So, I want D.J. and Steve together, and since Fuller House is coming out next year, I thought why don't I write it into the story? So, I don't own Full House/Fuller House!

D.J. stood in the dairy aisle while Max and J.D. were at school. Then, she spotted him while looking down the aisle to see where her favorite type of milk was.

Look away, look away, look away, she told herself. But it couldn't be helped, because as she was just about to turn the cart around, she heard her name being called out in that voice she hadn't heard in so long.

The voice that had been missing from her ears for years. The voice that had haunted her dreams after their first break up, after prom, and haunting her now in the dairy aisle. She turned around with a forced smile on her face and looked at the strong man that she had loved all those years ago.

Steve Hale stood in front of her, smiling as hugely as he could.

"D.J. Tanner?" he asked.

"It's me," D.J. answered.

"Wow, it's been—it's been a long time."

D.J. smiled, happy that he was as nervous as she was.

"Yes, it has."

"How've you been?"

"Good," D.J. lied. They stood silent, just looking at how each of the other had changed until D.J. noticed the amount of food in his cart. "Big party at you and your wife's house?"

"No, uh…" Steve rubbed the back of his neck. "Arielle died about four years ago. It's just me and Jasmine, but she eats as much as me, so this is what it's like every week."

"I'm sorry. I just lost Tommy a few months ago. Now it's me, J.D., Max, Steph, Kimmy, Ramona and whoever this person in my stomach is."

"Sorry," he said. "So, Steph and Kimmy moved in? And Kimmy has a daughter?"

Donna Jo laughed and nodded, loving how easy it was to be this way with Steve again. He was still the tall, athletic, hungry boy she had fallen in love with decades ago.

"Um, I gotta pick up Jesse from school in an hour, but I'd love to catch up and talk more," DJ said.

"Y-Yeah, that'd be great," Steve agreed.

"Great, uh, here's my number."

D.J. had a small moment of déjà vu as she wrote her number on Steve's arm with a Sharpie. She had done this fifteen years ago (almost to the day), to Tommy. She stopped for a moment, but finished the three remaining numbers.

"Great. I'm going to checkout, but I'll talk to you later," Steve said, and waved goodbye.

D.J. waved back and thought about what had just happened. She had seen Steve again. She looked back and smiled as the man was playing with his bread, passing it back and forth in each hand, while waiting at the checkout line and felt a flutter in her heart.

It had been five months since Tommy had passed. She had neither taken off her wedding ring nor had she thrown away Tommy's old work shirts.

She sighed and got her milk, getting into another checkout line. She didn't know what meeting Steve meant, but if she knew one thing, she knew she needed to talk to Kimmy and Stephanie…tonight.