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Chapter 1


"Mr. Cullen, please come in and have a seat. Your son should be joining us soon."

I give Newton a smile as I take my seat.

"It's been a long time since we've both been in this room together, huh, Ed?"

I roll my eyes hating the fact that Michael Newton got the principal job here last summer. Thank God, I only have to put up with him for a few more weeks. After all, my son's graduating next month, and I will hopefully never see this stupid fucker again.

"Yes, very long, nineteen years to be exact."

Newton just smirks at me and I return one of my own to him. I know full well, he's still the same sleazily douche bag he's always been.

The door to his office opens and Emmett shuffles in with his head down, avoiding my eyes completely.

"Emmett," I say softly, but he just keeps looking at the floor.

"Sorry, Dad," he mutters in a painful pleading voice.

"I'm afraid I have to be the bearer of bad news," Newton says sounding almost happy about it. "But Emmett has failed all of his classes except gym, and therefore, will not be graduating with his class."

My eyes snap to Newton, who said those words as if it was bad, but yet managed to sound gleeful at the same time.

"What?" I say. Not that I don't understand what he said, I just can't comprehend it right now.

"He has failed ALL of his classes, apart from gym," Newton says slowly, like I'm stupid.

"I heard that, but what I need to know is how?" I ask through gritted teeth. As much as I want to right now, I can't hit fucking Newton.

Newton looks at me with his head tilted to the side. "He obviously didn't put in the work to pass and therefore, he has failed."

I shake my head at him. "Then why was I not notified before now? You wait until there's only two weeks left of the school year to say something, or was this something that magically happened overnight?"

"We sent Emmett home with a number of letters," Newton declares with a smile.

I look at Emmett who only mutters out "sorry" again.

"Okay, so what do we do now?" I ask feeling even more pissed.

"There is only one thing he can do at this point. He'll have to redo his senior year," Newton says as he pours some water for himself.

I close my eyes feeling disappointed. No Cullen has ever had to repeat a year of school, until now.

"Fine … let's get it all set up now. I want to have calls and emails regularly about his work levels and grades. I would also like for Emmett's teachers to give me a list of what this year's syllabus was like, because he will be studying it over the summer."

It takes me almost an hour to go through the paperwork to get Emmett reset to repeat his senior year. As soon as we are done, I all but drag Emmett out of the school.

"Straight home; no friends, no stopping," I grit out at him as I get in my car.

Even knowing that Emmett would do what I ordered of him, I keep an eye on him through my rear view mirror.

"What the hell happened, Emmett?" I yell at him as we enter our house.

"I don't know, Dad. I tried—I swear I did, and well, football practice took up a lot of my time. Then there were the captain's duties, the parties, and well, some of the people I did projects with didn't put my name down."

"Did you help out on those projects?" I ask with a raised eyebrow, while getting things out the fridge to make sandwiches.

"Well, no, but they said they would put my name down anyway."

I shake my head at him. "So, you were going to use them? Emmett, what the hell have I been saying to you, all along? You treat others the way you want to be treated. How could you be so selfish?"

Emmett hangs his head. "But they were dorks, they like schoolwork, and never went to any parties."

I sigh. "Were they ever asked to go to those parties?"

Emmett just shrugs. "They didn't look like the kind of kids that partied. Besides, I did them a favor just by talking to them."

I know my face holds the look of horror when Emmett pales. "One of these days you'll meet someone, Emmett, someone kind and nice. How will you feel when you'll have to sit and watch them get treated like shit?"

I place the sandwich down in front of him and his face is full of remorse.

"Going forward, if I find out that you are treating anyone like they owe you, just because you talked to them, then no car, and everything in your room will go to the dump." I let out a long sigh hoping that I have reached him.

"You're grounded until further notice. For this whole week, you're under full house arrest. I will also be homeschooling you until the classes resume in the fall."

"Come on, Dad," Emmett whines at me.

"And no football," I say walking away from him.

The rest of the day passes without Emmett saying a word to me. The next morning I see him in the kitchen and he looks heartbroken. I start to feel guilty about the no football rule, but he has to learn. One thing I do know is that Emmett loves football, and wants to play in college and pros. Both of which are fine with me, I just wish he'd have a backup plan.

"This is the stuff I need you to do today," I say placing his list of work I want him to do in front of him. "I'll be home early from work," I add with a sigh.

I'm thirty-seven, soon to be thirty-eight next week and work as an accountant in a large business in the center of the city. I became a father to Emmett when my sort of high school girlfriend Angela, fell pregnant during our senior year. We had dated a few weeks and even split up, before we found out. My parents, as well as hers, were disappointed in us, but they all stood by us when we said we were going to keep the baby.

It hadn't been long after I turned nineteen when Emmett was born. The day he came into this world, he became the sole reason of my existence. Not even a month after his birth, Angela decided that she couldn't handle raising him. Angela wanted to live life to its fullest, not be saddled with a baby. She first tried to convince me to put Emmett up for adoption, but there was no way I could give up my son to anyone. I told her I would raise him and we both would be right here if she changed her mind. She left him with me to attend college.

Not a month had gone by, when her parents seemed to also back off, choosing to have nothing to do with Emmett. I was so very grateful that my own parents were still standing behind me and helping me.

My life became all about Emmett. I did my first year of college online. The second year I went to college part-time as well as worked part-time. Emmett went between daycare and my mom. The third year we had a setback to our happiness. I got served with a court order about parental custody. Even with me giving Angela space to go to college to study, and become the doctor she always wanted to be, she still signed away her rights.

The fourth, fifth and sixth years I was doing much the same—going from college to work, and caring for Emmett. All my hard work paid off when I finally got my degree.

I had only just started this job thirteen years ago, when my parents died in a freak car accident. It almost brought me to my knees, but Emmett and I muddled through it leaning on each other. I know if we could get through that, we can get through this.

"Hi, Edward," Rose says as she walks in sitting on the seat across from my desk.

I met Rose when I started working here. Over the years we've formed a strange like hate-tolerate-hate friendship.

"Just two more years ..." Rose trails off as she hums the wedding march.

"I've still got two years, Rose," I huff out not that it would matter. There's no fucking way it would happen even if I make it to forty without a significant other.

"If we're to get married, you better start talking to me nicer," she says as she starts to look through my paperwork.

Placing my hand over it as it's starting to piss me off. I hate nosy fuckers. "Rose?" I ask in a tone to say 'tell me what you want or get the fuck out.'

"I have a date tonight."

"Good, I hope it goes well," I say and she rolls her eyes at me.

"Why the hell did I agree to marry you, if we were both still single at the age of forty?" Rose shivers when she says forty.

"Rose, I can't even remember why I suggested it."

Rose hums, and walks back out my office door to only come back a few minutes later. "Oh, Jasper called, he asked me to have you call him back, ASAP," she says with a grin.

I let out a groan before picking up my work phone and calling him.

"Sorry, Jasper, the witch just told me to call," I huff out. When I said witch – I really meant another word, it rhymes with and begins with B.

"Be nice, she's the future Mrs. Edward Cullen," Jasper sniggers.

Jasper and I have been friends since high school. We lost touch for a few years as he went off to college, where we had planned to attend together.

"Why is everyone reminding me of this?" I whine.

It's not gonna happen because I'd rather stay single than marry that stuck up harpy.

"Well, Edward, it's your thirty-eighth birthday on Saturday, so it's getting closer."

I roll my eyes.

"Since we're talking about it, where is it that we're going for the night?" he asks.

"I can't go anywhere ... I have Emmett."

"You do know your son is eighteen coming up on nineteen?"

"Yes, I'm well aware of his age, but he's grounded."

"What did he do this time?" Jasper all but laughs down the phone at me. He's fully aware of Emmett and his many pranks and silly shit he does that has gotten him grounded.

"Well, this one is big; this time he managed to flunk out, he's not graduating," I say still hearing the disappointment in my own voice.

"Shit, Edward, I'm sorry but we'll get him there," Jasper declares.

"I know we will," I say with a smile knowing that my friends will be there to back me up.

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