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It was a day like any other, blue skies, boring classes, a bit of a nap in Jinno's class- you know, the usual stuff. Until one daydream in the middle of Serina-sensei's class changed my plans for the entire day. Not that I had any plans, don't mistake me for that kind of organized person.

In the middle of my train of thought about delicious howalons (yes I did drool a bit in the middle of class thinking about the treats), my thoughts drifted to those weird life realizations that you only get at the most random of times. For me, apparently, it was in the middle of a review period in class. For all I knew, if I had actually paid attention that day I might've passed that test, albeit it was a slim chance as I probably would've been chatting with some friends anyhow or straining to understand and eventually giving up.

I thought about how I met Hotaru, how I always showed my undying love and loyalty towards Hotaru, how I chased Hotaru to Alice Academy in spite of my unrelenting grandfather- reflecting on all these memories reminded me just how much I do for Hotaru, that lucky brainiac. Maybe she does notice my affection and one day will reciprocate all the things I've done for her- no, I shouldn't get my hopes up unnecessarily.

Anyways, my mind drifted to how Natsume and I met under such bizarre circumstances. For instance, Natsume was attempting to escape Alice Academy, yet I desperately wanted to get in the very same academy. Sometimes I found myself wondering, in a similar odd situation like right now, that if I hadn't come at that exact timing to seek a position in the Alice Academy, what would've happened? Would there have been smarter kidnappers to try and snatch me? Would Narumi-sensei be there to protect me again and detect my alice, or would he have already caught Natsume trying to escape and have made his way back inside the academy?

And then it came to me. Obviously, all those incidents had happened for a reason and I came to a solid conclusion which I genuinely thought was the truth.

It was fate.

How could I have been so blind all my life? This all occurred for a rational and identical outcome. For me to use Natsume, whose personality was akin to my soulmate. I was to use Natsume in order to get closer and more familiar with Hotaru! It seemed to all make sense now as I took a lengthy breath in at my realization.

Having made this mind shattering understanding of what my future was to be (Hotaru, I and howalons, duh), I rushed out of class, ignoring the continuous calls of my classmates and teacher. I was headed to one destination I knew my key to victory was. The sakura tree.

"Natsume!" I called out towards where I could see his legs dangling from one of the branches of the stunning tree. "Hey, I know you can hear me! I won't fall for that trick of you being a doll that one of your fangirls made! And dolls can't speak- well, actually Kaname's dolls can but..." I knew for a fact that Natsume would be here, not only because he absolutely adored this tree (reasoning as to why is unknown) but since whenever he skipped class I could see him reading that manga through the class window. Hearing a snicker, I knew he had heard me and jumped ever so gracefully down to the trunk, taking a seat with his back resting on the rough bark. "I've found out something that will change everyone's lives!"

"The cure for cancer?"

"Even better." An awkward smirk found its way on my face as I continued to discuss the results of my long and well thought recognition. "I've discovered that this was all fate!" Throughout my extensive explanation he lightly glared at me with little concern in what genius I had discovered.

"Woah there Polka, don't get ahead of yourself now." The minuscule interest he once had in what I had to say had completely disappeared, although I noticed him watching me through the corners of his eyes as he brought his manga up to read. "Learn how to tell the difference between a real living human and a doll before you trouble yourself with thinking of bigger things like fate."

"Hey, I do know the difference! Humans can breathe- wait, do Kaname's dolls breathe?" A deep sigh was heard from the boy as I shook my head to clear it, unwavering to the skeptical stares I was getting from Natsume. As I was giving him the run-down of what thoughts had been going on through my head during class, I noticed his already slight attention on my words slowly diminishing. "So, as you can see, you are fated to be the stepping stone to my future with my wonderful Hotaru!"

As I felt a slight pain on my forehead from Natsume flicking my poor skin, no matter my protest. "You're such an idiot."

"That was rude Natsu-"

He gave me a smirk after speaking a few words which I hadn't comprehended at first, though I wasn't sure if it was because he spoke softly or that the information stunned me. As my brain struggled to keep up with his confusing statement, I just stood still, staring quite dumbly at Natsume. After a bit I noticed my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, trying to think of something to say.

"Mikan-chan!" Slightly turning my head to glance at linchou, who was running towards me, I observed Natsume leaping back onto one of the branches of the tree- as if he was never there in the first place.

"It wasn't fate for you to end up with her, but you were destined to end up with me."