything, the phenomenon happened. Up in the sea of darkness above, a small white light began to shine. It stood out from the stars surrounding it by shining brighter than either of them were. The light began to increase in size, shining brighter and brighter with every second that passed. Sonic, Amy and Cream glanced up at the star, amazed at what they were seeing. They had never seen a star this bright before. They had always been asleep when it had been out. And now they were watching one of nature's miracles happening for the only time they would ever see it this year. Tails peered into his telescope, the lens showing the star in all its glory as it shone. It was so clear that Tails could've been seeing it right in front of his own eye instead of through a powerful lens hundreds of miles down on the ground. It was an amazing sight and still as beautiful as ever. The fact it only appear yearly made it more special and mesmerizing to watch for the kid-genius. The four Mobians stood watching the amazing star for thirty minutes, amazed as it got bigger and bigger. It was about the size of the moon now but it was shining much brighter. It was almost like a second sun in the dark void above. If it was any brighter, it could've been mistaken for another sun. Tails had watched the whole thing through the telescope, spellbound by what he had seen. Seeing it up close through the scope had made the whole experience more thrilling than the last two years he'd seen it.

"Amazing…the whole thing seems to shine with its own phosphorescence." he calculated, "It just seems to be a natural occurring phenomenon with nothing causing it accidentally or intentionally."

"So this occurrence is normal then?" Sonic mused, "Gotta say, it was worth watching. It was kinda beautiful."

"It's so bright!" Amy hollered, still staring at the star, "It's so sad that this miracle of nature only happens once a year! Where do you think it's happening Tails?"

"Judging from where it started…I'd say up in space somewhere, probably about the same distance away from us as the moon, maybe slightly closer." the fox replied, "It's difficult to pinpoint but a rough estimate is that it's that far away."

"I wonder if it'll come closer so we can touch it?" Cream murmured.

"It doesn't get closer. It's always been that same distance every time I've seen it." Tails stated matter-of-factly.

"I'm not sure if it'd be good if that star got closer to us." Amy mused, "It could be dangerous that way."

"If it doesn't move from its spot every time it appears then this hedgehog's not worried." Sonic said brightly, "Mobius won't have to worry about weird stars causing trouble for us. I wonder what Eggman would think if he saw this?"

"He'd probably assume it's some kind of power source and try and use it…" Tails muttered bitterly.

"Yeah, try and make another Time Eater perhaps." the hedgehog snickered, "Wouldn't be a "bright" idea though since I'd just stop him again."

"You know next time we see this star Tails, we should film it." Amy suggested, "We could then look back on the occurrence whenever we want to so we don't have to wait a year all the time to see it. What do you think?"

"I think that's a great idea!" Tails said enthusiastically, "Next year, I'll bring you all to this exact spot again and we'll film it! We could show it to anybody who misses it and let them see the miracle, maybe tempt them to stay up so they can see it in person themselves one day."

"I'd love to show the film to my mother!" Cream said excitedly, "She'd be so amazed by it!"

"Chao, chao!" Cheese piped in agreement.

"All I can say about this funky little star up there Tails is that this is why we keep Mobius safe." Sonic said, glancing up at the star again, "So we can all live to see the world's miracles, such as this up there. Sentimental I know but that's what makes life worth living to the fullest."

"I agree." Tails said, watching the star as it began to grow smaller slowly but steadily with awe.

"And we'll be around to see it again next year." the super-speedy hero declared, "So is the star just gonna get smaller now?"

"It is indeed."

"Then I guess we can all head on back home."

"I agree, Cream's getting pretty tired." Amy said, looking over at her best friend as she yawned, "We'd better get some shut-eye."

"And tomorrow, we'll be ready for whatever hair-brained scheme Dr. Eggman has in mind!" Sonic cried, "Goodnight everybody, see you tomorrow." he added, shaking Tails's hand before he left.

"Goodnight Sonic." said Tails as his friend shook his hand and left, "Goodnight Amy and Cream."

"See you in the morning Tails. Sleep well!" Amy chirped.

"Goodnight Tails, sweet dreams!" Cream said politely, stifling a yawn.

The fox smiled graciously at his friends as they bid goodnight. Sonic, Amy and Cream left the twin-tailed fox behind to tidy away his telescope. They walked down the hill and headed off for home as the fox retracted the telescope into the base and picked it up along with the stool he'd been sitting on. He looked up one last time at the star, feeling lucky to have seen it again tonight and feeling very happy that his friends had come to see it tonight. It was a miracle he had been happy to share with his friends and he wondered if they would share it with anybody else in the world. Tails then turned around and headed off for home, yawning as he walked away. He was ready for his sleep but as he walked off, he couldn't help but glance over his shoulder to see the shrinking star get smaller in the sky above. He was looking forward to seeing it again next year…

Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream weren't the only ones who were watching the amazing star tonight. At the same time they had watched it appear, a red echidna with long dreadlocks and spiked knuckles was watching it too. He was standing atop a beautiful shrine that stood proudly on a huge floating island that loomed above the ground as if under a magic spell of some kind. His name was Knuckles and he was the Guardian of the Master Emerald, a huge green emerald of amazing power that kept Angel Island afloat. Knuckles carried out his duty with honour, dignity and devotion, always making sure that nobody ever stole the grandiose gem and tried to use it for their own selfish needs. He was a good friend with Sonic and the others though the two often made fun of each other due to their past rivalry.

Knuckles was standing in front of the emerald as usual but he was watching the strange but beautiful star up in the sky. He watched it get bigger and bigger as its hourly visit ticked by and found himself unable to look away from it. He wondered what it was. He was surprised to see it glow brighter than the moon itself as if trying to outdo it. It was an amazing sight, almost as amazing as the sight of his beloved island.

"Looks like the Night Sun's here again." the spike-fisted echidna said to himself, "Must mean that tomorrow's gonna be a good day just like my ancestors always prophesised."

He thought back to the legends surrounding this weird but wonderful phenomenon that occurred on the same night every year. His ancestors had nicknamed it "The Night Sun" for it was almost as bright as the sun itself and was thought to foretell on how fortunate the people of Mobius were going to be the next day. Knuckles believed the legends for he couldn't think of why else this strange thing would appear. It had been happening for so long, something that Knuckles often pondered about. Was this phenomenon as old as Mobius itself? It would make sense considering that his ancestors dated back a long time. Maybe even prehistoric Mobians had seen this "Night Sun" and theorized about it.

"I wonder if Sonic or his buddies have seen this thing." Knuckles wondered, "And I wonder if this thing's a powerful entity of some kind. Might be as powerful as the Master Emerald."

He glanced over his shoulder at the glorious green gem that stood behind him.

"Whatever the Night Sun is, it's best that it stays what it is…just a light in the sky." he deduced.

He looked up at the strange star one last time and then lay down to rest for the night. He would need his sleep otherwise he wouldn't be a very good guardian. He was always on the lookout for Dr. Eggman trying to steal the precious gem and always making sure that he would never, ever get his hands on it. The Night Sun's appearance was meant to symbolize good fortune for tomorrow. Maybe that good fortune would make his next defence of the emerald a success and Eggman would be kept away from the emerald once again…

Planet Avalice, 9:30 pm at night…

Another world in another universe was getting ready for another beautiful night's sleep too. The sun had set, the moon was out and the stars were twinkling. The moon's shine was bright and luminous, giving the night sky a sense of beauty to balance out its sense of dread. The world was a planet known as Avalice, a beautiful world that was known for housing three big, wealthy, brightly coloured kingdoms that all had their own leaders, citizens and personalities, making them all distinct from one another. The kingdoms were known as Shang Tu, Shang Mu and Shuigang. Shang Tu was blue, Shang Mu was red and Shuigang was green. All three kingdoms were settling in for the night, lights in houses switching off and the streets getting quieter and quieter. Soon the world would be at peace until the next morning.

Outside of the three kingdoms was a lush, inviting environment known as Dragon Valley. It was named in honour of the dragon race, a race that had come to Avalice and mixed with the ancestors of the planet's inhabitants. The three kingdoms were even made in honour of a mystical, magical dragon that had come to Avalice and blessed the world with its beauty and radiance. Dragon Valley had lush forests, rocky mountains and plains. Deep in the forests of Dragon Valley, there was a treehouse built into one of the trees. It was a homely environment and two storeys high, just big enough for the people that lived in it.

The treehouse was unoccupied at the moment for the people living inside it were camping outside for the night. There was a purple dragon, a green wildcat and a white hound sitting around a campfire with three tents standing behind them. The tents matched the colours of the three girls occupying them. The dragon was named Lilac and she was the heroine of Avalice, having saved the world from the evil alien warlord Lord Brevon when he had tried to steal the Kingdom Stone a month ago. The Kingdom Stone was a magical artefact that provided energy for the world to survive. It was no longer a stone though, but now a swirling vortex of energy that appeared every so often. Lilac was pleased to have stopped Brevon from making off with the stone, thus allowing her world to live for many more years to come. The dragon was so-called because of her lilac-skin colour and was famous for her trademark twin-tendrils which she used to deadly effect in a battle. The cat and dog were called Carol and Milla. They were Lilac's best friends and had helped her stop Lord Brevon in his evil plans to escape Avalice with the Kingdom Stone. Carol was a biker girl and had her own motorbike. Milla was a young puppy with a strong connection to the earth and an adorable personality. The three girls were camping outside for the night, wanting to enjoy the beauty for a change. Lilac had a stick with some marshmallows impaled on the end and she roasted them over the fire.

"Isn't it a lovely night for a camp out girls?" she asked brightly, watching the white, fluffy marshmallows darken as they heated.

"It sure is!" Carol agreed, picking up some wafer biscuits and sandwiching a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow between them, "It's a beautiful starry night and it's peaceful in the valley tonight. What better way to spend the night than to bet out here to enjoy it?"

"I love sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!" Milla piped, munching on a s'more that she'd just made a moment ago, "Please can we do this more often Lilac?"

"Sure, why not?" Lilac said cheerfully, "Camping's a lot of fun. I remember how the Red Scarves always abolished the idea of a fun campout…thank goodness they can't say no to us now."

"You're telling me Lilac." Carol nodded agreeably, holding her s'more over the campfire to let the chocolate and marshmallow melt, "I'm still glad we ditched the assholes…"

"Carol, language!" the dragon hissed, glancing over at Milla.

"Did Carol just say a bad word?" the hound asked.

"Yeah, I did. Sorry." the cat said sheepishly, "Anyway, do you think that we'll see Torque again soon?"

Lilac thought for a moment. It had been a month since Torque had left Avalice to return to the Chasers after Brevon's defeat. Was it too soon to be hoping that he would come back? The dragon shrugged it off and responded.

"Maybe. I hope he does." she said, "I really liked Torque. He was pretty cool to be around and he taught us so much about space and what it's like out there."

"If he ever comes to Avalice again, we should invite him to a campout!" Milla exclaimed excitedly, "He'd love it!"

"I think he would indeed Milla." the dragon nodded, "I bet he'd even like a s'more or two."

She took her stick away from the campfire and noticed that the marshmallows were very well toasted. She chewed on one of them eagerly, savouring the sweet, sticky taste of the marshmallow. They tasted good on their own but toasted, they tasted even better. But as Lilac was enjoying her snack, Milla suddenly leapt onto her feet, chocolate around her lips from the s'more she'd just eaten. She pointed up frantically at the sky.

"Look, look!" she cried excitedly, "Up in the sky, there's a big star up there! Look!"

"A big star?" Carol cried, a half-eaten s'more still in her hand, "Where?"

"I think that's it." Lilac said, standing up, turning around and looking up in Milla's direction with the stick of toasted marshmallows still in her hand, "Look ahead, there's a star that's brighter than the others."

Carol stuffed what was left of her s'more into her mouth and then looked up at the sky, wondering what was so special about this star that Milla was so excited about it. She soon saw why as she spotted the star and stared at it. It was a ball of white light, getting bigger and bigger second by second up in the dark heavens above. The three girls watched it, completely mesmerized by what they were witnessing. They had never seen anything like it before. What on Avalice was it? Half an hour later, the star had grown about as big as the moon and was shining at a brightness that nearly matched the sun's own light. The Avalician trio could hardly believe how big the star was getting but they knew that they wouldn't have anything to worry about as the star began to get smaller, the seconds ticking by to the next half of its visit to this world.

"Well…what a sight this is…" Lilac breathed.

"What is it?" Carol asked.

"Maybe it's an angel?" Milla suggested, "Mommy always said to me that angels shone very brightly. It might be here to grant us a wish!"

"I'm not sure if it was an angel Milla…" Lilac mused, "But it could've been. How come we've never seen it before?"

"Because we've always been asleep when it comes out perhaps?" Carol suggested, "Or maybe it's one of those once-in-a-while jobs, I dunno. We should ask somebody about it tomorrow."

"Good idea." the dragon said, nodding, "Although…I have a strange feeling that I've seen that thing before…"


"Yes…can't recall it exactly but I can vaguely remember seeing something like this one night when I was very small…"

"Was it the same night as this one?"

"Can't remember…"

"Either way, if it's an angel then I know what I'm gonna wish for!" Milla squeaked, "I better make the wish before it disappears. It's getting smaller."

"Indeed it is." Lilac said, watching the star's light dim slightly, "It must just come and go. Make a wish Milla."

The excited puppy wagged her tail as she clasped her hands together in a prayer and closed her eyes. Lilac and Carol watched her, already knowing what her wish was going to be before she had even said a word.

"I wish that my mommy and daddy could see you now angel." the dog said softly.

Lilac and Carol nodded at each other. It was just as they'd expected. The little hound was still wishing she could be reunited with her parents. She had lost them a while ago and had been alone ever since. That is until she had met Lilac and Carol during Brevon's attack on the world. Even with the two keeping her company, it was clear that Milla still longed for her loving parents to be back with her again. If the strange, bright star in the sky was an angel, then hopefully, the angel would grant that wish and Milla would be the happiest little puppy in the world...

Lilac and her friends weren't the only Avalicians baring witness to the supernatural event happening tonight. Over in the blue-coloured kingdom of Shang Tu, two pandas were watching the abnormally bright star from the balcony of the Royal Palace, home of the ruler of Shang Tu. One was a heavyweight, male panda who wore armour and carried a giant shield on his back that he used to great effect in battle, both offensive and defensive. The other was a female panda who carried an ice sceptre and had a rather firm personality. The large panda was named General Gong and the female panda was named Neera Li. Gong was in charge of the Royal Magister's army and Neera Li was a priestess who had the fighting prowess necessary to capture criminals, as well as her ice sceptre. They had been preparing to settle in for the night only to see the strange bright star up in the night sky. They watched it grow in size and shine brightly as if was heaven's light itself.

"I didn't think the Angel Light would be here again..." Gong murmured, "I suppose I should've seen it coming though."

"You should have, it appears on this exact same night every year." Neera said, "Why it does so is beyond me. But it must mean something..."

"Like what?"

"Is it a sign from heaven itself? It could be..."

"But then why does it only appear once a year?"

"Maybe it's something to be treasured. A rare gift from heaven that we have to treasure and enjoy only once a year."

The general nodded. He was always fascinated by how religious people viewed things like this. He wasn't sure if he agreed himself but he knew better than to argue against beliefs. It only caused a lot of unnecessary strife.

"The Angel Light sure is bright...even the Kingdom Stone's energy doesn't shine that bright." Gong mused, "Maybe it's got more energy than the stone itself ever had."

"That's not a bad theory Gong. You could be right." Neera said, nodding slowly, "Whatever the light is though, it truly is a beauty to behold whenever it's here. I think I'll stand and watch until it leaves again."

"You do that if you want." the general said cheerfully, "I'm going to return to my duties. You and the star enjoy yourselves."

"Thanks general." Neera said casually.

The armoured panda turned around and walked away, leaving the priestess alone to watch the "Angel Light" as it began to grow smaller. The last half hour of its visit was here and in thirty minutes, it would be gone and never seen again until next year on this exact same night. Neera clasped her hands together, closed her eyes and began to recite a prayer. She was thanking the heavens for the beautiful star and expressing her gratitude to the angels for sending such a gift. She also hoped that Avalice would receive the star's magical presence again next year and that heaven may bring more wonderful gifts to the world for the people to enjoy. Satisfied with how her prayer was going, she bowed her head and finished with an "Amen". Neera opened her eyes and watched the star continue to get smaller, determined to enjoy it until it was gone...

Space, miles above Mobius's atmosphere...

While the Mobians down on the planet below were enjoying a strange but sensational sight in the night sky, somebody was not enjoying such a luxury. That somebody wasn't even sight-seeing or looking out for yearly phenomenons that occurred with no real explainable reason why they were occurring. He was working hard on his next invention, an invention that was being built in the one place that his arch-nemesis couldn't possibly reach him. Outer space itself. The man was grotesquely obese, his body shaped like an egg due to his over sized gut and he he had a thick, bushy moustache that bristled out from under his huge, pink nose. He wore a red and black uniform and despite his fat body, his arms and legs were surprisingly slender. He was the main enemy of Mobius and his name was Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. A mad scientist with an IQ of 300 and a thirst for conquest, Eggman was always conjuring up hair-brained schemes that were always foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. His latest scheme that had involved teaming up with his past self to control a supernatural creature that he had dubbed the "Time Eater" had gone disastrously wrong after past and present Sonic had teamed up to battle it and he and his past self had ended up stuck in a white void for a brief time. He had managed to escape and come back to his own time and now he was building a new space station for him to take refuge in and also give him a sizable weapon to use against Sonic.

The space station itself was half completed, more than enough for Eggman to actually station himself on it until it was completed. There was a control room that was fully operational and the walls of the room were enough to shield Eggman and anybody onboard from the vaccum of space outside. The other half only needed some walls and some rooms adding and then the whole ship would be finished. The ship was egg-shaped and the front of it had "eyes" a "nose" and a "moustache" that were clearly meant to evoke Dr. Eggman's trademark features. The fat scientist had a massive ego and often named things after himself and his own logo was pretty much his own face. His ship was called "The Death Egg" but this wasn't the first Death Egg he'd ever built so he appropriately christened it as the Death Egg II. The ship would be the perfect base for Eggman to be housed in when it was completed and he'd wreck havoc on Mobius with it. It would have the necessary weapons to make people bow down to him, even the President of Westopolis. He sat comfortably in his seat, grinning to himself and stroking his moustache.

"Sonic and his impudent friends may have foiled my schemes before, but they'll never be prepared for the return of the Death Egg!" he crowed, "After all, it's not often I build the same thing more than once! Sonic will be less prepared for me because of it!"

He then turned his seat around and barked to two robots that were playing cards with each other.

"Orbot, Cubot! How goes the work?!" he shouted.

The two robots jumped to attention and saluted, shaking slightly. Orbot was a red coloured robot with red gloved hands and a spherical head. He could retract his limbs and body into himself to make himself a sphere. He had an upperclass English accented voice and was often rude to Eggman, often finding any opportunity to insult his boss. Cubot was a yellow coloured robot with yellow gloved hands and a cube shaped head. He could retract his limbs and body into himself to make himself a cube. His accent was always changing due to a faulty voice chip he had and he was considerably more dim-witted than Orbot was.

"You bellowed sir?" Orbot asked politely.

"Gosh durn it, ah do wish he'd yell a lil' quieter!" Cubot complained, his voice chip currently set to cowboy.

"Why is it I can never get that stupid voice chip fixed?!" Eggman muttered, "Anyway, how goes the work on my new Death Egg?"

"We were supposed to be keeping track? I thought that was your job sir." Orbot retorted.

"So you haven't been keeping track of my ship's progress like I told you to?!" the egg-shaped mad scientist growled.

"No sheriff, mainly because we didn't know that it was supposed to be our jobs." Cubot said sheepishly.

"I TOLD YOU TO KEEP AN EYE ON MY SHIP'S PROGRESS AN HOUR AGO!" Eggman bellowed, his face turning the colour of lava.

"Oh, in that case, we'll run a scan immediately!" Orbot said quickly, "Though again, it's your ship sir so you're supposed to be keeping watch on it."

"Anymore snark outta you Orbot and I'll have you dismantled!" the moustachioed genius growled.

"Oooh, dismantled! Ah don't think ya'll want the sheriff ta do that ta ya pardner!" Cubot said cautiously.

The red, sphere-shaped robot ignored his sidekick and retracted into his sphere mode. He rolled over to a section of the control panel and extended up from his base mode. He tapped some keys and waited as a full diagnostic scan was run over the incomplete space ship. After a few minutes, it was completed and Orbot turned to his master.

"It appears the ship is 54% completed." Orbot announced, "We should be done in a week or two sir."

"Yee haw! Now we're talkin'!" Cubot hollered.

"That's good progress indeed." Eggman purred, stroking his moustache gleefully, "I can almost see my ship launching its attack on Mobius right now! Then those fools down below will know what it's like to cross Dr. Eggman!"

"I believe they already do sir. What it's like to cross you involves Sonic getting involved and smashing everything you build. Everybody knows that." the snarky sphere-bot noted.

"Ah hate ta say it sheriff but mah pardner's right ya know..." Cubot said feebly.

"Bah! Even Sonic will fall victim to the Death Egg II!" Eggman declared, "And when I defeat him once and for all, ho, ho, ho...I have a nasty fate in store for him!"

"Hey sheriff, pardon me interruptin' yer villainous gloating but...what the heck is that?!" the yellow, cube-shaped robot exclaimed, pointing a quivering finger at one of the screens on the control panel.

Dr. Eggman raised an eyebrow in confusion. What was it that Cubot had spotted? It couldn't be Sonic and friends...could it? The scientist knew that Tails was an excellent builder, able to build aircraft that could combat his creations. Had he built a spaceship and was flying up here to stop him with Sonic onboard? Eggman glanced over at the screen. It was a surveillance camera mounted outside the ship, keeping a 24/7 watch on the void outside to make sure nobody was intercepting them. It wasn't a spaceship coming towards the Death Egg II, but a strange white light that was flashing just a few yards away from where the Death Egg II was positioned. Like the vessel itself, it was just above Mobius. Not close enough to enter the atmosphere, but not far up from the planet. The scientist's eyes widened behind his glasses. He even adjusted them to make sure he was seeing this correctly. His eyes were not playing tricks. It was indeed a bright light above Mobius. What was it? It looked amazing, and yet it had an air of menace to it.

"Fascinating..." Eggman gasped, "And yet...I feel I've seen that thing grandfather Gerald once showed me something like that! I always thought it was a star in the sky...but it can't be! Orbot, scan that thing! I want to know what it is and if it's dangerous!"

The red robot nodded and tapped some keys on the control panel. He waited as the Death Egg II's long range scanners investigated the strange white light just several yards away from the ship. Eggman and Cubot stared over at the screen, wondering what the results were going to be. The screen flashed several times and a few bars ran up and down vertically as if searching every inch of the light for answers. The scan completed and the results came up on the screen. Orbot's optics scrolled up and down as he read the walls of text he was faced with.

"According to the's a non lethal, supernatural entity that occurs only so often. Yearly perhaps." Orbot announced, "It's quite harmless, it won't do any damage. appears to be a portal of some kind. Like...a gateway to another universe."

"A gateway to another universe?! Shoot mah monkeys!" Cubot exclaimed, "What's causin' this weird ol' portal then?!"

"Nothing, it's a natural occurrence." Orbot corrected, "It isn't created and it isn't caused by anything. It just happens and that's it. The scans indicate that it won't be lasting much longer though, it'll disappear in about half an hour."

"Then we shall spend that half an hour investigating where this portal leads." Eggman decided, "Prepare the Death Egg II to enter that portal!"

Orbot and Cubot nodded and were quickly getting to work on setting the Death Egg II in motion. Dr. Eggman himself sat down in his seat and waited for the ship to start moving. He kept his eyes on the screen displaying the strange white light that was supposedly a portal to another world. What would be on the other side of that portal? Maybe a world full of power, power that he could exploit for his own gain. Maybe enough defeat Sonic the Hedgehog at last...

Space, miles about Avalice's atmosphere...

As the world of Avalice was preparing to sleep for the night, an unexpected visitor was approaching the beautiful blue and green planet. It was a visitor who would fall under the category of "unwelcome guest" upon sight. The late-night visitor was inside a rather monstrous looking ship that was tipped with spikes, heavily armoured and enormous in size. It was the kind of vessel that could level cities with ease and barely leave anything left of them once it entered the planet. The ship was known as the Dreadnought and was the flagship of an alien army commanded by a single, barbaric, sadistic warlord known as Lord Brevon.

Lord Brevon was a tyrannical being with little regard for life and a highly ruthless personality. He was well known for his savage might, his dangerous levels of intelligence and how brutally he finished off his enemies. Very few people who stood up to him made it back with their heads still attached to their bodies. Brevon was a green alien with a muscular body, heavy armour and a thick, brown cape that flowed behind him wherever he walked. His heavy boots made a loud stomping noise whenever he walked as if his mere footsteps were as terrifying as he was. He had a large unibrow perched between his eyes that was often ridiculed. That is until Brevon brutally slaughtered them and made sure that nobody ever insulted his appearance again. The warlord was the strongest, most powerful enemy that had ever been encountered by the alien group known as the Chasers. He had never been defeated in battle...until a month ago.

After crash landing on Avalice, Brevon had executed a rather complex, yet strategically brilliant plan to steal the Kingdom Stone without being suspected or noticed and had it not been for Torque's interference, he would've succeeded. But the Chaser Captain had informed Lilac and friends about him and that had led to his first ever defeat in battle. Lilac had sent him scurrying away while his ship was blown apart after beating him to a pulp. Ever since then, Brevon had been a laughing stock. Nobody took him seriously anymore, sneering at the idea that somebody as invincible as him was defeated by a mere child. An animalistic child no less. The vicious tyrant was determined to get his feared reputation back and this was why he was now above Avalice in the Dreadnought. He had long since built a new one after his original was destroyed last month and was now ready to invade. The green alien's evil red eyes narrowed as Avalice loomed in front of the cockpit window. In a matter of minutes, he would enter the planet's atmosphere and then lay waste to everything.

"At last...the world that ruined my reputation..." Brevon purred, "I look forward to seeing this barbaric planet burn to cinders as my Dreadnought unleashes its unmatched power on the world..."

He turned around to face a cyborg snake and a robot servant that stood to attention and waited for his commands.

"Syntax, Serpentine, are you prepared for the invasion of Avalice?" he asked.

"Certainly master!" the cyber-snake cried out gleefully.

"I am ready to make the ones who defeated you and destroyed your ship suffer sir." the robot droned emotionlessly.

The cyber-snake was Serpentine and the robot was Syntax. Serpentine was a green scaled snake with red eyes and a cyborg torso with fully-functional arms that allowed him to do things that a normal snake could never do. The cybernetics effected his brain, a side effect that Brevon had purposefully not told him about when installing them and they made him fanatically loyal to Brevon. It was something that the warlord was proud of, especially since Serpentine was very dangerous in a fight. He was trigger-happy and used his skills with guns and mechs to terrifying effect.

Syntax was a robot with a unique design, a green light symbolizing where her vision was and long green tendrils with blades at the end of them. Syntax was an invention of Brevon's and was loyal to no end to her master. She was his informant and interrogator, often reducing victims to quivering wrecks when she was finished with them. Syntax was also ferocious in a fight, often piloting mechas that carried powerful weapons and even had transforming abilities. She was an invention that Brevon was always happy with and her good work made her a valuable asset to his army.

"I'm glad to hear it." Brevon boomed, his deep voice resonating around the room, "For a month now, I have been mocked and jeered instead of feared and respected. But now, that changes! After tonight, things will be back to the way they should be. Are my ship's weapons primed and ready?" he asked, glancing at his fembot servant.

"The armoury is 100% battle ready and waiting for your commands sir." Syntax replied, "The army will get themselves stationed when it's time to attack."

"Excellent!" the gleeful alien cried out, "Now remember this general, you are NOT to attempt to bring about the death of that dragon girl when we invade." he added, pointing at Serpentine, "Only I am allowed to kill that girl. She ruined my reputation, so she deserves death at my blade!"

"Can I kill her friends instead?!" Serpentine asked eagerly.

"You can do whatever you wish with her associates." Brevon promised, "The dragon girl is mine but the rest are yours to do as you please."

"Thank you master!" the general exclaimed, bowing down to his beloved leader, "I have some VERY fun ideas for those wretched animals! Ideas you might find invigorating to watch!"

"I'll make sure that I'm there to see them general." boomed Brevon, "Now get to your stations! We're ready to..."

"Sir, forgive the interruption but the ship's scanners have detected a suddenly large amount of energy just above the planet's atmosphere." Syntax cut in, heading over to the cockpit window and glancing out of it.

"Energy...?" Brevon mused, his brow furrowed with interest.

He glanced through the window and saw what Syntax had detected through the ship's scanners. It was fortunate for him that he'd decided to link up his servant bot with his ship for occasions like this. In a way, it made Syntax an effective alarm. He and his two henchmen stared out at what had been detected just ahead of them. There was a bright flashing ball of white light that seemed unnatural in where it was. It was certainly no star of any kind, at least none that Brevon had ever seen. It looked as if it had been made artificially. Brevon stroked his chin in curiosity.

"This light...I've never seen such a phenomenon before...what is it?" he asked, turning to Syntax.

"Scans indicate that it is some kind of supernatural gateway. Where it leads to is a mystery, our scanners can't decipher it." the she-bot replied.

"Is it safe?" Serpentine asked worriedly.

"Scans do not register it as harmful or dangerous to our lives." Syntax responded, "We can enter if we so please."

"Do so! I'm quite interested in seeing what is on the other side of that rather invigorating portal..." Brevon ordered.

Syntax obeyed and set the Dreadnought's course towards the white light. Brevon watched as the light began to expand and fill their cockpit window as they cruised closer and closer to it. He could feel the energy radiating from this mysterious gateway that he had come across by some miracle. Maybe this was a fortunate event. Maybe this would be just the thing he needed to make Avalice suffer. What was on the other side could be power greater than he had ever known. Power that he could use to destroy any and all of his enemies. Maybe the portal led to a new world for him to conquer or use the inhabitants to expand his army. The warlord was tingling with excitement as the Dreadnought entered the white, magical gateway. Whatever awaited him on the other side, it was going to be very interesting indeed...

And thus our plot is set up! Looks like Mobius and Avalice's worst enemies are about to run into each other! What will happen when they do? Will they destroy each other? Will they team up? And what will happen to Mobius and Avalice if they do the latter? Find out in Chapter 1 as this epic crossover special continues...