Title: Renovations

Pen name: Tufano79

Pairing/Characters: Bella/Edward/Garrett

Rating: MA

Warnings: M/M/F Threesome, Lots and lots and lots and lots of sex (with some plot). This won't be posted on …just saying. This will be posted as a drabble on TWCS, AO3 and FicPad.

Disclaimer: As always, none of this is mine. I just like to play in the playground that Stephenie Meyers created and making the characters do pervy, naughty things.

Beta: Alice's White Rabbit/Sally Hopkinson;

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Isabella Swan, thirty-six, is reeling from her recent divorce from the man she thought she would be spending her forever, the rest of her life. James Hunter broke her heart when he told her wanted to end it. He didn't fight her, giving her all of the money, all of the furniture and everything else Bella wanted. Her mind and heart shattered, Bella took all of her belongings and moved to the opposite end of the country from her ex-husband, close to a dear friend, Esme Cullen. She purchases a beautiful home, but in badly need of repair and updating.

Esme suggests two men, Edward Masen, twenty-six, and his business partner, Garrett Keyes, twenty-seven, for the job. Edward is an up and coming contractor whom Esme had used for her interior design business. Garrett was a carpenter and headed up the construction end of the business. Bella contacted the men, knowing that she was going to hire them. Their website spoke to her. The clean lines and use of high-end appliances and materials were exactly what she envisioned for her new home. Little did she know that when both men came to interview, she would be physically attracted to them as well?

Will these men renovate Bella's new home or will the renovations spill over into other aspects of her life, giving her love life a much needed makeover?


Chapter One

"I believe that's it, Ms. Swan," Caius, her attorney, murmured. "Your husband agreed to the monetary, personal furnishings, and property concessions you proposed. All I need is for you to sign here."

Bella picked up the heavy silver pen, signing the divorce decree, ending her nearly ten-year marriage. She had been blindsided by James' proposition of getting divorced. Never in her mind did she expect he would have asked to end their fairy tale.

Bella and James started dating in college when James transferred to Northwestern during Bella's junior year. They were paired up for a project in one of their classes. A friendship formed and slowly morphed into a sweet romance. They stayed together for the rest of their college careers, only breaking up when Bella went to law school at Harvard University. James was beginning his career as an advertising executive in Chicago. A long-distance relationship was not what he needed, nor did Bella. She had to focus on her studies.

A handful of one-night stands and mediocre relationships troubled Bella, not really satisfying her. When she finished her law degree, head hunters from various firms approached her. The one that caught her eye, Volturi and Volturi, was from Chicago. Packing her bags, she moved back to the city where she met and fell in love with James, only to fall into him again. Literally. James' advertising firm was in the same building as Bella's new law office. She had stumbled into the elevator and her ex-boyfriend caught her, preventing her from face-planting into his crotch. The sparks rekindled, and within a year, James and Bella moved in together. Two years after that, a proposal. Finally, after five years together, Bella and James had the fairy tale wedding, promising to love each other for the rest of their lives.

Ten years is more like it, Bella thought bitterly.

She thought her marriage was a happy one, but according to James, it wasn't. Bella worked too hard, and James traveled too much. Long story short, James found another woman in New York, who was pregnant with his child, giving him something Bella never could. He moved out and gave Bella everything, wanting to start anew. Bella didn't blame him. He had the right idea, but she had to deal with selling their multi-million dollar condo and find someplace to begin her new life.

Because it wasn't going to happen in Chicago. The place only held ghosts and painful memories.

Packing up her belongings, she stuffed her divorce decree into her laptop bag. Caius, one of the partners from her law firm and her divorce attorney, had given her the rest of the day off. Bella went home, logged onto her computer and looked for a realtor. Finding one who would meet with her today, she then began searching for a new job. Volturi and Volturi had offices in Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. She had spoken to Caius about transferring, and he was willing to let her go.


Though, Bella was one of the most sought-after adoption attorneys in the tristate area. Bella had the money to open her own firm, and that idea was becoming more and more appealing. But, having the security of being part of an established firm was appealing as well.

Bella's phone rang, and she picked it up, seeing her best friend's face on the screen. "Hey, Essie," she mumbled.

"Don't sound so enthused, Bells," Essie teased.

"It's official," Bella said, glaring at the wedding photo that sat on her desk. Her younger self was beaming with so much love for her new husband. Now, it just mocked her. "I'm no longer Mrs. James Hunter."

"You never were Mrs. James Hunter. You never changed your name," Essie snorted. "It's like you knew …"

Essie was Bella's roommate in college. They had been paired up by the computer's random algorithm, but thankfully, they got along swimmingly. Esme—her given name—Platt was a socialite, going to school to spite her parents, getting her degree in interior design. She met her husband, Carlisle Cullen, at a frat party. He was a first-year medical student when she was a freshman. They dated all throughout college and got married before Carlisle began his residency at Seattle Grace. Since then, Essie and Carlisle moved away from Seattle to the small town of Forks where he began his private practice, working at the small Forks General Hospital and having privileges at Port Angeles Hospital as well. They were happy, in love, and the parents of a fourteen-year-old Alice Marie Cullen, Bella's godchild.

"I didn't change my name because I wanted to build my own reputation without being attached to a man," Bella retorted. "Besides, Bella Hunter doesn't sound nearly as good as Bella Swan."

"How very feminist of you," Essie snickered. "Do you not wear a bra or shave your pits?"

"If I didn't wear a bra, my tits would take up residence by my navel, and you and I both know I had laser hair removal," Bella sighed. "You were there with me."

"You screamed like a girl," Essie replied.

"Bitch, don't make me kick your ass," Bella snarled. "I'm not in the mood."

"I know. I'm sorry," Essie said, sobering quickly. "I know you loved James and you thought … thought that he was your forever. In a way, I'm happy for you. James did nothing to support you. He always complained about your workload, made you feel guilty about not being home with him, and just was just a douche. And let's not discuss how he took that other thing. Asshole."

"You never did like him," Bella mumbled thoughtfully.

"I always thought you deserved better," Essie said. "Look, I'm planning on flying out there in a week or so for work. I have a prospective client in River North. Why don't we get drunk and stupid like we did in college?"

"How about we get dressed up and go to this new bar called Shay and drown ourselves in a bottle of wine?" Bella countered.

"That sounds infinitely more appealing," Essie snickered. "I'm arriving on Wednesday. I have client meetings all day Thursday and Friday. Friday night until Sunday is yours."

"Sounds like a plan, Essie," Bella smiled, her heart feeling lighter than before. "Thank you."

"I'm there for you, sweets. I love you," Essie breathed.

"Love you, too, Es. Call me if anything changes," Bella replied.

"Will do."

The week flew by and before Bella knew it, Essie was on her doorstep, holding her suitcases and bottle of champagne! "Happy divorce!" she squealed, thrusting the bottle into Bella's hands, hugging her tightly. Bella laughed, rubbing Essie's back. Inside, Essie's eyes widened. There were boxes littered all around the condo. "Wow, you're packing. Why are you packing?"

"I'm selling this monstrosity," Bella said. "It's going on the market in two weeks. Not like it was ever mine to begin with."

"Where are you moving to?" Essie asked, putting her bag on the couch. She sat down, crossing her legs, her brow furrowed.

"That's the thing. I don't know. Caius and Aro said they would approve a transfer to one of their other offices," Bella explained.

"What are your options?"

"New York," Bella cringed.

"Yeah … no. Don't go there," Essie giggled. "Where else?"

"Los Angeles and Seattle," Bella said.

"Seattle! Move to Seattle! We can be on the same coast!" Essie breathed, taking my hands. "You know Alice misses her Auntie Bella."

"Seattle," Bella mused. "Where should I buy?"

"Bellevue is a gorgeous suburb. You can also look on Mercer Island," Essie suggested. "There are a few homes on Mercer that are foreclosed on. The exteriors are gorgeous but the insides need a lot of work." Bella and Essie spent the rest of the evening perusing realty websites and getting information about homes on Mercer Island. For the first time in a long time, Bella was giddy. She hated the idea of moving, but being close to her best friend was exactly what she needed, and it was a foregone conclusion.

Bella couldn't stay. Now, with a location, she had focus and a goal.

The next day, Bella and Essie went shopping, buying new clothes for their night out. Dressed in their black dresses, they had an amazing time at Shay. They both got hit on, but Essie, being faithful to her husband, ignored her would-be suitors. Bella kept a few numbers, but since she knew what she wanted in her life, she wasn't going to call any of them. Her life was going to begin again in Seattle.

And she couldn't wait.

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