"Okay, I'm all yours!", Elsa said happily as she walked over to stand beside her sister.

Anna was preparing the strawberries she'd obtained from the royal gardener earlier that morning for their upcoming adventure. The younger girl tried not to let her hands shake as she used a paring knife to slice off the green stem ends of the berries on the cutting board in front of her. But it wasn't easy. She was so excited to be doing something with Elsa that she could barely contain herself. And, she hadn't been expecting to see her elder sister so soon.

"Elsa!? Hi.", Anna said, dumbly fumbling around with the knife and nearly slicing her finger.

"Hi.", Elsa smiled, "Careful!", she exclaimed when she saw the near mishap.

"Y-you're here… already." Anna replied, her voice faltering on the last word.

"I am. Is that a bad thing?", Elsa asked with a look of uncertainty.

"Oh um, no! No! Not at all! Never!", Anna stammered, "I-I just wasn't expecting you so soon."

When Anna had suggested a picnic to Elsa at breakfast that morning, she could tell that Elsa had very much wanted to do it but the Queen had been understandably reticent. However, Anna could be very persuasive given the right circumstance. The younger girl had been noticing how all of the Royal duties Elsa had to perform on a daily basis seemed to be weighing on the Queen of late. She had seemed more peckish than usual recently and Anna had a sneaking suspicion that Elsa longed to be away from it all for a while, even if it was just for an afternoon. When Anna had mentioned her idea for them to get away from the stuffy old castle for a few hours, Elsa's eyes had actually brightened with excitement, confirming the younger girl's suspicions, but then they'd clouded over just as quickly when Elsa had remembered all the responsibilities she had set up for the day. She had sighed and reminded Anna that as much as she wanted to, her being the Queen and all, she couldn't just shirk her duties and leave the palace to go on a spontaneous adventure with her. That's when Anna had suggested delegating some of her more mundane chores to a few of the most trustworthy of the staff. Although the Queen had been reluctant at first, Anna had appealed to her logical sensibilities and she was able to convince her that she could use the time away to improve her stress levels. That even a Queen needed a vacation day every now and then. A fact Anna knew even Elsa couldn't deny.

So, after what turned out to be a shockingly small amount of good-natured cajoling, Elsa had agreed to try it. It had thrilled Anna that she had listened to her and thought her idea was a sound one. She had expected her rationale would be met with an icy stare and to be told that she didn't understand the way things worked. She hadn't anticipated Elsa would be so agreeable, even eager to follow her advice. The fact that she was, made Anna realize that she trusted her judgment which made Anna feel wonderful. Either that or Elsa was just really, really sick of performing her queenly duties.

Elsa, who usually took her time and savored each morsel of her morning meal because it was usually her only one-on-one time with Anna during the whole day, had practically inhaled her breakfast and risen from the table, saying she just had a few things to take care of and then she'd be back to help Anna get everything organized for their day. But, Anna hadn't been expecting her to be so true to her word… for her to be ready and joining her in the kitchen so quickly. It had barely been an hour since Elsa had taken her leave but Anna had been figuring on Elsa being tied up for at least a couple of hours or more. So she'd thought she'd have most of the morning to herself to calmly get everything in order. As always, she was thrilled to see Elsa. However, her unexpectedly expeditious presence was making Anna incredibly nervous.

She didn't know what it was about Elsa, but lately whenever she was around, Anna became so intimidated and flustered that she could barely even speak, much like she had at the Coronation ceremony a few days ago. The problem was actually very simple. Elsa had shut her out for 13 long, depressing years but all that had abruptly changed after Anna sacrificed herself for her sister. It had made Elsa realize just how much Anna cared for her and now Elsa frequently went out of her way to make time to chat with Anna and even rearranged her schedule just to spend time with her, like she had today. And while Anna never seemed to get enough of Elsa's near constant doting and all the new attention that was being lavished upon her, this sudden closeness with Elsa still felt rather odd and unnerving to the younger girl. But in the very best of ways. Nevertheless, though, it was causing Anna more than a little chagrin because she always ended up acting like an awkward, blathering idiot around Elsa now. That is to say even more of an awkward, blathering idiot than she usually did.

"Well, things went much more smoothly than I had anticipated.", Elsa was saying, dislodging Anna from her reverie. "Amazing what a Queen can get accomplished just by asking. You were so right, Anna, I really do need to learn to delegate the more… negligible items on my agenda to the staff. I don't have to be present for every little thing. And, the more things I can eliminate from my schedule, the more time I will be able to free up to spend with you, dear sister.", she explained softly with a warm smile.

At this, Anna nearly dropped the knife and enveloped her in a huge bear hug, but she managed to maintain her composure as she knew Elsa continued to remain a little skittish about being touched. "That would be… so nice!", she said, managing to imbue the last two words with such undisguised effervescence that it made the Queen chuckle softly

"Yes!", Elsa smiled a smile that made her eyes sparkle, "yes, it would make me very happy. The thing I love most is spending time with you." She reached over, swept Anna's bangs aside and placed a loving kiss on her younger sister's forehead. And it suddenly felt like Anna's heart would burst from her chest with joy. She felt blood rush to her cheeks and inclined her head so Elsa wouldn't see. "Now," Elsa said, not seeming to notice, "what can I do to help the picnic prep?"

"Uhhh...," Anna began, trying to get herself under control. "I-I'm good, I think. Almost done. I mean I think this is the last thing"

"Oh, okay, then.", Elsa sighed, looking slightly disappointed. "Do you mind if I just stand here with you then and watch?"

"That would be great.", Anna said, trying not to let her persistent nervousness show.

When she suddenly felt Elsa's cool hand slip lightly across the small of her back to hook gently around the swell of her hip and pull her close, she gasped. The feeling of Elsa's body pressed close to hers sent a shiver through the younger girl.

"Oh, I'm sorry. ", Elsa said, noticing Anna's reaction, "Am I too cold? All the rushing around this morning, it would cause most people to get warmer. Me, it just makes me colder.", she gave a slightly embarrassed grin, "Sometimes I forget. Sorry."

"No, no. I love your... cool hugs.", Anna grinned up at her and winked. "They feel especially nice on a warm day like today, it just startled me mostly."

That was true, it had startled her. But more because she wasn't used to so much affection from Elsa than because of her body temperature. Elsa was still a little awkward with displays of affection. Honestly, they both were. It had been so long for them. But Elsa even more so because of her history of pretty much zero physical contact with people. However, she was really trying hard and Anna was loving every second of it.

"Unfortunately, cool hugs are the only kind I can give.", Elsa was saying somewhat sadly, "I suppose when I created Olaf, that's why he liked warm hugs so much. He was a manifestation of my subconscious. I love warm hugs from you most of all, Anna." Elsa continued cuddling her and the sensation was so thrilling to Anna, she felt like she could walk on air.

"Oh, Anna," she sighed wistfully, "I've missed this so much. I've missed feeling your warmth against my cool skin. I'm sorry if I've seemed to shy away from being touched. It's not that I don't like it. On the contrary, actually, I love it… very, very much. It's just… hard for me… after so many years of people being afraid to touch me. If I stiffen, it's not because I don't welcome it, it's because I'm sort of shocked that anyone would want to willingly touch me. And there's always that fear in the back of my mind that I might have some sort of… reaction, even though I have my powers pretty well under control right now. But I love being touched, I've been starved for it for so very long… and it's hard for me to feel comfortable initiating touches because I'm so used to people being afraid of me. It's very awkward for me. I like to remember when we were kids… when I wasn't afraid. That's what I have to do to be able to touch you. I've missed holding you in my arms so much. For so long. Feeling your warmth against me again is like a drug and I'm completely addicted. I love the way your body feels pressed against mine, your warmth seeping into me. I love being able to touch you again without fear. I love it when you touch me back."

Her words sent a shiver through Anna and simply hearing the soft yet eager lilt of her sister's voice as she spoke to her held her utterly spellbound. Elsa turned the younger girl around towards her, she let her cool fingertips trace down Anna's jawline tenderly. It made Anna flush, a small sigh of contentment falling unbidden from her lips, her body beginning to tremble. Elsa then reached up with her other hand and lovingly cupped both of the younger girl's cheeks in her hands and when she looked down into her sister's teal green eyes, she found they were welling up with tears.

"You're shaking.", Elsa said with concern. "Are you sure you're not cold? "

"Yes, I—", Anna croaked, "I'm sorry, I…"

"No apologies, little one.", she leaned down and let her cool lips brush across the tip of Anna's nose lightly and it caused the younger girl's cheeks to burn with another hot flush. Her heart skipped a beat because for a second she thought that Elsa had been going to kiss her on the—

"I'm the one who should be apologizing.", Elsa's soft voice thankfully interrupted her train of thought before it went somewhere Anna didn't want it to go. "I'm sorry I've not been around for you lately, Anna… well for the last 13 years, actually!", she chuckled. "But, with all the Coronation stuff finally winding down now, I'm going to make you my main priority."

Anna's eyes lit up with unfettered joy at this, she blinked rapidly, trying to stave off the tears. "Th-that would be… amazing.", she said, a little more effusively than she would've liked, but then she couldn't stop. "I would love that… more than anything in the whole wide world!"

"Really?", Elsa asked, raising her brows as a sly smile made its way across her face, "Even more than chocolate?", Elsa teased, a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh way more than chocolate!", Anna grinned, trying to keep herself from bursting with the joy she was feeling while at the same time trying not to betray the nagging, and quite contradictory unease she felt being near her sister.

Being thisclose to her sister.

It wasn't Elsa's fault, of course. She was just being affectionate. But Anna was finding her proximity coupled with how demonstrative she was suddenly being more intimidating than she would've expected.

Adding to the situation was the fact that Elsa smelled wonderful. A soothing scent of wintergreen mixed with talc that was most pleasing to Anna's olfactory senses. Anna couldn't resist filling her lungs with a deep breath of her. But, even though it probably should've, it did nothing to calm her nerves. It was just that Elsa was so incredibly elegant and refined without even trying and Anna was so... not. Her sister simply exuded graceful charm and always had. It seemed even more pronounced lately, since she'd had her transformation up on the North Mountain. And then there was the fact that she was also knockdown drag out gorgeous now. Not that she hadn't always been, it was just that her liberation by ice had brought all of her most beautiful facets to the surface for all to see whereas before all that exquisiteness had been concealed along with Elsa's powers

Case in point, her current ensemble, a new style of ice dress which Anna found absolutely beguiling. Her "Spring Look", as Elsa had called it when Anna's eyes had widened and she had nearly choked on her porridge upon first seeing her in it that morning. And, she was right; the dress did scream "Spring", so it was just the thing for the Spring Picnic Anna had planned for the two of them. It was a light periwinkle blue that complemented her eyes perfectly, making their normally turquoise color go the most striking shade of cornflower blue, and the filmy skirt only came down to her knees, leaving her shapely calves and ankles bare. On her feet, she wore a pair of flat, strappy sandals, also made of ice. The top was light and airy with white and blue rosemaling accents across the chest which served to enhance her sister's ample bosom nicely. It sported white cap sleeves from which tiny icicles dangled, clinking together softly whenever she moved and a neckline that tapered to a tantalizing point just above her cleavage. It was exactly Elsa's taste and style. Anna never failed to be bowled over by her sister's impeccable fashion sensibility. If she weren't the Queen, Anna thought for the hundredth time, she could easily have been a dress designer. The ensemble was lovely in every way. And, it looked ravishing on her, not too revealing but not too conservative either and it hugged her curves in just the right manner. All of her ice creations were such teases sexually but the funny thing was that Elsa was not in any way aware if it. Or of the effect it had on people, men in particular. She just made them the way she did because she liked the style. She had no clue that anyone would find them the least bit provocative. Even Anna even found them overwhelmingly alluring and Elsa was her own flesh and blood. And, Anna knew without question that if any men saw the two of them together, Anna wouldn't have a chance, but she didn't mind. She'd gotten kind of used to that, actually, hanging around her older sister. Men pretty much fell at Elsa's feet wherever they went together but Elsa never gave any of them the time of day. She wasn't interested in suitors. Too much work to being a queen and a sister to Anna. Between her Royal responsibilities and her sister, Elsa had more than enough on her plate without any male companionship being added to the mix and Anna knew that her sister was absolutely fine with that arrangement. Elsa wasn't used to being around people at all and most especially not in a courting type situation. She would be extremely uncomfortable and awkward, especially with someone she'd only just met. Small talk was exceedingly difficult for her. Anna knew what a struggle it was for her just to carry on a simple conversation with someone she didn't know well, never mind trying to present herself in a way that someone of the opposite sex would find attractive and conducive to kindling a spark of romance. Not that she would need to. She could just sit in complete silence and someone would still ask for her hand in marriage simply for the privilege of looking upon her remarkable beauty. But Elsa would never want that. She would run like crazy from that much awkwardness.

"Penny for your thoughts.", Elsa said, bringing Anna back to reality.

"Huh?", Anna said, blinking up at her sister dumbly.

"I mean, you've certainly gone quiet, little sister.", Elsa said playfully, "Thinking of all the mischief you have in store for me?" She raised her brows.

"Wait, what?", Anna said, still shaking the cobwebs loose.

"Now that we're going to be spending more time together, I mean.", Elsa explained

"Oh! N-no… I was just thinking… about how you're so much better suited to being royalty than I am."

"Mmmmmm...", Elsa gave her a smirk. "Is that your way of telling me I'm a pompous, stuffy old fart?"

Anna's eyes went huge at her sister's use of such a common word. Her first instinct was to laugh. But Elsa never spoke that way and Anna was confused. She wasn't sure if the older woman was serious or just teasing her. "Nuh-no, Elsa," she stammered in momentary panic that she'd managed to offend her sister with something she'd blurted off the top of her head in her haste to cover what she'd really been thinking. "I- I just m- meant you were so regal and elegant and refined, completely the opposite of me!" Then she looked up into her sister's eyes and all her worries fell away. They were shining with a mischievous glint of merriment and there was a good natured smile on her face that was deepening the more Anna struggled with her explanation.

"I know what you meant," Elsa said warmly, "But maybe I'm sick to death of being demure and composed and just downright boring all the time... maybe I want to be loud and exuberant and carefree some of the time! Maybe I want to be more like you, my dear sister." The smile Elsa flashed her here nearly caused the younger girl melt into a puddle at her Queen's dainty feet.

Unable to stop the giggle that boiled up from within her, Anna said, "Oh Els, come on! First off, you are anything but boring and secondly, why on earth would you want to be more like me? I'm a hot mess! Why would you want to emulate that?"

And Elsa suddenly became serious. "People love you, Anna," she said simply. "All they have to do is look at you and they're completely charmed, utterly enamored."

Anna's brows shot to her hairline. "You think I'm charming?"

"I do!", Elsa admitted with an adorable crooked smile.

"Elsa, I am sooo not charming... and I don't know what that other thing means but I doubt I'm that either.", she shook her head.

Elsa laughed softly. "Enamored or well, enamoring... it means people find you enchanting, that they can't help but fall in love with you because they are so captivated by your charms."

Anna snorted. "Yeah, right! Well I'm definitely not that, either."

"Are, too.", Elsa teased.

"Are not! ", Anna said immediately .

Elsa looked into her face and her eyes filled with joy. "Oh yes you are, my dear sweet Anna. You're radiant and vibrant and just absolutely perfect. ", she said quietly. Then she hugged Anna to her tightly. "And I love you so, so much!" Anna returned the hug just as firmly, aware of the fullness of Elsa's bosom pressing against her own and loving the feeling of comfort that it gave her. She burrowed her face into the crook of Elsa's neck and inhaled a deep breath of her sister's wonderful scent. Elsa kissed the top of Anna's head gently and felt her shiver against her, then she pulled away and held her sister at arm's length. Anna's eyes were brimming with tears which Elsa reached up and dutifully whisked away with her thumbs. "Now I've done it." she said, "Not only have I made you cry, I've made you cold on top of that."

"No you didnt. I mean, I - I'm not cold, Elsa."

"But you're shivering, honey."

"Am I?", Anna said dumbly, knowing very well that she was but not knowing how to explain it to her sister.

"Yes.", Elsa said with concern, breaking her embrace and moving over a bit. It felt to Anna like she was being punished now by Elsa physically distancing herself. There was an awkward moment of silence then Elsa noticed the small bouquet on the end of the table. "Oh what lovely flowers!", she said.

"Oh yes, I picked them this morning.", Anna said and Elsa looked at her . "For you.", she explained quickly.

"How wonderful!", Elsa's eyes lit up, "Forget me nots and Bluebells!"

"Is that what they're called? They're your favorites, right?"

Elsa nodded. "Yes but how did you know? I mean, I'm the Queen of Arendelle. My favorite flower should be the crocus."

Anna grinned. "Now, that one, I know. It's on almost everything in Arendelle! The official crest, the banners, the wallpaper and doors here in the castle, a few throw pillows, a couple of pairs of my bloomers..."

At this, Elsa giggled. "And mine!" she said, coloring slightly.

Anna smiled back at her and nodded before continuing. "But, I knew they weren't your favorites because you did not have a whole bed of crocus planted in front of your window so that you could admire them every morning. However, these," she indicated the flowers Elsa had now started to absently thread into her braid, "you did. I used to play near them when I was little because I knew you could see me if I was there."

"Oh really? I always wondered why you played there so much, when you had all of the castle grounds to explore."

"I was totally selfishly hoping I might get a glimpse of you.", Anna confessed, "Sometimes, I did."

"Oh, I was always there, but most of the time I hung back to the shadows. I loved watching you. I wished I could come out and be with you..." she trailed off, wistful.

Anna sighed. "Me, too.", she agreed, her voice quiet.

Elsa's bright blue eyes found hers. "You know, I have a confession. ", she began, "I um... I actually had them planted there for you, Anna."

The younger girl blinked. "You did?"

Elsa nodded. She went still for a moment as she looked out the kitchen window, remembering. When she continued, her voice was soft, but infused great warmth and affection. "The bed had originally contained crocus but I had Father remove them and replace them with Forget-Me-Nots and Bluebells. The Forget-Me-Nots were so you wouldn't forget me… and I wouldn't forget you… and the Bluebells because they symbolize gratitude, devotion and everlasting love…", here Elsa's lashes fluttered down then up to look into her sister's face with affection. "...because that's what I felt for you, Anna."

Anna's eyes went glassy , her bottom lip quivering with emotion, and before she could stop herself, she'd launched herself at her sister, throwing her arms around her and hugging her to her so tightly it nearly knocked the wind from her elder. "I love you so much! ", Anna cried as she burst into a huge sob against her sister.

Caught off guard by the her sister's sudden impulsive embrace, Elsa let a small chuckle escape her lips but, then her eyes spilled over with tears too as Anna clung to her, her tiny body shaking with sobs.

Elsa returned the tight hug, cradling the back of her head with one hand and allowing the other one to trail up and down Anna's spine tenderly to comfort her, while she bent her head to place a soft, gentle kiss atop the younger girl's head.

"Shhhh... shhh... shhhh... honey. It's okay. ", she soothed, "I love you, too. So so much! I didn't mean to make you cry."

"It's okay. You really don't have any idea how perfect you are, do you?", she asked, leaning back to look Elsa in the face.

Elsa rolled her eyes. "Oh, honey, I am far from perfect."

"To me, you are.", Anna announced cheerfully.

"Well," Elsa smiled, "you're perfect to me as well, little sister." She broke the embrace and simply stared into Anna's bright eyes for a few seconds.

And Anna couldn't help it, she felt her eyes prickling with tears again as she saw the pure, honest depth of Elsa's love for her reflected in her sister's beautiful blue eyes.

"Oh my, what have I done now?", Elsa asked.

"Nothing, Els. It- it's just the way you're looking at me."

Elsa gave her a questioning glance. "The way I'm—"

"Yes! I mean, I've dreamt of you looking at me like you're looking at me now for as long as I can remember, but I never ever thought it would actually happen. This is totally like a dream come true for me."

"Well, I've never been anybody's dream come true before.", Elsa chuckled, then she smiled softly and reached up to give Anna's cheek a loving caress. "I love you more than life itself, little one. I always have. I was just always terribly, horribly, abysmally bad at showing it."

This made Anna laugh. "It's okay. You're more than making up for it now.", she said, smiling and wiping at her eyes as she attempted to get herself back together. She cleared her throat. "S-so you're really free for the whole day?", she asked, more desperate enthusiasm than she intended creeping into her voice.

"Yes," Elsa replied, her voice filled with fondness, "the whole day. I cleared my entire schedule just to spend the whole day with my favorite person in all the world." She smiled warmly and leaned in to plant a light kiss on the younger girl's cheek, which grew immediately rosy.

"Oh really?" Anna snuffled. "And who might that be?", she teased, trying to cover her awkwardness as well as the wonderful, fluttery feeling of warmth that rushed through her the moment she felt her sister's cool lips brush so tenderly against her skin. She gazed up at Elsa with a coy smirk that she hoped to goodness would conceal the way her heart leapt at sister's continuing, uncharacteristically open displays of affection.

"Just some silly Princess who wakes up every morning with a screaming case of bed head and has a real problem taking no for an answer.", Elsa teased her back easily, favoring her shoulder with a playful bump that sent Anna's heart spiraling back up into the heavens once again. Then Elsa leaned over and plucked a strawberry from the small, nearly forgotten bag of fruit Anna had started filling for their picnic. Still trying to disguise her joy at Elsa's obvious fondness and not wanting to do anything to spoil the lighthearted interplay they had going, Anna reached over quickly and swatted her hand. But she was too late to keep her sister from popping the juicy morsel into her mouth.

"Outhhch!", Elsa squawked as she bit off the stem and savored the rest of the plump red fruit. "Too slow!", she giggled around the mouthful of berry.

"No sampling!", Anna scolded with a somewhat goofy grin.

"Oh boo hiss!", Elsa complained, sticking out her tongue and throwing the discarded remains of her berry at her sister who yelped when it hit her on the cheek. "It's taking you far too long to... decapitate those things!", she grumbled.

"Hey, you think you can do any better in the decapitation department, big sister?", she asked, "Be my guest!", Anna proclaimed, issuing a good-natured challenge and gesturing with open palms towards the remaining fruit. She took a step back from the table and looked at her sister expectantly whilst wiping the errant berry juice from her cheek with a self-conscious swipe of her thumb.

Elsa raised her brows and shrugged. "Why not?", she accepted the challenge, reaching over, grabbing one of the berries and positioning it in front of her. She held the tip with her left hand then pointed at the stem cap with the index finger of her right. In a split second, a thin jet of blue ice shot from her finger and severed the cap off neatly.

Anna's eyes lit up, "Whoa!", she said in wonder.

In response, Elsa just arched a brow and gave her an adorably smug look as she snatched a whole handful of berries from the cutting board and lined them up in front of her. Then, with lightning fast speed and accuracy Anna would not have believed had she not seen it with her own eyes, she performed the same maneuver on each of them in turn. When she finished, she made a little flourish with her hand and scooped them up, depositing them in Anna's waiting bag with a self-satisfied smirk.

Anna stood in awed silence for a minute blinking rapidly at what she'd just witnessed while Elsa watched her, her own eyes dancing in delight. Finally, Anna picked up one of the sliced off caps and examined it closely. "Wow, Elsa, this is such a clean cut, it's like it was done with a knife." Utterly intrigued, she looked up at her sister, who was beaming.

"Not too shabby, huh?", she winked, looking quite proud of herself as she nabbed one of the freshly sliced berries and popped it into her mouth, munching away on it with a knowing smile.

"Not shabby at all! It's amazing! I mean, that took so much precision, Els! I thought you said you didn't have that kind of control."

Elsa bowed her head slightly, gazing up at Anna with a mischievous look. "Well," she cleared her throat somewhat nervously, "to be completely honest, I've been... practicing a little bit at night in the ballroom while you've been sleeping." Elsa colored slightly at the revelation. "I- I wanted to surprise you, Anna.", she said shyly, giving Anna a demure smile that caused all kinds of touchy feely sensations to bubble up within the younger girl. She suddenly felt like she wanted to cry, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes.

"Well, I'm very impressed!"

"Oh that's nothing!", the Queen said, waving the compliment away, "Merely, the tip of the iceberg, dear sister! I mean, well… so to speak.", Elsa giggled.

Anna laughed. "I see what you did there.", she smiled.

The older woman nodded. "Oh, I have sooooo much more to show you, little one! Just you wait!", Elsa beamed cheerfully. "And I think this picnic of ours will be the perfect opportunity for it. So, c'mon now, stop dawdling!" She scooped up the bag of strawberries and deposited them in the waiting picnic basket then slung it over her arm with a determined look. "It's an absolutely gorgeous day out there, Anna and I've spent far too much of my life in this stuffy old castle! Let's not waste one more second in here when we could be out there in the sun enjoying the day together." With that, she swept past the younger girl and out the kitchen door without looking back.

"Elsa, wait!", Anna called out after her. "You forgot the..." Anna's eyes darted around the room in mild panic, "...everything!" She quickly snagged the big red and white checkered picnic blanket and draped it over her arm. Next, she snatched up the napkins and eating utensils from the opposite countertop then opened the icebox to retrieve the knapsack which contained the sandwiches she'd stashed there after she'd made them earlier that morning. While she was there, she also grabbed a jar of mustard and another of mayonnaise, hugging them both against her body and somehow managing to balance the jars and everything else precariously in her arms as she hurried out in a clumsy rush to catch up to her impatient sister.