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Chapter 25

Seven years later

"Matthew, Lucy, Gabriel, Deacon, Ana, come on," I yell, as I stand at the car door. Thankfully, my two seven-year-olds come out followed by my three four-year-olds. Matthew and Lucy were only two when I approached Bella about having another kid. We had already gotten a family dog, Teddy.

When we set about trying we were only looking for one more but were surprised again to find that this time we were having triplets. Our little triple threat came five weeks early, but thankfully all very healthy.

"Why do we need to rush?" my baby girl Ana asks. She is the spitting image of her mother making me have a soft spot for her.

"Because your brother's graduation starts soon, so we need to get out of here."

She hums and holds her hands up for me to place her into her car seat.

Her two brothers come out pouting at each other. "Knock it off, or else," I say as they reach the car. They're only four and already are giving me gray hair. As soon as my mind thinks about my graying hair, my hand goes there and starts pulling it.

"Hey now, no pulling that sexy hair out," Bella says as she joins the kids and me.

"Teddy, get in," she says letting the leash go so that he can get into the car.

"Love you, Mina," I say kissing her as I walk her around to her side. Even after all these years, I still have the need to touch her all the time. My love for her has only grown, as the days have passed.

Bella has managed to raise our family, being a homemaker, wife and mother as well as having completed her college catering courses online. She just started looking for a job knowing that our babies will start kindergarten in the fall.

After dropping Teddy off at our dog sitter, I drive us to the college grounds. Bella and I are so happy that Emmett has become a Veterinarian. He really has put in a lot of work and it wasn't always easy for him. Rose and Emmett married five years ago that was quickly followed by the birth of their daughter, Faith. Due to her age, Rose's pregnancy was filled will complications. Faith was born, four weeks early weighing five pounds three ounces. There was a problem with her heart, but we were told that was common in children with Down's syndrome. Rose and Emmett chose not to have any more children, mainly because Faith has been in and out of the hospital, due to one illness or another, but she is a fighter.

Sadly that's not where their only problems were. Unlike Bella and I, who were accepted quite quickly, it took longer for them, and many people blame Rose and her age on Faith having Down's Syndrome. To men, it's all hateful and pointless to say to someone, but people are mean. Faith is here just the way she is meant to be and nothing can change that.

I'm proud to say that no matter what hate has been put towards them, they've kept their heads high.

Jasper and Alice also had children, two of them. They're little horrors, as much as I hate saying it, it's true. Alice lets them get away with murder and they still stomp their feet and yell to get what they want and they're six and five.

Tia and Garrett got married, three years ago and have become foster parents, which they are damn good at. Over the years, I have been most grateful for them. Bella's parents have never come back into her Garrett is always on hand for her to talk to—me, too of course—and Tia is very much her mother and our children's grandmother.

We pull up at the gas station to get gas. Smiling as I walk in, I know it's sad and it's almost eight years later, but I can't help but feel happy when I walk in and see Newton. There he is in all of his gas station attendant glory, standing behind the counter looking closer to seventy than the forty-six he is.

"Hi, Newton," I say and he looks up at me and huffs. "Had to gas up, me and my big happy family are off to the college. Today is Emmett's graduation, he's becoming a veterinarian. Isn't that awesome how successful he is?"

Newton nods.

"Oh hey speaking of kids, how's Kate?"

Newton smiles at me, but I know it's forced. Not that I'm surprised, she's like her father. Time has not been kind to her, she has not aged well. Even putting that aside, she has not been able to keep a job so far. Despite getting sent to jail for bullying, it didn't teach her anything.

"She's good," he says a little meekly. "You've gotten another high school girl pregnant, yet?" He snarls at me, and this is why I enjoy this so much because he just can't let it go.

"Bella's no longer a schoolgirl and we decided that having five children was enough, for now," I say grinning at him. Putting down the money for the gas, I wave and give him a big ass silly grin.

Getting in the vehicle with a big smile, Bella frowns at me. "Can't you just use your card to pay for gas at the pump?"

Shaking my head, I smile even bigger at her. "Nope, I can't, besides he's a ..." Looking at the kids, I cut myself off. "He still hasn't apologized to you or Emmett, and ... I shouldn't need to use my card just so I don't have to see him. We were here first."

"You know you see him all the time, that's what's making him age so much."

Turning slightly to look at her, I point to my own gray hair. "It's called getting old."

"Yes, but you're aging better than him."

Laughing loudly, I smirk and tilt my head a little. "Mina, that doesn't take much nor would it, be too hard to do."

We arrive at the college and I open the door letting the kids out before walking around for Bella.

Holding her hand, we walk into the hall and quickly find Rose and Faith. Moving to them, we all sit in the same row.

"How has he been?" I ask knowing that Emmett finished at the top of his class and has been feeling a little nervous about finally finishing school.

"Still a nervous wreck," she chuckles.

"Uncle Teddy," Faith says as she hugs me.

"Hi," Alice says as she, Jasper, Brad, and Sally all sit down. Next in are Tia and Garrett. We all laugh and talk until the Dean walks onto the stage and the ceremony begins.

After the boring part, the names start being called and we all cheer as Emmet gets up on stage. Knowing if I am truthful, eight years ago when I was told that he wasn't going to graduate, I never imaged this day would come. I never thought Emmett would have a career other than football, but then a beautiful, kind, and sweet girl came into our lives. She changed both Emmett and me forever. No matter what, I will never regret falling in love that first day with my son's girlfriend.

~The End~

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