A few days passed since the couple's excursion to Atlas. clad in a red sports bra and black mechanic work pants, Ruby was hard at work at Beacon's workshop drawing up some well detailed plans for Jaune's weapon with all her modifiers and machinery she bought from Elysium. The city was well known for its state of the art technology in arms manufacturing, and that just might have been the reason Ruby was so eager for her and Jaune to visit.

A few beads of sweat rolled down her face as she continued her masterpiece. Jaune's birthday was fast approaching and she planned for the completed weapon to be his gift, and she'd be damned if anyone bested her for favorite gift... (Especially Pyrrha...)

"Maybe I should add a bayonet to the shield... Or make it more lightweight?" The red head was still debating what to do with this weapon, it was just so simple that any modification might ruin its simplicity. She folded her arms under her chest and crossed her legs as she pondered all her options.


"GAAH!?" The engineer screamed in response to the sudden fright. She knew by the sound of the voice it was no other than her bombastic sister.

"Ooo, whatcha makin'?" Yang said as she tried to peer over Ruby. The red head was too fast however, stuffing the blueprints in her ample bosom before responding.

"Uh... nothing?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"... Telling you?"


Ruby realized her mistake and repeated. "Telling you." She said more certain.

"Riiiiight... Well me and the girls are gonna go see that new Steve Coral movie, hope you have fun all alone in the dorm, ya hermit."

Ruby cocked her head. "I'm gonna have the dorm to myself?"

"Sure looks like it, I'll be sure to tell everyone how you're starting to stuff your bra." She said with a snicker.

"Y-you saw me hide it?" Ruby said, a little defeated.

"Drop the act, Rubes. Lemme see what my little red head's concocting this time." Yang grabbed the paper from Ruby's cleavage as the girl clutched her chest in self defense. "Awww... You're making puke face a sword!? This is the cutest thing EVER!" Yang looked to the paper in admiration as Ruby's face turned red.

"Pleeease just don't tell anyone, ok?"

Yang gave her sister the paper before replying "Ugh, fiiine... But this better be badass when it's done, the poor guy needs anything he can get."

"Yea tell me about it... His weapon is so plain it's hard for me to think of good modifications..."

"Well, Uncle Qrow always said everything is derivative of something else. Maybe you should like, watch tv or play videogames to get ideas."

Ruby felt the cogs turning in her head for a moment before a lightbulb appeared overhead. "Yang you're a genius!" The girl dashed away with her semblance, leaving Yang with a cloud of rose petals in front of her.

"I swear, she's gonna forget her own birthday if she keeps killing herself for Jaune like this..." Yang thought about what to get Jaune and Ruby as both their birthdays were around the corner. I could always get them something to enjoy together... Hm, what do socially awkward nerds love more than anything?

After rushing back to her dorm, Ruby began to take a quick shower. Her teammates were all out seeing that movie Yang talked about earlier, leaving the red head alone in her dorm. Given the opportunity, she figured she might as well see if Jaune could hang out to play videogames. she dried herself off and dressed in her pajamas before going across the hall to see her knight. Knock knock. It was Pyrrha who answered.

"Oh, hello Ruby." She greeted kindly.

"Hi, Pyrrha. I was just wondering if Jaune was there."

"I see, unfortunately he's not here at the moment. He said something about going into town to buy some supplies."

Ruby was upset by this news, now she really was alone in that dorm. "Ah, that sucks..."

"If I might ask, what did you want him for?"

Ruby didn't want to reveal that she planned to goof off with some videogames with Jaune, Pyrrha's so academic that she probably wouldn't even allow Jaune to come over for it. Don't say to play Star Wars Battlefront, don't say to play Star Wars Battlefront, Don't say to play Star Wars Battlefront...

"Uh B-battle plans."

"Battle plans?"

"Yea, you know, different strategies and stuff like that."

"Oh that sounds grand! I'm glad someone's out there to help him in the strategic front. I've been training his fighting some nights, he improves incredibly well."

"Huh... I didn't know that." Ruby thought about this for a second. Jaune spending nights with Pyrrha training together. Alone? Together? Just the two of them? ... ALONE!? The young huntress felt betrayed by this sudden realization. "Well... Goodnight then."

"Goodnight, Ruby. I'll be sure to tell Jaune you were looking for him."

"Thanks, Pyrrha."

"Now what do you buy a socially awkward, quirky, nerdy girl for her birthday?" Jaune asked himself. His girlfriend's birthday was coming up, and he was unable to think of any decent gifts for the red maiden. He walked through the plaza looking through all the stores, receiving mixed feelings towards some of their products. Something that struck him was the weapon shops, anything from there would make Ruby burst with joy. Although she had just bought a store's worth of materials from their time in Elysium, so that'd be a waste. Candy would be nice, but he should get something more personal, and something that wouldn't ruin her perfect figure.

Jaune's blue eyes then looked over to a nicely renovated Dust Store, there were several posters on the window that advertised everything from new forms of Dust to brand new types of ammunition. This gave the blonde knight an excellent idea. "Oh she is gonna looove this!"

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