The captain grunted as the ship jolted again. She pushed herself away from the wall of the turbolift and straightened her shirt. A few moments later, the doors opened and Janeway stalked out onto the bridge and stood beside Seven of Nine behind the captain's chair.

"Commander," She acknowledged Commander Chakotay and looked towards the blank view screen.

Chakotay stood up and faced his commanding officer. "Captain, the Yokamaho has seemed to have turned rogue on the rest of the federation ships beside us."

"Lock phasers onto the engines and wait for my signal, Tuvok," Janeway commanded her lieutenant commander, and the vulcan nodded and did as she said. The captain nodded to Harry. "On screen."

In front of them, the image of a small-ish ship, roughly two/thirds the size of Voyager, appeared firing on three ships opposite of Voyager. A light beeping sound came from tactical station and Kim looked at his captain.

"There's an incoming transmission coming from the ship," He informed her.

Kathryn nodded. "Open a channel."

A few buttons later, a deep voice opened in the bridge. "Lower your weapons and prepare to be boarded."

The captain ignored the voice and asked her own question. "Why are you firing on us?"

"Lower your weapons and prepare to be boarded," The voice repeated, obviously not aware of Janeway's short-temper.

"Not happening. Who are you and what have you done with the crew of the Yokamaho?"

There was a pause. "We are the High Takon. We have shapeshifted into their crew and taken the ship using our Low Takon. Now lower your weapons and prepare to be boarded."

Kim pressed a few buttons on his console and looked back at the captain, who was now standing beside Paris down below. "They've cut off the transmission and aligned their ship above ours."

"Evasive maneuvers, Lieutenant," Janeway turned and sat in her own chair beside Chakotay, who leaned over the middle console.

"Who're the Takon?" He asked, and Janeway sighed.

"The Takon are a highly advanced race who took attempted to take over the Ferengi twenty-three years ago. The federation came in and fought them off, but it looks like they've returned." The captain told him in a low voice. "They have two levels in their society. The High Takon, also known as the Shapeshifters, and the Low Takon, also known as the Communicators."

"Why have I never heard of this before?" He asked.

Janeway didn't look at him and looked up at the view screen. "The mission to destroy them was top secret, since we couldn't take the risk of letting them about our plan. It was more of a secret mission, but once they were disabled lower parts of Starfleet were allowed to know about them."

Chakotay gave her a puzzled look. "But, why keep it a secret after so many years of them being disabled?"

"Because there was a secret weapon involved, and giving away information of weapon, even now, would be very bad. Many of the Counsel still believed that the Takon were on Earth or even Vulcan, so only certain people were given the information in case they were to ever meet up with this race outside of the federation."

The commander nodded and Kim acknowledged his captain. "Captain, they're charging weapons. I've scanned their weapons array and they have photon phasers. One hit and our power would be down by fifty percent."

The captain gave a surprised look and stared back out at the screen. "Scan for any weaknesses. They have to have some weakness." After a few moments, Kim shook his head and waited for Janeway to speak.

Kathryn stared out at the view screen, then sighed. "Power down weapons. Open the docking port and get ready for boarding. Inform the crew we're going to have some unfriendly visitors. Keep all phasers on stun."

Both Tuvok and Kim nodded and made all the necessary arrangements as the captain paced back and forth behind her pilot. Tom noticed and turned to his captain.

"You aren't just going to let them force their ways into our own home, are you?"

"I'm not out of tricks yet, Paris, but for the moment, yes, I am going to let them in. But soon Starfleet HQ will receive the news and send ships to stop the Takons." Her face was a bit flustered, but her voice was filled with confidence. Tom nodded, knowing his captain would know what to do, and turned back to his console to check their location stats.

"Captain," Janeway turned to Kim again. "They've boarded and are now in decks thirteen, nine and eight. There are twenty Takons and more incoming." He looked up from his console. "They're on their way to the bridge."

"Ready phasers and wait for them to bring the conflict to us. Don't do anything to make them angry." The rest of the crew on the bridge nodded and readied all their phasers.

The turbo lift doors opened and Kathryn turned to greet the Takons, and they spread all about the deck, pushing officers away from their consoles and leading them to stand beside their captain. Each Takon looked like a human, except for the four long ridges on their foreheads and the circles on their cheeks. Their uniforms were one pieced and most were full black, but a few of the Takons, the ones without circles on their cheeks, had white from their waist up. The ones with the white stood behind every console and raised their hands over the buttons, while the ones with the black held the guns and herded the Starfleet people into a circle.

One of the Takons stood before the captain and the others and held his hands behind his back. His clothes were completely gray, like he was a mix of both the white and blacks. His eyes darted over the crew until they landed on Janeway, who was cross-armed and very angry.

"You must be the captain of this ship," He nodded to Kathryn. "The captain of the Yokamoho had the exact same amount of buttons on his neck." Kathryn nodded and the Takon paced back and forth. "Captain, I am Geraj, first Chornis of the Takon Zero Fleet. You will order your crew to leave the ship on the escape pods and shuttles. We have taken this ship, and all it's data is ours. Once my Communicators break through the command codes, all the information on the Secret Weapon will be ours."