It was nearing 6pm in the Kingdom of Atlas. Ruby and Jaune were checking into a hotel in Elysium City, a large metropolis lining Atlas' northern borders. Jaune found that caring for Ruby may not have been his wisest decision as of late. Jaune dragged their wheeled luggage behind him with numerous bags and pouches perched on top of them. Apparently Ruby wasn't an 'everything in a purse' kinda girl. The red head skipped playfully through the hall with a small bag of cookies, tossing them in her mouth with glee, unaware of Jaune nearing collapse behind her. Ruby noticed the numbers on the doors slowly increase as they reached their destination.

"115... 116... 117... 118! Here we are!" She said before placing another snack in her mouth. Jaune slowly reached the door before collapsing in front of it in a huff. Ruby looked to him with a half eaten cookie in her hand. "Oh! Sorry I was distracted, let me get those for you." The treats were carefully placed in front of Jaune before he heard the bags rummage behind him. He turned his head slightly to see Ruby carrying every single one of their bags in her arms, barely breaking a sweat. he watched her lift her leg to pull the handle and open their hotel room.

Ugh maybe now I can take a break... Before he knew it Ruby took him by the collar and comically dragged him in the room. Or I suppose I can get dragged like a dog on a leash... Everyday he spent trying to match this quirky girl's energy felt like an uphill battle, and he was constantly falling back to the base. Before long Jaune felt his collar release from Ruby's grasp as he leaned against the bed frame, finally allowed to savor his surroundings.

The room itself housed a desk on the far wall opposite of the bed. The desk extended to make a cabinet where a flat screen rested. Ruby placed the luggage on the desk in a hurry before exploring the room's accommodations. her eyes glimmered in the glass door that lead to a small balcony overlooking the high tech city, thin blue lights streamed the edges of many skyscrapers like a movie set in the late 23rd century. She turned her head to call her friend over. "Jaune look at how gorgeous it is out h-"

"Hello?" Jaune spoke from the bed.

"Uhh what?" She replied as she walked back in from the balcony.

"Helloooo? Yes, Hi." He was on the phone. "Hi yea can me and my friend get a small pizza, half pepperoni and haaaalf?" He looked over to Ruby who sat right next him. Her petite body leaned over him to whisper in his ear.

"mushrooms and anchovies."

"Uh, mushrooms and anchovies. You have that right?"

Ruby could hear the person on the other line mumbling something as Jaune replied.

"Yes room 118 please."

Ruby giggled at the thought of more food, her gluttony typically got the best of her; although she needed to spend at least some time with Jaune before it arrived. She heard more mumbling from the other line before Jaune replied.

"Yes, thanks." He put the phone back down on the side table and fell back onto the bed.

"Ugh, it's been such a long day... I could use a rest." Ruby said laying back with him, faces mere inches apart. Jaune smirked and lay his arm around her waist.

"You're not sleeping until after we stuff our faces."

"I just wanna lie here with you... Is that too much to ask?" Her eyes grew into yearning puppy eyes, if she was a dog she'd be whimpering.

Jaune sighed before kissing her on her soft lips. She embraced him for a moment and made sure her arm grasped around his waist to keep him still. The knight's hand slowly moved down, grasping at her derriere. Ruby let out an internal squeal at the sudden contact but recovered quickly, her other arm latched around his back and pushed her chest onto his. The chest contact aroused Jaune greatly, he repaid her by bringing her head above his to start kissing at the base of her neck, causing Ruby to let out hushed moans of pleasure. Her chest tightened at the act, it felt divine. The red head made a move to straddle Jaune's waist but before too long they heard a knock at the door which kicked them out of their trance.

"Oh, I'll get it." Ruby said as she whipped her hair back in order. A young man at the door handed her the small pizza. "Thank you!"

After a quick exchange of goodbyes Ruby brought the minuscule pizza in, lamenting the portion. "Jaune this can hardly fill me alone."

He shrugged. "Well it's free for a reason."

"Ugh, fine! But tomorrow I take you where ever I want." Ruby replied with a playful smile.

"Please don't drag me to every weapon store in this city..."

"Jaune I already printed our itinerary for the Ruby Tour of Love and Dreams!" She pulled out a large map from her back pocket and unfolded it revealing a plethora of marked off areas, each with a small sword above them indicating a weapon shop.

Well there goes that plan of Jaune's. Who prints an itinerary for a small outing...

It feels good to be in summer, I can finally do what I want which includes writing. I want to work on this abit more than my other fics because I find that Lancaster needs more fics and I identify with these two much more than my other ships. Please tell me if you like it! Fav, follow, and have a lovely Fourth of July! (Go America)