Horcrux Babe

"Dumbledore, what am I doing here?" Harry asked looking around at the clean station for the Hogwarts train.

"You have a choice to either go back or move on," Dumbledore replied softly while sitting on a bench.

"Move on?" Harry questioned before realizing what he meant. "What is that?" Harry asked hearing the sound of a babe crying and noticing something under the bench.

"That, Harry, is Tom's horcrux," Dumbledore stated moving away so Harry could see the horcrux. Tom's horcrux looked like a six month old babe with a tuft of silky brown hair combined with ruby eyes. Harry gasped in shock, "Don't pity the dead Harry."

"That's just a babe," Harry said soothingly while cooing at the now softly crying babe. Dumbledore watched on in surprised shock as Harry calmed the babe that was no longer crying but chuckling and gurgling happily. Harry picked up the babe laughing softly as the babe played with Harry's glasses. The train pulled into the station as Harry started to the train.

"Harry, NO!" Dumbledore yelled put it was too late; Harry was gone.

"Things are how they're supposed to be now," Lily Potter stated simply while James Potter and Sirius Black nodded along with what Lily said. Fate watched on with a smile as her two favorite children lived in more ways than one.