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"Heroes protect us, they protect everyone. But when they experience enough loss, their anger can get the best of them. Their judgement can become clouded and their good intentions turn twisted. Soon enough, they're no longer heroes. It makes you realize that there's a truth in the statement… your greatest heroes, can be your most powerful enemies."

San Fransokyo Highway 10:30am.

It was a morning like any other. The sun had risen over the horizon and its light illuminated the vast city of San Fransokyo. It was a rather quiet day in the city. Everyone was living their lives as they walked up and down the streets and prepared themselves for the day ahead of them. Nothing exciting was happening as far as most people in San Fransokyo knew. However, today was one of those days where something did happen.

A Heavily armored 'Krei-Tech Archives' truck sped through the main highway of San Fransokyo as It smashed civilian cars out of the way to escape the SFPD who pursued them from behind. Inside the truck, there were six mercenaries who were dressed in suits, wore leather gloves, and had bulletproof vests underneath. They were all strong males in their mid-20s and early 30s who were of average height for their gender. The five men in the back were observing one of their own, who was rapidly tying into a laptop connected to the truck, trying to complete a digital file transfer that their employer had requested.

The man with the laptop narrowed his eyes as he focused on his laptop's screen, trying to ignore the constant shaking of the truck. Sweat trickled down his brow as he typed away. At last, he sighed, happy that he had succeeded in his goal. The mercenary looked up at his associates to confirm his success. He spoke in a hoarse voice as he said "I've successfully hacked into the Krei Teck network! All we have to do is hold off the cops for a few minutes while the download completes."

The mercenaries' getaway driver had just rammed a car off the road in front of him as he laughed, taking pleasure from destroying the cars before him. He put an arm on the top part of his seat and turned around to look at his comrades in the back of the truck. He had a large maniac-like smile plastered on his face as he said "Once the job is done, we're going to get such a pay day from our client! Those Krei Tech fools didn't even know what hit 'em!"

The men in the back looked at their driver who was unaware of the approaching building in front of the truck. The men's eyes widened as they warned their foolish getaway driver. "You fool! Watch out!"

When the driver turned around it was too late. "Shit!" he yelled. He proceeded to slam the brakes but it was no good. The truck crashed into the building's wall, making all the men inside fall forward. The driver however, was knocked out cold when the truck made contact. The men in the back stood up slowly as they tried to get over the dizziness they were feeling as a result of the crash. The team hacker looked down at is laptop's slightly cracked screen and gave his team an update on the download's status.

"The file transfer is at fifty percent."

One of the mercenaries walked to the front of the truck and checked the driver. He growled in anger as he walked back to the others. "Damien's unconscious. We sure as hell aren't going to be driving out of here." He said. The men looked outside the trucks' backdoor windows as they heard the sirens and the approaching police units. They saw the police vehicles surround the truck at a safe distance as the officers stepped out and began to position themselves.

"Dammit! The cops have surrounded us!" said one of the mercenaries.

"Shit! We still need more time." Replied the hacker.

The tallest of the mercenaries pointed at the laptop and looked sternly at the team's hacker. "You stay with the truck and keep the download going! We'll hold those damn cops off as long as we can." He ordered. The leader opened a duffle bag and handed each of his men a custom assault rifle and mask. The mercenaries loaded their rifles and pulled their masks over their faces. The masks were dark grey and smooth with glossy red eyes and dark red spirals painted on along the edges. They stood side by side as the leader loaded his own rifle and said, "let's take them out."

The police officers were behind their cars with their weapons aimed at the enemy truck. They waited silently for what felt like hours until they head footsteps coming from inside the truck. They tightened their grips on their guns and prepared for the mercenaries to come out. The back doors of the truck burst open with a loud thud as the four armed mercenaries made themselves known to the police force.

The mercenaries then began to lay down gunfire on the police cars as the officers hid behind them. The mercenaries had good marksmanship because they had already wounded several officers since they began shooting. The officers who attempted to shoot back got shot right when they showed their faces. One of the mercenaries activated the mini-flamethrower on his rifle and aimed at a set of police cars. He began to shoot scorching flames at the cars and the officers behind them ran away in fear as the cars burst into flames. The mercenary laughed loudly as he yelled "Burn! Burn you cowards!"

Another mercenary activated the grenade launcher on his rifle and aimed it at one of the cars. He pulled the trigger as the grenade launched and made contact with the police car. It exploded and sent the vehicle flying in the air before it landed back on the ground with a loud crash. A lone officer attempted to run away but the mercenary leader gestured for his men to aim at the retreating officer. With a large grin under his mask, the leader said, "Say goodnight you son of a…"

The leader was interrupted when an object crashed into the ground a few feet away from him and his men. The object made the road under them crack and caused a shockwave that sent them flying backwards and onto their backs. The mercenaries groaned in pain as they slowly stood up. As all of them slowly walked towards the object, they soon realized it was some kind of large robotic fist. They trained their guns on it and carefully stepped towards it. The leader hesitantly reached out for the object but it quickly flew upwards into the air as the mercenaries saw it disappear into the smoke above them.

Suddenly, a giant red robot burst out of the smoke with someone in purple armor riding on its back. The large robot dived towards them at great speed which caused them to duck and cover their heads as the robot pulled up at the last minute and flew around them until finally landing with a loud thud in front of the four men. The mercenaries stood back up and looked at the large robot and its rider with curious expressions. "Who the hell are you?" asked one of the mercenaries.

When neither the robot or the rider answered, the mercenary angrily yelled out "Answer the damn question!" as he aimed his rifle at the two. His gun was suddenly hit out of his hands by a round yellow disk. He growled in pain as his rifle fell out of his hands. The mercenaries looked to the source of the projectile as a young woman in yellow armor skated next to the robot and its rider, immediately catching the disk after she did so.

Moments later, A large African- American male appeared from behind the robot with glowing green plasm swords on his forearms. Then a small orb came in contact with the ground and it created a bubble-like structure from which a tall but thin blonde woman hopped down onto and safely landed next to her comrades. Finally, a giant reptilian suit jumped from on top of a building and landed with the others as it breathed out fire from its chest. These individuals were then remembered by the mercenaries to be the legendary Big Hero 6 their boss warned them about.

The leader tilted his head in confusion as his men slowly stepped back, clearly scared. He signaled for them to stop and looked the heroes up and down before finally speaking. "So. You're the legendary Big Hero 6? I have to say, I expected more."

Hiro, the leader of the Big Hero 6 team, stepped off Baymax and told the men "Yes, we are. Now stand down. My team and I don't want this to end in a fight."

The mercenary leader and his men burst out into laughter as they looked at the so called 'Superheroes' standing in front of them. The leader was able to catch his breath and speak clearly as his men's laughter slowly faded away, he then said "You think YOU and your band of 'heroes' can stop us? The stories people told made you all sound like bad asses, but apparently you're all just a bunch of fools who look like cheap action figures!"

The heroes weren't too surprised from this mocking. They became quite accustomed to it since they became heroes. However, when the mercenaries started making comments about Hiro, he began to take it as a severe emotional blow. The mercenary leader then looked at Hiro and started insulting the poor teen. "And you! What are you, ten? How can a pathetic kid like you possibly be a hero?! Heroes are supposed to be intimidating to criminals like us. Clearly you failed at that! look at us, we're still here and I'm not saying I know who you are under that helmet, but you barely look old enough to drive, how can you save lives when you probably can't even save your family from their own stupidity?!"

That hit Hiro like a brick to the heart. He was still trying to get over his brother's death and here was another criminal who just had no sympathy or cared about anyone but himself. Sometimes Hiro wished that criminals would just disappear for good, but the next day someone new came, then again, and again. Hopefully someday this crime in the world would stop one day. Thankfully, Hiro's team couldn't read his thoughts, but his body told the whole story.

Gogo, his closest human friend and second in command, noticed his uneasy posture as he tensed up and clenched his fists. She had barely known Hiro a year but she could already tell when he was uncomfortable. She then stood in front of Hiro and told off the mercenary in front of her. "You need to learn some respect! We didn't want this to lead to a fight but apparently you want one!"

One of the mercenaries looked at Gogo and said, "I'll learn some respect if you're teaching, hot stuff". The other mercenaries laughed alongside their partner, but they didn't know who they were messing with. Gogo's eyes widened under her helmet. Then her face turned from shock to anger in the blink of an eye. "THAT'S IT!" She yelled. Gogo threw one of her suits' disk weapons and it hit the mercenary who made the comment in the face, cracking his mask as he stumbled back. By the time the other mercenaries knew what was happening, Gogo had already tackled their comrade away from them.

The other heroes were surprised by Gogo's outburst as she took down the mercenary. nevertheless, they followed in her footsteps and attacked. The mercenaries looked back towards the heroes and trained their guns on them. As they rained down gunfire, the heroes were forced to retreat as they used the cop cars as cover. They had their heads down as Gogo skated behind the cars where they were at and sat next to Hiro.

"Well, that's one less mercenary to worry about." said Gogo as she spun the broken mask around on her finger before throwing it aside and looking at Hiro. "What's next genius?" she asked.

"Everyone go around, we need to flank them from different directions." Ordered Hiro to his team. They nodded and went around behind the cars unseen to flank the three remaining mercenaries. However, Hiro grabbed Fred from his arm before he left. Fred lifted his suits' mask and looked at Hiro. "Not you Fred. I need you to get up high, people never expect an attack from above". Fred looked up at a nearby building and looked back at Hiro with a sly smile and gave him a thumbs up to confirm he understood. "Got it!" he said.

With that, Fred put his mask back down and began climbing up the building on a side the mercenaries couldn't see. Hiro then turned and climbed onto Baymax as he used his magnetic gloves to firmly attach himself to Baymax's back. "Ready Baymax? FLY!" yelled Hiro. Baymax then took off from the ground as him and Hiro distracted one of the mercenaries long enough to give Gogo an opening. He furiously shot at Baymax and Hiro, unaware that Gogo was about to take him down. Gogo jumped over the car she was behind and skated at a rapid speed to the unaware mercenary. He turned around and was about to shoot Gogo, but she was too quick for him. She swiped her leg underneath his and skated away from him. The mercenary fell forward onto the hard ground as Gogo spun and threw another one of her disks at him. As the fallen mercenary got back up, he turned his head and was met with Gogo's weapon colliding with his jaw. A tooth was knocked out of his mouth as he fell unconscious and Gogo's weapon came back to her.

Another mercenary noticed Gogo and aimed at her head. Before he could shoot, Wasabi appeared by him and used his plasma blades to cut the gun in half. The man looked at Wasabi and swung the back of the gun at him, but Wasabi ducked down as the strike went over him. When the mercenary turned around to attempt another strike, he was hit in the abdomen by Baymax's rocket fist. Thankfully, Hiro made it less lethal so it wouldn't severely injure anyone. The mercenary fell to the ground unconscious as he dropped his gun.

The lead Mercenary shot a bullet at one of Baymax's legs, making the thruster on his right foot shut down. Baymax crashed on the pavement as Hiro flew off and hit the back of the crashed truck. The leader let out a proud laugh as he said, "How'd you like that you little brat?!"

The leader was about to shoot Hiro, but luckily, Hiro's friends always had his back. Gogo threw a disk at the back of the lead Mercenary's knee, making him kneel. He lifted his rifle to shoot behind himself at the other heroes, but Wasabi sliced it in half. The leader then yelled "No, no, no!" as he realized he was about to be defeated, He brought back his fist as he charged up an attack to strike Wasabi. He was then encased from the neck down in a solidified glue from one of Honey lemon's chem-balls. Baymax then launched another one of his rocket fists at the mercenary leader. "Shit." said the mercenary as the glue shattered and he went flying back. He met the ground and slid to a stop as he went unconscious like the rest of his team.

Hiro stood up slowly as he saw that his team took out the leader. However, the mercenary who was in the van grabbed Hiro and put him in a headlock. He held a pistol to Hiro's head as Gogo, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon looked at the man holding Hiro and gasped. Fred was on top of a building looking down at the scene unfolding below him. "It's Fred time." stated Fred as he waited for the right moment to deliver his attack.

The hacker who was currently holding Hiro hostage yelled at the superheroes in front of him, "Stay back, or the kid dies!" The team cooperated because they didn't want Hiro to get hurt. Hiro struggled in the man's grip as he said, "Let me go!" The man scowled at Hiro. "You think you're a hero? You're nothing but a weak kid. Your team does all the work, without them what are you?!" he asked menacingly. Hiro stopped struggling while he took in the man's words. He looked at his team and thought to himself 'Am I really nothing without them?'

Fred saw his opportunity to attack and ran across the top of the building as he jumped off the edge and yelled "Super jump!" The man holding Hiro looked up and saw Fred coming down towards him, but before he could react, Fred yelled "Gravity crush!" and landed on him, making the hacker let go of Hiro and fall on the ground unconscious. Fred stood up and yelled, "Justice has been served." Before helping Hiro to his feet as the rest of the team ran to his side.

"Hiro, are you alright?!" asked Gogo in concern.

Yeah, I'm fine." Said Hiro plainly as he turned around and looked inside the crashed truck. Inside was a lone laptop that read 'Upload Complete' on the screen. Hiro climbed inside the truck as his team followed him in. He started typing on the laptop and asked, "What did they upload?" As soon as he said that, the file the mercenaries were after appeared on the screen. The whole team gasped as they saw what it was. It was the blueprints for Project: Silent Sparrow.

"What are they doing with this?" asked Gogo.

"I'm not sure, but it can't be good." Replied Hiro

The police officers made their way back to the scene as they rounded up the mercenaries and put them in the undamaged police cars. The officers lifted and handcuffed the hacker by the truck and took him towards a police car. As they did, the hacker turned and let out a laugh as he yelled at the heroes, "You're too late! Big things are coming! Even you can't stop it!"

The team felt uneasy by the mercenary's words as he was put into a police car. It drove off as the police chief thanked the superhero team and left with the other officers. Hiro and the others looked back at the computer as Hiro pondered what the man meant by 'big things are coming'.

Hiro was in his room at the Lucky Cat Café, trying to find the location where the blueprints were uploaded to. Hours passed and Hiro was beginning to get sleepy. He yawned and decided to get some rest. He turned off the screensaver on his computer and went to his bed to lay down. Hiro saw the picture of him and his friends at the SFIT showcase where he presented his microbots. He had good and bad memories from that day, he was still trying to get over the loss of his brother and these criminals basically rubbed salt in the wound by saying he couldn't save his own family.

Hiro had to admit, there was truth in the men's statements. He could have saved Tadashi if he just held onto him a little longer. Aunt Cass and his friends were all Hiro had left, he would do anything to protect them and rid his home of crime. 'I can do more for this city' thought Hiro. He was knocked out of his thoughts when his phone rang. Hiro picked it up and saw that it was Gogo who was calling him. He answered it and said, "Hello."

"What's up, Hiro? I was just calling to see if you were ok." Said Gogo

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" asked Hiro

"I was just worried. It looked like that guy really got to you today." said Gogo in a concerned voice.

"Only a little. He was just another criminal, I've learned to ignore what they say about me." He replied.

"Hiro. I've known you long enough to know when you're lying to me. Don't keep this kind of stuff to yourself. I'm your friend and I'm here for you if you ever need to talk, ok?" said Gogo with a bit of compassion In her voice. Hiro smiled, thankful for his friend's concern, "Ok."

"Good. By the way, how's it going with tracking where those blueprints were sent?" asked Gogo

"I should have the location by tomorrow. Hopefully whoever got them isn't gonna do what I think they are." Replied Hiro.

"They'll have to deal with us first." Said Gogo reassuringly.

"I guess you're right. They'd be fools to mess with us. Especially you, god help whoever pisses you off. You're probably the best fighter on the team."

"You got that right. Criminals should also be scared of a guy with a high intellect like yours. Even a short one who's been diagnosed with Puberty." Said Gogo jokingly

"This coming from the girl who's only a few inches taller than me." replied Hiro, in his own joking manner.

"Hey!" whined Gogo.

The two shared a laugh over the phone from their playful banter. They soon realized it was getting late. If they wanted to be ready to find the blueprints and stop whoever had them, then they needed a full night's sleep.

"Well, I guess it's getting kind of late. I'll see you tomorrow, genius. Goodnight." said Gogo

"Goodnight, and Gogo…!?" started Hiro, grabbing her attention once more.

"Yeah?" She asked

"Thanks, for checking up on me. It means a lot." He said.

Gogo smiled and said "Anytime." Before hanging up. Hiro did the same and drifted back into his thoughts.

I'm grateful to have friends like Gogo and the others. I swear one day chasing criminals might get us all killed. I won't let that happen to them, especially Gogo. This superhero thing was my idea. If any of them get hurt, it's going to be my fault. If I'm going to protect them from getting hurt, I need to do more to contribute than just being the team inventor. I need to be more. Hiro turned on his side and looked back at the picture of him and his friend's before saying to himself, "I'm not nothing without them…. I just need to prove it." He then slowly drifted off to sleep.

Hiro's Dream…

Hiro was in his armor standing in a desolate wasteland covered it black smoke and fire.

"What is this place?" he asked himself.

Hiro slowly began to walk around the area, being cautious and alert if anything were to happen. Once Hiro climbed over a hill he was shocked at what he saw. His teammates were all laying down on the ground and their suites were severely damaged. Hiro ran down to them and started to try and wake them up.

"Guys! Guys wake up! What happened?!" yelled Hiro frantically.

He then realized that they were all dead because none of them had a pulse and their lifeless eyes stayed open.

"No. no, this can't be real." said Hiro.

Hiro then heard a dry cough coming from behind him. He turned around and saw Gogo moving. He quickly ran to her side and took off her helmet, lifting her upper body into his arms after he did so. Her head was leaning on his chest as she continued to lightly cough. "Gogo! Gogo are you ok?! What happened?!" he asked.

"Hiro…. why would you…do this? We were your friends." Said Gogo barely above a whisper.

"Do what?" asked Hiro

Gogo then went unconscious and Hiro tried to lightly shake her awake.

"Gogo! Gogo!" yelled Hiro frantically.

Once Hiro realized she wasn't going to wake up, he hugged her tightly in his arms as he began to feel tears in his eyes and started to cry. After Hiro opened his eyes again, he saw that his friends had disappeared and all that was left was the ground where they once were. Even Gogo, who he held in his arms, disappeared from his grasp. He jumped back, frightened from what just happened. Hiro then felt a strong gust of wind blow around the smoke in front of him. As the smoke cleared, Hiro saw a damaged sign that could still be read. He then began to feel anxious as he realized where he was. Above him, the sign said…


The rest of the smoke cleared and there was nothing but burnt trees and destroyed buildings. This desolate wasteland was San Fransokyo, Hiro's home. From behind the sign appeared human shaped robots with a single glowing red eye in the middle of their heads. Soldiers in Exo-Suits appeared next to the robots and walked up to Hiro with futuristic looking guns in their hands. Just as Hiro thought he was done for, a soldier stepped forward and said, "Mr. Hamada, we have successfully eliminated all criminals in the city and made sure none of them survived. Thanks to you, the people of this city will be able to sleep soundly, now that any possible threats are gone…for good." He said.

Hiro's eyes widened as he backed away slowly and yelled, "No! no, no, no! This isn't what I wanted!"

The soldier then continued to speak as he began to fade away. "Yes, it is boss. You said you wanted criminals gone for good. After today, their fear of you will make them realize what happens…When you mess with a Hamada." The guards and robots then disappeared in a cloud of smoke as Hiro turned and ran to the top of a hill. He saw all of San Fransokyo destroyed, with robots, ships, and soldiers in exo-suits patrolling the city. There were hundreds of dead bodies that the soldiers had put in piles, most of them were clearly dressed like crooks and had blood stains on their clothes.

All the machines and soldiers had an 'H' symbol on them. Hiro fell to his knees and looked up at the sky, realizing that the 'H' had to stand for Hamada. Hiro suddenly felt strange, he looked down and saw that he was physically older, taller, and was wearing a much more advanced mechanized suit that was colored black and had glowing red lights all around it. He looked at his hands and saw they were inside weaponized gauntlets covered in blood. Hiro began to feel anxious as He realized he was responsible for this. He killed all these people. Hiro let out a loud scream as he woke up.

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